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James Wilke Loves His Purple Crocs

James Wilke Loves His Purple Crocs

Sarah Jessica Parker walks her 4 1/2-year-old son to school, leaving from their NYC West Village apartment on Monday morning. Check out the story below about the family’s not-so-nice nanny!

Fresh from today’s Gawker mailbag: “Just saw Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and little James Wilke outside near Charles Street & West 4th. Sarah looked great but her nanny was a *****. They all pulled up in the family Blue Volvo stationwagon; Sarah, Matthew, James and the “lady” all went inside. Then 5 minutes later the alleged nanny walked out carrying James, and then asked me to come over. She asked me what I was doing, and I tried to be polite and I just said that I was a fan. And then she was like why don’t you just keep going. And then I said that I would rather not, and then she said that I was just like the other scum photographers, and then she said this was private property. So I said actually it’s a public street. And then she said “She isn’t going to be happy.” And then she went inside with James and one minute later I saw Sarah peek outside to see me from behind a curtain in an upstairs window! I LOVED EVERY MINUTE!”

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Photos: Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Moonlight

    I think he’s going to be gay.

  • bite me

    Moonlight I was thinking the exact samething, but I thought it would be a mean thing to say.. oh well


    Sarah rocks!

  • disgusted

    I always thought that those shoes were hideous and that SJP was ugly with her horse face.

  • selwyse

    no wonder the nanny was grumpy: she had to confront a freaking stalker!!

  • Gem

    Seems little James is an Arsenal supporter…not bad, no idea where he’s picked that up from though, I wouldn’t have thought either of his parents were into football…

  • Pammy

    Poor kid…..

  • pancakebottom

    who put his “outfit” together?!

  • yuck

    pancakebottom : 08/20/2007 at 7:36 pm

    who put his “outfit” together?!

    Why is mother the “fashion icon” did. 90% of her outfits on Sex in the City her hideous. No one in their right mind would wear them. Just behind they’re from designer labels does not mean that they look like great outfits.

  • yuck

    whoops, I mean – Why his mother the “fashion icon” did. I typed too fast and didn’t check it.

  • Maya

    From all I read, this kid is definitely gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) :)


    Move over Barack & Hilary, James Whiskers will be the FIRST GAY PRESIDENT!

    With that fuzzy rabbit, PURPLE crocs, all he needs is his father’s gay look to complete the transformation..

    Who would even dress their BOY like that even if he were gay? Kid looks like a HOT MESS!!

  • Lillianne

    I think crocs are like those big colorful coiled lollipops that come in bright colors. They are so attractive you think you have to have one and then they aren’t that great. But everyone has to try them at least once.

  • a to z

    12 PARASITE FILTHON : 08/20/2007 at 8:48 pm

    Who would even dress their BOY like that even if he were gay? Kid looks like a HOT MESS!!
    ************************* got me bursting at the seam.

  • a realist

    12 PARASITE FILTHON : 08/20/2007 at 8:48 pm

    Who would even dress their BOY like that even if he were gay? Kid looks like a HOT MESS!!
    Perhaps she should hire a stylist for her child. He always look like a HOT MESS! Purple shoes for a boy that big, come on Sarah, whats the hell wrong with you?

  • Dumdums

    Is it wise to take a child to confront a possible stalker or kidnapper?

  • nika

    “.. and then she said this was private property. So I said actually it’s a public street”

  • oldpic

    Purple crocs with green and yellow flowers on the right one.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Fire the wench!

  • marianne

    Why does she insist on dressing her adorable son as if he was a homeless person?

  • Kate

    Come on you Gooners! Well done for the tasteful football shirt!


    Adore SJP! – Where fashion talk and music style meet!
    Get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun –

  • prison break fanatic

    u guys are really mean calling a little boy gay. that is just lower than low and pathetic. and i dont blame the nanny getting upset she is just tryin to protect the ffamily and sjp must get that all the time just give them a bit of privacy. i dont think people should photogrph little innocent children i think its sad

  • Raichill

    I have to admit, I think he’s going to be gay as well. But then, I always thought his father was somewhat gay as well. I don’t know…perhaps it would have been better if she’d had a daughter.

  • susie

    it is awful and mean for anyone to debate the sexual preferences of a 4 year old…why is that relevant at all to this article? And I completely understand SJP or the nanny being pissed off…these poor celebs are stalked everywhere…SJP has always said she loves her private family life and when you have people constantly invading that space, I can understand the hostility…I would be freaked if some weirdo stood below my home when I was trying to take my kid somewhere…

    And I am sure she let him pick out his own outfit…he’s 4 after all!! If this was someone else’s kid (cough, cough…need I mention names) no one would say s*** about the outfit…they’d goo and gaa over how cute it was and how blessed the family was…and wouldn’t debate whether one of the kids was gay or not…

    And as for SJP’s fashion, I hope people realize that she was dressed for SATC…she didn’t stand there and pick her own outfits…they did have a wardrobe specialist there to dress all 4 women…and I hated a lot of what she wore too, but it was a show…Carrie Bradshaw was wearing those things…

    honestly, this woman has done little to none to warrant extreme hostility…she has always seemed like a pretty cool person and very down-to-earth…a woman who definitely earned her fame…she came from a very poor background and has made the best of it…

  • Evelyn Fern

    LoL.I always said this kid was going to be gay.The parents are from the arts world,he will have a great life. God bless he is cute .Never liked her much she is not pretty at all.

  • Yo

    So I guess you people believe in nurture rather than nature? Interesting. What a weird conversation to have about the sexual orientation of a 4-year-old. And for the record, he’s a kid. WTF is he supposed to be wearing from day to day, Armani suits and Cole Hahn shoes?? Maybe he’s into beastiality? He IS carrying a stuffed animal. LOL

    Whoever wrote about sitting outside their house and being confronted by the nanny needs to get a life. What’s wrong with you? A real fan would have respected their privacy unless SJP was willing to come say hello.

  • Yo

    I guess you people believe in nurture rather than nature, huh? It’s really strange to read people talking about the sexual orientation of a little boy. As for his outfit, what do you expect him to be wearing? And Armani suit and Cole Hahn shoes?

    I’m a little amazed that whoever sent that story about stalking SJP outside her house or wherever they were sounded so proud of themselves. Get a life. A real fan would have respected her privacy, especially when she was with her child.

  • YY

    i wouldn’t bet on Arsenal this season.

  • Nadia

    aww how cute and her kids a gooner!!!

  • Lisa

    yaaaaaaaay her lil son is an arsenal fan !!

    arsenal 4 ever and always

  • E

    Not that i agree with it when it means this is the finished product but SJP LETS JAMES DRESS HIMSELF!!!!!!!Its just a little kids kooky fashion sense so lay off.

  • Mel

    It’s one thing to poke fun of a celeb (adult), but don’t bring their kids into it…

  • Jen

    Since when does a parent need a nanny to help take his/her kid to school? What part was too confusing for SJP to navigate on her own?

  • dian m

    Wow! Some of you people amaze me, how wrong it is to assume how a person is going to turn out in life, and to say that just because his parents are in the arts businesses he is doom to turn g*y, wow!

    So the kid likes purple shows, likes stuff animals and likes to dress like that, HE IS FOUR, all of you that have a little kid at home; boy or girl, know what the kids choose to wear, so please let him be, that doesn’t meant anything.

    And to the Photegrhaper/stacker You should be ashamed of your self, yes they and I enforce THEY the parents are in show bis. not the kid, he is in his way to probably his first day of school, he is maybe afraid (Bunny in hand to feel secure and you all parents know kids need to feel secure either with a blanquet/toy or bunny) he is going to be with estrangers for the first time and on top of that he is confronted with a weirdo with a camera, wow!

    And you wonder why SJ, isn’t smiling or saluting the camera and even looks angry, you RUIN her moment and his kids moment, and I wonder how some of you people that criticize her outfit, dress in real life, in your private life.

  • maddison

    Is it me or the kid resembles Robert Downey Jr.? And please give the boy a pass on fashion and his sexual orientation. Wait ’til he’s at least 12 and then one can speculate on whether James prefers purple thongs to navy boxers.