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Adiranne Curry Gets ROBBED!

Adiranne Curry Gets ROBBED!

Adrianne Curry, Cycle 1 winner of America’s Next Top Model, was robbed on Tuesday night! According to her blog, Adrianne, 25, had her car windows smashed into and navigation system stolen. Check it:

“So, I wake up this morning to get ready to go to the gym. I have a full plate today, and needed to unwind by pumping some iron beforehand. Then my doorbell rings. [Husband Christopher Knight of Brady Bunch fame] answered it, so I went on my merry little way getting dressed for the gym, and getting my stuff together so I could go straight from the gym to all my appointments later. I ran upstairs to grab a bottle of water and Chris followed me up. He gave me a BIG hug, told me how much he loved me, and that I needed to sit down. “WHAT???” I asked him. My car’s window had been smashed out, my navigation system stolen, and the possibility of other things missing is high. When I stepped outside to look at my car in my new home’s driveway, I was heartbroken! I get it, material things, yadda yadda yadda. However. I was raised to know the value of a dollar. I NEVER half *** work. I worked and work HARD for everything I have.

I feel violated. Chris always b****** at me for having weapons, wanting extra security, and not wanting to park my car outside of the garage. Now he’s learned. This crap happens all the time, everywhere. I have been robbed of my speakers from a car once, but it was at gunpoint, the speakers sucked…and my car and me came out just fine. (except for the speakers!) That felt better then having someone smash out my cars window so I can’t go anywhere I need to go today! Honestly, I am thinking about fixing my window, putting a bunch of valuables in my car, and sitting on my roof with some ball bearings and a wrist rocket! Anyone who can’t WORK to EARN something and decides to just ROB someone so they can have it are the most VILE scum to ever walk the planet. Talk about vain! These people think they are above anyone and everything, and deserve to have what is YOURS.

Needless to say, my entire day has been put on hold. I am stressing out because there are so many things I will be behind on, and my Grandma and my Mom are coming out to visit me this Saturday. At least there is a brightside to things. That navigation unit is from our friends at Avis rentacar. Avis changes the password on their units every 3 weeks. If you are not registered with them, you don’t get the password. Without the password, you have no navigation unit! Serves the worthless ****s right! I hope you scum bags enjoy your USELESS navigation system, and while your at it, shove it up your ***!

Well, the Police are here. I would have posted pics but I gotta jet and get this all taken care of.”


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  • cutie pie

    if she is a top model my dog will be the next one, what a dumbass no talking big nose woman. her profile is ridiculous with that big gigantic long droopy nose.

  • LA

    I think it is absolute BULLSHIT that the police were willing to come out over an over and done with smashed window. We pulled a guy out of our car while STEALING it and were told that no one could come and we had to file a report on Monday down at the office! Another time I did have my window smashed and my ten pack CD changer stolen, called the police, SAME THING, and no, I don’t live in dumpville, the ONLY reason they came out to you was because of your celebrity status and that SUCKS!

  • [~Famous~]

    publicity stunt

  • Kelly

    Shut ur f-ing traps! This isn’t about her nose or your stupid car, it’s about her. She’s the one who’s famous, no one gives a shiz about you! Get a life. And I think she’s right, too many people out there think they don’t have to work for a living and can steal other peoples stuff that worked for it. Go Adrianne! You tell em!

  • Mmmmm

    White trash …

  • Jill

    Awww you guys are rough. I like Adrianne. She’s smart and funny and it’s not like she calling the news to get her story out she posted it on her blog. If someone smashed out my window I’d be saying just what she’s said and I also think it is hilarious that the navigation system passwords are reset every 3 weeks.

  • susie

    why are people calling her names? This was her blog and she can post whatever she wants on it…no one is forcing anyone to read it or post it here (to JJ- why did you?)…she has a right to her own opinion regardless of what anyone thinks of her…so, stop with the name calling and act like adults…so ridiculous how people behave on this site sometimes…any little chance to go to the low jabs on someone and people can’t resist…

  • funny

    i kind of think this karma coming back around. i remember her talking a lot of and i mean a lot of smack about tyra when if it werent for being on her show im not sure she would be modeling esp. not with that extravagany portfolio for free. no one should be robbed but its also important to not talk trash or put down ppl who try to help you. u know

  • EvilLynn

    [~Famous~] nailed it. TOTAL stunt….



  • Wozzy

    I believe the corrent term she is looking for is “burglarized.” “Robbed” means you were held up. In any case, I can definitely sympathize with her point of view. People who expect to get by in life by taking from others deserve to have the $hit beaten out of them.

  • what r u talking bout?

    I LOVE HER. Their love story was one of the best things on TV. I was hooked. She’s beautiful and pretty mature for her age. She has style and balls. She’s so gutsy and cool.

    I think she has a better personality than Angelina Jolie. Combine Angelina’s beauty with this girl’s demeanor and sassiness and would make the perfect woman.

  • cutie pie

    kelly you shut your effing trap, im talking about her nose and thats my business not your, why are you so upset, your nose must be long and droopy. so dont tell me to shut the ef up. my parents tell me things and you damn sure didnt birth me. thats my opinion and im entitled to it.

  • Isiah

    hi i enjoyed the read




    I wonder if it was “those” people she hates so much. IF SO, GOOD FOR YOU………………ROFLMAO!!!!!
    Get a security system……………..d.u.h.

  • Manny

    why is this b*tch famous, u was never sh*t ur mother should have swallowed u.i so sick n tired of these “reality tv stars” trying to push there 15min. damn u n peter brady r so 3 yrs ago.

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  • charlotte homes

    I am sorry i dotn think she is a top model..

  • Canvas Art

    I think she deserves to win! she’s pretty hot! nice article