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Kate's Private Time with Prince William

Kate's Private Time with Prince William

Kate Middleton arrives at Seychelles airport on Desroches island late last week, moments before Prince William.

Kate and William enjoyed a private, romantic getaway together at the secluded island in the Indian Ocean, possibly rekindling their on-again off-again relationship of five years. The couple were spotted snorkeling and enjoying time together on the beach.

The lovebirds cheekily checked in under the names Martin and Rosemary Middleton at the discreet Desroches Island resort.

Is there an impending engagement on the way???

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kate middleton prince william vacation 01
kate middleton prince william vacation 02
kate middleton prince william vacation 03
kate middleton prince william vacation 04
kate middleton prince william vacation 05
kate middleton prince william vacation 06
kate middleton prince william vacation 07

Photos: Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Ms Sugar Walls

    first again……………..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Mmmmm

    I think she will marry him, however I cannot see her enduring the paps.



  • Matt

    She 4got her lips at the beach, he he. No lips = mean.

    She will age horribly fugly.

  • mackenzie

    she don’t know how to dream

  • mackenzie

    not dream lol …DRESS

  • [~Famous~]

    she gets a big fat ‘who?’ Lol

  • N

    I wonder if she packed the boots.

  • Cyndi

    Those pictures @ Gatwick airport are 1 month ago in July when Kate took the Easy Jet airplane to get to the Caribbean with her friends. Are you sure these are recent Jared, because she’s wearing the exact outfit, right down to the bags she’s carrying.

  • disgusted

    She has the face of a middle age woman. She will definitely not age well.

  • prison break fanatic

    u guys will you just shut up. this girl does not ask for the paps to be there. just goes to show how bitter and bored you must be to pick on someone you dont even know as if your perfect


    Get married already! Kate for Queen! – Where fashion talk and music style meet!
    Get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun –

  • oh boy

    Even if he does end up marrying her I seriously doubt he would remain faithful.

  • Lilme

    She’s not from US. Thats enough for moi.
    You americans are just jealous *hahahaha* *lol*
    You’re fat, ugly,and have no class what so ever.

    She’s a beauty, you know it. Of course they will get married.
    What did you expect? That he would hook up with an american *LOL*!!!

  • mummy to wills

    Will this h.o hive it up… 5 years and your’e still giving him free bootie. Now you are sneaking around doing it,,how low does a ska.nk gotta go.
    They really really retouched Kates old wrinkle aged lady face,,this is not how she normally looks unless some laser surgery has been done,,she doesn’t look as fug.,,but still to old looking for Wills.

  • ur fantasy

    Fat? Ugly? No class? #14 are you jealous much. Seems like you wish you were an American the way you’re going on. Your country (if I’m assuming and most likely am right) is our lapdog!!! You wish you lived in this great country where there are more intelligent, brave, beautiful, talented and classy citizens. Grow up, little girl!!

  • Bea

    To #9 Cyndi this is not Gatwick airport but Aeroport International de Mahé ;-)

  • old pics?

    #9 Cyndi, I think you might be right.

    I just did a quick google search and these photos do look a lot like the photos of Kate Middleton at Gatwick from July of this year.

    Not the EXACT same photos, but she’s wearing the same outfit and looks like she’s toting the same luggage.

    here’s one link:

    Are photo agencies releasing these photos like they are from the (alleged) Seychelles trip?

  • lennie

    #14 you sound like someone who has never been to anywhere else than your country, and #16 you don’t sound smarter either, every country has fat ugly and non classy people and there’s no country who has “better” people than others, there’s only better people than others.
    #19 you sound boring and bored and can’t stand UK vs US boredom…..yeah I know :) :) :)

  • Jess0

    I think Kate is really classy. I hope they get back together. The royal family needs her for PR.

  • malcolm

    You pathetic Americans couldn’t hope to have the class of the Brits!

  • ?

    Brits that are known for stuffiness,bad teeth,ugly women ect.,,we Americans are soooooo jealous.

  • Nathan

    With regards to so-called British “class” and our (Americans) backwardness I just have one thing to mention: Prince Harry’s Nazi costume.


    8 N : 08/20/2007 at 4:54 pm
    I wonder if she packed the boots.




  • Kate


  • Jane

    Kate never wears the same outfit twice so it must be a photo from the Caribbean holiday.

  • Jade

    I think Kate is beautiful and I always loved Prince William.I think
    these two make a great couple.I wish them the best!!!

  • Dina

    THat’s definitely pics from last July, and Prince William was nowhere near Kate at the time. Mind, do you really think there would be no pictures of them TOGETHER, if two of them were on vacations? Just a huge media farse, they are NOT back together. And thanks Lord for that/

  • S

    she has a very old-woman face.

  • old pics?

    Ok… I did some more pic searching and it looks the these photos ARE from the current trip to the Seychelles.

    Kate is just wearing the same dowdy outfit that she wore in July.

    The following photos are ID’d by the photo agency as being recent & in the Seychelles:

    In the last photo Kate is at a travel desk for the Seychelles.

    All this work and she’s still boring as hell… meh.

  • Rajiv


    I live in Seychelles and I can confirm that these pictures have been taken at the Seychelles airport.

    Kate is standing at the travel desk of Creole Holidays (a travel agency). It is the one on your right after you leave the custom.

    Her trolley is exactly the sort of trolleys we have in Seychelles. On the third picture ( you can even see an advert for AirTel (a Seychelles mobile phone operator) sticked on the back of the trolley.

    I wonder who took the pics though.

  • Proud to be Canadian

    #16…”Your country is our lapdog”?!? And you wonder why pretty much the entire world hates your country. And FYI, chances are this person is from the UK and might I remind you that they were the only country that supported/continues to support you in your “War on Terror” or whatever excuse your using lately. So you might want to be careful what you say as they are one of your few friends at the moment. But I wouldn’t burn your bridges if I were you as your country is starting to fall in the sh*t hole and your going to need all the friends you can get. Good luck with your failing economy but don’t expect other peoples help after that comment. What goes around comes around.

    P.S. I apologize to all the Americans who are poorly represented by this person. I do know there are alot of decent people in the US are do not agree with their country’s policies and for that I am sorry if I offended you.

  • American

    I’m American, and I LOVE Kate Middleton! =) (I also don’t agree with our countries policies) – No Offense taken ‘Proud to be Canadian’.

  • ur fantasy

    Was I commenting on you, #35? NO, so mind your on damn business!! Tell me a reason why people hate America. Is it because we aren’t pushovers like yours? I wonder why people all over the world want to come here and live then. And ‘the war on terror’ IS a war on terror and maybe you would have a shred of understanding if a 9/11 happened to you.

  • Proud to be Canadian

    ur fantasy…I don’t need to explain why people hate American’s. You prove it yourself every time you open your d*mn, arrogant mouth. And it may be called the “War on Terror” but it’s actually the “War to Restore Americans Pride”.

    True, I have no understanding of what terrorism is and no understanding of what it’s like to be in war. But frankly, neither do you. Other countries have had famine, disease, starvation, and war for DECADES. They constantly fight against invaders, and for their own freedom. They go to sleep at night feeling scared that they won’t wake up in the morning or that their family will be taken from them.

    But your right, America is so brave. It’s takes a courageous country to attack SOMEONE ELSES home. Stop bringing yourselves up to more than you deserve because you have never known what its like for your freedom to be threatened while in the safety of your own country. Yes it takes courage to go overseas to fight in war but when the soldiers come home they are safe. The men have a place of refuge to come home to where their families stay safe while they are away. That doesn’t happen for alot of other countries, Iraq and Afgahnistan included thanks to your government. War is constant to them and part of their lives 24/7-12 months a year. Imagine a soldier being in as much danger as their little children. THAT is war. DO NOT even attempt to put yourselves on the same level as other war torn countries because there is no comparison.

    I would seriously suggest you take a trip to the Middle East. Maybe then you’ll have a real understanding of what war really is. Not the mickey mouse view that you have where a couple thousand people is a catastrophically tragic loss. Don’t get me wrong, 9/11 was a terrible thing to have happened and I’m really sorry it did. But to put 9/11 into persective, how many MILLIONS of Iraqies (innocent or otherwise) have died at the hands of your people?

    The world is so much bigger than the United States despite what you or your Nazi government or your Nazi-government-controlled-media tell you. It’s funny how you whine and complain to no end about another country or organization attacking your country but you have no problem turning around and doing the exact same thing to someone else but 10 times worse. Why is that? Do you actually believe that you are that far above everyone else? That it’s no big deal when it happens to other people but not to you? You’re government (and yourself included judging from the words coming out of your mouth) are arrogant hypocrites and deserve whatever hate is handed to them.

    THAT is why people hate Americans.

    I’ve been a Canadian my entire life and I can’t even portray the hatred I have developed for your government and people like you over that course of time. From the bottom of my heart, I would sooner die than live in your country. You are nothing but self important bullies who only care about yourselves and your own ambitions. You have no respect for other countries, their cultures or traditions, way of life or the value of life. Any is a willing sacrifice to you as long as you get what you want. You are little children playing grown up games!

    P.S. AGAIN sorry to all nice Americans!

  • ur fantasy

    You’re right I don’t know what its like to live in a country where there is ‘famine, disease,starvation, and war for decades [...] who fight againt invaders for freedom’ because America DID fight for its freedom. I’m not saying I believe the reason we went to war. We have been lied to in order to go to war. But I stand by my belief 100% that our government must protect its citizens,our freedoms and way of life. If Sadaam had been left in power who knows what he would have done to ANYONE. He was a evil dictator whose country is pretty much the melting pot for terrorists. I DO know whats its like to be scared because I had never in my life been as scared on the morning of 9/11…. plane after plane. We probably are hypocrites but everyone is a hypocrite in someway. EVERYONE. But all I heard was blah blah blah you’re arrogant and I don’t think that is a relevant reason to hate us.

  • Proud to be Canadian

    LMAO…you were scared on the morning of 9/11? Is that honestly your response? You were scared for one morning…ONE flipping morning?!? Wow, congratulations on surviving that but sadly that was only a taste of what Iraq is experiencing. Thats like comparing stitches to surgery. It just makes me laugh at how ignorant you are.

    But I’m not even going to bother trying to explain this to you. Your one of those hopeless cases where it would be a waste of my time and everyone elses. This discussion is ridiculous and you are ridiculous.

    But I will give you something to exercise your little brain over. The United States government practices terrorism as much or worse as Al’Qaeda. That is hypocrisy!




  • Walter

    Go to bed my dear and don’t forget to brush your teeth.

  • dlist

    i don’t support american policies but i suppot ur fantasy’s attempt to defend our country. i’m a wealthy girl from a big american city and i’ve never even been to canada, yet i’ve been to the uk multiple times. what does that say about your country?
    p.s. kate middleton sucks

  • Jessica

    I personally love being from the United States and I don’t see anything wrong with the War on Terror.

  • Jessica

    But this is supposed to be about Kate Middleton. Are you sure this isn’t from the pictures of her at Gatwick? Cause she’s wearing the exact same thing so what are the chances she would wear the exact same thing?

  • Walter

    To #34
    Yes Rajiv, that’s it. She’s at Creole Holidays desk for plane ticket to Desrochers Island. My sister went there and she’s positive that’s airport Mahé, 15 km south of Victoria.

    Someone from The Sun is there,,2-2007380709,00.html

  • brando

    Her duty seems to be supply William with bootycalls when needed. She is a desperate woman. Even if she gets him all hot on vacation and he proposes, it might not be approved, she’s got too many crotch shots in the press already. Kate is coming off like a hooch, but hey it worked for the stepmom.

  • Jekka

    I agree, I’m a little confused by their relationship. Kate seems to be out partying all the time and going to night clubs. Does she do anything else? I know, she goes to work 4 days a week at a family friends company during her spare time from holidaying! Hard working girl! I’m not sure she’s someone I would want representing our country. AND she didn’t date anyone in the past couple of months, although judging from her partying she’s clearly not depressed about Wills. It just seems like shes waiting for him to change his mind.

    And it’s made Wills look like a complete prat. He looks really weak. Like he wanted to break up with her but then decided that there’s nothing better so he’ll settle for her. It makes him seem really desperate and afraid to be alone. I’d say both Wills and Kates rep is tarnished from this whole thing.

  • Bettina

    Hello all,

    let’s stick to the facts, folks.
    1. Kate has worn the same outfit twice (so didPrincess Diana)l; she… gasp… once wore the same dress 2 days in a row!
    2. She is not ugly, fugly…nor is she a super beauty.
    3. She is thin, attractive 25 year old British woman.
    4. Her devotion to William seems consistent.
    5. They have alot in common, went to same school together, love of skiing, swimming, mutual friends, etc.
    6. When they broke up in April of this year it was because William was feeling too much pressure and wanted to “play the field” before committing to marrying her.
    8. They are only 25…this is the first real relationship for both.
    8. They

  • lorena frnaco