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Good Night, Gwyneth Paltrow

Good Night, Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow (in Stella McCartney) attends The Cinema Society screening of dramedy The Good Night in East Hampton, New York on Saturday.

In the film, Gwyneth stars as Dora, the longtime girlfriend of jingle writer Gary (Martin Freeman). Her younger brother Jake Paltrow directed.

Gwyn recently made a trip to Chicago to promote “Pleasures” and expressed that she used to love the Windy City because it was paparazzi-free.

This time around, she was met with a hoard of paparazzi and joked about her ex-beau: “When Brad and Angelina leave, won’t they (the paparazzi) go too?”

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gwyneth paltrow the good night 03
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gwyneth paltrow the good night 05
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Photos: Steven Henry/Getty
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  • bite me

    oh my!

  • axa

    excuse, but what exactly is she wearing?

  • flatazz


  • axa

    i clicked too soon, does she still have her beach towel on?

  • J3$$!C@


  • bdj

    Good thing the paps didn’t follow her with that roadmap to hell outfit she has on. Just KIdding for the one or two G.P fans.

  • Sisi

    WOW she does not look good,WTF is up with her hair and no make-up?Natural beauty she is NOT!

  • Ya Ya

    Whaaaa the????? Lord she looks horrible and beat

  • Hmmm 2nd returns….


    Who finds this woman “beautiful”?

  • Jess

    She looks pregnant in that outfit. Looks like she hasn’t colored her hair in a while, either. Hm…..

  • Jeanette

    That dress is Ugly!

  • Note To Gwyneth

    That SNAKE VENOM you spend your money on is not working.

  • Goya

    Couldn’t she comb her hair for her brother’s premiere?

  • mrsme

    I think she’s cute :) But she should have had her hair down, and the shoes are horrible. Beside from that, she IS a natural beauty. We need more of those girls, they are good examples. You go Gwyneth!

  • Ya Ya

    I doubt she’s pregnant. She’s been vocal about not enjoying pregnancy and what it does to your body. She’s also been very vocal about wanting to work very badly

  • nika

    LOL #12.
    Dont be so mean, there are worse women.

  • ann

    LOL #12 that was funny. anyways, no amounts of snake venom could help this woman… she is a plain jane

  • Diana

    These pictures are not flattering or she forgot to use botox on her forehead. Suddenly, she looks old.

  • Jill 3

    I think she looks fine. A little sunburn going on, but she looks OK to me.

  • Diana

    To be honest, she looks healthy!

  • Corpus Christi

    She looks like shite.. And she’s one of the the new Estee Lauder models too. WTF?

  • baly

    Gwyneth looks lovely. She has that Grace Kelly look very classy.

  • k

    i actually thinks she looks really good!! I agree she does look healthy. not everyone can say they can pull off this natural look as well as she has here.


    She looks nice. Nothing ‘hollywood’ about her really… – where fashion and music talk meet!

    Get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun –!

  • snake pizzed at Gwn

    Gwyn looks like she has been to he11 and back. Gurl do something, anything to that hair. I guess that Snake Spit she shoots in her face,must of been an angry snake, his spit made her look like the ‘JOKER’. yuck,,

  • barabara


    When her hair isn’t Rapunzel white-blonde hippie-straight parted-down-the-middle with frayed ends it looks like THIS? I love her as an actress but that whip bun is what I do to my hair when I’m about to go running. Sorry, not likin’ this at all.

  • jomy

    She looks old and I hate that red lipstick she always wears. GP is stuck in bad fashion. Needs an extreme make over.

  • Eslam

    love her look!
    she looks so natural and healthy, always try to be different not the same like others, in every thing she wears she impressed me, she’s sooo fashionable., she’s figure out alot of incredible clothes on her,
    U Goooo Gwynnie.,
    the trailer of the movie sounds very good, also penelope in great in it

  • okay

    ITA .25 that is flippin funny,but really her azz seems to have given up and does’nt give a cr.ap how she looks.
    I can see this look for home,kids,running ect..but promotions,
    not right,. Next she will be back to the ‘Morticia’from the ‘Adams Family’ look,except with bottle blonde hair.
    The hair part in the middle will be back..zzzzzzz..

  • ????

    she has absolutely NO charisma

  • disgusted

    Yuck, she looks boring and plain. Maybe she should try baby placenta instead of snake venom.

  • dentist

    Fugly, fix your teeth & hair, oh and she’s naturally plain.
    Youre’ right num #25 snake seemed p.o..haha. Plain Snakey Jane=Gwyneth.

  • Lillianne

    Is that a cow print?

  • Preggy-Jolie

    She is not pretty!!! At all my god

    Jennifer aniston kicks her ass in beauty

  • oh

    Ange is way way so beautiful than GP, look how she dress.

  • jken

    What happened to her!!!! It’s a good thing the paps aren’t following her. She does not look right.

  • Natalie


  • barr

    I’m a Paltrow fan, I think she’s one of the few and decreasing talented actresses out there. Regardless of the reviews of the not so stellar movies she’s picked, one thing is consistent, the reviews for her performances have always been fantastic. Fashion editors around the globe praise her effortless style and natural American beauty, and she owns it. I like the fact that she’s not evasive when the Pitt past and present are brought up by interviewers. I think her controversial comments were taken out of context, at worst she was probably pointing out the negative characteristics of Americans, don’t deny it, we Americans are proud of our accomplishments but defensive and evasive about our mistakes.

    That being said, I have to say I don’t like this look. She could use a little Botox and some microdermabrasion. And a flattering silhouette for her dress.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    I love the English lifestyle, it’s not as capitalistic as America. People don’t talk about work and money, they talk about interesting things at dinner. I like living here because I don’t fit into the bad side of American psychology. The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans.”
    Gwyneth Paltrow

  • Your Average American Teen


  • gizmatage

    I think she just looks OK (not in any way ugly, but just OK), a bit overrated when it comes the look department.

  • Raichill

    She needs to watch her fair skin in the sun. For her age, her forehead is quite lined and she has sun damage on her chest.

  • princess

    at least she’s confident enough to not use tons of makeup unlike other celebrities who needs them badly… i dunno, i kinda like the ‘natural look’ better…

  • Gen

    You know, she gets criticized for having such long hair. On this occasion she wears it up, and she gets ever more criticised. Haters, make up your stupid minds. According to you haters out there, she’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t. Just p!ss off and go be mean to someone who can’t even look after her own kids, let alone have a successful career…Yes I’m referring to Britney. WTF is so special about Angelina? She’s borderline anorexic…hmmm…SEXY (not). Oh and PS, GP worked out twice a day at the gym for several weeks to get ready for Iron Man. Puhleeeeeez…..get a life, all you frikken’ haters.

  • Your Average American Teen

    43 princess.


  • Anh

    Yeah, there’s a lot of haterade going on. Specially towards someone who was at one point associated to Brad Pitt. I think the reality of it is that his fans, those who are freaks at least, are so unhealthily protective over their sacred BAMPZS, that this is their way of “clearing the path” of the ground on which their celebrity gods walk upon.

  • Tracy

    She looks like a homely woman. It’s not even the dress or hair. She’s just really plain.

  • [~Fug Face Famous~]

    Typical boring homely look.

    “Natural beauty”? Pleeeeeeeeeease. Overrated. Period.

  • Nadia

    she’s not pretty

  • Just saying

    Ok its offical Brad falls for his costars bcuz he plays ppl who are in love, very obvious he cannot separate the two. Jennifer is the only person he fall for offscreen ….Hmmmmmm?