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Paris Hilton: Lindsay Lohan is a Lost Dog

Paris Hilton: Lindsay Lohan is a Lost Dog

Paris Hilton still has it out for Lindsay Lohan!

A disparaging poster of Lindsay has been posted on the gate of Paris‘ Hollywood Hills home. The poster prominently features Lindsay‘s police mugshot and reads:


Age: 3 in dog years
Weight: Anorexic
Eyed: Dilated
Coat: Spotted/Freckled
Breed: Freckle-Bellied Cokewhore Terrier

My dog was last seen on the morning of July 24, 2007 chasing cars in Santa Monica. She will answer to the call of: Lilo, L Squared, Lo Hoe and Dime Bags, 2 for 10 dollars. She was also last seen carrying her favorite boys: a little white bag we call her “doggy bag” ad her favorite black ankle bracelet. Please come home!


If you have any information, please call — or go to —

All the change in my couch will be offered for the information leading to the safe return of my dog.”



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paris lindsay lost dog poster 01
paris lindsay lost dog poster 02

Photos: Josephine Santos/, JJ Composite/Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • pete


  • stellartes


  • Anon

    This is really vicious. Proves PAris hasn’t really changed at all. (Did anyone really think she had???) She is back with her old crew. That includes the repulsive druggie, Brandon Davis. He is the one who probably did the poster. Hope Lindsay stays on her course of rehab and dumps these terrible worthless people once and for all. Lindsay has talent and she has acomplished more, professionally, than all these stupid rich kids ever will. They are jealous of her. I hope she makes it.



  • Shrugging an atlas

    That is actually pretty funny even if it is from Paris

  • Kat

    OMG!! That is freakin hilarious!

  • girl

    thats sad,if ppl dont like her why dont they leave her alone but
    I dont even think thats from paris

  • Tallchic

    I have to admit….this is quite funny but, Paris Hilton is a piece of trash! Obviously she’s got too much time on her hands. Does she not remember her own jail stay?! What a vindictive, two-faced biatch! She’ll never change!

  • Kelly

    Umm, hello retards. Just becuz it’s on the gate at Paris’s house does not mean Paris put it there! Do you people believe everything you see, hear and read?

  • Julotta

    There’s nothing like kicking Lindsay when she’s down, is there Paris? That’s an unkind thing to do – even if you were so desperate to get your name back in the news.

  • Iris

    Do we know for sure that Paris actually had anything to do with this?

  • [~Famous~]

    That’s Hilariously Funny!!

  • Not Impressed

    Wow.. Speechless.


  • What a bully crabs infested h.o

    Herplex Parasite that bizch is a joke..she’s calling Hohan names..Hohan should kick her bird face scarecrow azz. Crabfest makes me sick. When she lied on Larry King I wasn’t surprise and the h.o better stay away from Nicole. Bizch picked on her too.,growing up. What a ska.nk bully. Bizch scared of her shadow. I don’t care for Lohan either but Crabby is disgusting. Yuck..Gross..

  • [~Famous~]

    Everyone knows Paris is to stupid to think of something like that.

  • Mmmmm

    OMG that is soooo funny. I highly doubt that Paris did it herself, either she is being set up or someone did it for her. She would never have the wit to put that together.

  • KKJO

    im sorry…but that is funny!!!!

  • Kelly

    She IS too stupid for that. And besides, paps are outside her house 24/7. Get a clue people, someone smarter and more clever than Paris did that shiz.

  • Cynthia

    That was vicious! Hahahaha!!!!! Still don’t like Wonky eye though.

  • Yo

    There is something seriously wrong with that. I think they’re all a bunch of morons, but I don’t think highly of anyone who kicks someone while they’re down. Regardless of if it was skanky Paris, slick Brandon or whoever.



  • Sprinkles

    Proving once again Paris is a low class whore that she has always been.

  • gini

    so funny!!

  • famouslivingdead

    paris…grow up!!!!how can she says something like that wen she, herself a slut….wat a troublemaker…paris is a real bitch!!

  • Rumi

    Birds of a feather flock together. Nice necklace, though.

    Just when will that kid (Lohan) stop destroying herself?

  • Diana

    What a low class w||||| Money doesnt bring her class … she needs more jail time!

  • Moto

    how old is paris? she is ridiculous… and people who support her are even more stupid.

  • EbolaHater

    That was uncalled for Paris (AKA Hollywood Ebola). Paris is better off in the slammer. She seems to convince people that she’s “changed”…changed what??? her panties?? Oh wait…she doesn’t wear one…by the way..the public doesn’t need to see it…its disturbing.
    This clearly proved that Paris along with her greasy trust fund friends are nothing but spoiled waste of space SOB. Hey Paris…grow up and make some changes…go back to school because you are NOT smart… Do some volunteering as opposed to just talking about it. Put your “talent” to good use…like release another grainey green video…I am sure there’s more than one out there…leak it on your own just like the first one and act like you are a victim….overexposed…I supposed. In the meantime, leave Lilo alone…no one should be the subject of this…remember..what goes around comes around…and sometimes twice…hey maybe karma will put your dumb ass back in jail. Good luck! See you again on US weekly…oh are banned…OOOPS…

  • carrie nae

    That was really tacky and inconsiderate. Immature to say the least. For someone to do this knowing she have problems too… sounds hypocricy to me. Total classless.

  • jen who

    Isnt it interesting how almost everyone here has jumped to slaggin on these two unfortunate females who are obviously being used by the nasty MALE whore whose myspace address is whats on the poster.

    Why didnt JJ include the myspace address so anyone who wants to give that nasty little pee wee crow bait hell can do so?

    And how about all you females who are slaggin on both paris and lindsay? Women will always be a woman’s worst enemy while men continue to use and abuse women.

    How sad………..and this is the 21st century.

  • Roberta

    Ridiculous… That’s not funny at all!

  • inhirnamy137

    I wonder if Parasite thinks the pic of her in the police car crying is funny, Parasite cannot afford to make fun of anyone, considering all of her baggage.

  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • laura

    Anybody could have put that there. I don’t see Paris doing that after the mistakes she’s made. Did anyone see Paris hang that on her gate?

  • face

    face to face Paris, face to face…

  • Michelle

    I would really hope that Paris didn’t do that considering all the crap she has been in, not exactly the nicest, cleanest rep going on with her. And as dim as she is I still think she is a little brighter than to post it on her own gate considering that she is trying to make everyone think she is changeing. I don’t think it is all that funny as Lohan is really screwed up but to each his own.

  • cutie pie

    fuck you paris you ugly long droopy nose slut, you cant talk about nobody dumb bitch, both you and lilo are a bunch of hos.

  • Anthony

    If Paris did it, or saw it and left it there, or whatever then she is really immature. She didn’t like being attacked when she went through her “drama” Either way whoever did it is really rude and insenesitive. Lindsay is a celeb yes but she is also a young girl with sh*t for family and she is going through a serious problem.

  • Meg

    OMG!! That is hilarious!!!!

  • good grief haters

    Now that’s some funny S***!!!

  • Nonnie

    I was going to ask — how do we know it was Paris our her entourage that put it there? Then I wonder why it has not been taken down?

  • diane

    so paris is supposed to be all grown up and a changed woman? NOT. how immature, how old is she like 10?

  • Ike

    Ok, that made me laugh out loud after a couple of really crappy days.

    Too funny. I admire Paris a nano-bit after that.

  • Belle

    I think is not funny at all. Lindsay is going through a lot and that’s not a reason for Paris to make fun of. You never know when stuff like that or even worse could ever happen to you or to loved ones.
    Paris is 26 right? I just have to say what an airhead.

  • nika

    #32 yeah, she is last person to make fun of someone, considering the things she does. I really donĀ“t like paris.
    It will be interesting to see if lohan gets revenge.

  • ElleBelle

    She probably didnt put that up there. its her house but it doesnt mean she did it. plus,
    She sold her house!!!

  • Sandy

    Guys, go to and you will see the “artist” that created this poster. Obviously someone is trying to cause more drama by saying Paris made this poster. Just because it was posted outside of her home doesn’t automatically mean she had anything to do with it.

  • Jihad

    Paris Hilton isn’t that clever. Probably the same people who vandalized her gates. Funny though.

  • libraesque

    this is the most ridiculous immature thing I’ve ever seen. I’m embarrassed to live in the same state as this d o u c h e b a g

  • Lesley

    I think it’s too clever to be the work of Paris..