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Aishwarya Rai Films 'Pink Panther 2'

Aishwarya Rai Films 'Pink Panther 2'

Dressed in a trench coat and metallic Christian Louboutin peep-toes, Aishwarya Rai films scenes for Pink Panther 2 in Paris on Monday.

Rai plays one of the detectives alongside Alfred Molina. The pair joins forces with French police detective Jacques Clouseau, played by Steve Martin, to catch the thief who has been stealing artifacts around the world.

During film breaks, Aishwarya, 33, hung around the set with hubby-of-four-months Abhishek Bachchan.

Slowly by surely, Rai is making her way through Hollywood. She has an even bigger role in her next film Singularity, a war drama co-starring Brendan Fraser.

10+ pictures inside of Aish looking pretty in Pink Panther

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Photos: Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • bite me


  • India

    Very pretty but her arrow shaped nose not good. I’m it’s my opinion,she looks like my sister in-law.,same facial features pointed nose and all.

  • luscious

    Luv her on that outfit, it’s just fits on her ;)

  • cm


  • [~Famous~]

    Did anyone even see the first Pink Panther?

  • pancakebottom

    gorgeous eyes.

  • Lady

    She is really beautiful but I think if she sheds a few pounds she will be back to her old look but I guess in Indian they don’t like the women skinny – she was skinny and had to put on weight.

  • ML

    She is stunning!! And so elegant. Beautiful indian woman with so much respect for her culture. Love her.

  • Juno

    Okay, just curious, but hard to believe she has blue eyes. Are those contacs?

  • yuck

    Nope those are her real eye color. India is a British colony right? So there must be some British blood in her veins, hence the light eye color.

  • jq

    She is so pretty. I still remember the day she won the Miss Universe crown.

  • Rubyrose77

    She is so beautiful and she got most beautiful eyes to.





  • Kitty Kat

    I met Aishwarya once, she’s even more beautiful in person. Can you imagine?

    I agree with you #5. As I recall, the first Pink Panther was a bomb. The critics trashed it, and nobody went to see it. Sooooo why are they making a sequel again?

    Glad to see Aishwarya getting work though.

  • Keo

    It’s about time we have other Asian in Hollywood beside Chinese people. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Maniston

    She cannot act. And the first movie bombed.

  • Nicster

    Calling her stunning will be an understatement.

  • Crystal

    She is quite possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

  • shima

    Aishuma!! GO GO GO!!

    So flawless!!

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    The orignal Pink Panther cannot be topped sorry. She is very exotic looking

  • Kate

    umm pink panther is a shit movie, i wouldn’t be proud of that achievement. plus her husbands probarbly always around because hes so over protective.

    anyways she is pretty except for her nose and when she smiles

  • braie

    CANNOT ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!! UURH!

  • ML

    Actually the first movie did very well. That’s why they are making a sequel. Not the movie I would have picked for Aishwarya but it will give her more exposure in US.
    I love her indian films. Wonderful actress and dancer.

  • selwyse

    absolutely gorgeous. Loves the shoes, too!

  • Rose21

    I would have never thought about watching PP 2 but since she’s in it, I will HAVE to watch it. She looks so gorgeous. Indian makeup artists don’t do her beauty justice.

  • Cindy

    Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan starred in Dhoom2!!!

    They’re such a sexy couple!!!

  • nika

    I love her, and the way she stands for her values.
    She would have been great in casino royale, but, she a big no no of kissing, sex scenes oh too bad. I saw bride and prejudice, absolutely marvellous, it should have gotten more exposure, since it has martin henderson.
    I say shes very beautiful, but, not go far as the most beautiful in the world. Theres no such thing =| IMO.

  • Auntie

    Hello Juno. To an Asian like me, Aishwarya Rai’s are not blue, but natural green, which is a (surprisingly for Europeans) common eye colour for Asians of “northern” descent. You see a lot of green/hazel eyes in “South-/Central-” Asian people, particularly those of Afghan, Punjabi, Pashtun, Kailash, etc, basically — any South Asian “race” that has a history which is closely intermixed with Persian history. The Mughal Empire, which was based on Persian culture and people, left a lasting impression on India and Pakistan, in more ways than one. And the indigenous people in many parts of Northern India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan were in any case already very fair-skinned and with light eye colours. Just google “Afghan Girl” + “National Geographic” to see an example of this kind of colouring without any contact lenses. Sorry to write so much! All the best to all – Auntie

  • Sandra

    Green eyes are the most beautiful IMO. She’s very attractive but I agree with the comments about her nose. As she ages it will get pointier and longer. Not cute. But cute right now.

  • Preggy-Jolie

    She and angelina jolie need so stand in a room together their beauty will blow a damn room up. Man they are beautiful

  • Kay

    Ummm #28, she did a kissing and sex scene in “The Mistress of Spices.” She’s beautiful, no doubt, but she can’t act.

  • Twinkle

    Nose or no nose, I wouldn’t be upset if I looked half as good as her. She is STUNNING! Drop dead gorgeous. There’s an innate elegance and sexiness about her. She makes those Hollywood actresses look cheap and trashy. Gwyneth, Jessica, Sienna, Megan Fox, they don’t hold a candle. I am riveted by her face.


    no beyonce???

  • Ashley

    sweet mother of Jesus!!!!!! Ash looks bloody amazing my God!!!! look at her..sooo stunningly gorgeous!!!! love everything! the hair, outfit, shoes, make-up..the Goddess…soooooo deadly!!!! her eyes are infact blue/green, but more green..but certain shades of make-up and lighting makes them look really blue…soooo deadly!!! words cannot do this woman justice..
    her eyes are bloody killing me! thank you sweet Jesus for sending us Ash!!! the best actress, dancer and most beautiful angel ever!!!
    and guys..although the first movie didnt do well with critics it made a smash at the box office…it grossed 160 million.
    God now i’m sooo excited to see this!!! Ash will rock as always! you go Ashu and continue ruling the world!!!!!

  • Patti

    Now, this woman is absolutely stunning!! I know many have called Angelina Jolie the most beautiful woman when she was looking good, but Angelina can’t hold a candle to this beauty!! Her face is stunning, her smile radiant, her body healthy…a pure vision of beauty

  • Sprinkles

    I don’t understand why this most exquisitely, beautiful woman does not get better movie roles!!! Ridiculous!

  • aria

    I don’t think she’s beautiful or stunning, pretty very ,yes.
    India,I was born/America is my homeland. My family watches alot of her movies/Bollywood.There are stunning women from India, she is pretty.
    Her hubby is spoiled. ITA about the nose being very sharp,and is the only problem,the rest of her face is nice.

  • Nana

    Shes stunning.

  • Mooky

    Sprinkes, I think she doesn’t do better movies in Hollywood because she seems more focused on her life and career in India. She’s never made that full move into Hollyood and she continues to make lots of movies in Bollywood so doesn’t devote the time to Holywood.
    She married a Indian but if she had married some popular actor from the west, the press and Hollywood would be all over her!!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    One of the most beautiful women in the world. Period. Se is stunning stunning stunning.

    Her eyes are really green. It is unfortunate that most Indian actresses or beauty queens tend to have the lighter skin or lighter eyes as opposed to a darker skin Indian actress.

    It is a probably in Indian society as a whole. I have been there and have seen it first hand.

    That said, she is undeniably breathtaking.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    36 Patti : 08/20/2007 at 11:25 pm

    Now, this woman is absolutely stunning!! I know many have called Angelina Jolie the most beautiful woman when she was looking good, but Angelina can’t hold a candle to this beauty!! Her face is stunning, her smile radiant, her body healthy…a pure vision of beauty

    Aish is breathtaking.

    Angelina is pure adn toxic sexual stunning beyond comprehension beauty,

    Aish, you want to date. Angelina is the woman you want to date, screw, marry, give your life for, leave your life for, jsut do anything for.

    Angelina’s beauty is toxic. Toxic Stunning . Period. Angelina cannot be explained in words.

  • Francophile

    This woman is beautiful and sorry to burst your bubbles but there are Indians with fair eyes. It’s pretty common at some places and no, brittish blood is the cause !

  • no name

    Thank you for explaining the eye color, auntie. you beat me to it!

  • Preggy-Jolie

    It is true Even though Ashyrawi is beautiful. Angelina has something you just can not get a whole of. Her beauty makes you just sit and stare and wonder “What is it?” Is it the eyes the mouth what! Her attitude also plays a role. She is so bad ass yet so sweet humble and shy. Brad was afraid to hit her on mr and mrs smith but Doug Liman and the crew said to brad that she’ll hit you first so hit her! She is so bad ass!And so calm.

  • Alka

    She is stunning, no doubt about that. But she is a horrible actress. She needs a very very good director to elicit some sort of fair acting from her.

  • yuck


  • Sara

    I hate her and her husband. Cant stand them.I hope they do not like divas on set. With Steve Martin and Andy Garcia on set, I’ll feel embarrass for them.



    The eye color comes from The British colonization..

    Which also created a horrific class system. THe most amount of skin bleaching is in India.. light skin and light eyes are praised. I lived in India, trust me that mentality is not cute..

    Watch the STARS of ALL the Bollywood mmovies: THEY ARE ALL LIGHT SKIN. You may be lucky to see a dark female in the dance sequences.. But the star is ALWAYS Light or almost white looking.. SAD!!

  • 2985

    I find her beautiful, even with the nose, although I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s nice, to have someone beautiful with what some people perceive as a ‘flaw’, I think anyway. :)

    #29 Auntie, thanks for putting up that concise explanation for her eye color, I was about to myself! :) Those who immediately go for the ‘British blood’, wow, colonial much?

    It’s amazing that they got an actor like Alfred Molina to be in it! He’s such an accomplished actor! Not a mainstream household name, but great actor.