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Brad Pitt Hits the Chicago Runway

Brad Pitt Hits the Chicago Runway

From the high seas to the blue skies!

Dressed in a white polo, newsboy cap and sunglasses, a solo Brad Pitt catches a flight out of Chicago O’Hare airport on a rainy Sunday morning. He’s reportedly on his way to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Brad and partner Angelina Jolie recently told Total Film magazine that their kids call them dorks: “Our kids are going to find that funny when they’re older because they think we’re the dorkiest people on the planet.

“We’re very much parents together. Certainly we have moments of being sexy and fun and I do find Brad very, very sexy, obviously, but I believe we’re together for the right reasons.”

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Photos: Aaron St. Clair/James Ambler/Splash News Online
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    21 You/Me : 08/19/2007 at 3:59 pm

    Nice try undercover hater. But next time, try not taking things totally out of context – AJ was answering a question and specifically describing the kind of parents they are and their daily life, not giving you a soliloqy on their love (which she, God knows, has done many many times). These two have the best of both worlds, they are practical, loving parents and head over heels in love – and have been, just as Brad said, and I QUOTE “from that very FIRST DAY.”

    Don’t be sad. I know you’d love it, if you could see these two as some kind of version of a Hollywood arranged marriage w/ children – but the truth of the matter is, they are each other’s TRUE LOVE, you know, that thing Aniston would NEVER say that Brad was, and that we KNOW she wasn’t for him??




    27 Cynthia : 08/19/2007 at 4:10 pm
    Brad has great skin, flawless and wrinkle free….


    Um, hello — I see we have another ‘undercover hater,’ — you guys are sooooo very obvious. smooth skin? Flawless? Are you out of your mind?! LMAO Brad has some very rough skin, and usually on his off days is in mountain man mode…his features to me, have never been ‘pretty,’ even when he was a yound J.D. back in Thelma & Louise days. He has hooded eyes, a pronounced jaw, his nostrils flare out..sometimes he looks like a blonde version of Benecio Del Toro (whom many people say resembles Brad a great deal) – that guy is not pretty either. Brad has always had a very masculine manly look even when he was young – you don’t get cast in things like, 12 Monkeys, Kalifornia, Fight Club, Snatch, and even as a lead in Legends looking ‘pretty’ and flawless – people have to believe you are dangerous, and could kill some mofos. So…sorry hater, nice try – but perhaps you meant to post in the numerous Zac Efron threads on this site, and tripped and fell in here….if so, be glad the spirit of Tyler Durden doesn’t make soap out of your dumb undecover DISINGENUOUS aSS. LOLOL! :lol:


    Preggy and CMAR stay safe!! Brad stay safe too, and get out of their quick, Dean might be coming!!

  • alison p

    33 Joan

    Well I have been watching CNN and they have said once Dean gets over warm water again it can move in any direction. Yes the track to New Orleans is very slight but it can happen. Thus decisions should be made based on that fact.

    Thanks Love Angelina. Great Video.

  • KK1

    41 Aeon fan-lurker : 08/19/2007 at 4:24 pm

    Tell it like it is. So So True! This Joan has some real relationship problems in her life, and she is so confused. Why she imagines that Brad and Angelina’s life is her life. How pitiful!


    Love Brangelina! – where fashion and music talk meet!

  • sara

    I wonder if Brad’s off alone because Angelina’s filming isn’t done today but will contiune throughout the week or if she’s done tonight/early tomorrow morning and then the rest of the family will join him in NOLA.

  • fan

    now she’s agreeing with herself-you are predictable

  • Rica

    6 Matt : 08/19/2007 at 3:38 pm
    Since getting with the weirdo Jolie he started to look dirty and old.



    He looks like a man who is comfortable in his own skin and confident enough in himself to wear what HE WANTS to wear NOT what the current mode of HW fashion dictates that he wear.

    He’s Brad Pitt he can wear whatever the “F” he wants to wear and he looks good doing it. I didn’t hear anyone complaining when he and that Aniston person were together and he had bush all over his face or when he was going through his bohemian phase with Juliette Louis. I guess its just a problem now…since his woman happens to be Angelina Jolie.


  • get it got it good

    45 Dirty Denise : 08/19/2007 at 4:26 pm
    28 LIPS : 08/19/2007 at 4:12 pm

    brad and shiloh have the same lip expression-lol
    uh huh, you noticed that too…lol
    uh huh, kinda like duhhhhhhhh I am a stupid idiot

  • lavagirl

    Thanks for posting these new pics JJ. Wish people would let them lead their lives as they wish without criticising/analysing of every single move they make.

  • lola

    45 DIRTY DENISE yes they do and they are so cute.

  • Aeon fan-lurker

    40 HATERS RULE HERE : 08/19/2007 at 4:24 pm

    Spare me you high and mighty stand. We all come here to gossip and share our mutual love for the family. The haters are a added bonus. We don’t go to them they come to us. Wanting to be smack downs they get pleasure out of it. You know they are called sadomasochists.

  • a to z

    3 bite me : 08/19/2007 at 3:32 pm

    the facial hair is growing on me
    Hmm, I thought it was growing on Brad.

  • ntt

    I like B&A’s attitude when they are hounded by paps. They don’t act pissed or hide their face. They just keep going, and trying to ignore the intruders.

  • Lillianne

    Love Brad Pitt. Love his better with wife and kids. Those babies are going to miss him.

  • same oh same oh

    46 who cares.

  • fan

    no honey calling you stupid would be too kind.


    33 Joan : 08/19/2007 at 4:18 pm


    Dear Jen Aniston ^^, please put the bag back over your head, and go back to stroking Norman’s balls. You bore us.

    Now, back to discussing Brad and Angelina the Most Beautiful Happy Hot Successful Romantic Perfect looking Couple in the Whole World FOREVER & EVER & EVER……


  • bdj

    Thanks for the new thread Just Jared. Papa Pitt is a great partner, father and humanitarian. He is also mighty fine. I hope he has a safe and productive stay in New Orleans. It is good that the 9th ward construction is beginning. The Global Green housing project is an interesting design concept that takes into consideration the heritage of New Orleans. Thanks for all your hard work Just Jared.

    42 NOLA INFO
    Thanks for the info.


    I mean where have all the smart people gone. If I see a post on Jennifer Aniston, I don’t go to that bish’s thread and talk sh*t. I go to Brad and Angelina one and talk about how much I love them and stuff. See how that works. Why don’t you and the rest of haters go to her thread and talk about how much that loser…(deep breathe)PERSON means to you. That way your not here, complaing and talking sh*t. Please go away. Is that what the haters want, for us to beg…fat chance. Just fall off a cliff or something.

  • Brad the cad.

    He doesn’t have to visit until tuesday morning but left today morning. He couldn’t wait to go, poor baby. His assistant has a nice surprise for him waiting in NOLA (that’ the real reason why he left today). Angelina is finished with Wanted.

  • same oh same oh

    61 Aeon fan-lurker thank-you i could not said it any better.

  • fan

    honey you haven’t seen his assistant then-lol

  • Yum

    He’s so happy to leave angelina and he kids behaind, good for him.

  • same oh same oh

    70 you dirty mind fool.

  • Ida


  • Ida



    Poor # 70, isn’t this the same bish that rejoiced when Brad ‘LEFT’ and went to LA the first time from Chi-town?? It was over…the haters danced in the streets – because Daddy had come to Ch-town gotten his family settled then flew off…TO JURY DUTY!! Ahahahahaha!! Then Angie meets him at the airport and they start grinding in the backseat – ahahahahaha!! I hope for your sake #70, Angie has a similar welcome when he comes back from NOLA!! Because I just luuuuuuuuv seeing jealous old hag hater heads explode! LMAO :lol:

  • same oh same oh


  • get it got it good

    67 CLINIQUA : 08/19/2007 at 4:33 pm
    33 Joan : 08/19/2007 at 4:18 pm


    Dear Jen Aniston ^^, please put the bag back over your head, and go back to stroking Brads balls. You bore us.

    oh i see she replys with her hate and anger 2,what a hypicritical loser she is and a big fcuking bay as s

  • fan

    folks get ready for the name changing troll to start he left angie and the kids fanfic-we all know how it always end in reality-brad rushing back to his peeps once business is over.

  • Definitely maybe

    The only thing in his mind right now is Jesse James. Tomorrow morning he has a meeting with Matt Petersen.

    Before the week ends all of you will have new pics of Brad and Angelina going to another “date”.

  • looky loo

    Shiloh’s lips are natural. Bradley… well, I have seen him time and again with his mouth held open like that. He’s a poser. He’s already handsome, but that’s his “I’M A COOL MOVIE STAR” look. He made that expression constantly before he met Jolie and was at the height of his career. Robert Redford had a similar look on his face.

  • we wil always

    love brad and angie and kids.

  • Ida

    76 Ida : 08/19/2007 at 4:38 pm
    Ida whore

  • ntt

    The mere fact that B&A are still together after more than 2 years just drives the haters crazy. And I love it. :lol:

  • Dirty Denise

    Angie says she and Jane Pitt have become real close. And that Jane comes to visit all the time.

  • fan

    clinqua remember jen has her own personal pitbull here you can’t speak ill of the jilted.

  • Ida

    73 Yum : 08/19/2007 at 4:36 pm
    He’s so happy to leave angelina and he kids behaind, good for him.

  • the whole truth

    Brad is rockin that white shirt. My oh My. All man and all Angelina’s.

    Haterz can moan and groan and spew filth and makes no difference what so ever in Brad and Angelina’s lives. Frustration is all the haterz reap for their stupidity and wishin ill to befall this family.

    Brad still has the love of his life his Angelina, Angelina still has the love of her life her Brad, and the four liitle sweeties have their Mommie and Daddy. Life is great for the Jolie-Pitts.

  • Observer2

    81 Definitely maybe : 08/19/2007 at 4:39 pm

    You’re so wicked smaaat. You’ve been drinking the Smaaat Water haven’t you. No one’s ever been as smaaat as you. Never, ever, ever, in the world of smaat, have they ever come smaaaater than you.

    Now, pull my finger.

  • You go girl

    If anyone is happy he’s gone is Angelina, homegirl now can eat in peace and watch the news :)

  • jodie blon

    i realy believe brad had to go and check on their home,the weather is realy bad here,alot of us have to board our windows with plywood,plus he’s going to a meeting.


    87 fan : 08/19/2007 at 4:42 pm
    clinqua remember jen has her own personal pitbull here you can’t speak ill of the jilted.

    Yes, the sad fat ugly ‘Goddesses,’ HUVANE and HUVANE’S paid staff members, how could I forget?? LMAO :lol:

  • gena

    The relationships that last are the ones that are not based just on romance; there has to be more deeper things that make the relationship last. I believe that is what Angie and Brad has. That much deeper committment! It has to be about other things that will make it last. If he only want romance and sexy; he could have stayed with it. Angie provides the deeper things; things with a purpose –kids, humanitarian works, politics, plus very sexy and romance.
    Lets face it – these two are ment for each other and are hot together!!!


    The fanistons drink that smartwater from jen’s bathtub, that’s devotion.

  • Dear Brad


  • bdj

    Since people do not have BP’s full itinerary, it would be foolish to speculate on his travel plans. Far as people know, he could have a series of meetings with Global Green on Monday before touring the construction site. I think BP knows his schedule, his family and mind better than the few bitter women harping on Just Jared. Let it go folks, he is not going back to the sitcom star. She has had several men since her divorce and I am sure that she has moved on a long time ago. BP and AJ are committed partners, raising children and doing wonderful professional and humanitarian work. As a fan, I wish them the best. Thanks for all the pictures, videos and articles. Peace to all.

  • Observer2

    96 Dear Brad : 08/19/2007 at 4:48 pm

    Why don’t you leave Angelina alone.

  • granola bar

    There goes the pussy jerk off. He lives for PR.

  • Observer2

    99 granola bar : 08/19/2007 at 4:50 pm

    And you’re a dirt muncher.