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Reese @ Martha's Vineyard

Reese @ Martha's Vineyard

Reese Witherspoon enjoys some mommy-son time off the coast of Cape Cod with her 3 1/2-year-old son Deacon earlier this weekend along Martha’s vineyard shoreline.

Reese, 31, recently took the cover of the August 24th Movie Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Her upcoming thriller opens this fall co-starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

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  • katie


  • Brownjohn

    deacon has no resemblance of ryan phillippe


    cute! – where fashion and music style meet!

  • Amy

    I thought, 2 years ago, that he looked like a little Ryan, but he really does look more like her.

  • La

    Oh Jared just a side note. He is 3 1/2. 4 in October. But it’s cool! Just thought I’d tell ya!

  • black

    It´s abnormal how much their two children resemble them…….!

    The son looks just like mini-Rayn, and the daughter is the spittin’ image of her mother.

  • ksf

    jake gyllenhaal’s parents own a house in martha’s vinyard and they vacation there a lot. jakes probably there.

  • JJ

    Those poor kids. I can’t believe she would drag them into a relationship situation like that. “Let’s go on vacation with my new boyfriend” ugh that’s just terrible. Wait until you know it’s the real thing before you introduce the kids into the mix is divorce rule #1.

  • Lexy

    Deacon resembles both of his parents but his expressions are all Ryan.



  • grace

    deacon is ryans twin!

  • Cape Cod

    ksf: Jake is on Martha’s Vinyard. He participaed in a race last weekend there and he was also seen meeting with Mike Nichols who is rumored to be directing a play that Jake is interestedin doing and also seen enjoying the fun and sun with Reese on the Rock. She is staying with friends that live down the road from the Gyllenhaals according to the Boston Herald.

  • electra

    Isn’t it a shame when actors you used to repsect get down to this level. It’s always distasteful when children are brought into relationship breakups, rediscover your class Reese before its too late.

  • JT

    Can any 1 please tell me what is the email address of reese witherspoon.did u know that 7 hours ago Jake tried to take advatage of her or something like that and rayan is getting really piised abut the EX-Romance going on.and abut his children.i wish reese leaves jake.if one of u guys liv near her or can talk to her ,do warn her.

  • helen

    As this the whole Reese/jake thing is a shame to sell their next movie I can’t believe Reese would put here children through this. You have to feel sorry for them.

  • Passing by

    The real source of this photo is the boston herald, and the photo was taken thursday. Here is the link to the article.

    She filed for divorce last november and was seperated long before that. Her & Jake have been dating since Jan-Feb (6-8 months), so I wouldn’t consider it rushing. She was at the fair with her friend Jennifer Belushi (jim Belushi’s wife) and they both live in Brentwood and have kids in the same age group, the Belushi’s own a home on Martha’s Vineyard and have for years. I’d say bringing your kids to meet your boyfriends family and not staying in their home is a really responsible way of doing things.

    If she was doing this the hollywood way she would already be shaking up with Jake.

  • helen

    whatever, if she was doing it anyway classy she would keep the kids out of it.

  • fugger1

    She’s shouldn’t really be wearing shorts at her age.

  • Passing by

    Let’s suppose her kid have already met Gyllenhaal and that they are serious and perhaps planning some type of a future together.
    Don’t you think her kids are going to met Jake’s family at some point? Isn’t it better to met them when there is no preasure, like on vacation when thier friends from home are around. This is a great time to be on MV, there are tons of things for kids to do. It’s nice that they can spend time on vacation in private, this is the only photo snapped so far. Isn’t it nice that a celeb can manage to get on a plane and stay away and do it in private. You don’t see photos of reese’s kids with nannies taking them to different parts of the country because of custody issues, heck you don’t even see them at airports. Reese’s kids could have taken 20 boat rides on MV but you won’t see photos of that (you know Brangelina). They could be hanging out with Jake, but you haven’t seen those photos (kate hudson’s son has already been a part of two flings and snapped with both of them). Just because you get divorced doesn’t mean you won’t find somebody else down the line. You don’t just keep your kids out of the whole thing, you have to give them a chance to adjust to the person in a gradual way.

    Trust me I’m from a blended family.

  • fugger1

    r19..away from the cameras i would think, lets be honest, every one and his wife know that Jake Gyylenhaal family have a place on Martha’s Vineyard.

    Lets asks question: if you were going to go for a discrete week with your (fake?) lover / co-star and your children would, you:

    stay in LA where you both live?;

    go to the place everyone knows he holidays every year with his family ;.. or

    go somewhere discrete where you can guarantee your privacy?

    I’m not sure but I think I know the answer.

  • Passing by

    Actually MV is one of the most private places you can go. You will hardley ever see photographs from there. For some reason the photographers cannot get there. The photo of Reese at the fair was taken by a local photographer who was covering the event and happened to see her. This is not her first trip to the Vineyard this summer and Jake has been there for a long vacation and zero photos have been taken. It was only when they attended public events which the local papers were covering that they were photographed, the run and the fair.

  • newport

    Weel it obviously not one of the most private places you can go, because pictures of that more child are now plastered all over the internet.

  • newport

    sorry for the spelling mistakes, but whatever, she’s still using her children to sell a story which is seriously wrong.

  • JJ

    Dragging your kids 3,500 miles away from home to see your boyfriend is selfish. No spin can make it look like a good choice for these kids unless she is planning on marrying Jake in which case a nice blended vacation would be a logical first step. However, it would be nice for her to actually divorce their father first don’t you think?

  • http://chilmark1 newport

    the whole thing is totally messed up. surely when you are getting divorced your main concern is the children. dragging them across country so you can hook up with your boyfriend is wrong, period.

  • Anon

    Some of you guys are so stupid!!! LOL!!!! First quit comparing these people to yourself unless you have like millions of dollars. Reese took the kids to Hawaii for 10 days all by herself, no Jake. He was already on MV with his mother! (Mr. Excitement.!) They were seen together in LA in the car (photos) after that. Then Jake went back out to MV, Reese went too. She has been there twice. Now, with the kids & once before without them .She and Ryan share custody. How come y’all never criticize Ryan for “using the kids” to look good in pictures like he”s Mr. Mom. Everyone knows he’s a big cheat for years. And he is always in the clubs, chasing young girls, too.19 and 20 yr. olds! Reese and Jake are totally being responsible and Reese has been knowing Jake’s mother and his family for at least five or six years. Quit criticizing what you don’t know and quit jumping to fake conclusions.

  • redfern1

    ~26 Whatever you say i will always think that she should shield the children. Also, Ryan will always be their father.

  • Passing by

    Ryan P is seeing the girl he had an affair with, Abbey. He has been hooking up with her since June. Of course this information doesn’t make it to the tabloids or gossip blogs because Reese doesn’t rat her ex out. But you can bet, that Ryan has done all he can to make sure the details of Reese dating life are out there…

    It’s the summer and people take vacations. MV is out of the public eye and a great place to take your kids. They are around their friends and loved one, people they see all the time. She isn’t dragging them anywhere, she is taking them someplace that they can be kids and be out of the public eye. They can goto the beach, go sail, goto fairs, shopping, sailing and many other things.

    Reese has never used her kids and I doubt she would now. How about this one, finally she has a smile on her face and so do those kids, they are learning to enjoy life and be fancy free.

  • molly

    i think it might be a little awkward for the kids. like instead of their dad on vacation with them, it’s jake, but reese and ryan are divorcing, so it was bound to happen eventually. also 26, i know a lot of people here are criticizing reese, but about you saying why don’t they criticize ryan, most of the time, people are. yeah he parties, but that doesn’t me he cheated on her and how do you know that he went after younger women, were you there? the only proof to that is what the media said and we all know how factual the media is

  • Mememe

    Molly. most reports say that Ryan did cheat on Reese. He has never denied that. The rest is speculation so all the criticism of Reese and Jake is a bit unfair.

    Anon 26, I like that Jake is close to his family. Better that than him coming out of clubs drunk every night.

    JT, wtf are you talking about??


    Anon/Passing By you are the Reese troll that inhabits the internet board by board posting the same inaccurate information about Ryan over and over again. It is truly sad that you haven’t moved on from this.

    Q. What 19/20 year old has Ryan been with besides Nikki Reed who is his friend Victor’s girlfriend?

    A. None

    Q. What proof do you have that he tips off tabloids about Reese’s relationships?

    A. None

    Q. What proof do you have that he manipulates the paparazzi?

    A. The voices in your head

    Q. Can you see Reese for what she really is?

    A. No and that’s fine be a fan but give us a break on the Ryan is the devil schpiel


    I think it is really funny that someone posts a paragraph full of fake conclusions and criticism of someone they know nothing about but ends their post with this:

    “Quit criticizing what you don’t know and quit jumping to fake conclusions.”

    LOL! Stupid.

  • Carol


    I believe you. I don’t think Reese is this little saint and I don’t understand why she would drag her kids across the country to have a vacation with her boyfriend (shouldn’t the kids NOT be around for that??). Again, unless she’s planning on marrying Jake, this is irresponsible. I doubt Ryan drags his kids to outings with girlfriends/whatever. Plus, she isn’t even divorced yet. I’m currently dating a divorced man with a daughter and you can bet your dollar he would have NEVER brought me on a vacation with him and his daughter while he and his wife were still divorcing. NEVER. I didn’t even meet her until 8 months into the relationship and then I certainly didn’t vacation with her and bf together soonafter.

    FoaFoal, are you aware of the Toothy Tile rumors? (Toothy, a young closeted gay/bi actor who leads a double life is supposed to be Jake). Anyway, there was a blind item last week about Toothy. Apparently, he’s still secretly at it with his bf. Reese is a fool, if this is true. But then she strikes me as so arrogant and imbued with superiority, she probably would never believe it.

  • Raichill

    Wow, her son is actually walking for a change.

  • anom.

    Come on people! I don´t like Jake and Reese together! In my opinion, they aren´t a cople good cause their differences! But they are free and life goes on…So They have right to try! I like Reese and Jake, I love him!

  • anom.

    One more thing: the only problem in this gyllenspoon is Jake is out of midia spotlights!

  • Mememe

    I don’t think Reese is just dragging her kids across the country just to be with her boyfriend. They aren’t even staying with Jake, but other friends of Reese, the Belushi’s. MV is a family friendly place. She took the to Hawaii recently. Is she not allowed to take her kids on vacation? Come on. And sorry no one here can pass judgement of how Reese or Ryan parent their kids. None of us know what is really going on anyway.

  • Trudy

    Let me just say that I totally agree with alot of you in that I was shocked and angry at the fact that Reece had the nerve to take her kids to Martha’s to be with Jake. Let’s face it, she was there last month in July alone to be with Jake and now again, because he was still there again. She didn’t go there just to take a vacation. She could have gone anywhere else but there. But she didn’t because Jake was there. I have lost ALL RESPECT for Reece & Jake at this point. SHe is STILL a MARRIED WOMAN with 2 small children. She has no business out whoring around with someone else right now, even if Ryan did do it. Where is her dignity? Not to mention, Jake is younger than her and has never been married or had kids. Everyone knows that there is alot to be said and learned for those who get married (for 8 years) and have children. Its a whole different ball game. Jake has no clue what marriage and kids are all about. This is absolutely foolish for her to be with Jake before she is divorced, not to mention that she is not even thinking of how this will affect her kids. Imagine what is going through their minds right now (STATE OF CONFUSION) (ANOTHER GUY IN THEIR LIFE THAT THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT). Reece portrays to be someone who is smart, and loving and christian like, but I see a whole other side to her. I would love to hear Ryan’s reasons as to why he left Reece and cheated on her? What was she doing in the marriage that made him want to run away????? It takes 2 to tango! I hope this all bites her in the ass in the end, she deserves it. I just worry about her kids.

  • Katy

    To #26 ANON: How do you know that Reece has known Jake’s Mom and family for the past 5 or 6 years? What makes you think that? Reece never met Jake’s family before up until just recently. Reece only met jake through Ryan before.

  • Tim

    To #33 CAROL: I have to agree with you, that I have often wondered if Jake is gay or not. I have heard all of the rumours and yet am confused at times as to whether he is or isnt. Sometimes you see pics of him and he looks gay and/or straight. Some of the clothes that he wears make you even wonder if he is gay. Sometimes even his body image (the way he carries himself looks odd for a guy) I find it odd that he has not publicly dated anyone since Kirsten Dunst, and I believe his relationship with her was always rocky (on again off again. There are alot of gays in Hollywood and Broadway as well. Most of them have yet to come out of the closet. He is extremely close to his family, and seems like he doesn’t socialize alot with too many other people (could he be hiding something?) Also, he had just bought a house in Malibu on the water last April/May (there were pics of him and his parents there showing the house off on Mothers Day. Now all the tabloids are stating he now lives in the HOllywood HIlls. (Doesn’t that seem a bit strange to you) (Could he be hiding something?) He said on David Letterman back in March during the Zodiac premiers that he had been on vacation in Northern California with his family AND A FRIEND during Christmas. Doesn’t that make you wonder?
    My question for you Carol is you had mentioned about a BLANK/BLIND ITEM recently posted that said or made you think he was gay. Could you reitterate on this one. Somehow I missed this piece and would like to know more about it. Please respond. THANKS

  • another opinion

    Her son is so cute. I really like her. Such a well-balanced and accomplished woman.

  • Cape Cod

    Tim: He didn’t purchase a home in Malibu last year. He was seen showing his parents land where he would like to BUILD a home. Later he decided against it because the CA Sierra club complained about that area being ruined by new homes being built there. A few months later he purchased a home in the Hollywood Hills, it was even on a site last year.

  • Amy

    To36, the Rendition promotion will begin in early Sep, and then Jake’s holiday in MV will end up, he will show up in a lot of awards shows in awards season.

  • TS

    Tim, you sould a bit to obessed with Jake’s sexuality. You need to get a life of your own and get over your stereotypes of what is gay or straight. Some people don’t always fit into those stereotypes. YOU sound very strange for believing everything you read in the press and tabloids.

    Carol, how do you know Ryan doesn’t have any woman around his kids? You can’t make claims on things you don’t know. And I doubt you know Reese, Ryan or Jake to make such judgements about any of them.

    And if you believe the Toothy Tile crap you are being fooled. Get a life and stop believing gossip columnists.

  • Lexy

    Can you spare us the lecture #44?

    Everytime someone posts something negative about Reese or Jake you jump on and yell at them. Do you think that you are really changing peoples’ opinions of the objects of your worship?

  • Deb

    I am glad that she is with Jake. Ryan has already proven that Jake is the better man. Ryan is a wuss.

  • Lexy

    Ryan takes care of his kids he seems like a responsible parent. I don’t buy all the cheating scandal talk. I think they were separated for a long time and IMO he’s handled himself better then most young guys who get their girlfriend pregnant.

  • Cy

    Shield the children from what? For crying out loud….if you’re serious about a guy, I think you should introduce the kids. “Hanging out” with the kids is not the same as “making out” in front of the kids, so get a grip. Imagine if all single girls with children were only permitted to allow their children around women! That is what everyone is implying here because meeting Jake wouldn’t be any different than meeting any friend of Reese’s!
    So many righteous people on here that have likely never been in a similar position yet they’d be the first to latch on to a guy and re-marry within 2 months if they had! I know you types!!!!!

  • remember da truth

    YOU SAID IT!!! I can’t believe these people — in 2007, no less, when 50% of the population is divorced, and quite a few of us grew up with divorced parents.
    Just because the technial legal matters of the divorce are still being wrangled about, and then in California it takes six months anyway after that, does not mean that Reese and Ryan are “still married”. Only in the fantasyland minds of the Puritans! This is the same mindset that said that Brad got Angelina pregnant while still married to the albatross, but of course it was okay for her to be making out with and straddling Vince Vaughn during the same time period. The rules change for who they like. Apparently these people wanted yet another fake Golden Couple — Reese and Ryan — to fulfill their fantasies, so when Reese filed for divorce and started dating, she was BAAAAAD. Reese is divorced, and okay to date people, from this point on. Even legally, it’s not considered adultery after the filing. Idiots. As anyone who has ever been in a real partnership knows, by the time of the breakup, the breakDOWN in the relationship is well on its way. And by the time the breakup takes place, it’s OVER.
    If you broke up with your boyfriend, and it took a week or a month to get all your stuff out of his apartment, does that mean that you really broke up when the last T-shirt was retrieved? Of course not. You broke up when you broke up! Same with divorce. It’s over at the time of filing. The rest is just division of property.

    it is perfectly natural for kids to meet their parents’ friends. That doesn’t mean she’s sharing sexual details with them, you fruitcakes!! And it doesn’t mean she is having Jake spend the night while the kids are there — which is why she’s also not staying with him now!

    As for Jake being Toothy Tile — Ted Casablanca, who has spun his Toothy Tile tale for all it’s worth because he can’t break any news and is getting worse and worse as far as having anything interesting to say, has even admitted that it’s NOT Jake. Periodically he will reply to guesses and tell who it is NOT. And Jake is a frequent guess, as is Tom Cruise, but he says neither is Toothy Tile. That’s not to say they aren’t gay, but they aren’t Toothy Tile.

  • JJ

    I don’t think it’s right and neither do the majority of other people. Everybody lives their own lives and makes their own decisions but I don’t have to agree with them. I think Reese has a lot to learn about single parenting.