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Teri Hatcher - "Badgley Mischka" Ads

Teri Hatcher -

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher is the newest face for American fashion house Badgley Mischka. Photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth, the autumn/winter advertisements will be featured in next month’s fashion magazines.

“Back in the Lois & Clark days, the first time I went to the Emmys … the first gown I ever wore on a red carpet was a Badgley Mischka gown,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “It was a really big hit. It was a big moment for me, and it was a big moment for them. We have this history together.”

“To take a piece — whether it is something from sunglasses to … they have this fabulous handbag that I just saw this morning and said, ‘This is the greatest handbag ever.’ Those kinds of little things, like a new pair of shoes, can change your whole day,” Teri expounded on why women should indulge. “It can change the whole energy of your mood. That can be when you are dropping your kids off at school or not.”

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badgley mischka teri hatcher 01
badgley mischka teri hatcher 02
badgley mischka teri hatcher 03
badgley mischka teri hatcher 04
badgley mischka teri hatcher 05
badgley mischka teri hatcher 06
badgley mischka teri hatcher 07
badgley mischka teri hatcher 08
badgley mischka teri hatcher 09
badgley mischka teri hatcher 10
teri hatcher badgley mischka 01
teri hatcher badgley mischka 02
teri hatcher badgley mischka 03
teri hatcher badgley mischka 04
teri hatcher badgley mischka 05
teri hatcher badgley mischka 06
teri hatcher badgley mischka 07
teri hatcher badgley mischka 08
teri hatcher badgley mischka 09
teri hatcher badgley mischka 10

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  • bite me


  • EvilLynn

    EEEEW is right..

    Who wins the 2007 PhotoShop Award? The people who did this ad, or Brit-Brit’s “Allure” cover??? It’s a tight race….

  • ina

    yes,she is photoshopped but who isn’t??she is a smart woman i like her a lot and her book as well

  • disgusted


  • frankie

    if they airbrushed these pix anymore they would look like pictures of clouds

  • Mmmmm

    She has some long stems …

  • depeche

    I dont know how can she be the face of that. She is ugly, old and quite talentless.

  • nona

    seriously, she’s a tad old for the sex kitten poses. why do these women always have to pose down on all fours with their asses in the air.



  • HEY!!!!!!

    Sex sells or trying to be sexy sells!!

  • Matahari


  • Cheerios

    y’know, some women have “IT”. She obviously doesn’t. Some woman are Sexy. She obviously isn’t. Stick to TV.

  • nika

    why are you all dissmissing her? she looks good.

  • flatazz

    she was the shiznit 20 years ago.

  • Jeanette

    Teri Hatcher Is pretty!

  • joan

    #7 depeche said “she is ugly old and talentless”

    She is no doubt receiving millions of dollars to be their model, so, I doubt Badgley/Mischka considers her ugly.

    She is a very beautiful woman. She does not give off the vibe of being pretentious, which is what draws women to her. That is probably why B/M chose her. She appeals to the woman who is raising children and living a normal life, not one filled with grandiose attempts to be famous.

    Love, Love, Love her acting PERSONA, because, at the end of the day/photo shoot, it’s all about acting and PORTRAYING A CHARACTER TO SELL PRODUCTS.

    We sometimes think we know these people,they sell us a persona, a character, and we either like it or not, very rarely, is it their true selves; they are actors and actresses after all.

  • Luke

    Woh, she’s beautiful. Very unique beauty, like Angie Jolie.

  • ann

    a “Has Been” all over again.

  • [~Famous~]


  • Juno

    I don’t see anything wrong with these. I think they are very nice pictures. Gosh, I would love to have her bod for her age, because honestly, it is very difficult to have a great body after 40! And that is a fact!!! Wait until some of you children have children of your own. So kudos to Terry, for having great thin genes. Cheezze. :roll:

  • jken2000

    She ruins the ads

  • Rae

    These remind of the sexy Versace shots with Halle Berry, Demi Moore, and Madonna from the last couple of years. While Teri Hatcher was once a very beautiful woman, her weight loss has done bad things to her aging well. These look incredibly airbrushed to me and I just don’t find her sexy and beautiful like I once did.

  • aj

    Well I happen to think she looks very pretty in these ads and in general. Who cares if they are airbrushed, EVERYONE gets airbrushed for photoshoots and magazines…EVERYONE! So the comments as if its a bad thing and Teri is the first ever are lame and oh so original. And she’s thin…get over that too! LOL She may not be the most beautiful woman on earth but she is FAR from ugly. She’s not talentless either.

    I say congrats to Teri for looking that good and being over 40 and landing such a big campaign. Someone obviously thinks shes worthy. She seems like such a nice, down to earth person and I think she is very alluring yet at the same time very humble and relatable. Shes got alot of qualities that people can admire. I wish her continued success for years to come. She deserves it!

  • April

    Badgley Mischka line of clothes are beautiful but the photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth made Teri Hatcher look like a high class hooker, thoes shots are awful!

  • Nadia

    she’s has such an ugly face

  • hm…

    wtf… Badgley Mischka USED her for their ad campaign? How demonic! It’s really classy now… see their products at Costco’s… the dirty tricks of Photoshop… wow!

  • TK

    i dont like her wth this come hither, black eyeliner, gaudy clothes look. she’s much prettier as the sweet vulnerable girl next door (as she is depicted in desperate hsewives)

  • abilene

    OMG. Picture #3 is downright scary. She does not ever need to have a close up like that. Ever. And Geez! her face is really long. I’m still shaking from the sight of pic #3.

    Other than that. She’s got a great bod, she seems real sweet, albeit, neurotic and insecure (and not just on her tv show).

  • http://none Jon

    Teri is a one of a kind beauty, with style and class beyond
    the shallow knuckleheads making these unkind comments above.
    Teri would never say these kind of things about another in
    a similar situation, because she has raised herself above
    all the negative viewpoints stated above. It’s often what
    is inside that is really what is being shown, and what is
    selling so successfully! Look into your own lives and see
    if it is really yourselves that you are talking about when
    you are criticizing others. Try just enjoying her smile for
    a change, and see that she has paid well for her happiness.
    And she deserves all the cash they pay her, finally. Teri,
    you go girl!

  • http://badgleymischka Graeme

    What a treat for all the red hot blooded males. Teri still has
    the sex appeal and looks fantastic besides her being more mature now,
    she is definately not over the hill! They are very lucky to have her
    fronting their range of fashion wear as Teri would look great in
    anything! From a massive admirer

  • V. McKreith

    This Woman “Terri Hatcher” has got real Sex appeal and an incredible
    amount of natural magnetism!.She is one of Hollywoods timeless beauties.
    What a great idea to Photograph her as a print Model.Great idea Badgley
    Mishcka!.Terri Hatcher is a legend in her own Time.Where can I get copies
    of the Vogue ad Photos!.E-mail me someone !