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Beyonce Launches Dereon for Juniors

Beyonce Launches Dereon for Juniors

Beyonce is joined on the red carpet by little sister Solange and mom Tina to announce the Canadian launch of her junior apparel collection “Dereon” in Toronto on Tuesday.

Back in the music world, on August 21st, Beyonce will release Irreemplazable, an eight track Spanish language EP featuring select songs from Beyonce‘s hit album, B’Day.

Beyonce also has an unreleased duet with the beloved R&B singer Luther Vandross, which will be featured in a new box set of the late star’s hits. The new album is released in October.

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce launching Dereon for juniors…

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beyonce dereon juniors 01
beyonce dereon juniors 02
beyonce dereon juniors 03
beyonce dereon juniors 04
beyonce dereon juniors 05
beyonce dereon juniors 06
beyonce dereon juniors 07
beyonce dereon juniors 08
beyonce dereon juniors 09
beyonce dereon juniors 10

Photos: ENewsBuzz, Aaron Harris/AP/CP
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    i like beyonce and also i like her line of clothes

  • Jake

    I live in toronto and how come i have never heard of this, If I knew they were in town I would have went to go see them, sucks, does anyone know where in toronto they were at, what store ?

  • Donna Trump


    Check out beyounce’s shoes, they are so circa 1980..

    That girl dresses like an old woman..

  • up

    beyonce is the most of most white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yara

    tired beyonce

  • Donna Trump




  • [~Famous~]

    Could this be….?!? A thread not about a white reality star?! omg I’m speechless. LOL

    There’s nothing better than 30+ negative Beyonce comments. LMAO

  • liz

    Girl is makin sure she keeps her hands down to camouflage those wide hips!

  • diet

    She’s FAT -HEAVY& ANOTHER dam wig..
    4head-RiRi is on the down low with JAYZ.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Is it just me or does Beyonce’s face kind of look like a Camel? To me she does resembles a camel in the face. I bet that dress w/ those huge gold flowers on it REALLY MAKES HER ASS LOOK EVEN LARGER! Really stretch that gold flower OUUUUT girl!

  • nay

    All three wearing Horse Hair..Horrid clothes..

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Her dress is ugly but she has curves

  • LTee

    Beyonce’s shoes are cute and her shape is the bomb. We as black women have wide hips and big butts and nice small waist Our men do not like their women with flat butts or no shape. sorry


    Bey looks pretty on some fotos,but I am tired of the hair change thang too. Also those clothes the mom makes are ugly,just saying, and over priced!

  • Pandora

    Ugly? Fat? Bad make up? LOL You’re too funny and visually impaired, too.

    As usual, she looks beyond gorg.

  • cutie pie

    beyonce is pretty she looks good, her mother is pretty she looks good her sister is pretty she looks good. i dont give a damn what no one thinks the clothes are the bomb , wish i had some of them .

  • hunnybunny

    beyonce is okay, but those clothes are hideous. I speak here of the Dereon clothes I have seen, not only the clothes these women are wearing. Solange is a pretty and young girl, what is up with this pic — she looks older than B. I would observe generally that there is way too much fake hair. But I like B for the most part.

  • Michelle

    Why would anyone want to buy clothes from a line by her when she dresses the way she does? Look at the outfit in that picture!

  • Maureen

    Fat wigs hate them oneuglier than the other

  • bite me

    fug all around

  • Shar

    ugh, HOT GETTEO MESS, as a black woman, I would never buy their clothes, ugly and trashy.

  • Ali

    gross… do we need more money???

  • BBperfume

    Beyonce wants to be the richest person on the planet. It seems as if she doesn’t have enough money already. Recycling same album a third time,and she’s been touring forever. I think thatv is the 2nd time she’s performing a concert in Montreal the past 6 months.. She is so overexposing herself! God! She needs to take a break, like she’s scared if she goes away somebody else might outsell her records and clothing line! uggghh

  • Len

    I used to love Beyonce but can she take a break so I can miss her again. She’s on everything and not in a good way. Dang, I was Aaliyah or Left Eye was still alive, they had presence and were talented. All Beyonce does not is jiggle her booty. Just take a month off at least Beyonce.

  • Jason

    All this hating on Beyonce is getting old. Same old, same old. Bored here. No matter how much y’all hate on Beyonce, she’s not getting anywhere trust me.

    Beyonce, just do you thing. You still truly the hottest chick in the game so don’t worry. All the haters can hate you all they want, but you still do what you love to do! No hold back! You kept getting the money so why hold back right? Ha!

    You look beyond gorgeous here, and I love your hair and the clothes. Only jealous peoples would say you clothes ugly or your face. They all envy of your beauty. Tina and Solange looks okay though.

  • jn

    i love beyonce and i am so longing her beauty. she is my role model of a woman.

  • uplift

    It’s just sad to be this hypercritical. Get lives of your own…

  • Tiffany


  • liz

    Jason must be jealous of Tina and Solange to say that they only “looks okay though!”

  • Ariel

    Are you guys kidding me? She looks like a camel? Give me a break, the girl is beautiful, talented, curvy in all the right places and looks just fine. I love the fact that she’s a positive image for young women and black women. At least she’s not smoking crack with two kids, running into tress and starving herself.

  • Lady

    The girl is goodlooking, and so is her family…but I agree sometimes she dresses like a coolie

    let’s move on…

  • Dap

    As tight as that dress is on Beyonce while the hell didn’t someone snap a photo of her from behind, you know the booty has got to be banging in that outfit. By the way, where is Jay-Z, you know the rumors will be running wild since he wasn’t attached at her hip like people expect them to be

  • Fiona

    She looks like a transvestite on the last picture.

  • sug

    ok, lets break it down…

    the ones calling her wide hipped, fat, big butt are the ones that are >>> possibly bulimic or jealous because they dont have and will never have a nice shape ( like A REAL WOMAN IS SUPPOSED TO. who likes woman that is shaped like a prepubescent boy?>>>ie: paris hilton). a lot of bitches that THINK they are model types are so damn BAD BODIED. meaning that, their bodies are FUCKED UP proportion wise. how can you be skinny as hell with a flabby ass midsection and wear low rise jeans and have no butt? despite what you might think , that shit is NOT cute. and trust, we DO snicker and laugh at your ugly ass bodies.

    calling her ugly: no really, look her face.what is ugly about this lady? her nose is fine, she has pretty colored eyes, nothing wrong with her mouth or teeth ( now solange’s features are…well, thats a different story…). all you can really say is that there is somebody that looks prettier than her or that she isnt the prettiest singer etc. but there are PLENTY of chicks that look BETTER THAN YOU, are you gonna hate on them too?

    catty ass females i swear. you mad jealous cause shes making money .those hod clothes are ugly as fuck, but the girl is DO ING IT right now. this is so sad, i wrote all this shit and Im not even a fan of beyonce like that…

  • Mmmmm

    She has the curves in all the right places


    First of all you haters just are jealous that’s why u are all hating. Second of all her shoes are not circo whatever the heck you said if you knew anything about fashion those are christian louboutin’s so get it right. You know i must say it’s people like you all that keeps people like Beyonce striving for success to show you how it’s done. All those that have something else to say get at me that’s for sure but you spend your time demeaning others your life will pass you by. On that note get a clue and get a life if you didn’t get the hint. MUAH!!!

  • j

    I don’t like the line but bey’s always stunning and I LOVE her figure and hair!

  • sweet

    shes fucking so pretty you haters wish you could look like her..take off the makeup and her weave and she would still look 10000x better than 90% of hollywood and you and your moms

    you go B

  • lAYA

    her dress looks super good on her

    as always she looks HOT

  • Chocolate FIYAH

    Oh please, to the haterz… some of you would give your left ovary to look like Beyonce… I think the dress is sexy!

  • g

    you guys are just hating that a black woman can make good clothes. and btw is is black.

  • LIL’D


  • sheqitta

    I love your clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Assanatu

    beyonce keep up the good job. continue to respect your perants god will never let you down.

  • marrisa

    omg…all of you talkin bout my guh beyonce is officially some haterz fa real…yall need not talk down on a women who had accomplished much more than yall in life…this female is mY role model…&& as for her clothes at least she had the money to start her own clothes line…unlike yall ! && her mother has a gift && she uses it well thank you very much…so stop fuckin critisizing her a get lik her…when yall got just as much money ,talent && style as her than open ya fuckin mouth…but if you dont have shit..keep ya mouth close…&& i can bet any kind of money..those of you talkin about her hair wheres more weeve than her…dont hate cause her cost more && looks better && more realer than yalls…hahah b dont worry bout them stupid ass comments cause mine is the realest..i dont tell lies ma guh….you are the bomb …love your music && ya swagga keep doin your thang…fuck them hat’n ass fans..lmfao (LOVE YA GURL) MaRRiSaMaRiE is owt!

  • I Love Chris Brown

    Hey, Love Her CLOTHES LINES. Those pictures may be bad… but, she really does have some good clothes out.Maybe you should go check 4 yourself :)

  • heather


    All this hating on Beyonce is getting old. Same old, same old. Bored here. No matter how much y’all hate on Beyonce, she’s not getting anywhere trust me.

    Beyonce, just do you thing. You still truly the hottest chick in the game so don’t worry. All the haters can hate you all they want, but you still do what you love to do! No hold back! You kept getting the money so why hold back right? Ha!

    You look beyond gorgeous here, and I love your hair and the clothes. Only jealous peoples would say you clothes ugly or your face. They all envy of your beauty. Tina and Solange looks okay though.

    first of all lets try an talk right. They all envy of your beauty? lmfao. Try this They are all envy of your beauty. Don’t know if you are trying to talk ghetto or country. But you sound uneducated.

    anyways. SHe murders animals. Please she is no saint. SHe is known for her body and butt and what will happen when that whithers away. I guess she can design ugly clothes like her mom to her daughter of jay z ( that baby will be UGLY!)

  • shay-shay

    Why did Beyonce hog all thepictures

  • passerby

    beyonce isn’t ugly but neither is she beautiful. she used to be stunning when destiny’s child first came out. now, she’s too fake looking, and u black people know it,but dont want to admit it cos she’s the only black woman considered beautiful by blacks and whites alike. but the truth is, she’s just as fake as the bleached blonde white american women. although beyonce does deserve a little more credit being that she doesnt make sex tapes and leak them on the internet or go clubbing without her panties. but she’s still slutty in the wear she dresses. women that are really beautiful do not need to wear slutty outfits to get men to notice them. if u want real beauty go to eastern europe, asia,the middle east, africa. why? cos these women usually have class. american women just aren’t classy. american women are fake looking wannabe barbie dolls. and i’m sorry but beyonce is more trashy american barbie than classy african queen. the only difference between beyonce and a barbie doll is her skin colour….so all u black people who say she’s a real black woman, maybe u should take a good look at beyonce,cos everything that makes her black she hides. she hides her naturally curly dark hair under a fake blonde weave that is straightened, she hides her natural medium brown skin under a truck load of too light foundation, she’s ashamed of her natural curvy black woman’s body deep down as she has admited to extreme dieting and exercising to slim down to fit in with the hollywood actresses who are predominatly white

  • go girl

    beyonce and her family are so cute in their little dereon clothes and i have on a dereon outfit right now.I am wearing it to my familys Christmas dinner tonight. we are going to have so much fun and I love your clothes line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!