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Mariah Carey Gets Naked for 'Interview'

Mariah Carey Gets Naked for 'Interview'

The naked truth from the world’s biggest diva.

A naked Mariah Carey graces the September 2007 cover of Interview magazine, which hits newsstands on Tuesday, August 28.

Mariah naked. The superstar in bed with two mystery men and telling all in a candid new interview from her mega-million dollar breakup to her breakdown, and the pressures of being Mariah.”

What’s Mariah up to these days?

“I’m finishing up my record right now,” she recently told People. “It’s my favorite music I’ve ever done, basically. And I’m in a movie called Tennessee – I play Krystal. The character is very different from me and I think people are going to be surprised – she’s very unglamorous, very raw.”

Another Mariah Carey movie!!! Can we say excited!!!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Mariah’s naked “Interview” cover — HOT or NOT?

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  • bite me

    go Mimi

  • suspicious package

    Great. I need new eyes now.

  • Dieter

    she hasn´t a fat butt, she just a xl-frame, which is wonderful btw !!!

  • Jill

    She looks like she’s thinking. I’d rather be fully naked rather than holding this tablecloth….j/k

  • broken toe

    not sure what she’s trying to channel here – looks to me like the plumber just walked in.

  • dindin

    whats up with mariah? does she need more money by posing naked?

  • Violette

    She looks really uncomfy.

  • BBperfume

    There is no difference between pornography and High Fashion photos these days.

  • Kate

    Oh my god – she should cover up. Who wants to see that!

  • JustAsking

    Singers will do anything to boost their record sales.

  • oldpic

    She doesn’t look comfortable – this pose is so forced – wonder who’s bright idea it was to do that and why she gave in. Bye the way to the person who said she had an XL frame – so wrong – she is normal – it is the anorexic individuals that are making normal look extra large.

  • Yasuri Yamileth

    Can’t this cow do anything else but get naked all the time? Seriously, you’re 37 and we’ve seen it all before, put some clothes on and sing. I used to love Mariah until she became so vacuous and obsessed with showing me her tits and how “sexy” she is.

  • http://htt// b


  • Nadia

    she looks like she has to go for a shit

  • [~Famous~]


  • tom

    she looks hot !!!! kindda cute.. i can’t wait 4 her new album !

  • Evelyn Fern

    Does not look good at all,everytime i see her she reminds me of a porn star.

  • timo

    she should definitly stop showing off that much skin…

  • sally

    HORRIBLE pose!

  • Jen

    she is disgusting. ew i hate it.

  • talia

    she’s ugly

  • Ace Tomato


  • Gia Jolie

    Great singer. But that’s it. She looks cheap. She needs to cover up. She seriously rivals her counterpart – Mary Carey.

  • joy

    Mariah! your such a great singer why are u doing this!

  • Zoe

    My eyes, my eyes. I’m blind! Yuck Mariah, cover up with a garbage bag or something. You are just not sexy or talented.

  • tom

    omg… 4 all the ppl replaying negativly i have a news flash 4 u: u r not funny !!!! stop trying 2 be so !! i’m pretty sure she’s hotter than most of u… give me a break !! and 4 the one who said that she’s doing that to boost her sales i have another news flash 4 u: she doesn’t need to !!! her latest record sold 12 milion copies sorldwide and her fragrance is already a best seller on Elizabith Arden’s online shop before even hitting the stores in September !!! she’s successful,hot and beautiful; so all of u haters can shut up now.

  • CT

    This is so sad and desparate.

  • Mmmmm

    Her lack of clothes shows lack of confidence in herself, but the girl does have pipes

  • tom

    i can’t understand what’s the big deal about it ??? a harmless photoe shoot.. she’s proud of her body.. big deal !! u ppl r getting mad because u won’t dare do like she does.

  • pancakebottom

    To bad her voice isn’t enough.
    If it were,she wouldn’t embarrass herself as much.

  • tom

    to pancakebottom:
    her voice is waaaaaaaay more than enough.. get ur ears cleaned.

  • Sprinkles

    Is there ever a picture of her WITH clothes on. Must we always see her naked! UGH!

  • wrkoutgrl


  • Sinna

    I love Mariah’s music, she’s on my top list of great singers, however, I have to agree that is pic is tacky and lack class. The pic does not look professional, like one of those home-made-i’m-trying-to-look-sexy-hurry-up-gurl-and-take-my-da mn-picture, because I can’t hold this pose any longer kind of pic. And what’s with the tablecloth. She need to start dressing her age and show a little bit more class. Enough with the too tight, too short clothes. Leave that crap for the trainwrecks…Lins, Brit, Paris, Jess and the other up and coming trainwrecks…Rumer. You have too much talent for that Mariah.

  • Tiana

    When will this woman grow the fuck up!!!!!!!!!


    Do what she does, and then we’ll talk. Until then SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

    If you don’t like her, why the fuck did you click this article. Shit, some people are so fucking stupid!!

  • http://www.justjared cook


  • daisy

    can you say photo shop photo shop now you know mooriah doesn’t look half as good as the photos.

  • Tiana

    hahahahahah Moooooooooooooriah

  • jj

    Gratuitous. Adds nothing. Women stop whoring yourselves. Really. emough already. Get back your self-respect!

  • http://JustJared Quanah

    hi you guy need to shut up because she looks great don’t hate she has more body then you.

  • http://JustJared Quanah

    you guy need to shut up because she looks great don’t hate because she has more body then you.

  • Katie N

    She is of course a extremly sexy, voluptuous woman. But this pose is not natural. the photo shoot choreographer or whoever needs to be fired.

  • yuck

    Looks very photoshopped.

  • MC stop this bull

    As a mariah fan i’m disappointed and ashamed. This is scandalous!!! Mariah, you’re 37, please act like it!!!

  • eh

    the world’s biggest diva

    literally. yuck.

  • Terry

    37? I wonder how photoshopped this is…

  • SweetyKat

    Mariah looks great and I love her!

    I must admit though, if I were her, I wouldn’t do it. But I’m NOT her.

    C’mon people, is there ever going to be a time when everyone can just say, “to each his own?” Everyone has a right to his/her own opinion, but not everyone is raised/reared the same, exposed to the same way of life. I mean some people just don’t have any morals at all and often times it’s because they only know what they were taught. Have your say, but you don’t have to be mean or cruel about it! AND STOP JUDGING PEOPLE!!!!!

  • Aeon fan-lurker

    36 FUCK ALL THE HATERS : 08/21/2007 at 3:36 pm

    Amen. I like her. She is about to turn 40 and she looks good.

    If you got it and its your thing then flaunt it.

    It is not for everybody…but that is her thing. Plus she can sing.

    That’s my girl.

  • pancakebottom


    That’s the point genius. Her voice is beautiful, she does not need to flash that big body of hers.