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Brooklyn Sucks on a Toy Hammer

Brooklyn Sucks on a Toy Hammer

Victoria Beckham leaves the “19 Entertainment” offices in Los Angeles and drives off in her custom Bentley with sons Brooklyn, 8, and Romeo, 4.

Brooklyn was seen play fighting paparazzi with his plastic toy hammer and sucking on its head. The boy fit the entire thing in his mouth!

Inset and below: David Beckham arrives at London’s Heathrow Airport on Sunday.

More pictures inside of Beckham‘s hammer time…

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brooklyn beckham toy hammer 01
brooklyn beckham toy hammer 02
brooklyn beckham toy hammer 03
brooklyn beckham toy hammer 04
brooklyn beckham toy hammer 05
brooklyn beckham toy hammer 06
brooklyn beckham toy hammer 07
brooklyn beckham toy hammer 08
brooklyn beckham toy hammer 09

Photos: David Dyson/Getty, Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • eh

    don’t those boys need carseats and seatbelts? And why is one of them riding in front??

  • lola

    romeo oh romeo!

  • BBperfume

    Victoria looks so out of place driving her car, u could tell she was used to being driven by other ppl by U.K elite standards, but now she’s trying soo hard to fit into the Hollywood Elite book.
    And I’ve seen the video on tmz, there’s no way that this woman can discipline those kids by heself, coz she’s too busy playing thir hot blonde big sister. Poor David is sweating to make the money while this bitch shops from dusk till dawn, and for those of you who believes she has money, she’s riding on the coattails of her husband. Remove Beckham from her last name, and she’s a nobody and y”all know that she was a mere back-up singer in spice Girls and the public didn’t even realise she was there most of the time, bcoz they rarely let her sing more than 5 words! She will ridule herself by going on tour with the Girls, bcoz she still doesn’t stand out with the rest of the Spice Girls. She better keep to DVB.

  • LJ

    #3 go away if you don’t like you are so ridiculous. Romeo is so cute..

  • Cynthia

    Romeo looks like both parents. Dave looking mahvelous like always! Love his tats! I don’t know whose tats are better his or Anthony Kiedis.

  • Caroline

    Victoria is such a great mother!And the boys are very cute!

  • Pop Crunch

    Cute kids.

    But why is an 8-year old sucking plastic toys? Isn’t he too old for that? Maybe Victoria should spend less time with her Hollywood image and actually raise her kids.

  • jjjj

    How hot can one man be? He’s PERFECTON. Cute kids too.

  • hehe

    wow, i thought kids under 12 can’t sit in the front and doesn’t a 4 y/o still needs a car seat? Hmmmm…

  • jane doe

    Where are the carseats for these kids? And the 8 year should absolutely not be in the front seat! Someone call child protective services ASAP!!

  • Huh?

    He’s not even that good-looking…

  • Claudia

    Car seats? For a 4 year old? Oh come on…

  • TT

    first of all how do u know he isn’t in a car seat maybe it’s one of those small ones that only fit on the chair 2. All because brooklyn is sucking on the hammer dosen’t make him a baby or anything like that maybe he just doing it because he is bored. people tend to do weird stuff when their bored.3. NO ONE should go crticizing other people’s kids wen you know very well you are a nut job on your own. 4. there are kids all over the country riding in the front seat some of them younger than romeo especially spoilt american kids.

    those kids are pretty adorable

  • bite me

    why the fuck is her mouth always open

  • Kiki

    Brooklyn is old enough to be sitting in the front seat and he doesn’t look like he’s too small for it at all.(but i have no idea why he’s sucking on a toy hammer)
    Romeo is such a cutie!!!! and besides that he’s old enough not to be in a car seat, he’s 4!!

  • Oh Well

    I do not care for the Beckhams, but i also don’t care for the statement made about Brooklyn and his toy hammer it is soooo
    Prez Hilton(((((((shaking my head)))))))) :sad:
    any thing for the almighty dollar.

  • TT

    it’s a hammer filled with air like the mother’s head

  • Nick

    Claudia #12

    “Car seats? For a 4 year old? Oh come on…”

    Seriously, in the UK, they just enforced a new law here and you have to have a car seat till the age of 11! Crazy huh?

    The thing I would be more worried about is the fact that she has two kids, in a Bentley, with cream seats…maybe it’s the OCD in me that keeps screaming ‘OMG…NOOOO!’

  • Nadia

    she should smile more often

  • [~Famous~]

    ayooo! son, take the hammer out ya mouth! lmaooo dude got the mean throat game haha

  • susie

    She seriously does not have those car seats personalized with the initials of the fam? That is beyond corny…I will never understand the fascination with this family…Beckham isn’t even the best football player out there…definitely all about his looks…and Posh looks like a deranged barbie…with that ridiculous pursing of the lips, the boobs that look like metal and the bony body…

    But at least leave the kids alone…they’re cute and they can’t help it they were born to those 2…and if she doesn’t have him in a car seat, then she should…and get off the kid with the toy hammer…if he’s 8, that’s not unusual to be playing with it…a lot of kids still play with toys at 8…don’t try to take their imagination away too early!!

  • Shira

    Maybe she doesn’t know about the carseat laws here? A 4 years old DOES have to be in a booster seat, for all we know Romeo is in one though, we might not see it. Brooklyn is tall enough for the front seat. Why he is sucking on a hammer I have no clue, maybe he’s bored. Victoria’s a good mom but the carseat laws here and the ones in Spain might be different and she just doesn’t know yet??

  • Diana

    Maybe their car comes with integrated booster seats.

    I think the younger ones look just like David, specially when looking at his pics when he was younger.

  • Shrugging an atlas

    Maybe we’ve got another example of UK vs USA here with regards to the car seat/kid in front seat debate…in the UK it’s fine to have a kid in the front seat at any age & I believe you only need car seats if they are under a certain height (but everyone has to be seatbelted in) but since they’re in the US perhaps someone should tell them of the US rules, lol!

  • sisi

    for god sake it’e just a kid playing leave them alone

  • black

    Ok, I´ll try this…..

    The oldest son, Brooklyn (cool name by the way), looks like his mother.

    The second oldest, Romeo, takes more after his dad- except for the eyes.

    And the youngest one, forgot his name….looks like…..his mom, no?

  • miranda

    are you kidding me? :’) i was allowed to sit in the front seat when I was like 5! and my 8 year old brother gets to sit at front just as much as me and im much older.. aand my nephew is 5 and he stopped using a carseat a few months ago, so i really don’t see anything wrong with brooklyn sitting in front and romeo not using a car seat! but i don’t think this is a good car to ride your kids in.. they should buy another car, more of a family car you know!! they can afford it

  • jx

    I just love looking at Romeo. What a handsome boy. His coloring is beautiful – different from his brothers. And yes, the older he gets, the more he looks like david. The other two more like their mom so far.

  • douche

    What a fugly woman she is, she tries so hard to fit into Hollywood, but just ends up looking like a joke. Geez she looks so uncomfortable driving, has this b*tch just passed her driving test or what?

    Anyone with kids know that they should be wearing seatbelts, but oh no Posh is too busy trying to look good rather than thinking of the safety of her children.

    PS – Beckham is ok, but he’s not even that good a soccer player. The only reason Posh is with him is because without him no one would give a sh*t about her.

  • Ana

    uuuuh… how interesting!
    A boy sucking on his toy hammer! Interestiiiing…

    Two words:

    Stupid Backhammania!

  • Kellie

    Oh lay off, Victoria is a fantastic mother!
    Romeo is old enough not to need a car seat.

    And on looks, Romeo and Cruz look most like Victoria, Brooklyn looked more like her when he was alot younger but looks much more like David now.

  • Kellie

    Oh, and for all those people who think Victoria was nothing without him, she made him. No-one outside of the soccer world even knew who he was until she started dating him.

  • The Whole Beckham Family is TOTALLY 100% OVER-RATED!

    You ppl are CRAZY! She is in the U-S-of A! She needs to adhere to OUR CAR-SEAT LAWS! Romeo DEFINTIELY needs to be either in a CAR SEAT or a BOOSTER– it’s all dependent on WEIGHT! And from the looks of him- he looks slight and thin… Someone in CALI call DSS on this anorexic MESS! If it’s “good enough” fot Britney, then it’s “good enough” for this over-rated NUISANCE!

    Anyone with 1/2 a brain would put their child’s SAFETY BEFORE their own NARCISSISTIC NEED of being photographed by the PAPS!

    She SERIOUSLY needs to drive herself off a cliff! She is beyond USELESS!

    (Also- side note, I TOTALLY agree with you # 3- You are so “on target” about her no-talent a**!)

  • Frankie

    Ewww she is ugly as hell. WTF is wrong with her face? and that nose needs some kind of plastic surgery done to it. What a publicity hoe she is.

    That kid in the back seat looks like his mom, he’s definatley not cute.

    The b*tch needs to eat a burger.

  • Julotta

    Brooklyn is just entertaining himself with that hammer, doing what thousands of other little boys would do. And li’l Romeo is adorable.


    Love the Beckhams!! – where fashion and music meet! – Get on in the CLUB if you wanna have fun!

  • courtney

    u can tell that romeo is on a booster seat because is head is up high on the VB sign and on splash movies u see david puting him in the car!!!(and he has a booster in the uk ther law is u should be in a booster till u are a spesial high and brooklyb is tall and he has a seat belt on!!!

    love them

  • Addyson

    If I recall correctly, age for the most part doesn’t matter with car seats as long as you are over 4’9″…so maybe Romeo’s taller that we think.

  • Addyson

    That last post was misworded….the boys look like they are both in booster seats because look how tall they look compared to Victoria. There is no way Brooklyn is that tall.

  • simone

    HEY!!!, Number 26 there is nothing wrong with romeos eyes, their BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://jUSTJARED R33LEST

    LMFAO!! Victoria don’t u c Brooklyn sucking on dat toy? come on tell him 2 take it out dats so gross.he’s put’n da whole thing in his mouth lol!!