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Rihanna Gets Going in Germany

Rihanna Gets Going in Germany

R&B sensation Rihanna busts out at the Rheinland-Pfalz Open Air in Mainz, Germany on Saturday.

You can also check out some behind-the-scenes shots of Rihanna during her 2007 MTV Video Music Awards photo shoot.

15+ pictures inside of Rihanna giving it a go in Germany…

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rihanna germany 04a
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Photos: Alexander Heimann/Getty
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  • Nadia

    OMG did she get implants lol

  • 4head

    wow new oranges on a moose..lmao

  • Y-Y

    Why get those implants..when clearly she needs a nose job or 2 or or 4.,,

  • mannequin

    Geez, another damn wig ? Fake,Fake,Fake!
    By tomorrow her hair will be longer than Cher.

  • Izzie

    talk about push up lol

  • [~Famous~]

    That dress is so tight it gave her boobs, cool.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I want to have boobs like hers :(

  • ugmo

    she’s fug.

  • rain blocker head

    Why get under her umbrella..ella..ella..when her fore-head can shield you.

  • ViK

    I don’t think it’s a boob job. I think it’s glitter spandex used as shrink wrap. Man, I’m sick of that song and her!

  • andré

    BOOB JOB!!!!!
    a really bad one indeed.

  • oprah

    Pancake make up, no talent, copies Bey,go away. Leave JZ alone. Even has make up on her chest,yuck.

  • oprah

    Pancake make up, no talent, copies Bey,go away. Leave JZ alone. Even has make up on her chest,yuck.

  • nika

    dear lord, did she wanted that dress so tigh to show more flesh.
    Im just curious, why most people don´t like her.. that much lol. What has she done!? Is it her personality…

  • hulk

    can’t stand this gurl,she is such a poser. not cute at all. forever selling.

  • Natalie

    Hideous make up. It is way too thick and gives her a hard, trashy look.

    I was gonna say damn, she must be wearing a great bra but how can she fit a bra under that revealing shirt!?

  • creature feature

    Many Moore sang ri-ri song better and Mandy isn’t ho.ring herself out. Cover those phony things their gross.

  • funny

    that is not a boob job is it? it looks like her top is WAY to tight and is just suffocating those bad boys to no end. but i couldt be wrong.
    her makeup looks like an other entertainer (singer that is) im noy sure if anyone would want a close up with the bright stage lights so let the makeup be.

  • vibe

    i’ve seen her up close in fotos and she has acne &acne scars and spots in her face,so she needs heavy make up.thank goodness it’s available.

  • bet

    I wonder why she can’t wear her real hair?
    False eyelashes are never a good idea if this obvious.

  • Lisa

    nice tatas

  • wig store

    nice to look at, but, feel as hard as bricks. plastic always do. does this woman have any dignity??

  • mj

    This is the biggest no talent on the scene today! Make her go away!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cain

    She’s obviously trying too hard on her boobs.

  • ri ri

    so umm…….wait does beyonce wear real hair or mary j blige or any other celebriy fir the matter ????noooo so why yall dissin her that way,,wanna need a life tho fa real,,GO RIHANNA 100% BAJAN ALL THE WAY

  • ME

    Why can’t yall support her???when singers come down to barbados we back them all the way,,and she does have the talent and ppl like wanna is wa mekin she stronger supremes come hay in 1966 wid dem fake hair and we welcome them in everyway we could to our beautiful country…and so does beyonce.And she is making us bajans proud every day!what wanna should be talking bout is paris hilton,lindsay lohan,britney spears and all dem lil pot heads…AND SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER BREAST???!dem is hers not wanna one!BUT YA KNOW WHAT ON BEHALF OF HER ALL I GOTTA TELL ALL AH WANNA IS THANKS!YALL MEKIN WE BAJANS BELIEVE MORE IN HER EVERYDAY….KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN MAKING HER EVEN MORE POPULAR!

  • REE has a Squidward head

    REE is so flipping ugly and has no talent. I can’t wait til BEyonnce kicks her low life @zz. Dumb fake wanna-be. Indie Arie is so much better.

  • fae

    She does’nt do anything for me musically. Another bootie shaker. Not cute or exceptional. If she was’nt on JJ’s would’nt know her. Those boobs look painful and pimply.

  • stale-ella

    i’m grateful they are easing off playing the umbrella song on the radio… it’s over played and gets annoying. she is all hype+ they are trying to convince us she is all that..sorry she’s hit ..does’nt make it so..i see diet and nose surgery as a plan for her-if i was Jaye Z.

  • Andreia

    She’s extremely gorgeous!!!! such a sweet face ;)

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    21 bet : 08/19/2007 at 1:05 am

    I wonder why she can’t wear her real hair?

    because everyone from Pamela Lee Anderson, to Jessica Simpson (who owns a weave and hair extension company) to Britney Spears, to Mary J, to Beyonce, to every single Hollywood starlet, to Carrie Underwood, weears fake hair in Hollywood.

    It is a trend. Stylists love it because you get an instant new look for a show. You have stars who show up at a function with dark short hair in the morning and can show up at another with red long extensions. It is a way to stay competitive in a gmae where changing looks are key.

    I think Madonna 20 years ago was at the forefront of this idea of changing your look instantly to keep the public interested.

    Now with so many great weaves and stylists, you can have Jessica Simpson look like a Barbie doll in one performance and a goth siren in another.

    So it is part of the game. Check out Maxim, or Playboy next time andyou’ll see what I mean. Everyone is doing it.

  • Cynthia

    She looks great, she has prominent features and her nose fits her face. Love her song Umbrella. Isn’t Jay-Z and her dallying together?

  • Christine

    that’s major pushup right there. you can see the pinching from her bra underneath her boobs.

    still small.

  • not

    SORRY ,bUT tHAT WOMAN iS FUG! NO DOUBT. I don’t like weaves either,yuck turn off. She wears them all the time, not just for shows/promotions ,cuz she has hardly any hair,saw her fotos when she was young..

  • cutie pie

    n0. 4 why the hell should she get a nose job, so her nose can look like a white person, i dont think so dammit, shes black and proud of her nose and i dont blame her. we are all different thank god, and any way for the record i have seen a lot iof whites with big noses. and most have long droopy noses

  • yummy

    Very hot. That cane is pimp! She should keep it after her foot gets better.

  • val

    ewwwww – too much fug

  • Rainman

    No mattet what she does she still can not get pass the no TALENT. SHE IS WHAT SHE IS CUTE AND CUTER ONLY.


  • Cathy

    umm…why are so many people dissing her? Just wondering- I’m a fan yeah but not a worshipper lol! But still- has she done something? Going to see her in Dec nd love her voice though I know most people don’t…

    Is this not her real hair?? How you know? Looks like her real hair! And “pancake make-up”? You can’t be expected to look “oh-so-cool-and-sexy” up on stage as you’re dancing like no ones business!!

    Anyway I love her music :D Dance…

  • Cathy

    forgot to say- is she wearing odd shoes? cos on the first foto ya can see…

  • Cathy

    and she deffo mustve got a boob job lyk! think of her in the “umbrella” vid in the orange nd grey bit! they wer NOT that big there! lmao

  • Cathy

    oo right she broke her leg..not odd shoes then…

    lmao left four comments now- gonna stop :D

  • observer


  • TRininats

    Where she get all that chest from? As far as i know she is flat! They real pump her up!

  • cutie pie

    rihanna just need attention every where she goes she need to pay for voice training

  • cutie pie

    she cant perform whenever she performs most of the time she holds the micro phone towards the crowd lol

  • jj

    How can anybody listen to her music. Its all edited and sucks. She cant sing and her songs like umbrella make no sense and have no meaning. People who listen to this musst have some brain damage oh well. SHE SHOULD DO XxX that would fit her better

  • lily

    Haters are really boring.
    Can’t even make difference between a tight dress that make her chest looks like “that”, and a “boob job”.