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Brit's Nannies Tell All

Brit's Nannies Tell All

Britney Spears continues to make waves, taking the cover of Us Weekly yet again this week.

This issue highlights ex-staffers turning on Spears, spilling her darkest secrets to an enraged Kevin. Here is the list of Britney‘s recent bizarre behavior:


Says one nanny: “At first, the drinks would help her loosen up and not be so angry. But she’d inevitably drink too much and be out of it, at which point the nannies would take care of the kids.”

Confirms multiple sources, “She’ll strip down in front of staff, nannies, whomever. She’ll ask, ‘Do I look sexy? Do I look pretty?’ She’s extremely insecure.”

Didn’t Brit make her nannies sign contracts??? Non-disclosure agreements??? Who can Britney trust these days??? Anybody???

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  • JESS

    wow this girl is out of control!!! take those babies away from her…am i the first to write?

  • JESS

    haha yay im the first one …wohoo1!LOL

  • Yily

    Poor Britney, leave her alone. US Magazine is horrible for writing all these fake stories about the popstar.

  • Dirty Cougar

    She’s a mess!

  • Donna Trump

    SPF looks slow as a chinese kite and JJ is puffy from the alcohol his mother drank!

    JJ is fugs though!

  • Ms Sugar Walls

    I don’t believe this shit! I jsut don’t believe that she is that insane tp not make them sign contracts!

    If ahe want to be nude in front of her kids..then ok!
    My mother used to do it to me, and I don’t consider myself messed up from that!

    And her kids are young, maybe she don’t feel comfortable with them sleeping alone yet! It is alot of parents that do they are getting no where with that! They can keep that!

    And I am pretty sure that she did drink a little wine, that don’t make her a bad mother! Alot of people drink wine.that have kids!
    This is 2007, and this is not Wally Cleaver’s house!

    The magazines are sickening! They will go to any depths to bring anyone down! {{{{If I was her…I would SUE}}}}

  • Ms Sugar Walls

    sorry for the typo’s bear with me, due to RUSHING!



  • Tara

    I SOOO agree with Ms Sugar Walls! My siblings and I have seen our mom naked, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. She changes clothes in front of us.. And about them sleeping in her bed. My 7 year old brother NEVER sleeps in his room, he always sleeps in moms bed with her. All my siblings have slept in moms bed until they’re like 8.. She doesn’t make us, we just want to.

  • lihara

    I think Brit has problem but her staff are not suppose to e betraying her..putting her under too much scrutiny is not healthy for her

  • lurker opinion

    US Weekly is a tabloid. Tabloids are Trash. Tabloids Lie.

  • Misty

    Parents are always naked infront of small children. Give it up!

  • Misty

    I also think that three weeks in a row is a little much!

  • Stella

    If she demanded from them to share her bed, I believe they would have a pretty good lawsuit for harassment. Secondly, if she was such a danger to her kids, why didn’t they call child protection. Third, what is wrong with nudity. My Mom often was nude in front of us and none of her seven children were harmed. THIS IS A PACK OF LIES!!!

  • Stefanie

    I just feel sorry for Brit! just give her a damn break!
    and I agree with you Stella, it’s no big deal to see your parents naked.. what is the big problem???
    and her staff is unbelievable, it seems like everybody is just working for her to trash talk her later and make money of it! it’s sad!

  • Dina

    I”m just totally scik by all this stuff. And I mean not Britney, but all this tabloids, who have started Britney-hunting. Come of it, if she were 1% as bad as she’s depicted, they would have called child protection or something. Or more likely, would blackmail Britney, in which case we wouldn’t see all these tabloid headlines.

  • Bew

    Tabloids need to stop it or finally nobody will buy it.SO DONT BUY THESE MAGAZINES, SAVE BRITNEY AND HER SONS! GIVE THEM LIVE!

  • Lalala

    There is nothing wrong with cosleeping with a child.

    Anyone who is interested in this subject have a look here:

    Geez…some people will do ANYTHING to make money.

  • trullesand

    thereĀ“s nothing wrong sleeping with your babies in one bed. just read “the continuum concept” by jean liedloff.

  • remember da truth

    In some cultures, the children sleep with the parents, but they are also often cultures where there are few beds in a small house!

    It is not healthy for children seven and eight to be sleeping with their parents and not learning independence and how to go to sleep alone. And it shows how insecure and needy Brit is right now.

    That being said, I think the tabloids are full of lies. If they can have Brad storming out every other week and Angelina, one of the strongest, most independent women around acting like the previous woman in his life actually did, all whiny and clingy and demanding,even when every photo, every person who meets them, and every coworker says differently, then they will make up ANYTHING.
    Brit is a mess, and I think half these posts are the same person, but the fact remains — if the nannies are telling the truth, they should have told child protective services, not a tabloid! And tabloids lie, so why believe ANYTHING they say?

    Brit needs help, not further harrassment.

  • [~Famous~]

    “Who can Britney trust these days??? Anybody???”

    People are supposed to lie for her, and leave those kids in a dangerous situation just because she was Britney Spears? Lol Pleaseeeeeeee

  • gini

    she’s crazy!

  • Mmmmm

    Goodness I bet Shar Jackson laughs every time she sees Kevin

  • jo

    britney needs help and she deff is an alcoholic.

  • b

    lies lies lies again…they take wat is “bad” and exaggerate it by a million, and they wonder WHY THEY CLAIM shes “Crazy?” hmmm

  • LJ

    Agrre with Stella and i hate those nannies and other staff who sell their stories of their employers..who the hell will ever hire those people anymore because they will sell them to tabloids..

  • shelly

    if brit would act like a lady and not a slutt then she would not have to worry about it at all RIGHT?

  • cutie pie

    thats why i said before about nannies telling on your dumbasses. i wouldnt have a nanny, their my kids i had them i take care of them, but im black and thats how we are raised, now the nanny wants to write a tell all book, well that what she gets she should have been woman enough to take care of her own kids. shes 25 she is not a baby. now every nanny , housekeeper, gardner everybody knows her effing business and they will write a book for money. some people are so stupid, what happen to all that education, but now this needs common sense, which no book can teach you that .

  • blahbee


  • remember da truth

    Cutie Pie,

    WHAT education?!?! Britney is about as uneducated and uncultured as any hillbilly with 6th grade schooling!

    She should be able to take care of two children by herself, seeing as how she has NO CAREER!!!! But I’m actually glad she had nannies (although I think anyone telling the tabloids they were her nannies are lying — there are confidentiality agreements, etc). If she didn’t have nannies, those poor babies probably would never get fed, changed, or get to sleep at a regular time.

  • cutie pie

    if those babies didnt get changed and fed then the child protective service should be on her butt just like everybody else. those are her kids not any nannies. she can have all the nannies she wants, im just saying i dont care how rich i am i want a hand in raising my own kids so when they get grown they will respect me and not have lack of respect like most of these rich ass peoples just goes to show you money cant buy everything. come on her career is not all that that she has to be running around busy all the busy all the time . she is not the president of the usa, although some idiots think she is the next best thing. but not in my damn book she not.

  • cutie pie

    shes not complaining about no papparazzi when shes out spending all that over paid money she has, or when she is wearing something she wants to be seen in. how come hillary duff is not complaining because she is ladylike all the time. but oh no not this whore.

  • Jason Watson

    Britney is a messed up addict, that is bipolar and should not have two children to take care of. She is unable to care for herself!!! I hope for the kids sake the courts give the babies to the grandparents.