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Zac Efron is an Underwear Flasher

Zac Efron is an Underwear Flasher

Camera shy Zac Efron tries to dodge the paparazzi yet again on Tuesday, running to his Oldsmobile Alero after a quick cup of coffee at diner-style Paty’s restaurant in Toluca Lake, Calif. (He wore the same t-shirt to the gym earlier this month.)

Zac sure loves to wear his pants down low, flashing his plaid boxers. Sexy!

Yesterday, Zac made a similar mad dash for the gym.

In movie news… Hairspray has become only the third recent musical to cross the $100 million mark at the domestic box office after Chicago and Dreamgirls, according to Variety.

Zanessa rehearse “Gotta Go My Own Way”
Don’t ask about Zac‘s sky high hair!

10+ pictures inside of Zac flashing his underwear

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zac efron underwear flasher 01
zac efron underwear flasher 02
zac efron underwear flasher 03
zac efron underwear flasher 04
zac efron underwear flasher 05
zac efron underwear flasher 06
zac efron underwear flasher 07
zac efron underwear flasher 08
zac efron underwear flasher 09
zac efron underwear flasher 10

Photos: Danielle/Zfi/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Barbara

    I hope this kid doesn’t go crazy with all the attention. You know his private life is over now.

  • tm

    lawl at the acting in front of the camera.

  • tugba

    yeah..and is zac´s hair? did he cut it?

  • Just Jared

    I just meant for the video, Zac’s hair is abnormally high. Funny looking, haha.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Oh my Gah!!! Niiicccee! Hayden Christensen likes to wear his pant’s swung low like that too. It’s makes you just want to pull those pants right off! lol!

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  • Stacy

    HAHAHA Jared I totally agree with you about the high hair in the video. When I first saw that I started laughing. His pants are a little low, I dont understand how they stay up.

  • suzy

    the video is so sweet. love vanessa she looks so pretty in the video.

  • mac

    But Jared, tell us what we really want to know… what color was the bracelet today? lol!

  • Jeanette

    Zac loooks so hot Zac is such a hottie I ♥ Zac!

  • emma

    lol omg he’s so fcking hott. haha. love you zac.

  • Nana

    Zac looks hot with the sky high hair!

  • jenny

    hes so blah 2 me now
    love that song i hope they air it on kiss fm
    vanessa looks beautiful
    where is she these days

  • Orphan Annie

    When you said flashing underwear, I was hoping for a thong. Drat.

  • viviana

    Ok…Where is Vanessa? Why don’t we see them together anymore???

  • Susan

    those pants are sure hanging low
    but i looks so hot.

    zac is one gorgeous boy thats for sure

  • Baklita ako

    That is abnormally low. His shirt is small, so he doesnt need to bring his arms up to show off his boxers. I just saw one bum sporting the same style and I said eeewwww.

  • Abc22

    I swear this guy can never look bad :) he is ALWAYS gorgeous! The sad thing about all these photo’s of Zac – the poor guys life is now intensely under the microscope! I hope he can handle it :)

  • LIndalis


  • sofia

    i luv his hair

  • Violette

    There’s definetly been a lack of Zanessa sightings recently, hope that all is well with those two, love them together.

  • mac

    I agree Abc22. While I think Zac looks great, you can definitely see a difference between these types of pictures and ones he takes on say the red carpet. These past few photos from this week especially, he just looks like he wants to be so left alone, like he’s pissed, thinking, “i’m just a dude with an oldsmobile with purple stripes trying to get coffee cause i cant make it myself, leave me alone” lol. I guess that’s the price you pay for being on the cover of rolling stone and rolling stone broadcasting where they interviewed him/his favorite place for breakfast.

    Viviana, Jared posted pics yesterday of Vanessa in NYC at a Broadway show which is probably why she wasn’t with him in these pictures. I mean, i’m a new fan and all so maybe i dont know but they aren’t like living together or anything are they? i wouldnt expect them to be joined at the hip, especially now thanks to the paparazzi.

  • ilsvont

    Man this kid seems pretty lame, i am sure he really admires mediocre talents like John Mayer and such. Blast off into mediocrity.


    okay, he looks really gay.

  • Rosas Ácidas

    he is SO gay…

  • Steph


  • bettybaby

    they are sooooo cute together–i like his hair like that. i love that song, and i love how they can’t help but smile at each other. oh, and btw, zac always seems to wear his pants that way. i think most young guys do. and as usual, he’s hot!

  • viviana

    Thanks, Mac. I asked because she’s back from NY. but I imagine they’ll do the impossible NOT to be seen together.

  • kaitlyn h

    awee he’s so gorge !!!
    =] love himm .

    and high school musical 2
    was pretty amazing

  • lakeisha

    ZAK looks hot here.he kinda looks like a young Jude Law here…he is growing to be such a beautiful and sexy young man…so stylish and classy too…he has outgrown his little boylook, but I sometimes still see that littleboy face with the physique of a gorgeous grown upman….
    no wonder he has so many haters, but I wonder what they get outof allthat negativity…

  • irishdancex3

    haha do u see those people in the back? lol. aww the zanessa video is cute. i love them together. i think thats the outfit he wore on the good morning america show…

  • mac

    I have to admit, certain celebrities I can totally understand hating and the haters, but Zac, I don’t get it or see why people hate him so passionately, other than jealousy because he’s good looking, successful by a young working actor’s standards, and by all accounts, seems like a decent, grounded guy, especially by today’s standards of our working actors.

    The guy is on the cover of rolling stone and STILL drives an oldsmobile with purple stripes and lives in an apartment in the valley! How can you hate him? does he have to go to rehab twice, or prison, or have a boyfriend to be loved??

  • vancouver

    Why do some of you people think that just because someone is paid to be in movies and on the covers of magazines that they also deserve to be hounded by paps when they go for a cup of coffee? What they do is a job and being on magazine covers is part of the business. We all like going to movies, watching tv, right? They get paid to entertain us. So what? I don’t think that should open them up to being followed around when they are trying to go to the gym. He’s in a whole different category than the celebs who make a spectacle of themselves every time they go out just so they’ll be photographed. It’s just like people who complain about how much professional athletes get paid. If you think its so terrible and you want to make a social statement, then stop going to see them.

  • bite me

    such a pretty girl… i mean boy

  • http://no paris

    oh my god
    he look so cute

  • cathy

    aww their so cute together

  • christy

    as much as i love seeing pictures of him, i hate the fact that he’s being followed by the paparazzi now. i hope he’ll be able to handle it.

  • mylabs

    Poor guy. I won’t be suprised if he goes crazy w/ all those photographers.

    Yeah where is Vanessa these days, still in NY?

  • jenny

    He should be so lucky! One cinema movie and two made-for-tv movies and he’s here now? I wouldnt be dashing from the papz. I would be soaking up thr 15 minutes the best I can!!

  • blah

    i still don’t know who this twink is but he looks like he’s trying to be tom welling.

  • courtney

    i can not believe they called that song a tear-jerker. they’re not serious are they?

  • danielle

    i want to see zanessa again i miss them

  • evan

    ohh cool. i still cant believe he has his alero. i mean with all the money hes goteen and all that. i would have thought he would have bought another one by now. but eh whatever. but anywayss. i think zac efron is the coolest. and really really nice. i dont know why ppl hate him so much. what looks so gay about him? looks pretty straight to me. peace outt.

  • Jacqueline

    zac, your awesome. but don’t you have any other pants?!

  • Mike

    Wearing your pants that low is retarded. Definitely a fad that people will make fun of in years to come.

  • http://justjared Bri

    I think Zac and Vanessa broke up because I havent seen them together lately or maybe they see each other in private because of that stupid paparazzi.

  • bengourion

    Go on zac!
    He make me think that we,jews,are the best coz we have the best actors!

  • sweetie

    i loved zac’s sky high hair. ‘gotta go my own way’ is a great song and v sang it well. i miss zanessa pics!!

  • krisy

    i wish he would cut his hair! and get rid of that outfit! then he would look hot like he used to!