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James Marsters Joins 'Without a Trace'

James Marsters Joins 'Without a Trace'

Former Buffy star James Marsters, aka Spike, will be portraying Detective Mars (no relation to Veronica Mars) in the upcoming sixth season of FBI drama Without a Trace.

Says Marsters, 44, on his
official website of his recurring/guest star role on the hit CBS show, “Attractive in a real way, a bright, full-of-life personality, charming, possibly from around the Washington DC area, so could have a slight southern accent. Mars is a Police Detective who has started to investigate what seems to be a ring of Human Trafficking. He has information our FBI team is interested in and comes to New York to speak to Vivian about what he knows. Eventually he will become part of a task force to deal with Human Trafficking.”

Marsters joins the talented ensemble cast of Anthony LaPaglia, Poppy Montgomery, Eric Close, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Enrique Murciano, Roselyn Sanchez.

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  • Michele


  • Callie

    haha What is with the faces on these people? The guy in the middle and the guy in the back left look like long lost brothers just hearing about the good news, with their lips that way. The lady on the right looks like she is going to kill them both, or possibly everyone around her. The other lady and guy look sort of ok. I’m sorry I don’t know their real names – don’t really watch the show, but what is with these sad, ridiculous faces?? If they were told to pose this way then they need to look into hiring new boss person!

  • Pole

    I love James Marsters so this is great news. Hopefully he can add some fresh air to the show – I thought the last season was rather boring.

  • Hulla

    Wow, he’s 44???

  • theoriginalbitch

    Callie, you’re an idiot. Did your mom give you permission to post? And you don’t watch because its past your bedtime. Do us all a favor and go play in traffic.

  • louveciennes

    Geez, you’re not playing a vampire anymore, James. Get some sun and eat something, those sunken cheeks aren’t doing you any favors.

  • Riley

    Lets hope he bleaches his hair.

  • Passing Through

    Damn…I’ll have to start watching the show again! Love me some James Marsters!

  • Passing Through

    7 Riley : 08/15/2007 at 2:29 pm
    Lets hope he bleaches his hair.


    Bleaches his hair, affects a lower-class British accent accent and takes his shirt off a lot. Or maybe I’m just a girl can’t give up her Spike fantasies!

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Sorry, WAT doesn’t needs any new cast members. TPTB already have a hard enough time writing for the six-man cast they had as of last season.

  • Sean

    Spike is 44 years old?!?!

  • MW

    Is he going to be in the movie “Out of the Night” with Italian actor Raoul Bova? Is he going to be Bova’s gay love interest? I read somewhere they are both in this movie

    this is bova if you’re not sure who he is

  • Tracy

    OMG! I didn’t even realize this guy was Spike. I loved him SO much! Now I’ll have to watch WAT.

  • ~*~Get Real~*~


  • MW

    Does anyone know if he is going to do the movie “Out of the Night” and if he is going to be the gay love interest of actor Raoul Bova?

    here is Bova if you don’t know of him

  • MW

    Is he going to be the gay love interest to actor Raoul Bova in “Out of the Night”? IMDB lists their names but doesn’t say which characters are the lovers.

  • Callie

    Well #5, your name is certainly fitting. Sorry, didn’t know you were so in love with doom and gloom. By the way, does your mommy know you have a smart mouth? Be careful or she’ll put you in the naughty corner and you can have a sad face too. I still say they look ridiculous in that picture, their faces all sad and gloomy like that.

  • louveciennes

    Sorry, but I have to agree: that is a totally weird photo. Anthony Lapaglia looks like he’s trying to kill the photographer with his glare, and the rest of them look like they’re trying to figure out who farted.

  • Callie

    hahahaha – good one #18. haha I wasn’t trying to be mean when I said that about their facial expressions, just wondering why they were all looking like that. I’m thinking someone big and important told them to do that, but I’m thinking that person made a mistake! The lady on the right (sorry, not sure of her name, is it Poppy Montegomery?) actually looks like she is in pain holding that look – almost about to collapse from the sheer exhaustion of it.

  • Jamie

    i must say the spike look really suit(ed) him, as opposed to him now. but wow! 44 already! i wouldn’t have thought…

  • krufh

    i like spike!

  • marga

    woohoo! love spike! i’m gonna have to watch this show again. found it boring before but maybe with james it’ll be bearable. still i wish they gave him a spike spin off. he was the only reason i continued watching buffy in the first place

  • Sandra

    Oh, come on, people! The cast looking gloomy is the whole idea, whether it suits your fancy or not. Without a Trace has never been a cheerful series. Okay, Poppy Montgomery does have an odd expression in that picture, I’ll give you that. Oh well – never liked her, anyway.

    Aww, Eric Close. James Marsters should be an interesting addition to the series, I just wish they would rid themselves of Roselyn Sanchez. Actually, I wish they would rid themselves of Poppy Montgomery, too – I’m confident that there are actresses of better talent out there ready to jump in. Oh well. I cant have it all, can I? *sighs* Maybe they could hire Lola Glaudini, since she’s not on Criminal Minds anymore (or so I hear, since we’re only past Season 1 in my country)…

  • MJBK

    That photo of James Marsters was taken immediately after he had his hair cut for a charity auction in 2004.

    If you’d caught him in his recent, blink-and-you-missed-it guest spot on TNT’s “Saving Grace”, you’d have seen his hair is longer and curlier these days.

    Oh, and James turns 45 tomorrow (August 20th). Hard to believe……

  • Crysta

    Sorry, but isn’t that a bit harsh louveciennes? Personally I think the cheekbones are sexy. I’m glad he’s moving on to other roles, such as this and P.S. I Love You coming out later this month. I was a little surprised when I heard about the Dragonball movie tho…Anyway, from his roles he seems like a really cool guy, and a good addition to the show.

  • Fal

    ..Oh James.
    I’m glad he’s getting work.

    I mean, aside from Torchwood.
    Though watching him make out with John Barrowman is entertaining in itself.

  • darkmoon69

    you all are nuts marsters was born in 1962 he 47.

  • sPIKE

    James marsters is a fantastic actor, if you liked him as ‘spike’, then you should check him out on torchwood series 2 episode ‘kiss kiss, bang bang’.

  • sPIKE

    james marsters is a fantastic actor. If you loved him as spike then you should check him out on torchwood series 2 epsiode ‘kiss kiss, bang bang’. Go James