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Heidi Montag Gives "Body Language"

Heidi Montag Gives

The Hills star Heidi Montag world premiered her single “Body Language” on radio show On-Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday morning.

Fans called in giving it rave reviews!!!

And guess who makes a guest appearance on the track rapping?? That’s right, fiance Spencer Pratt breaks it down rap-style on “Body Language.”

“It’s very dance, urban, rhythmical,” Heidi has said. “It’s kind of it’s own genre. It’s very upbeat, very uptempo. I really love a lot of rap and urban music too, so I’m bringing a lot of those elements in. It’s just a really fun dance vibe at the same time.”

Asked KIIS FM co-host Ellen K, “Is she the new Britney?” Is she?????

Listen to Heidi‘s “Body Language” here!

UPDATE: This release was apparently a mistake! “We did it as a joke,” Spencer tells People. “It’s not her single at all. It was never meant to be heard by anyone but us. Over my dead body would I rap on Heidi‘s first single. Heidi is so upset because this was not the first sound she wanted people to hear from her.”

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  • Karen

    Now I know what evil sounds like!

  • cow




  • ivi


  • Kelly

    Lol Karen…

    I don’t get this couples appeal, They seem so fake~

  • Kelly

    And his afro makes him even uglier…

  • Alyn

    sounds like brooke hogan

  • holy crap….

    that was awful.

  • Just Bobby

    how much of that is really her? You can’t tell anything about her voice over all the “studio” sounds.

  • Duh

    I like the song alot. It’s going to be a hit, maybe if they edit the Spencer rapping part it will do even better.

  • ah

    I like the song. LC is an idiot, Hollywood is no joke.

  • Caren

    Is spencer the new K-Fed?

  • Tara

    I bet that the song such as much as she does……
    Spencer can’t rap, what an insult to real music
    Sorry just my opinion.

  • Hohum

    there was so much going on in that song that “ANYONE” could have sung that song. Britney should steal it and sing it herself.

  • Loman

    They sampled one of my favorite songs! Losers! Can’t they come up with anything unique?

  • Heidi – Hi I am a loser

    Betcha that dumb twat heidi dosen’t even know who Yaz is.

  • KC

    Her music career isn’t going to go anywhere because nobody likes her but the song is OK, a little to repetitive.

  • Argil


    Fake Friend
    Fake Hair
    Fake Breasts
    Fake Boyfriend
    Fake Engagement Ring
    Fake Relationship

    now fake music

    seems to fit her mode of operation

  • omg

    it’s not all bad i guess. i really like the beat, and that is so not heidis voice. and spencer is making kevin federline look like a good rapper. they just need to go away forever please. TEAM LAUREN ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Someone

    These people including Lauren really need to get a life. The Hills is so fake and how does Lauren know Heidi started that rumor? Everywhere she goes she tells everyone her drama.

  • david

    he looks like justin timberlake in the past when he was in nsync lol

  • natalia

    they should play in ugly betty haaaaaaaa

  • david

    where heidi has eyes. “dady line ” is no complement . hahahahahhaahha

  • Wow

    That was embarrassing… for them I mean. I had to turn it off because it was just way too awkward. Spencer’s rap sounded like a really bad American Idol audition. I could imagine what Simon would say. “Utterly dreadful” maybe?

  • Notbusy

    Yuck. I can’t stand these two. Spencer is only in it for the money. Heidi is a fool. He just looks so slimey.

  • liz

    that song was horrible. I coudln’t even listen to the whole thing.

  • natalia

    she is singing so hot like paris hilton hahahahahahhahaha. she is h


    I like Heidi. I watched the Hills and I have some questions. Ok I know there is no way there gonna be friends now since Spencer called LC beef curtains, but why does LC think Heidi gossiped about her? Why does LC depend so much on guys? Why does she think in order for to have a good time she needs to “hook up” with a guy? Why on earth does she hang out with all the worng guys? Why did she blame her friend Jen, when Brody was the one hittin on her? Do you really wanna want a guy who do that? Someone told me Jen should have known better because guys do that and Jen should have said no. Well why would you date a guy who does that. Jen was wrong for hooking up that guy, but LC should’ve cut that guy off too, not just her friend. Also Whitney is a true role model and I love her. Focused and beautiful.

  • mackenzie

    IS SHE SERIOUS??????????????

    you will NEVER hear heidi singing in LIVE never because she just CAN’T
    and spencer ..PLEASE he should do a song with K-fed they’d be the worst DUO EVER and it’ll be soooo funny

  • [~Famous~]


  • leslie

    “is she the new britney”
    no – she’s the same old a** wipe!! PATHETIC!!


    that was singing? more like reciting. spencer is such a d o u c h e.

  • just me

    Angelina (love that name btw) here’s the low down
    Lauren and Heidi have some joint friends in common (LA is pretty incestual)
    Lauren heard all the rumours that ended up being posted online BEFORE they were posted and they all came straight from Heidi and Spencer! Perez Hilton has also made no secret of the fact that the sex tape “story” came straight from them as well.
    I really like Lauren but I do think she has blinders on when it comes to guys. Maybe it’s her age? But, she seems to be drawn to “bad” boys who aren’t emotionally available.
    The whole Jen fight started because they had been best friends since kindergarten. While Brody didn’t owe Lauren anything, they had gone out on a few dates but were not exclusive, she certainly expected more from Jen. Brody was the 1st guy Lauren had been interested in since her bad break-up with Jason. And if was just WRONG to hook up with someone your BFF is interested in and recently fooled around with even if said guy is willing! Mind you, I wouldn’t have given Brody the time of day afterwards either. It was a total dicky move on his part as well. No, he didn’t owe Lauren anything but you can’t tell me that he didn’t know that hooking up with her BFF would at the very least piss her off.
    I think she needs to cut him out of her life as well as he only seems interested in being friends when the cameras are rolling, but that’s just my $.02 for whatever it’s worth.

  • just me

    ps that song is beyond awful!!

  • Brian


  • Tealeaf

    They should name the album…Plastic girl and Butthead in love.

  • shopgirl

    Honestly, who gives a rats arse about these two?
    I love the Hills because of Lauren, Whitney and Audrina. And how awesome is it that we are FINALLY getting to see LO again! LOVE that girl! Can’t she take Heidi’s place?

  • Jenna

    BLECH who is going to fork over good money for that crap?
    Get a job and a new manager!

  • Trixalix

    The song sucks – big surprise there LOL ;)
    I am sick to death of these 2 fake morons, he is so closeted and she is so in denial that I don’t even want to look at them anymore!

  • me3

    If Heidi is a singer, I am a super model ;) hehe

  • radio

    spencer you just killed rap, hip hop and all types of music heidi, no comment

  • not…

    Are you freaking kidding me? she just ruined my fave song by Erasure! Loser!

  • http://justjared Donna

    These two albinos need to go the fuck away. NOW and take that Lauren whoever with you. Thank you

  • renee

    spencer is fugly! uugghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sammy


    well it was good for a laugh! seems like ANYONE can make music these days.

    Man spencers Rap… that was funny!!! Hes a dick, hes ugly, and he cant rap!

    Spence the PLAYA more like water boy!


    WTF? they so fixed her voice lmao!!

  • diana

    obviously the girl cannot sing. It is all technology. I would not buy the album infact, I had to turn off the song. It has nothing to do with me not liking heidi just that this is typical manufactured song.

  • Allyson

    That’s was AMAZING! JOKES!

    Honey, Just because your Daddy has money does not mean
    you can sing….Can we say Paris Hilton
    Music probably was not the next step for your relationship…
    You should be working on other things, not on your “New Hit Single”

    I advise you just to stay all the DL until this all passes over..
    Everything will be ok, after all you still have your Rapping Boy Toy Spencer!

    By the way i love your new TITZ!

    Your # 1 Fan!

  • sami

    That guy looks gay.

  • Jane doe

    Im all for these two! Seriously, I think people like Lauren are un happy with their lives so they feel the need to put others down. Have At Er Spenc!