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Leo's Roller Coaster Ride

Leo's Roller Coaster Ride

Leonardo DiCaprio and model girlfriend Bar Refaeli are still going strong!

The couple was seen earlier this week with actor pal Lukas Haas and another female friend having a screaming good time on the Xcelerator Roller Coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, Calif.

The quartet had such a fun time on the roller coaster the first time around, they decided to ride it again for a second time!

It’s good to see Leo and Bar having fun together in public!

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leonardo dicaprio roller coaster 01
leonardo dicaprio roller coaster 02

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Mari

    Great candid shots.

  • J3$$!C@

    LOL Nice pictures. Looks like fun.

  • Natalie

    I love me some Leo! One of the most talented actors right now.

    He looks like he is having a great time. =)

  • Kate

    Really? Knotts Berry Farm? .. I usually go there on a regular basis I would say about 10 times a year since I only live about 20 minutes away from it. And even yet have I never spotted a celebrity least that I could remember :-D

  • Maxim

    It is good to see Leo having fun. He is serious so much of the time now. Looks like this might be a pretty serious girlfriend too.



  • Beckybsb







  • tiger

    I love pictures of people on rollercoasters. Always good for a chuckle.

    I am always the person with a green face getting ready to barf on the person sitting in front of me.LOL

    Thanks Jared. Good to see Leo takes the time to find entertainment for himself.

  • Ash

    Leo looks exactly the same in both pictures.

    that’s weird.

  • jordie


  • Maria

    Leo is one of the few celeberties I have respect for.

    Go Leo!

  • Someone

    Man I thought he was done with Bar! :(

  • Samantha

    I love the look on Lukas face in the first picture and it’s nice to see Leo having some fun.

  • IHB

    Sure looks like Leo is having fun. I am dissapointed that he is still seeing that girl. She is nothing but bad wibe to me. I don`t know why but she just gives me the creeps. I liked him with Gisele though…

  • sandra

    knotts berry farm is in buena park, ca not los angeles, you idiot.

  • http://deleted kkdd

    Whenever and wherever Leo shows up ( in private ) somehow Lucas Haas is always there, they are like inseperable. And their girlfriends totally look the same. Kind of weird to me…

  • KarenA

    That’s very sweet. Yay, Leo and Bar!

  • ALEX

    LOL! That was the ride I refused to go on when i was there! SCARY!

    Oh and I hate Bar too!

  • carrie nae

    Their looks make me wanna ride also.

  • carrie nae

    Oh by the way, I think Leo’s face was frozen. In both pictures his face is alike. His face makes me laugh so hard, I can almost pee.



  • Gal .S.

    =O [

  • Gal .S.

    =O [That's how my face looked when I saw this article.]
    lol, I’m a big fan of Leo and Bar as a couple and separetedly! x)
    I’m Jewish and I live in Israel, and to all you guys who hate Bar or think she’s a stuck-up: she’s so NOT! She’s really sweet, and I got to meet her once. =]
    Even though she’s a model, it doesn’t mean she’s bad influence or something like most of them. She’s not anorexic, she doesn’t do drugs, and barely drinks alcohol.
    As successful as she might be here, she’s pretty grounded.
    Anyways, I don’t get why you hate her, and I don’t really care. I hope they end up getting married; they seem to be taking their relationship seriously. =D

  • Ruth

    Great pictures of Leo who is one of my favourite actors. As for Bar – why all the hatred? If he feels good with her at this time and they want to be together then why should it bother any of his fans. He likes young models and let’s face it, he is hardly likely to meet very many women from outside the industry.

    As for Bar – I am also Israeli, I don’t know her at all except that she is pretty (not beautiful) and seems to be a hard-working model from a good family who isn’t into drugs, drink etc. However there is a lot of controversy about her decision to get out of the draft which is compulsory in this country (she made an arranged marriage with a family friend and then quickly divorced). She was probably pushed into it by her very ambitious mum but it wasn’t the right thing to do and shows disrespect to the thousands of young people who do their service and then get on with their lives.

  • yaya

    just bein normal

  • torogi

    get out..that’s like 10 mins from where i live..

    stalker mode lol

  • Leon

    Should people really care about a celebrity on a roller coaster? Maybe on a drug addiction roller coaster, but not a regular one.

  • http://deleted IHBIHB

    No matter what those people from Israel say Bar is not sympathetic to me. It is not a vicious attack and since I don`t know her I wouldn`t say that I hate her. But reading the articles and seeing her pictures I simply get a very negative image of Bar. Sorry, but I am not a big fan of her and I was kind of sad to see that Leo is still seeing her.

  • http://Whyhealwaysdatesmodels?Ireallydontunderstand-hessuchasmartguy... Juliette

    Why he always dates models? I really don’t understand – he’s such a smart guy…

  • remember da truth

    ROFL!!! I read through here to see who the idiot (or many idiots) would be so consumed with jealousy that they would call his girlfriend “fug”. Sure enough, there it is!

    Yeah, Bar is “fug”, that’s why she’s an internationl model, you fool!! You do realize that saying such stupid things reveals who you really are, doesn’t it? You must be some ugly little troll who is so insecure and jealous you have to go on blogs and call celebs names.

    I don’t know Bar, and I don’t know Gisele, but from what I’ve seen of them, neither is stupid. They are both good at what they do, and Gisele is a sharp business woman who has risen to the top of her profession and stayed there for many years. She runs a couple of companies that are extremely successful based in Brazil and has for many years, and is now starting an international clothing line of her own.

    People are so transparent…. Calling celebs who have made a living on their acclaimed looks “fug” just shows you have learned a new word and want to show it off while venting your anger that you are not in their shoes.

  • Joan

    Sweet Pics… love Leo and Bar togehter, they are soo lovley!

  • ils vont

    Wow, what a sweet story, so glad they are getting along. But shouldn’t he be working on saving the world global warming than riding or roller coasters? what kind of emissions does a roller coaster give off?

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/LETOYA Ms Sugar Walls


  • J

    The female friend is Lukas’ girlfriend, model Lindsay Lullman

  • bri

    “he’s such a smart guy…” [about Leo]


  • Nadia

    HAHA his face

  • jen

    I hate to be the cynic here but has anybody else noticed this? the second time round after figuring out where the camera is she grabs Leo’s arm, turns her face to the camera and flashes that ring, I don’t know why I don’t trust this girl but I just don’t I see it in ALL candid pic’s of the two, and before anyone jumps on me i’m not saying she’s not a nice, humble hard working girl from a good family, i’m just saying there is something about her relationship with Leo that I dont trust, it is just a feeling I get, but I hope i’m wrong because they have been together a while and he seems happy :)

  • Lindsay

    niiiiice, i love rollar coasters. its nice to see that Leo is a fun guy :)

  • sue

    bar refaeli is so beautifull! i met her in l.a & couldnt take my eyes of her ! goshh !! she is a sweet girl too .leonardo is a real lucky fellow to have her ! but i dont think he is for bar , she needs a younger guy, jewish, she is going to be nomber one for sure !

  • noa

    i love Bar! but she deserve somone better then leo!
    someone jewish!!

  • E-den

    Bar Refaeli brongs respect to the Israelies!were all so proud of her!

    יישר כח!
    Yishar koach!

  • Deb

    Leo looks like he would be a fun date.

  • yummy

    I never knew Bar’s boobs were so big.

  • http://deleted IHBIHB

    I agree with Jen ( 37 ). I don`t like Bar and I don`t trust her at all. She needs publicity and obviously she uses every opportunity to get some. It is really sad that this is the only way she can get it. Leo deserves someone better, much better than her.

  • Shiran

    I don’t agree with all the people who say that Leo deserves someone better, it’s really funny that you say that because you don’t even know her.With all the respect I think Leo is’nt perfect as you think..and Bar is a cool gir!
    So stop judge her like you know everything about their relationship cus you DON’T!
    She seems to me a really nice woman and I don’t see reasons to hate her… I hope Bar will come back to Israel and marry with an israeli guy!!
    You don’t need that actor and all the people who think you’re not “good” enough for him!!

    באהבה מישראל :)

  • http://deleted IHBIHB

    Shiran, you don`t know her either, so how do you know that she is cool? I cannot stand that girl and I hope that she goes back to Israel and leaves Leo alone. But that wouldn`t be good for her career so I doubt she is going to do it.

  • sapir

    lol im from israel :D =\ l-o-l
    nice pic:)
    ohhh i just in love. jared leto..huaaa

  • Udi

    Go Bar! She’s beatiful just like the country she came from – our
    beloved Israel!

  • flor

    i am from argentina and i love leo and bar. i think they are a great couple… i like to see leo and bar tougether

  • jennifer

    Leo and Bar are a beautiful couple, and I’am happy that they still together, I hope they marry.