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Vanessa Hudgens @ Regis

Vanessa Hudgens @ Regis

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens works out a Hanii Y dress and Moschino shoes during an appearance on Thursday’s taping of Live with Regis and Kelly!

Vanessa, 18, stay mum about her relationship with on-screen/off-screen sweetheart Zac Efron even though Regis pried for many minutes. The camera crew even quickly flashed to her mom, Gina Guangco.

Regis‘s wife, Joy, filled in for usual co-host Kelly Ripa for today’s show.

High School Musical 2 premieres on The Disney Channel TOMORROW @ 8PM ET/PT.

Vanessa HudgensLive with Regis and Kelly!, 8/16
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  • Nikki

    Regis & Kelly just started for me in California. Can’t wait to see Vanessa work a bit of publicity solo. FINALLY!

  • libraesque

    she’s staying mum about her “relationship”
    yea, good choice since the guy is a flaming f a g g a r o


    dont like her

  • cow


  • omg

    Who is this?

  • snakeclocks

    Always thought she was hispanic. Her racial makeup is interesting.

  • ivi

    vanessa is a FUG


    are you kidding me.
    she is not “fug”.
    what the hell is wrong with you people.

  • Fleurrr

    she’s so cute, i love her.

  • Rockstar

    I was surprised to see that she put extensions in her hair. =]

  • marisol

    she is cute

  • A Mighty Heart

    Regis and that guest host are so out of touch. I can’t believe they don’t know that Vanessa is dating Zac Efron. EVERYONE knows that. LOL!

  • Claudia

    people need to stop hating so much :\ she’s cute.

    and she is hispanic, her mother is fillipino.

  • dee

    Very pretty.

  • Anne

    i think shes very pretty.

  • Corinna

    Awwe Vanessa was soo pretty!! I Love the part where Regis kept on say ‘He’s Hot’ About zac xD And how Regis kept yelling ‘Mommy!’
    Lol Cant wait till hsm2 premiere

  • Carly

    lol. cute interview.
    Vanessa looks so pretty =)




  • vale

    she looks so pretty!!

  • Opal

    Vanessa looked so pretty today and it was nice to see her Mom Gina there in New York with her. I was caught off guard by the hair extensions. I prefer Nessa with her shorter style though. Actually, Filipinos are considered Asians and not Hispanics.

  • van.

    she looked so beautilful!
    it was a cool interview.

  • kat

    aww she’s cute. i love her

  • wow

    wow, her calves are killer!

  • Kayslee

    She was very cute. And you guys, Filipinos are considered Asian, not Hispanic.

  • chay

    She looks great; don’t like the extensions though.

  • Izzy

    Van is gorgeous as usual. And as for keeping her relationship w/ Zac quiet, i can totally understand…

  • [~Famous~]

    She’s kind of creepy looking – Its the smile. As she gets older she’ll get more and more funny looking. Hopefully sooner than later she get a females body – A 14 year old boys frame isn’t a good look on a girl.

  • Merideth

    i absoultly love vanessa and i thought she looked gorgeous today.
    i thought the interview was really good and i loved the clip they showed!!!

  • moku

    I agree with all of you about the extensions, they kind of dwarf her in a way. But she definitely will be a trendsetter, I can already see it. I think the interview was great although I’m a tad bit alarmed that no one knew where Lake Titicaca is. Does anyone study geography anymore?

  • Izzy

    what the heck [~Famous~]? 14 year old boys frame? Are you insane? She’s gorgeous and has a GREAT body. Just cause your jealous doesn’t mean you have to bad mouth her.

  • [~Famous~]

    5’1″ (extremely short) no ass, no thighs, and probably wears a training bra @ the age 18. That’s a “GREAT body” Lmaoo In what country?

  • drz

    Her giggling is beyond annoying.

  • ann

    I love it when they say they started it all at the age of 3.. She must be a Mensan…and doesn’t even know it.

  • stephanie

    vanessa hudgens is so cute , i love her hair short though i was suprised that she put extensions in it… I think that zac and vanessa should stop trying to hide their relationship everyone already knows about it. Just come out and ba happy. Anyways i love both her and zac and omg i lover her dress… it was so CUTE!!

  • suzy

    love vanessa need more vanessa love in the media

  • Nikki

    Really Mature,
    How Can You Say That Bout V?
    Pff; No Ass? Yea Okay Have You
    Seen Her Lately? No Thighs?
    Ha You Crack Me Up.
    Training Bras?
    Yea Have You Seen Her Hawaii Pix?
    I Dont Think She Wears Training Bras.
    Get A Life
    & Stop Bashing Her!

    She Has Real Beauty. & She Doesnt Hide It.
    So Get A Life And Get Over That Ur Just Jelouse
    Of V And Get Over It!

    Oh And How Does She Have A Boys Body?
    Please Explain >.

  • LORI

    she looked so gorgeous. and the interview was really funny too. i love her she is the best

  • Nikki

    Oh And Btw [~Famous~] V Is 5’4

  • Nikki

    Oh And Btw [~Famous~] V Is 5’4”

  • Nikki

    Vanessa is 5’4” Get It Right!
    Dont Bash On V Cause She Is Beautiful

  • Daisy

    Aawww.. she looked so cute and did a wonderful job. Love her!

  • stephanie

    i wonder what she really looks like in the morning i mean u know she doesnt look like that im sur eif we all ahd personal trainers and professional makeup artists we could look like that 2

  • Izzy

    like i said before famous, if you hate her so much, why are you wasting time bashing her? your just a jealous wanna-be…

  • stephanie

    umm izzy famous didnt say anything again so why do u keep telling the perso to stop when they did stop??

  • sweetie

    love her! she looks great. hate the extensions though..

  • Nikki

    i Agree
    i love her long hair but
    her short hair is fresh and

  • Charlene

    Regis is a real idiot and really ruins his interviews it would have been better if he wasnt such an ass

  • Alissa

    omg vanessa looks so pretty!! lol i love that they showed her mom for like a few minutes, lol. and yea, filipinos aren’t hipanic, they are considered asians but aren’t asian, they are REALLY pacific ilanders, since the philippines is an island…in the pacific. lol, i know i am filipino. and not half like vanessa. im full! lol. i cant wait for HSM2 tomorrow!!

  • Keli

    vanessa is so cute and pretty!!!stop the bashing guyz, i mean i kno u guyz are jealous but still. She is so fashionable and i luv everything about her!! GO BBV

  • Maria

    i think that she is beautiful and i’m a big fan of hers and i love her extentions they look great! and she makes a GREAT couple with Zac Efron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!