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Vince Vaughn is a Shirtless Swinger

Vince Vaughn is a Shirtless Swinger

Vince Vaughn and actor pal John Favreau enjoy some male-bonding time together on a Malibu beach Sunday.

Jon, 40, and Vince, 37, starred together in the 1996 cult classic Swingers.

Vince will next star in the Sean Penn-directed drama Into the Wild co-starring Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, Catherine Keener, William Hurt and Jenna Malone. The release date is schedule for Sept. 21.

15+ pictures inside of shirtless Vince Vaughn

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vince vaughn shirtless 01
vince vaughn shirtless 02
vince vaughn shirtless 03
vince vaughn shirtless 04
vince vaughn shirtless 05
vince vaughn shirtless 06
vince vaughn shirtless 07
vince vaughn shirtless 08
vince vaughn shirtless 09
vince vaughn shirtless 10
vince vaughn shirtless 11
vince vaughn shirtless 12
vince vaughn shirtless 13
vince vaughn shirtless 14
vince vaughn shirtless 15
vince vaughn shirtless 16
vince vaughn shirtless 17

Photos: Dave/Chris/Bauer-Griffin
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  • bite me

    damn, just damn

  • African Girl



    What happened with him and Jen Aniston? – where fashion and music talk meet!

    Get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun –!

  • rain

    vince looks so happy without Jen! I think they were really not compatible. Vince must have been bored with Jen and really likes to hangout with her wacky friends.

  • Mmmmm

    Jon is totally checking out that lil hottie which btw I hate when ppl carry their dogs .. they have four legs for a reason.

    Vince is like a big teddy bear ..

  • ?

    Gawd that’s foul looking..and I like has happen to him?..yuck

  • Diana

    Just Jared, there is a picture of Britney with her real hair in the Daly Mail UK …

    Sorry, for hijacking this topic.

  • 2 men not aging well
  • Kelly

    Where’s the pics of Jon Favreau? He was so hot on Friends as Monica’s billionare boyfriend… then he got kinda tubby, I’d like to see how he looks now, help Jared!

  • Kelly

    Nev mind, I see him in the white polo shirt, he looks better! Thx!

  • http://htt// b

    I’m happy,he dumped big chin.

  • [~Famous~]

    I bet all the ladies on this site are drooling right now. bite me’s probably having nasty dreams about Vigorous-Vince.

    It’s okay ladies if all of VV’s sexy makes you little vajayjays wet. LMAO

  • Yummy

    I’d let him stick the tip in… Hell, I’d let him stick the whole thing in.

  • gini

    he is not even cute

  • a man againg well
  • Diana

    Back on topic…. that first pic is a bit yucky!

  • caunty

    i just threw up in my mouth a bit. he has not looked good in a while. a while.

  • minxx

    So much happier and healthier looking then when he was “dating” Jen. I wonder if ANY of her supposed boyfriends were ever really involved with her, poor thing.

  • Laura

    eeeww, the guy is hard on the eye.

  • Leila

    Cheater. No wonder nobody wants him now. His movie is going to flop.

  • so wrong..can’t be right..

    No ..eeekkk..I’m throwing up in my mouth as I type..’VV’ has gained so much weight,,he use to be cute..sort of ,,why ?..what went wrong ,he has bobbies and a floppy gut or two..this aint right..I head he gained weight but I did’nt know it was of ‘elephant proportions’..excuse me while I get the barf bag..yikes!!

  • wow

    Now I understand why Jennifer dated him! He could never steal her spot light. Unlike brad, where all eyes were on him…Honestly most of the time when brad and Jennifer where out and about I never noticed her.

  • WTF?

    That’s the Vince we all know and love..big fat slob but talented as any top Hollywood writer/producer/actor around if not better. He’s got so many great projects lined up. Aniston should kiss his feet for him writing The Break Up for her. If it weren’t for that movie which was a mild hit, because of VV not Aniston, the last thing she would have been known for was Friends. She’s gonna act like she doesn’t know him now. Ungrateful witch!

  • Anonymous

    Anybody notice that VV has very short legs for a guy his height. I think that’s one of the reason he looks dumpy. He looks a Hell of a lot better in these pics than those over the past few months. And, the bags are missing from under his eyes. Maybe he gave up drinking. lol

  • Cynthia

    Gah, he’s a giant! How tall is he, 6’7!? I bet he gives good big man love!

  • Sarah

    Man, Vince is so over

  • yaya


  • Yo

    WTF, what are you talking about? VV only wrote part of the story. Jay Lavender and Jeremy Garelick wrote the entire screenplay, plus most of the story. This wasn’t a vehicle written for JA. The movie made $118 million +, if you consider that a ‘mild hit’.

    She’s never seemed like a attention-seeker to me. Actually, she comes off rather quiet and private. But that’s difficult to maintain when you’re involved in one of the most speculated-about break ups in Hollywood history, isn’t it?

  • nika

    oh vince works the abs dude.

  • nika

    I meant to say “work”

  • Dumdums

    This man escaped the whiney, icy black heart clutches of Jennifer Anniston.. This is a happy happy man!

  • cutie pie

    damn what a big fat ugly pale fucker.

  • disgusted


    She’s never seemed like a attention-seeker to me. Actually, she comes off rather quiet and private.

    Are you retarded? She was on every magazine cover, on Oprah twice giving interviews and crying, bitching, and moaning about her divorce. Pathetic pity me parties. She was milking it for everything that she could get. Every time the Joie-Pitts were promoting a movie, Jen hag has to do something to get in the news too. She’s still riding the coattails of her famous failed marriage because ehrown film career is a flop. .

  • Security Blanket

    oh yeah, this guy is definately sexier than Brad Pitt.

    hahahahaha. Its should be a crime against humanity to go out in public without six pack abs.

  • ????????

    33 disgusted

    Aniston fans only see what they want.

  • Jess0

    JJ you should only post hotties! This is not nice to look at.

  • [marie]

    I love pot-bellied men…is he single?

  • J Peezy

    What a fat ass. He looks like shit for 37. Get a personal trainer and a dietician Vince, unless you’re GOING for that sloppy guido look for an upcoming movie role.

  • ****

    Sorry, I just vomitted all over the front of my shirt. Jesus Jared, put the shirtless shots of unsightly middle-aged torsos after the jump. My stomach can’t handle it otherwise.

  • angie

    Did we really have to see this? Aren’t there enough problems in the world without having to be exposed to this? Ewwwwwwww…

  • Jess

    STILL HOT!!! Slippery when wet !!

  • Lisa

    #37, you and me BOTH!!! I LOVE heavier-set men, too. and I’m just almost creaming my panties looking at that very first pic right next to the article where it looks as though those shorts are about to fall off….damn, I’d love to get a glimpse of that c*ck!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….DAMN VINCE, I LOVE YOU!! I just want to have the wildest, wettest time with you, and I’ll bet you give it good, too!!!

  • memyselfi

    damn vince is fat is he pregnant when is he going to have his baby