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Katie Price is Stunning

Katie Price is Stunning

Katie Price, aka Jordan, launches her new perfume Stunning at London’s Kensington Roof Gardens on Monday. The fragrance will be available in stores starting today and is set to become the number one fragrance in the UK.

“One spray and you’re stunning!” the model said, dressed in a white ballgown.

Jordan added, “I’ve always been a big fan of perfume and think it’s important for a girl to smell nice, so to finally have a fragrance of my own is amazing.

“It’s taken 14 months to create, as I wanted something floral and feminine but still strong. It smells beautiful and I think a lot of women will love it just like I do!”

10+ pictures inside of ‘stunning’ Katie Price

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katie price stunning perfume 01
katie price stunning perfume 02
katie price stunning perfume 03
katie price stunning perfume 04
katie price stunning perfume 05
katie price stunning perfume 06
katie price stunning perfume 07
katie price stunning perfume 08
katie price stunning perfume 09
katie price stunning perfume 10
katie price stunning perfume 11
katie price stunning perfume 12
katie price stunning perfume 14

Photos: Chris Jackson/Getty
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  • susan

    she’s stunning! i can’t wait to try the fumes!

  • bite me

    fuck, so much fug

  • susan

    she looks beautiful! i can’t wait to try the fumes!

  • Peach

    You can dress her up – but that doesn’t change anything.

  • Jessica

    who is she???? well whoever she is she should really try a different look, because she looks like a pornstar, well i suppose unless thats what she is famous for!?!?!?

  • Uta

    Disgusting woman.



  • LJ

    Why Jordan’s pics are here? She is nobody..But in Perez blog she is perfect as f.. like him..

  • Lulu

    She’s ridiculous, i really pitty her

  • Matt

    It’s a MAN baby!

  • Nando

    This woman is so gross to look at.

  • susie

    stunning…ugh, she looks like an orange, plastic, badly created barbie doll…why is this woman even famous? She’s hideous…

  • Mmmmm

    Who is she? Gosh she is so fake and her hair looks like barbie hair. You cannot even notice she has anything in her hands, her rack totally takes away from everything. I do not get this ad, why would she wear a wedding gown? It’s stunning that she think she looks good.

  • [~Famous~]

    dis-gus-ting tranny!

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/LETOYA Ms Sugar Walls


  • Kiyana

    is she the one who used to be a man? she was called jordan and now shes called katie. you can soo tell it was a man.

  • jessie

    girl is sooo fugly!!!!

  • LouChapman

    who the hell is she? and why should we even care? i hate when you post pics of trash we dont even know. it ruins the whole blog for that day!

  • Laura

    what does she think she looks like! she needs to go wash her hair scrub her face clear of the orange, get some style, shut her mouth and crawl back into the nearest alley she crawled out from.

  • RihannaLove

    16 Kiyana : 08/20/2007 at 2:35 pm
    is she the one who used to be a man? she was called jordan and now shes called katie. you can soo tell it was a man.


    haha! no i don’t think she was a man. from what i know shes a famous UK pornstar or something like that. whatever way shes trash, and why anyone would want to buy her perfume, god only knows!

  • joy

    nothing on her looks natural,i think she needs to cool it on the tanning,and stop bleaching her hair.then she will look nice!

  • What’s stunning about, fake hair, fake tan, fake boobs and fake teeth?

  • Katie Hatah

    You all you Yanks, Katie Price is a media whore over here in Britain. She has three kids, is married to a has been pop star, Peter Andre, and their sex lives and the size of her husband’s dick are a subject she never tires of regaling us with. She constantly sells stories of her disabled kid to the celeb rags, and is now telling the press she’d like to get involved with Pete in a sex act with shit…….

    Trust me, you do NOT want this ho of a woman.

  • Marta

    why she is wearing a totally fug wedding dress??
    oh right this’s Jordan aka Queen of Fug

  • KellyKelly

    in the title of this post stunning should be wrote like this >>>> “stunning”. because she might think she is but the rest of the world isn’t peering through rose tints!

    oh and is her name really katie price or is it ment to be funny. you know like katie’cheap’price???

  • SISI

    I don´t know her and don´t like her , she is kind of trashy .

  • Justin

    i dont have a clue who she is but she looks like a faker and uglier version of dog the bounty hunters wife.

  • Dumdums

    I think she should be tasered and often too.

  • Sinna

    Is this the show on E call Pete & Katie. I never saw the show, but saw the listing scrolling the channels. I was always wondering who the heck this chick is. Anyway she looks like Pam Anderson on a very, very, bad day. If her perfume smells anything like the trash she looks like, I wouldn’t even bother to sniff it. I saw a couple blogs of her on perez under Jordon. And speaking of Perez those folks that blogs on that site are the vilest, most potty mouth, i’m guessing they are out on summer break and have nothing else to do.

  • Alex

    Omg can not wait to get this definitley buyin it!
    shes gorgous
    so what if she had fake boobs and hair shes still stuning and if she wasnt then she wouldnt be a succesful model
    would she?
    love katie and peter!
    stunning WILL be a top seller!
    x x x

  • Louise

    she was a glamour model, which means she got her tits out for a living, and the funny thing is, they weren’t even her tits!!!!! shes an absolute whore, i just feel sorry for her kids.


    She is a stunner! Pure OTT glam! – Where fashion talk and music style meet!
    Get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun –


    Stunner! – Where fashion talk and music style meet!
    Get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun –

  • Totalbellend

    Are you fcuking blind?

  • lii

    What a vile specimen of women, shes an embaressment to Britain.

  • Totalbellend

    Yes, lii.
    Many of us here think the same……..

  • Lilflowa

    Amen to that Lii

  • Tealeaf

    Why did she name the perfume Trashy…cause she knows the scent of that.

  • funny

    really i have nothing against tanning
    but why does her body have a deep pigmentation and her face white?

    not trying to be a hater but she looks like a burnt hawaiian tropic barbie
    oh well thats enough trash talk im not her thank God

  • Raichill

    Stupid fake t i t s. They are so large she could use them as a table and eat her dinner off them.

  • Nadia

    She’s gorgeous and the dress is cute.

  • Jekka

    She kinda reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith.

  • Kymmie

    fake fake fake!!

  • donna

    you perfume is lovely i love it so much and the bottle is so cute.

  • Sarah

    Stunning? LOL.

  • awsw

    Oh deary mee, lets put you people straight, she may look like a tranny with too much fake tan, but i bet she has more brain cells than the lot of you, She knows that she has a love hate relationship with the public and she soo capitalises on it. She makes so much money because the people who love her, buy everythin she makes, and the people who hate her, buy the magazines that slate her, shes in a win win situation, and you lot contribute to it hahahahahaha

    So in a few words, shes not an embarresment for anyone, cause she is a strong shrewd business woman

  • http://YAHOO.COM cutie pie

    she is too fake for me, what the ef is wrong with these fake ass owmen that is not cute at all. all that fake ass tanning fake ass hair color fake ass body. omg get these tranny looking people away from the whole world. she thinks she looks good but in reality she looks like a porn star.

  • Stevey boy

    Jessica, Jordan is a British celebrity who is famous just for being famous. Here is a youtube video of her singing ‘A Whole New World’ with her hubby Peter Andre.
    Here is a gift from us over here in Britain to all of you in America, here you have her. LOL.

  • http://none Stevey boy

    Here is Jordan singing ‘A Whole New World’ with hubby Peter Andre…

  • http://none Stevey boy

    Whoops. I apologise for the double post. Sorry I didn’t think it posted properly the first time. My mistake.
    Enjoy the video, as I’m sure that you will.;)