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Spice Girls - "Greatest Hits" Album 2007

Spice Girls -

The Spice Girls have unveiled their bejeweled cover art for their 2007 Greatest Hits Album! Here’s what the girls said on their official website:

“Hello Everybody,

We are very excited to be able to show you the cover of our Greatest Hits album. We have all been involved with the design and are really pleased with it… we hope that you like it as much as we do. We wanted to use our official website to show it to the fans first!

As well as working on the album we have already started planning for the tour – we can’t reveal too much but what we can say is that it is going to be amazing!! We are so excited and can’t wait to see you all. If you haven’t registered for your tickets then what are you waiting for? Do it now!! And keep checking the website for more news.

Finally we have to give a big Girl Power hug to our Emma. Baby had a Baby!! Congratulations to Emma and Jade and welcome to the Spice family, baby Beau.

Lots of love – Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria

WHAT DO YOU THINK of The Spice Girls’ new album cover???

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  • Kelly


  • posh mini me

    Yes, I will be the first to admit that I LOVED them when I was a teen. So, it’s a safe bet to say that I CAN”T WAIT until they’re album gets here.

  • depeche

    allways the same, as the whole spice girls.

  • Maria


  • ll

    the cover looks very BORING! with all the money that Posh hoe has, they should be able to afford a good graphic designer to do this shit for them.



  • Mmmmm

    Greatest Hits? Meaning more the one? What other song was a hit?

  • Julotta


  • Nando

    I love the Spice Girls but that album cover stinks.

    What happened to having each girl within each letter? I miss that. I especially loved it in the “Spiceworld” album.

    As a professional graphic designer, I give it one thumb down.

  • Lalita

    I think it’s a little lame…after all those years they could have came up with something new and different…they already have a cd cover just like that…but with some minor differences. I’m a little disappointed :p

  • sexymunkey

    The Spice Girls suck – they can’t sing, can’t dance – useless group of no talents who happened to land lucky! I can’t believe they have a Greatest Hits album coming out – what a joke!

  • Izzie

    Its classic spice girls, I like it.

  • B

    I actually grew up listening to their music Circa 1996 their style was fab and they really gave girls confidence to be themselves, I think its is obvious the girls arent vocally mesmerising, yet their charisma and personalities appealed to young girls, they achieved alot of NO.1s FACT!and changed the music scene, I dont think there has been a girl band in the past decade who have matched the Spice Girls on a global scale, the way they did!

    THE FACTS!!!

    “2 Become 1″ (1996)
    “Too Much” (1997)
    “Goodbye” (1998)

    All UK Christmas number ones!

    In November 1997, the Spice Girls released their second album, Spiceworld. Preceded by the single “Spice Up Your Life”, the album proved to be an instant global best seller. It set a new record for the fastest-selling album over two weeks when it shipped 7 million copies. Gaining favourable reviews, the album went on to sell over 10 million copies in Europe, Canada, and the United States alone.

    In November 1996, the Spice Girls released their debut album Spice in Europe. The success was unprecedented and drew comparisons to Beatlemania (it was dubbed “Spicemania”) due to the sheer volume of interest in the group. In just seven weeks Spice had sold 1.8 million copies in Britain alone, making the Spice Girls the fastest selling British act since The Beatles.

    In total, the album sold 3 million copies in Britain and peaked at number one for fifteen non-consecutive weeks. In Europe the album became the biggest-selling album of 1997 and was certified 8x Platinum by the IFPI for sales in excess of 8 million copies.[14] In the United States Spice became the biggest-selling album of 1997, peaking at number one and being certified 7x Platinum (for sales of over 7 million) by the RIAA.

    Riding a wave of publicity and hype, the group released their next singles, “Say You’ll Be There” and “2 Become 1″, in October and December respectively. The two tracks continued the group’s remarkable sales by topping the charts in over fifty-three countries and cementing the group’s reputation as the biggest pop act on the planet.

    The last release from Spice was a double A-side of “Mama”/”Who Do You Think You Are”, which once again saw them at number one.


  • fullhouseorgies

    spice grannies!

  • timo

    not feeling it!

  • Nadia

    it looks good simple and cute

  • MJStyle

    I hope the letters will be sparkling and not plain…

  • Paulie

    This is basically the same cover as their first album but with the letters sparkly and the words “Greatest Hits” added. I hope they didn’t pay someone tons of money to come up with it.

  • Lucky Star

    I feel that they should have used the photo of them together, the one and they’re all together and Victoria’s at the top, I personally feel it should some sort of sophitication and maturity…but this crap look like a pre-schooler could have thrown it together…I gave they don’t have the best imagination!!!

  • Just Jazz

    LMAO How true..Spice grannies

  • DOH!



  • Paul Armstrong

    Five minutes well spent and saving on the designer means posh can get calf implants. Sold.

  • Bruna Gabriella

    Nice! I never expected anything different! Can’t wait to seem them LIVE!

  • Thats similar to the same damn exact cover I have from 1996 of their debut cd. Very unoriginal.

  • nika

    how original, stupid cover.

  • vanessa

    I actually really like it. Its simple, and its basically the same as their other album cover.


  • girl power

    Well said #13 couldn’t have said it better myself. For all you haters…who cares about your jealous hateful remarks, just shows what type of a person you are…full of hate for no apparent reason!! I loved them then and I’ll proudly continue to love them. Can’t wait for their concert!!!!

  • Yoyo

    #13: Simon Fuller, is that you?

    More plants from the talentless zone that is the Spice Girls. Just go away already and stop polluting the earth!

  • question

    so i take it simon fuller is a fan of the spice girls???

  • LauraMcCartney


  • spooky


  • jaz

    It looks heaps boring!!! i expected something bright to remember them by but no its just some spakle letters over awhite background. As much as i love them it looks bad:-(

  • Cherri


  • shocked

    Very imaginative and surprising. I couldn’t think of anything more surprising. It’s the surprise of the 21st century.

  • Marta

    spice what????

  • B

    #20 I believe you havent carved yourself out a decent career? well just goes to show really doesnt it? Simon Fuller lmao! If that was some sort of put down you will need to do better than that! Im not claiming the Spice Girls are the best group sinced sliced bread, however to those who diss the group, well the facts speak for themselves! until you get yourself a decent career and shift as many copies of albums, singles they did, then you can comment!


  • B

    Apologies that was for #28! and the continued haters!

  • angel_i

    looks exactly like the album will sound.


    i say its perfect:)

  • just me

    Girl Power is back, YEAH!!

  • The Exhibition


  • M_cali

    I love it!!!!!!!!!
    And of course I love the Spice Girls
    C’mon I want the concerts now

  • xax

    I hope it actually sparkles when I physically get it. Even though I already have all three. Yeah I was expecting something different, like a reunion pic (similar to Forever).
    By the by, please leave these women alone. They made their money and continue to make their money despite their “lack of talent” and any other hateful things people can come up with. What I liked about the Spice Girls was and is their originality and positivity. To put it simply they are good role models which the music/entertainment industry is in desperate need of.

    Long live SPICE.

  • flamindevil

    i love the spicegirls…i agree with what 9 and 19 said.Either of the two covers is damn good. I dont like this. I’m expecting much. I love the spice girls. pls change the greatest hits album cover

  • Leni246

    I will buy this album because I love the Spice Girls!

    They are my favourite Band and I think this album will be a hit!!!!

  • Lil C

    Spice Girls are da best and 2 all you haters get real and if ur guna say anything bad then don’t say anything cos some little kids go on this site and swearing is not the answer.

  • SpiceFan

    The cover is simple. Yet it only shows the trademark cover of Spice Girls!
    The cover might be simple, yet the content is fabulous!

    Can i have a request to the Spice Girls? Can you add some booklet into your album..lets say a collection of some of your pictures since the group started or some notes from the Sice girls themselves? it would be more satisfying for the fans to see an additional booklet to add in their collections! I can’t wait to have the album in my hand. I’m starting to save some of my allowance so that i can buy the album as soon as it released.

  • lois

    What Spice girls Hit Didnt Get To Number 1…?

  • marian

    i like it. i always love them.go girls

  • marian

    love it

  • StephanieOlvera

    I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT, EACH LETTER HAS A SIGNIFICANT STONE THAT REPRESENTS EACH SPICE GIRL. The S is made from amber and represents Victoria Beckham. The ruby pink P is Emma Bunton. Melanie C’s letter I is made from a diamond; Geri Halliwell is the C, made from sapphire stones; and the emerald E is Melanie B. CAN’T WAIT FOR THEIR WORLD TOUR!!!!!