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Janice Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Janice Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Janice Dickinson and her underwear-clad male models take to the streets and join PETA’s “We’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” Protest on Hollywood Blvd. on Monday. She just instituted a “fur-free” policy for The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

“By showing some of our skin, we hope to help save animals’ skins,” said Janice.

The former top supermodel was carried on the shoulders by J.P. Calderon.

20+ pictures inside of Janice and her near-naked models…

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Photos: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • carla


  • krufh

    yeah right!!!!

  • nika

    That sure grabbed the media attention lol. Although I´d would have chosen a different approach.

  • funny

    i love to look at male models. does she still have a tv show? i know some ppl dont think plastix surgery is good but i think janice looks great.

  • lame

    those guys arent real models. they look like street hustlers. they shave their legs for god sake. nasty. what are they swimmers?

  • KrungKrung

    is c. cox dirty show still going on on fx channel? never watch the show, just wondered bout it.

  • feras

    that’s what i am talking about baby

    going NAKED @_@

  • blahhhh

    a bunch of dudes with small dicks..wait can u say d i c ks on here?….yeah with a washed up old “supermodel”…git over yourselves..there are more pressing issues in the world other than your dumbasses “not wearing fur” even though you know if u walk into that womans closet i bye there are multiple furs…lame…

  • blahhhh

    I know I misspelled…but that shizz is supid

  • 2985

    I think it’s nice that she’s done that. :) I’ve seen footage how fur is obtained and it’s nasty, way nastier than how they slaughter animals for meat. An electricity-charged stick up your anal hole anyone? It’s done that way so the rest of the ‘fur’ isn’t damaged…sheesh…

    Hey blahhh, how do you know those guys’ dicks are small? Have you done anything with em? ;)

  • Sally Kirkland *yes, its really me! :)*

    the one on the left of her is hot. i can see some of his penis. whats his name?


    todays protest was an exhilaratingly emotional experience!


    todays protest was an exhilaratingly emotional experience!


    She is so funny, I love her! – Where fashion talk and music style meet!
    Get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun –

  • Veg

    It’s official. I LOVE Janice Dickinson. This is so important, wish there were more like her.

  • Lady

    You know the funny thing about PETA people is that they so love to protest against fur and yet many of them wear leather!!!

    if you want people to take you seriously drop the leather boots, shoes, jacket, and bags….

  • Jess

    Rofl, that’s hilarious. Wish I lived there. Go Janice!

  • Jim

    Loved it !! Another excude to get naked.

    Does anyone know if the show is coming back ? I kinda like seeing all her male models wandering around in their undies.

  • 2985

    #16, how do you know it’s leather and not vinyl? Some vinyl really does look like leather. Leather is also a byproduct from the meat industry, so in a way I kind of see it as not wasting things anyway, whereas fur IS produced just for that. The animals are then discarded, very wasteful in that manner too boot. You could say that fur is really not necessary, unless you’re an Inuit living in what is now rapidly shrinking and warming icy climates. I’m not vegetarian or anything, I just don’t eat that much meat at all. Man meat is another matter though, some of those guys in the protest are delish! :lol:

  • Mmmmm

    I am sorry but I am sure her $500 a pair shoes are leather and all her designer bags. She is Lindsey L in 30 years, drugged up and still feels the need to show off her body.

  • susie

    uh oh, Janice is the latest celeb to join the hypocritical and completely corrupt offices of PETA…I myself prefer the Humane Society, but I am also 100% anti-fur…if she is that serious, then she should boycott Vogue and all the other mags that run a huge fur fall special every year…just saw Vogue and there are pages filled with every type of leather/fur possible this month…if one of her models had the chance to make the cover wearing Michael Kors, Versace, or any other designer who sells fur, let’s see if she’d remain firm in her beliefs…

  • jo

    love it!!nice to see people who likes animals.

  • eh

    If my bod still looked like that at her age I’d be showing it off too. More power to her!

  • ♥yes♥

    i see some B A L L S!

    she has grandma legs

  • Sandra McCarthy

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I love her EVEN MORE!!! I adored watching her on reality shows and always wondered if she was compassionate towards animals. I hate when I like someone and then see them in a fur because it’s all over then… For the jerk who posted a negative comment about how there are other more important issues: how dare you!! Who’s to say what’s more important? Definitely NOT YOU! Also, animals don’t have a VOICE! They suffer in silence whereas all the stuff happening to humans on the planet is being done BY humans and is being represented not just by the very victims themselves vocally, but also by humans that care about their causes. Who’s to say what cause is more important then what, but I’ll tell you one thing, fur is the definitely one of the MOST DISTURBING attrocities to animals on the planet. Animals ARE being skinned alive for it. I have a friend that saw a video of a fox being skinned alive because they didnt’ want to hurt the fur with any other damaging method!! She said it was left with a fur mask and was panting and suffering!! It’s HORRRRRRRRRRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Janice, you rock!!!

  • monique

    Did you see that one of the guys is showin some serious schrote sack. haha

  • bataglio

    eh. when you junk can be covered up w/one hand – it’s pathetically inadequate

  • ash

    Thank you Janice and everyone involved. How can designers turn their backs on the obvious evidence of how heinous fur is? I agree that all the magazines and designers should be protested against until they stop promoting fur.

  • wopboptorledo

    Their caucasions of course they have small…….

  • bab2010

    I like Janice — she keeps it real!

    And for those of you who didn’t know: JDMA has been renewed for season 3! So that means more hot bodies, more Janice and more drama!

  • Bella

    that is totally nasty what Janice is doing because she is like really a good actress moviestar whatev but she should NOT be showing off her body like that and neither should her models.

  • Mike

    Janice you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tyra is a nigger!!!!!!!!!!

  • centerfolds

    Great idea on doing this, I enjoyed watching those male models…