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America Ferrera is Hot Hollywood

America Ferrera is Hot Hollywood

America Ferrera stays classic in a black Halo dress and Lanvin shoes at the 2nd Annual Hot In Hollywood event held at the Los Angeles Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre on Saturday.

Launched by a group of entertainment industry professionals in 2006, “Hot in Hollywood” raises funds for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a non-profit organisation that provides HIV/Aids medical care, prevention education and testing services to peope at risk of and living with HIV/AIDS in the US.

Ugly Betty returns with all-new episodes on Sept. 27. Season 2 kicks off with episode “How Betty Got Her Grieve Back.”

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  • sherhona


    aww she is so pretty!!

    im looking forward to the next season of UB!!

  • Emme

    I loooooove her.. But has she put on a little weight? I mean, I know she’s lost a lot since ‘Real women have curves’, but she seems to be a little heavier then when we last saw her.. Or could it be the dress?? She just doesn’t look quite polished.. Maybe she’s put on weight since moving in with her boyfriend.. hahaha

    Keep the America/Ugly Betty posts coming Jared..


    I love Ugly Betty! Can’t wait for Posh on it! – where fashion and music talk meet!

    Get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun –!


    she looks very cute

  • ??_

    She really needs to go on a diet and loose 89 lbs. Her nose needs work too. But she is ok, I’ve never watch the show but have seen her fotos.

  • Sexy Mama

    Amen ??_. :-) I hate how everyone now thinks that being overweight is “normal.” I mean, sure, anorexic models are not healthy. But nor are overweight actresses with BMIs that make them prone to a plethora of diseases. America should lose some weight and stop setting a bad example for other overweight people to follow.

  • h0hum

    I don’t take offense that it’s said that she needs to diet.
    I feel she does need to shed some weight.
    As said be4 not get over skinny, but she should trim it down.



  • Cowboy Bob

    I like her just the way she is.

  • han

    Healthy is the key. She’s short, so she needs to maintain her weight better.

  • Natalie

    She is a natural beauty with loads of talent.

    In response to the comments saying she is too fat – I think she is stunning and perfect just the way she is. I’m sure since she’s getting added attention and fame, she has been trying hard to get healthy and I wish her all the best! :)

  • ??

    I don’t get how you name your child ‘America’. ‘I LOVE AMERICA’.
    ‘I WAS BORN HERE’! But kids can be cruel,it’s just one of those names you shake your head and think ‘what were her folks thinking?

  • cudahy

    she look awesome i rather be this size than be a nicloe richie yuukkkkkk

  • gizmatage

    I think she looks beautiful, and for those who think that she needs to lose weight —– please don’t assume that just because you’re thin you’re “healthy” — and BMI is not an accurate way of measuring someone’s health either. She might “look” overweight according to your standard, but she might have great and healthy health measurement (cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose level, etc).

  • Your Average American Teen

    Here we go again, pick pick picking on weight. America looks fantastic, she has great, luminous skin. I heard she’s quite smart as well. I think she’s everything most young Americans aren’t these days, and by that I mean, smart, has substance, naturally attractive, and not driven to be someone else.

  • Your Average American Teen

    14 gizmatage.

    You’re so on point!

  • kikis

    For whoever does not get how someone’s name is America, America is a name. This continent is named after AMERIGO VESPUCCI. If you don’t know who that is, sorry, i don’t get it! BTW, this country’s name is NOT America. America is a continent consisting of 34 countries. Oh! and America: You’re great but you need to loose some weight!

  • LC

    The continent is called Americas. There are 3: North, Central and South. Yes, this country is America. It’s its name: United States of America.

  • Stella

    17 kikis

    Thanks for the history lesson. I learned about him in world history class in high school. The name America is not a popular name but it is not uncommon. I know an America. (She also has an aunt named America.) Just google baby names and you will find America listed.

    I don’t watch Ugly Betty but America Ferrera looks stunning to me. She is not uber-thin or overweight.

  • hihih

    “she has to loose weight, yada yada yada.”

    How old are you kids? 10, 12?, 15? Atleast you are under 18,
    becuase the comments seem to come from people who are either mentally challenged or children. :)

    In my eyes she looks healthy, and sets a good example for those who think they should be thin to be beautiful.

  • Kath

    america’s great because of her real personality and everything, etc…but i dunno if she really is healthy or not. take beyonce example, she’s not skinny or fat, she’s curvy and healthy! america can be healthy looking like that which is great but the question is, is she? otherwise, she’s really beautiful and a great role model to others.

  • Ruth

    I am sure that America is intelligent enough to know if she needs to lose weight or not. Personally I think that she looks beautiful and different from the appallingly thin matchstick actresses we see all the time. “Ugly Betty” is a fabulous show and I must admit that it is the first time ever that I have faithfully watched such a comedy (and I am already a grandmother). I eagerly await the second series and wish America all the best in her career and private life.

  • Niles

    She’s doing Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants sequel w/ ALEXIS BLEDEL. Hope you could feature her too JJ. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…

  • christie

    america is an awesome role model…..for a girls and women too!!!

  • serial poster

    Please can the serial re-poster stop repeating your post and answering yourself..geez..’America’ is a weird name no matter where you live..for me it’s sound wrong for a name of a human..ok ,that’s an opinion..and good grief she is over weight one said she was’nt a ok person..or her show was bad.. and no one said she should be negative zero..get real her name is unusual and she is over weight thats’s it.
    doesn’t make her bad just others have their opinions ,and that’s mine..ok serisl poster?…now keep reposting the same shiz it will still be thought in peoples minds..

  • ligaya

    EEK!!! It seems some folks didn’t get the memo. Do you even watch the show and know its premise? Ugly Betty is the U.S. version of Spanish-language telenovela (soap opera) Betty La Fea that was a HUGE phenomenon all over the world. That’s why it was brought to the U.S. It’s must-see tv at my house.

    The premise is: Ugly Betty is totally fugly on the outside: her face! hair! teeth! glasses! clothes! And she’s physically & socially awkward too! and FAT! We know her from high school – and more.

    AND Betty is totally smart, brilliant, beyond competent, honest, honorable, loving, kind, caring, brave, feisty, independent, with a rosy can-do attitude, and sticks to her principles. IOW, she’s TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL inside.

    It’s this seesaw between superficial outer beauty and deeper inner beauty that makes the show work.

    If Betty gets a makeover and is prettified, there’s no point to the show. Actually, the Spanish version’s Betty was MUCH uglier.

    Ugly Betty fans love to see her co-workers be bitchy and mean to her, and see Betty triumph in the end. Many of us identify with her – being valued & loved for ourselves even if we aren’t models & actresses.

    Actually a lot of Betty fans are worried that Betty is getting too prettified. American Ferara is actually losing weight and Betty’s outfits aren’t as big fasihon disasters at the beginning of the series. And she’s less inept.

    It’s America’s prerogative to lose weight – realistically, she’ll probably get more roles. But the show should make her look fat with the costuming.

    America’s great breakout film REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES is on dvd – it’s lots of fun and deals with weight issues.

  • ligaya

    America is not a weird name. It’s common in Latino culture and Latin America, just like Jesus and Maria. Your name would probably be “weird” in 80% of the world – especially outside of English-speaking countries.

    Different doesn’t equal weird. Being a little more open-minded would be a good thing. Billions of us live is this world and we who live in the U.S. don’t have a monopoly on what’s “normal.”

  • chloe

    OMG SHE LOOKS GREAT!!!i love the out fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ugly betty is the best show ever it is so totally cool