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Mel B's "Hello" Magazine Tell-All

Mel B's

Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, gives a no-holds-barred interview to HELLO! magazine. She talks intimately about the secret wedding to her “best buddy” film producer Stephen Belafonte and her two daughters — 8-year-old Phoenix Chi and her 4-month-old baby Angel Iris.

On Stephen’s relationship with his 3-year-old, Gisele: “When you see a man around his daughter and they’re so hands on… it’s just gorgeous.”

On Stephen’s surprise proposal (two months after Angel’s birth): “I took one big, deep breath and said, ‘Yes’ “as well as going, ‘Thank you, God! Don’t let me down a third time’.”

On how she is putting the difficulties of her relationship with Eddie Murphy (Angel’s father) behind her: “He gave me the best gift ever, which is a beautiful, healthy baby. How can I be mad at that?”

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  • Jolie-pitt 4ever

    first. good 2 c che doing good after murphy

  • Mmmmm

    Not sure why she has to put her dirty laundry out there, granted she needs to make Eddie accountable but this public stuff is gross esp since the kids will one day see/read all of this.

  • jo

    her husband is crippy and nasty.

  • Pop Crunch

    I hope they do well. He seems to be a good family man.

    Also, this is the first picture I’ve seen where Stephen actually looks all right.

  • Mia

    She the biggest has been ever you will do anything for money and publicity she will milk this situation for all it’s worth.

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  • jo

    He bludgeoned a duck with a brick…what an asshole, what kind of example going to project to mel’s babies.

  • HDizley

    This lady is straight-up crazy. Asking God not to let her down a third time. Hey Bitch, here’s an idea: don’t marry a shady guy two months after you gave birth to a baby from another man!

  • BBperfume

    Oh hell No! I don’t get it that she says Eddie gave her a beautiful gift, bcoz she can have a dozen more if she sleeps with any men without using rubber.

    I think she has aged a lot since her Spice girl days. Now she will look like the aunty of the group.

  • Sinna

    Why didn’t they put his child and her other daughter in the pics, are they not part of the family also. I used to feel bad for this girl when Eddie denied her child, and was happy when the kid came out to be his. Now, I just wish she would go away, because she is certainly milking this whole situation, and the pathetic part of it, she is using an innocent child in the process (that’s a cute baby though).
    And BBperfume. What a stupid statement about her aging, honey we all age. The Spice Girls was what, almost 13 years ago. Did you expect her to stay looking young. Time don’t stand still for anyone.

  • Fiona

    She looks good on this picture, and good she found happiness. I think she did what any woman will do when a father denies that the baby is not his, even worse not paying child support when he is well off. Good for her!

  • LJ

    Sinna, maybe BBperfume don’t age, he/she is always young.LOL

  • Ruth

    I certainly hope that she will be happy with her new husband but I cannot understand why she runs to the media with all her very private business. Obviously she was in a very difficult situation with Murphy and it can’t have been easy going through a pregnancy whilst the father denies that he could be the father and starts dating another woman with whom he is now engaged. As for her new husband being a good family man – he was arrested for beating the mother of his daughter several years ago and was sent for therapy so I really hope that she won’t regret marrying him so quickly after the fiasco with Murphy.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Well Good! Put the past behind her and move forward. Yes! Eddie did provide her w/ a beautiful baby. She w/ a new husband who, seems very nice. Live and enjoy life now!

  • Lila

    Hopefully time has passed and they have all grown. I’m all for moving on



  • Rio

    That baby don’t look like no damn Eddie Murphy,I see why he left her a**.It’s going to be hard for the child growning up around people who don’t resemble it.

  • Rio

    That baby don’t look like no damn Eddie Murphy,I see why he left her a**.It’s going to be hard for the child growning up,around people who don’t resemble it.

  • Lady

    She looks beautiful, and the baby is so damn cute….Eddie was a jerk, he dumped her because Tracey is lighter, the man likes light skin women, Mel was too dark for him – a temporary fill in…

    blah blah blah

  • Katie N

    What a cutie pie that baby is. I sure wish them a happy life for the baby’s sake.

  • Sandbitch

    A “beautiful gift” that keeps on giving… I’m sure they’ll spend Eddie’s money well.

  • missk

    The only time you see her with the baby is when she’s trying to sell her story or for publicity shots. She’s beyond trashy, almost as bad as Jordan.

  • shirosy

    mel b is nice. and her baby is very cute:-)

  • Kellie

    Awww Angel is a cutie.

    I support Mel, but I think she’s made her point about Eddie.
    He’s not worth anymore of her time.

    But whatever, she seems happy with Stephen, so that’s good, and he has a daughter about Phoenix’s age, and they seem to get on, very cute.


    Cute! All the best to them! – where fashion and music meet! – Get on in the CLUB if you wanna have fun!

  • A person

    What a horrible woman. She and her fellow spice girl Victoria do not keep anything to themselves. Why do they have to go public with every single detail of their family life? And VB too is just a member of a girl band that was about a fad, “girl power” its not that they contributed to the field of music.