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Brit's Losing the Babies

Brit's Losing the Babies

Poor Britney. After OK!, Us Weekly, Star, another tabloid trashes the pop tart!

Life & Style claims Kevin told Britney that she’s losing the babies and has already declared victory (they question if he’s just after her millions). Britney‘s family apparently called to testify against her too!

Kevin parties,” Britney told an insider. “He went out for almost two years straight, and now I’m the bad one? There’s no way I’m going to just sit here and let them take my kids.”

Sean and Jayden are all Britney has,” says a pal of hers tells L&S. “They’re the only part of her life that brings her joy and has any meaning. If she loses them, there’s no hope for Britney.”

DO YOU THINK there was any hope to begin with?

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# 1

Everyone should just leave her alone and stop making stories about her.
Al my bets are on Britney and not her stupid ex which its only after her money I dont think he cares about his kids, not once I have seen a photo o Kevin holding either Sean or Jayden.

Love you Britney be strong!!!!!!!!!!!1

# 2

This has got to stop. This isn’t reporting stories anymore at this moment you can tell that it are just lies.

# 3

I really do hope she makes and appearance @ VMA’s

Go britney

# 4

She should stay home for a while. I hope she doesnt lose them to him. What is wrong with her family. Do they really think they are helping her this way?

They need group therapy.

# 5

The magazines are selling thats why they dont stop, but have you seen Britney ever making a statement, no and it because she is not going to waist her answering to lies lies lies….

Al the panty flashing, wardrobe slipping, she’s human It has happen to me, I mean to who hasnt? We are all human.
I hope these Brit attacks stop, and we can all enjoy her performing again

# 6
[~Famous~] @ 08/15/2007 at 12:06 pm

I cant wait till she loses those two beat-up looking things. I really want to see what she does after that! She’s going to be so fcuking entertaining then.

# 7

I think both parents are low lifes, but Britney is an idiot who does not know how to be smart enough not to be a low life in public all the time. She also purposely gives the press her “schedule”, whatever that is! And it’s not accidental to show your private parts off and strip to undies in front of the press.

She loves the attention and now it’s finally catching up with her, since she shows herself to be a ho.

That hot tub thing was disgusting, and not made up;

And OK magazine would be sued of they lied about her wacko behavior.

She did this to herself, she is on drugs at times, it’s obvious and no kids should be putting up with this ho.

# 8

I used to feel sorry for her until she turned into a loud mouth, sarcastic, stupid brat.. She mocked people who tried to help her and just flashes her fugly fat parts for the camera without clothes and in her pea brain, thinks it’s smart.

She needs to lose it all. She is an ungrateful, spoiled brat with no respect for herself or others. Ruining expensive clothes, stealing, hitting cars, mocking others. She is a nasty pig.

# 9

I feel sorry for Britney. Why won’t the tabloids lay off her? I agree that the blood wil be o the U.S media’s hands if anything should happen to Britney.I’m afraid if she ends up like Anna Nicole. Rejection, scrutinity, blame can all hit a person hard emotionally and mentally.

I’m still wondering why Britney hasn’t left L.A. She should pack up with her kids and isolate herself from bad press. Or move overseas for a while until all the hiatus about her has died down. I can’t imagine that he’s still putting up with photogs up her ass evryday.
Run away Britney, and rejuvenatye yourself in ytranquility. You should come back when the time is right.

[~Famous~] @ 08/15/2007 at 12:14 pm

If they were lies Britney would have sued along time ago.

I see the smear Britney campaign continues. It’s too sad that people can be this hateful.

Britney treats those kids like they are props. She carries them around like she carries her purse or a puppy. I think it’s a disgrace and I hope he does take the kids. Yeah, K-fed partied a lot….when he was with her and then trying to be a “rock star.” LOL!! I think he finally grew up, tho.The guy has four kids and I think he is going to try to earn a living to support his kids. Maybe he will get back with Shar…that would drive Brit totally nuts! LMAO!!! Britney is over. No new CDs, no big TV appearnces. No successful comeback. She will drug and party her way thru local club openings in Vegas until she is finally admitted to rehab, or dies of an overdose with her head in the toilet bowl at some bar. She is old enough to know better and she has had enough $$$$ and success so therer are no excuses left for her.

someone should have warn her about this thing coming…poor girl…and with all that $$$ but no one to turn too & no happiness in her life…Ain’t I’m glad I’m just a girl next door!!!

Britney leave us alone with your stupid obsession with the media… Please, we plead… We win, there are more haters than fans in your life… Leave the kids with someone who can take care of them… Those kids need affection… You only need sex! And that´s so sad. Restart a new life… We only care about your kids because you are over… get it!!!

I don’t believe all the stories the tabs publish about Britney but some things can’t be dismissed as lies. Things such as:

Shaving your head in public
Attacking a car with an umbrella.
Endless boob and panty flashing
Going out knickerless wearing mini dresses
Stripping down to underwear in front of photographers before going for a dip in the sea
Dining out at all hours with babies in tow
Destroying a designer dress with chicken grease while on a shoot
Cleaning up dog crap with another designer dress
Disappearing the toilets during same shoot repeatedly and reappearing looking disorientated.
Endless clubbing and partying usually while drunk
Being photographed topless in a pool with some random student also while drunk

This isn’t the behaviour of a sane and responsible mother of two. It is however the behaviour of a disturbed young woman. Her fans keep whining that Britney should be left alone but most people aren’t bothered about what Britney does or doesn’t do with her life. They are however concerned about those two children left in the care of someone who clearly can’t cope. Maybe losing custody of them for a while would encourage her to get help and clean up her act.

I think that Kevin will get the babies and Britney kills herself on December 2nd, this year.

what a shame:(

leave the girl alone…its sad that people are forgetting she is a human being like the rest of us.these magazines are scum, and i hope they have karma coming for them.

these magazines are losing popularity anyways.

she is totally ridiculous i hope she does lose those kids, she is a unfit mother always has been

Not White Trash @ 08/15/2007 at 1:13 pm

5 Angela : 08/15/2007 at 12:04 pm
The magazines are selling thats why they dont stop, but have you seen Britney ever making a statement, no and it because she is not going to waist her answering to lies lies lies….

Al the panty flashing, wardrobe slipping, she’s human It has happen to me, I mean to who hasnt? We are all human.
I hope these Brit attacks stop, and we can all enjoy her performing again


I personally can say that I haven’t ever flashed strangers my panties OR my crotch. When I wear skirts, one, I make sure to wear panties, and two, when getting out of cars, bending over, etc., there’s a certain way to do so without flashing the whole world your goods. It can be done.. these whores in Hollywood just refuse to. That’s what you call CLASS, which, apparently, is something that is completely foreign in today’s society.

For those of you who say leave Britney alone–she is a media *****. It is possible to live a life without constant camera flashings. She knows exactly what she is doing when she is courting the cameras. She can’t have it both ways. She needs to either live her life with dignity and quit doing outrageous things for the paps or she needs to shut up about the paps and party hardy until she drops dead of an overdose.
Her actions are that of an immature teen and not a mother of two or a pop icon. She is 26 is she not? She still is smacking her jaws chewing gum at public televised events, sucking on tootsie roll pops, wearing clothes that don’t fit and are dirty. Her hair is a disgrace. It looks filthy most of the time. She is irresponsible. She buys puppies on impulse. She gave all of the first batch away. Animals are a commitment, not a fad. And so are her kids which she seems to treat like cute puppies.
She has had plenty of time to make a come back and instead she is just wasting what talent she has doing the party and flashing her boobs and other body parts thing.
Just goes to show all the money in the world can’t buy class or common sense.

good grief haters @ 08/15/2007 at 1:25 pm

Paulie, you took the words right out of my mouth. Well spoken. It’s clear she isn’t capable of taking care of those babies right now. I really do hope she gets the help she obviously needs but until then Kevin has my vote. I just can’t believe that he would be doing this for money… those are his children and he sees what Brit is subjecting them to. Maybe I’m being nieve, but I just don’t see it. I see him trying to protect his chilldren from an unstable mother.

Paulie–very well written and organized. All these things you mentioned are true and factual. Sadly, the unfortunate part is that nannies will be doing most of the care of Kevin and Britney’s young toddler boys–regardless of who gets the most custody.

Look that crap Kevin. He used his ex to get a so-called career after that marriage and now he wants even to take her money and kids?! What kind of bullshit do that!

Angelina and Brad should adopt them, Britney too. Save them JP’s save them

leave this girl alone know one even knows her seriousley
shes a good mom
leave her alone

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