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Zac Efron: Me and Orson Welles

Zac Efron: Me and Orson Welles

Zac Efron is scoring major movie deals right and left!!!

While grabbing a bite to eat at North Hollywood’s Aroma Cafe on Saturday, Zac, 19, hid behind a tape-bound script for screenplay Me and Orson Welles, provided by his agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

Zac would play 17-year-old Richard Samuels whose theatrical dreams are answered when Orson Welles offers him a small role in his Broadway debut of Julius Caesar (The film would be set in the 1930s).

Speaking of 17, earlier this week, Zac landed his first leading-man role in fast-tracked love story, Seventeen.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Seventeen is about a 36-year-old man, in need of a major life do-over, who wakes up in the body of a studly high school senior (Efron).

Zac will reunite with Hairspray director Adam Shankman, who is producing with his real-life sister, Jennifer Gibgot.

Gibgot has been working on expanding Zac‘s fanbase by transitioning him from the tween crowd to the more mature crowd: ”It’s a very multilayered role, which is what attracted Zac to this idea. It’s a good transitional movie that will appeal to his audience and hopefully bring in more adults.”

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Credit: Entertainment Weekly; Photos: Jsm/Bm/Zfi/Bauer-Griffin
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  • chay

    he just got this script; i guess this wasn’t what he was reading last week…

    thanks Jared!

  • Lydia

    whoa, zac has TWO roles??? wow, he IS going to turn into the next brad pitt…he sure is leaving behind disney

    any scoop on new roles for vanessa? i would love to see her in a hollywood film!

  • stephanie

    he is such a talented actor i love him and i wish him the best hes getting so much wokr and thats great!!!

    p.s. did i mention hes so CUTE!!



  • Nikki

    Aww Thats Soo Cool
    Now What About V??

    How Cool Would It Be If Zac And V Made
    Another Movie Together?
    Talk Bout Fantisy Tho
    Zac Is Looking Hott Tho

  • mylabs

    Did he actually get the role or is he still reading for it?

  • Just Jared

    Still reading for it…

  • mylabs

    Oh ok. Thanks Jared. :)

    I’m waiting for Vanessa to do a movie. My dream if does one with Shia.

  • Jenny

    Cute but busted feet.

  • http://none cute nawari

    u maean 3 roalz
    1- footloose
    2- 17
    3- Me and Orson wells

    he’s a licky guy right ??

  • http://none cute nawari

    i mean lucky

  • Daisy

    Good for him! Hope to see more films soon. The same with Vanessa. There’s tons of talent there, that’s still untapped. She would be awesome to see in a film.

  • http://none cute nawari

    omg do u know wt that means zac will be
    a 6 movies done and stil to do (or more) when he turns 20

    happy birthday from now

  • http://none cute nawari

    i wish if vanessa would do a movie with zac besides the hsm series

    oh well lets see wt happens

  • Natalie

    Every time I see pictures of him I just want to punch him in the face. I saw HSM 2 today and while I didn’t hate it, he was cheesy as hell. Maybe he will be a better actor with age and lessons/experience.

    He must be a hardworking guy though. Props to him for that.

  • Lisa

    I hope he doesnt get too over exposed and people get sick of him …

  • Zoob to the Boob

    hmmmm….i’ve yet to see zac’s “great” acting skills, but i’m sure he has it in him. And i can’t wait to see it.

  • chas

    what in the fug toed 1996 model car hell?
    1) please stop wearing sandals if your toes are ugly
    2) maybe it’s my eyes, but that car looks like it’s a super old model
    3) i love zac efron!!!

  • tommy

    yeah lucky to be part of the community that owns hollywood…

  • Rob

    Don’t forget High School Musical 3 in his list of movies! lol

  • nika

    I haven´t seen that much of his acting skills (have not seen hairspray), but, it would be interesting to see him on other suff. If he and vanessa wanna be taken seriously (eventually), they should take more serious roles, and leave the disney image behind. Thank god shia did.
    I sure hope zac leaves the boyish image behind, well.. he will eventually.
    Shia and vanessa is a no no =\.

  • Jeanette

    Zac looks so hot I wish him luck in future Roles!

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • mac

    Wow, is he still driving that alero, lol? good for him for staying so grounded, like who else in young hollywood with zac’s career would live in the valley, lol?

    i am a recent zac fan, besides just jared which rocks and is always on top of it, are there any good zac websites? does he have an official one or is there one that like is the unofficial one but everyone goes to? im not a huge zanessa fan, but love when jared keeps us posted on the status/sightings of their red bracelets and rings lol. anyway, dont really want another zanessa sight, but if someone could tell this newbie what zac fansite or message board is the best besides jared, id appreciate it. some of the ones i found on google sucked or were really hard to read/navigate. thanks.

    ps i really do love zac but man, that solo song in HSM2? That choreography was SO gay, and it already freaks me out how sometimes zac really looks like an attractive clay aiken! I mean, i give it to zac for giving that craptistic song and horrible choreography his director who is openly gay made him do, but damn that scene was laughable. Sorry zac but you still get an A for effort. Hopefully footloose choreographer will be a woman lol. and for the record, i so do not believe that zac is gay or in the closet. he just looked it in that scene lol but it wasn’t his fault.

  • ben_gourion

    I’m so proud to be jew when I see all the talented artists we have!

    But I hope he’ll live this ugly vanessa…may be when High School musical will end up

  • sarah

    ^^ for mac:

    thats zac’s offical website. there is a forum that you can join also. its like a major fan club. i’m part of it (:

  • mac

    thanks sarah!

  • Porsche

    The freakin Paparazii needs to leave hime alone

  • http://justjared Bri

    First of all Vanessa is not ugly she is like one of the prettiest girls in hollywood.And Zac loves her and were not just talkin puppy love.

  • Yily

    HUGE HUGE star right now! Zac is the next big thing! Once again, I’m right heheh.

  • wouldn’tUlike2know

    umm #26…zac is not jewish.
    he was raised in an atheist household

  • Billy Bogg

    That is one creepy looking dude. Seriously, what’s wrong with you people? He looks like he’s cast in vinyl.

  • Alberta.

    Yay for Zac! I’m still hoping on a role for V tho — we need to see a different side of her acting, she’s got it in her! Come on directors, cast V!

  • Jenny

    #32 His nationality is Jewish haha. Efron is a Jewish name. And he’s actaully Agnostic.

  • Bee

    #34 Alberta,

    V’s been receiving scripts, she’s just waiting for the right one..

    i believe she’s already read 4 if i’m not mistaken.. but she hasn’t signed or agreed to any of them.. she just doesn’t wanna do a movie just for the sake of doing it..

    && as for Zac, we all know he’s gonna be offered scripts left && right, especially after the 17.2-million-record-breaking-premiere.. oh trust – Hollywood is gonna be on his ass.. they know he’s gotta huge fan base right off the bat because the HSM franchise.
    (as i’m sure they will be with the rest of the cast.

    half of them are already doing movies.. Olesya is filming that new movie with Jessica Simpson, Ryne && Lucas are starring in ‘The Adventures of Foodboy’ – i believe Olesya’s in that as well, && Lucas is also in ‘Alice’..

    whether you like it or not, get used to seeing the stars of HSM..)

  • Bee

    oh can’t believe i forgot to put that Ashley’s starring (lead) && executive producing her next movie.. i forgot the name though..

  • stillthereforme

    Ashley is executive producing=she paid for her lead role.

  • Zoob

    post #25 you are SO right. I was so uncomfortable watching that scene. I hesitate to use the word gay…but that is precisely what his movements portrayed. Not to mention it was just incredibly cheesy and clichĂ© esp. the “reflection” part. all i can say is how unfortunate.

    also fyi ortega is also the director and choreographer of footloose. Eeeeek. I hope he doesn’t ruin his career forever by continuing to do these cheesy dare i say “gay” musicals.

    I am a huge fan though. I mean how can you not love a guy who drives a oldsmobile with RACINGSTIPES. He is hilarious.

  • Orphan Annie

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

    See! Zac’s entire career is the work of the devil.

  • mina

    some of these remarks are so scary putting judgment on a person who you do not personally know…i read that he comes from a jewish background though his family is not religious…but surely that doesn’t make them atheists…non practicing jewish is a far cry from non beleievers…i don’t think this is ev en worth duscussing…
    and fo all those haters, i really think its sad that you would go out of your way to write all these negativity…zak efron has done you no harm and he makes his gazzilions of fans happy, and if he creeps you out then your crude and cruel comments are even creepeier…

  • bettybaby

    hey 40 Orphan Annie–

  • Amy Hart

    Zac would be terrific as Richard in ME AND ORSON WELLES. Read the book. He’s perfect.

  • bruna

    Zac Efron is so perfect!!!
    Please JJ put more Zanessa pictures!!!!!!!

  • katie

    love zanessa

  • som1

    leave zac and vanessa alone they love each other and thats not gonna change. yall r just jeleous cause yall of yall r ugly and zac doesnt like yall!!!!! so back off of them!!!!!

  • ariel

    i love zac efron

  • London


    so this was the mysterious script he was hiding a few months ago…..

    i have a feeling there will be a hole in my pocket from all these zac movies

  • Naomi

    sexy zacy is goin be in a movie
    he deserves to be world famouse
    cuz he rox
    n he`s da hottesst man in da universe!!!!!
    i lov him
    mwa mwa mwa

  • kimberly

    i love zac efron ,
    i love you voise