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Intimately Beckham Night

Intimately Beckham Night

David and Victoria Beckham have released a new ad for their new his-and-hers fragrance Intimately Beckham Night, which they recently launched at the Bel Air Hotel. The scent will be available in American department stores in September.

What do you think of the new Intimately Beckham Night ad??

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  • liza

    Not the best ad I’ve seen…

  • Corpus Christi


    I can’t wait to see her in about 25 years.. She’s gonna look like crap with all the plastic surgery.

  • Ebba

    *OMG* so ugly!
    Posh is NOT pretty and David sounds like a girl when he speaks.
    Ugly couple.
    I don’t wanna smell like them.

  • Beth
















  • wow!

    It’s like they are trying to convince the world there is a spark there – they are trying too hard and it looks phoney. When they are just being themselves they are a lot more convincing.



  • Sarah

    I think the ad is gorgeous.

    Very sexy shoot and I love the bottles!

    Cant wait to buy it!

  • Ebba

    Have to say Victoria looks better as a brunette.
    The blonde hair makes her 10 years older.
    Skinney, to tanned and blonde..NOT a good mix.

  • Swati

    really amazing, specially the whole black thing going on, you know black hair and all, gives thema new look, it is gonna sell like hell i am sure.

  • Lisa

    Who the hell are they kidding? Tom ‘I’m not gay’ and war bride Katie look more realistic. They have three kids- how do they feel about mum and dad whoring day and night? Whi on earth wants to smell like ‘posh’? I don’t think bulimia vomit and desperation smell all that good.

  • Someone

    I think Posh focuses way too much on her appearance. Not to say she’s a bad person but I mean she can’t go to Toys R us without a 5,000 Gucci bag? Anyone else agree

  • nicole

    they r wonderful together ! I like it. can’t wait for new bean pole ad shoot. I love went miller



  • Original Shar

    They are trying way to hard.

  • meh

    it’s all right. not the best, especially since a lot of david’s face is obstructed from view. not that vicky’s ugly, i just prefer to see david’s face over hers.

  • Mmmmm

    Ride the wave, their fame time is limited

  • j

    I expected more :(

  • j

    I expected more :(

  • julia

    they do love to exploit their relationship don’t they?

  • melly

    DAMN!!!!! HOT!!!!! that´s really an amazing pic!!!!

  • LJ

    I like it, better than their other ad..and i like bottle..

  • Michele

    I like the ad but seriously….they try TOOOOOOOOOOOO hard. And everytime I see Beckhame, I hear his squeaky voice in my head.

  • Cub

    I’m already sick of these two.

  • lakergirl

    OMG what publicity whores. NO wonder they hang with tom and katie. They didn to come here for soccer, they came to be celebrities> I am so so sick of him and his anorexic fug wife. And I hear the paparazzi is sick of them too since NO ONE CARES. First and foremost they are trying too hard to be celebrities. How about David doing something real ont he field and not worrying about being a celebrity first? ugh

  • vicky

    WOW !!! I really love it !! Class !can’t wait to have it !

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Posh needs to move aside and let me stand there – Yeah!!!!

  • e

    too much explosure of the Beckhams, I would rather watch TomKat instead, at least TomKat are Americans.

  • [~Famous~]

    awwwww are some people mad that their favorite celebs are to stuck up to do something like that?

  • BBperfume

    I agree with you Lakegirl. That’s why Europe thought less and less of Bechkam. He was focussing too much on being a celebrity more than on his sccer carreer that put him on the map. I remember there was a time I saw David Bechkam modelling endlessly for Gillete, Addidas etc and I almost forgot if ever played soccer. he was seen in evry ad, more than i heard of his victroy on the playing field. No wonder he was sliding in the athlete department. You have to set your priorities straight David, and Victoria thinks she’s more famous than you, so that in the future david will be introduced as Posh’s husband!! LMAO!!!

    As for this new ad, they can’t sell anything without selling sex with it. They promote themselves and their empire with sex, bcoz their PR camp knows what America fall for. They are tryoing so hard ,, yeah…

  • ed

    absolutely love it
    it’s called….INTIMATELY…. that’s so intimate
    looks like SEX…. who doesnt love it
    beckhams rockss

  • Sarah

    get a room

  • ed

    24 and 29
    as u said….they try tooooo hardddd to be celebrities… bitches…they have been celebrities for fuging yearssss…. for 11 years… they dun fuging need to actually try…because they can be what they want…just like they can buy what they wanna buy… they dun need to try… get it bytches…
    that’s the way they r for so many years now… u can google…they were and now and will be always high profile like that… u need some respect bytches… because these 2 NICE CELEBRITIES…. and they r not like britney or paris… they r real nice people… u should respect the beckhams… they bring possitive feelings to america…because they said themselves that they love america….so america should love them back…because they r real NICE…. they are more and more like american people now….

  • Nadia

    their hot

  • Bella

    Ooohlala!..not to mention that David is sooo freakin hot! I love
    Victoria too despite of the scornful opinion of many but i guess she has a very good background to back her up, she is a great mom and a wife, those are the very essence…who are we to judge basing it on her plastic boobs anyway?? :D

  • Brian



  • Nora

    He is strangling her from behind is what it looks like.

  • Lunna

    What is “HOT” about that?

    All I see is pig-nosed fug who for some reason cannot have a pic taken without her mouth wide open…

    To Nora: If only, we the public could be sooo lucky? :)

  • Audrey


  • Worker

    That is so over the top it is ridiculous. If they did invdividual perfumes maybe but it is the worst. ug

  • TwinMom

    VicTRANNYa should hang onto that meal ticket while he’s still making money. There’s gonna come a point when he sucks ass like her and they’ll be piss broke. Seriously, her facial features resemble that of a frog. Too much plastic surgery. And WTF is up with her nose??? It’s all turned up and shit. looks like she went face first into a wall.

    Go back to the UK, bitches. We have enough “celebs” wasting oxygen here.

  • Queen of Scream

    VB will look like Donatella Versace in about 20+ years.

  • depeche

    they are so FAKE

  • goldengirl

    My opinion is that Posh is the driving force behind his celebrity advertising and their manager Simon Fuller. If it was up to David, I’m sure that he would have stayed with the Madrid club and would just play soccer – something he absolutely loves. He did an interview with Diane Sawyer and she mentioned something about money and he replied that Posh takes care of that – she definitely wears the pants in the relationship. Coming to America is something that Posh most likely enforced probably to re-launch some aspect of her career; she needs him more than the other way around. David probably goes along with it b/c that’s his wife.

  • Julotta

    Hot photo!

  • Lica


  • ll

    they need to seriously get over themselves!!!!!!

  • Lillianne

    I LOVE them. Can’t wait to get their new fragrance.

  • Cee

    You guy’s are crazy! I love the ad, just would be much better if it was a present shot of them.& shutup with the stupid comments. They have been celebrities for longer than you have imagined they deserve every right to be famous cause they worked for it. and david didn’t come to america for a fucking acting career he came because of soccer! shit. get your facts straight. YOUR ALL JUST JEALOUS!!!!

  • Cynthia


  • m

    sizzling hot hot hot.