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Add another tabloid to the mix! Star Magazine, too, is throwing Britney Spears under the bus this week, claiming that Britney‘s kids were both mistakes.

Claims Star, “She makes out with men in front of the boys, refuses to change their diapers, puts whitening strips on their teeth.”

Poor Britney. She’s never going to catch a break with the tabs!

People magazine won’t feature Britney on their cover, right? RIGHT?

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71 Responses to “Britney to Her Kids: YOU WERE BOTH MISTAKES”

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  1. 1
    Julotta Says:

    Poor Britney. The tabloids just won’t ease up on her, will they?

  2. 2
    mickey Says:

    The press covering anything Britney is a mistake.

  3. 3
    shane Says:

    that is just WRONG
    Tabloids should really cut britney some slack, why don’t they attack other celebs. Enough is enough, it’s like beating a dead dog!
    I hope she remains strong because everything is just getting pathetic

  4. 4
    Dirty Cougar Says:


  5. 5
    mickey Says:

    Poor Britney? Oh please, she is publicity *****. As long as her name is out there she is thrilled to bits. The day when they stop talking about this wack job (I pray that it is soon) will be the day that day Britney is truly distraught.

  6. 6
    Yily Says:

    Seriously, they need to ease up on the poor girl. No wonder she can’t get better. Look at all these horrible stories written about her. I wonder what I would do if I was in the same situation. Britney can’t escape the flashlights and she got to live with it no matter what.

  7. 7
    mickey Says:

    Tabloids absolutely do attack other celebs–the ones who put themselves out there to be attacked. Those who don’t get attacked don’t constantly act a fool, so they don’t get the coverage.

  8. 8
    SILVIA Says:


  9. 9
    Yily Says:

    Britney is constantly being attack by US Weekly. I don’t know what their problem is with the pop star but they sure like to pick on her. Maybe they want to sell more magazines that way but to me making false claims about someone is just sickening. I would never buy US Weekly. LIFE & STYLE Weekly is da best….heheh…:)!

  10. 10
    Ms Sugar Walls Says:

    W.T.F. I just read the caption…what is this?
    How do they know this? Why are they doing this to her? can she sue? will she sue? OMG this is too extreme for me! I will not buy another tabloid magazine..this is insane! First they report that Tom, and katie is breaking up, NOW WE KNOW THAT IS FALSE! Then BRADGENLINA is breaking up….NOW WE KNOW THAT IS FALSE…I mean COME-ON people..don’t believe this..this is crazy! I am pretty sure that she regretted being with their father, because he is making her life a living hell! He wants more know why? because he misses his old life..he was going shopping everyday…on Every pix u would see him.with a hand full of bags..He misses that! Shar doesn’t have that! So he, and Shar concocted a plan to get more money out of her, and her crazy mother is falling into the trap! I must admit that Britney is making it hard on herself, by not letting her mother see her kids! She might not agree what with she is doing to her(taking her money, etc)but I would rather my mother to help me than greedy kevin..any day! So i can understand her regretting him, but not her kids! I think that they made that up, and I think that is going to far! Attacking her mothering skills! She is the one that carried those babies for 9 months..she don’t get any respect! Nonody doesn’t know what goes on in her personal life! all this is made up s.h.i.t.!
    I knew that it was getting a little quite on the scums camp..they had to come up with some crazy stupid bulls.h.i.t.!

  11. 11
    Julotta Says:

    Look at the top left corner of this STAR magazine. They’ve found someone else to criticize, too. “Crisis! Angie drops to 95 lbs!”

  12. 12
    Ms Sugar Walls Says:

    Mickey, how do you know that? are you a celeb?
    She can’t go to the toilet without them thinking that she is making out in the bathroom stall? do you know her personally?
    I just want to know? You don’t know what goes on in her life?
    Who are you to judge? REMEMBER, SHE IS HUMAN, just like you!

  13. 13
    Tasha Says:

    At this point, this is all just sad. So many lies are printed about Britney everyday. Just for the sake of selling magazines. Hopefully the judge that’s going to decide her custody case doesn’t put any stock in this crap.

  14. 14
    Ms Sugar Walls Says:

    I hope so to!

    I think she should sue!

  15. 15
    lihara Says:

    to after her children that just WRONG SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!!!! Go after Britney but leave the kids ALONE

  16. 16
    shane Says:

    one thing is saying a celeb is skinny and a very different thing is stating that britney’s kids were mistakes to her. I mean we can SEE angelina has lost weight, but how the f**ck do they know britney’s kids were mistake. saying that is SICK!!

  17. 17
    xy Says:

    i agree, this is taking it too far. can you imagine being on each tabloid’s title at least this week? i cannot imagine what i would do. i’d be in tears, probably.

    she is human and being a christian commands that i wish her well. i think she should sue. she does not have to take this.

    yes,she has a big mess to clean up. but what these little dirty brains claim to bring to the surface is no longer justifiable. this is taking it too far.

  18. 18
    Misty Says:

    I really beleive that if is terrible. These magazines make up lies all the time and they are horrible to Britney.

    this is crazy. You know that Kevin just wants the kids for the money. Remember how hated he was a few months ago now he is like some hero.

    These magazines have gone to far.

  19. 19
    lurker opinion Says:

    Tabloids are trash. Tabloids Lie. They don’t care about Britney nor the kids only money.

    Hate Tabloids.

  20. 20
    Yily Says:

    I completely agree with you guys. These tabloid magazines are ridiculous! How would they know if Britney’s children were a mistake! How on Earth did they come up with these fake stories!

    Somebody here said that Kevin Federline only want custody of the two kids mainly for money is true in my opinion. How come he didn’t want custody of his other kids with Shar Jackson. Why Britney? That’s because she has money and he knows that if he get full custody she has to pay him for custody and I can’t belive this sh***it I’m hearing about him making her pay for his court fees! This guy is such a loser! If Britney wasn’t involve with him in the first place…this wouldn’t have happen.

  21. 21
    xy Says:

    i hope that all of you who say tabloids are horrible and what they do is wrong stop buying them – at least these britney ones! pls let what you say go together with what you do.

    as you stated right, tabloids only care about the money so in not buying them you can best make them notice that you do not agree with their unfair practices.

    and britney should sue!

  22. 22
    Stella Says:

    When Kevin was married to Britney, they attached him and called him a loser who only was with her for her money and fame. All of a sudden, he’s the good guy. Now, that he’s out the picture they have to attack Britney because her image still sales. If Britney’s face on their magazine did not sell copies, they will find another celebrity that would sell. Unfortunately, today, people love to hear smut about celebrities (and real people) then hearing good news. That S H I T sells. What does that say about us?

  23. 23
    Ms Sugar Walls Says:

    I will not buy another tabloid mag! I think that this is going to far! I think that some of these blogs LIKE P.H. is full of crap to!
    He is always trying to bring her down! HE is a Pig! P.H.
    I don’t think that I can say his name on here, but he is trash!

  24. 24
    neri Says:

    I dont think Britney is any saint. I think she has serious problems and she would be a lot better if she wanted, just moving away of Hollywood. But if I was the editor of all these tabloids I would be ashamed to bring so much crap about one single celebrity is a massive attack.

  25. 25
    Hale Says:

    Poor Britney I adore her reckon she is going to pull herself together soon and have the last laugh!

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