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Matilda Ledger: Heath's Bundle of Joy

Matilda Ledger: Heath's Bundle of Joy

Heath Ledger sends off 22-month-old daughter Matilda Rose and her nanny to catch a flight on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Heath, 28, looked his scruffy self in jeans, a ponytail and red Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Matilda rode in style, with her car seat pulled by a GoGo Kidz travelmate.

Some fantastic The Dark Knight movie stills were recently leaked but later pulled by Warner B|ros. The Batman film is still filming in Chicago, and is currently set for a July 2008 launch.

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Photos: Jennifer Buhl/Gaz Shirley/
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  • omg

    Sweet =)

  • Maxim

    The equipment they have for babies these days!!!

  • Eli

    She looks a lot like him

  • http://pplrreallystupidiftheybelievethetabs..itsallabouttheifmeanitridiculouswhyevenfeedinto..bradandangiehavingbeenbreakingupsincetheymet samara

    too cute

  • Jeanette

    That Baby is so cute and she looks like her dad alot!

  • Ida

    Cute kid!

  • minxx

    She looks a lot like him. Why wasn’t he traveling with her?

  • Jill

    That carseat is so cool. Matilda is very cute.

  • remember da truth

    Isnt’ that him in the pink shirt with her? I think he was traveling with her. Maybe he just returned from somewhere with her and she’s headed home to take a nap and he has some business to do.



  • mrsme

    Shes really cute :)

  • SL

    baby is ok…ugly dad.

  • chambers

    What happened to Heath?

    nowdays he looks unhappy and old looking.

  • Paula

    Heath is gay just like Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s a jerk along with his witchy wife from hell Michelle Williams. So happy Naomi moved on with a better guy and talented actor Liev Scrieber.

    The other gay lover of Heath Ledger is the Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe.

  • Mandy

    she’s sooo cute!!!!!!

  • Anon.

    LMAO Paula …you’re too funny!

  • Liza

    Matilda is way cuter than Suri and Violet!

  • Goya

    ROTFLMAO — WTF — sorry I don’t wish ill on Heath or the baby but can you imagine the strum and drang, the gnashing of teeth and the calls to CPS if Brad and Angelina dropped off a nanny and Shiloh at LAX like this and then left????? Sheesh they get crap because they don’t hold their kids “properly” when they take them on and off the plane by themselves.

  • http://! me

    #18 YOU ARE RIGHT. Tom and Katie, Jen & Ben, Angelina & Brad, everybody else would catch hell for sending their baby off with a nanny but what it probably is is that Heath has to stay in LA to work and Michelle is in New York and that’s what its like for separated parents unfortunately when they share custody. Fortunately they can afford a nanny to travel with baby instead of relying on airport personnel to transport the kids like other people have to do.

    That aside, all the pictures of baby are of her asleep which is creepy. Acually its just creepy to take pictures of children I guess. They are not the famous ones and should be left alone.

  • bri

    It’s a few hours from L.A. to N.Y. I wonder if Heath couldn’t have come to N.Y. to see his kid? Imagine when she wakes up in the plane and daddy’s not there. But i noticed the nanny is a lot with Matilda even when the parents are around, she probably likes the nanny as much as mom and dad. I bet a lot of parents wish they had a good nanny and enjoy some time off. Matilda is cute, i didn’t find her so cute when she was younger. She seems to be a nice kid!

  • bri

    I just noticed Matilda has something on her right leg, look at the picture where Heath is carrying her. It looks like a fake little tatoo!

  • carol

    LOL @ reply 14! Though i don’t agree with what she said i think she’s maybe right about Michelle, she doesn’t seem to be the friendliest person on earth. ;)

  • zo

    since when Heath and Michelle aren’t an item anymore?

  • Madeline


  • http://! me

    Who knows if they are an item still or not..what is obvious is that they are not in the same city at the same time, whether its because of work or because of personal reasons we don’t know.

  • Maggie

    Matilda is so cute!
    I think Heath Ledger looks great,
    he is so hot

  • Anon

    I saw recent pictures of them in NYC about two weeks ago.Michele did not look happy. She was all frowned up. I also saw a really cute picture where Heath was looking really gross in some shorts,drinking coffee outside, and Matilda was hugging his leg and he was rubbing her head. It was the first picture I saw of her on her own two feet and she is just totally a darling cutie pie!!!!! And she looks like her father. He is still hot. He just keeps trying to hide it. He’s doing a good job! LOL!.

  • Irene

    He’s never hot. His wife is trash and I know if Im a celebrity I will have to deal with the papparazzis and some fans; still have a life and maintain my privacy.

    No gain in being an a$$ to everyone like what this two do.

  • Raichill

    Heath’s hair looks just awful. He needs to shave it all off and start again. I agreee that Matilda looks just like her dad.

  • Anon

    hat’s not a nanny. That’s definitely a relative. Either his sister or Michelle’s. They would never send her on a plane with someone they just hired. Even if it’s someone they’ve known for a few months. Not gonna happen.One of them would have come to pick her up or drop her off. You can’t tell me Heath couldn’t take time to bring her to NYC or Michelle couldn’t find time to go to LA. It’s a relative. Same person I saw with them last year when he got a new tat. I think one of his sisters. And what is going on with those two??? Are they separated? Haven’t seen them together in a while. They were glued at the hip, now nothing.

  • you’re all stupid LOL

    that isn’t a nanny, it’s Heath’s older sister. ace job!

  • linds

    wouldn’t you hope that hanging out with heath ledger in any capacity could at least afford you a touch up on the roots?? ouch

  • KrungKrung

    he needs to semi shaved his hair it looks aweful y’all, everything is fine but the hair hair.aycaramba

  • another opinion

    She looks like her dad. Cute.

  • Aussie

    That is 100% the nanny. She accompanies them everywhere. Heath’s older sister, Kate, is much shorter than him and is busy enough looking after her own twins anyway.

    Heath has looked miserable for the past year or so. I think he would love to get rid of Michelle but doesn’t know how. Michelle is a total bitch and his family and friends from before don’t like her much. She’s a manipulative cow. He was a jerk to Naomi Watts though, so as he’s made his bed, he should lie in it.

  • Aussie

    Oh and it’s very telling that he still hasn’t even married Michelle. Wonder why….?

  • Anon.

    ^^ Hmmm…let’s see…because he never intended to in the first place and because IMO the only reason he stayed with her this long is Matilda. I’m willing to bet she used her pregnancy to trap him.

    And he sure looks miserable ever since he hooked up with her. When he was with Naomi he seemed so happy and in love. Well, as you said he made his bed so he should lie in it.

    But i still love Heath and i hope he ditches her soon and goes back to being his own self. Heath do yourself a favor and lose the b***h!

  • carol

    It’s definitely the nanny!

  • Deb

    She looks like her daddy!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love everyone is so negative about Michelle. She’s a really sweet person who doesn’t like the paparazzi. She’s said before that she signed up to do movies, not to sign away her privacy. They also said in interviews they choose to look miserable when out and about in pap shots because then they’re boring subjects and photogs stop taking pictures. It’s not hard to understand, would you want someone all in your face when you’re trying to run errands? And it’s not a nanny but some kind of relative, either Michelle or Heath’s. She’s been in pictures with them and the baby since Matilda was 3-5 months old. They said they wouldn’t get a nanny but would rather have relatives help should they need it.

  • tina

    Why do people keep insisting that woman is a relative, it is the nanny! She was with them since Matilda was born. What relative has the time to travel and hang out with them and the baby all the time? It is the nanny, get over it!

  • say what?

    To a certain extent, paparazzi may be the reason why Ledger and Williams look miserable all the time. The eyes don’t lie. They don’t look happy at all. They are together only because they have a child. Like someone said above, Ledger looked happy and so in love with Naomi Watts a few years ago. Ledger is still young (and a bit young to be a father), so it is almost natural for him to have interests in women, but he’s trapped now- so he’s not happy. He now has a family to take care of. Yeah, he made a big, big mistake and he’s learning from it. Watts sprung from the breakup with Ledger and looks so very happy now.

  • Anon

    Heath at 28 is too young to be a father?? Not so. He was young and getting his experience with Naomi and the other older ladies he was involved with in the past. He and Michelle have had their share of ‘happy together’ pictures taken. More recently their relationship has been more secret. There was a picture of them as a family in NYC in July. Otherwise, they are shown alone or with Matilda. Michelle has not been pictured at all since the July one. I would think if they were actually ‘apart’, they’d be seen out dating. Seems they are sticking to their guns to keep their private lives as private as possible.

  • Aussie

    Oh yes, that was the nanny alright. They hired her even before the baby was born. I’ve seen pictures of her with them when Matilda was a tiny tot, just days old.

  • lmao

    DUDE!!! Give them a BREAK! They all look great espeacially little Matilda.

  • sue

    good pic of matilda sleeping in her chair.heath seems to in a rush. he does not suit the hair so long.

  • chanelprincess16

    @you’re all stupid LOL: thats not his sis at alll
    thats a nanny