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Angelina Jolie's New Shiseido Ads

Angelina Jolie's New Shiseido Ads

It seems that Angelina Jolie is still Shiseido’s spokesmodel as new ads featuring the pilllow-lipped star have surfaced for Shiseido’s “Integrate” make-up line. Angie‘s first ads hit the Internet exactly the same time last year.

Orlando Bloom‘s Shiseido ads were debuted earlier this week as well.

In party news… Angelina and Brad Pitt will soon be attending a swanky dinner in the Hamptons to raise funds for Brad‘s work in helping rebuild New Orleans, according to E! Online. Two Tribeca Film Festival cofounders will host the party — superproducer Jane Rosenthal and her husband Craig Hatkoff.

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • ntt


  • amanda

    first! gorgeous

  • ntt

    First. :lol:

  • aqua


  • Yuliana

    Beautiful! Please Jared, post more!

  • jy


  • ali

    flawless,what would it be like to look like her.

  • {SJ}


  • May

    hmmm, beautiful as always

  • Natalie

    DUH, they airbrush every ad these days. Still, she is naturally gorgeous and stunning. Love her.

  • kuky


  • no longer a lurker

    elegantly beautiful!

    granted that her pics may be airbrushed, the fact that she’s being asked to endorse named brands is no small feat. how many years has she been endorsing shiseido? plus, there’s sj knits which is not just an ordinary clothing line.

  • Apple

    Wow! she’s a unique individual, very bueutiful.

  • jy

    People say she even looks more beautiful in person.

  • curious

    oh my gosh she is beautiful.she is fan-freaking-tastic.what can I say more?

  • curious

    brad and angie both are very lucky to have each other.

  • SR

    Talk about photoshopped to the max! Doesn’t even look like her.

  • nice

    brad and angelina are very lucky lucky to have each other..they have a 4 beautiful children..they have money in the banks but very down-to-earth people..they are willing to help less fortunate people and this makes them beautiful inside and out..

  • repost from Brad 2 thread

    384 the whole truth

    Pitt said he and his partner, actress Angelina Jolie, who was not present Tuesday, plan to continue living part time in New Orleans with their children.

    “There’s so much of the culture that’s here, unlike any other city,” he said. “We can almost live a normal life here.”

    Seems as if they have found their base outside LA.

    Angelina is just too beautiful for words. Brad is one lucky man and he knows it.

  • shane

    hey SR, if the ad didn’t look like her then it must not be her and no reason for you to post. lol

    Angelina is simply stunning ang beautiful. Not even airbrushing can’t hide that fact.

  • jordan

    brad I hate you .why you should have her by your side.and sleep next to her.

  • lylian

    Have to say, I prefer her au naturale. When she is with carrying her kids or grabbing a cup of coffeee in NO, or in the field with the refugees where you know she may not even had much water to wash her face – that’s when her beauty really shines through.

    As far as the ads go, I really really like the ads in SJK, where they dont’ seem to have done much airbrushing or make up. Of course the shiseido ads are to appeal to the Japanese market, Japanese ladies, who from my observations, have a wonderful, clearly Japanese sense of style.

    And of course, Angelina is still the face of Shiseido make up. Their spokes person said that when Angelina was used to advertise lipstick, lipstick sales for shiseido went up immediately by 25%.

    Money talks.

  • cutie


  • Di Na Natuto

    #17 are you kidding me, “doesnt even look like her”. Please! You must be looking at something else entirely. Most ads are photoshopped, but sometimes you can get away with good skin + flawless make-up. And what if it is photoshopped? You can’t deny Angelina’s beautiful features. It’s not like she suddenly grew a pair of those luscious ones through photo-editing!

  • jordan


  • tito

    Now lets repeat ourselves over and over and you know fight with the trolls and stuff.

  • tito


  • tito


  • tito


  • yuck

    Wow, she look stunning and totally gorgeous! I love her. I also thought that her commercials were fantastic too.

  • s.r

    I didn`t sleep well last night but coming here and see angie with this beautiful,stunning eyes makes me refresh,thank you angie

  • s.r


  • Love Angie

    She is the most gorgeous woman alive and Brad is the most gorgeous man on earth. They are totally suited to each other. They are always attached to the hip and hardly spend a day apart. People are just jealous to see a couple happy in love and enjoying their life. They are not letting the press intrusion getting in the way of their family life.

    I feel sorry for their children and I am just glad that they are too young to read any of the nasty press and malicious gossip.

  • Rubyrose77

    It nice to get work and come here and see the two beautiful people.she is so stunning .

  • s.r

    you know I believe that troll and tab have the most faith on them.and that`s why they try hard to complain about everything.b/c they can`t find anything wrong about them.

    you know tabs are in the group of people who always pray that this family won`t break up .b/c IF they don`t have this couple what they should talk about to sell their magz.

  • gin


  • s.r

    people I have to go work but fortunatly I can use my computer can some of the people who will see interview with brad send alive interview in this blog.

  • lulu

    To 17 SR :

    Yes, every ad are photoshop, but if a person is ugly, no amount of photoshop can’t chnage the uglinest. look at Maniston recent smart water ad, her skin lines were airbrushed but the big Dustin Hoffman nose and long chin and mega mandible were still there, still fugly.

  • http://deleted lulu

    I always think those catty green eyes were Angie best feature. too bad, Shiloh didn’t have them.

  • chi-chi

    she looks beautiful as usual!

  • truthbesaid

    Soooo Beautiful……. I’m in love again and again and again….

  • delilah


  • s.r

    I don`t know about your idol but for your information angie never tells lies to herself and other people.If she said she is happy and in love with brad.It is better for you to believe.

    and on the other hand,If they really care about tab and gossip,you think they would hide from papz about 2 weeks in the time that every press were talking about their split.NO they live their life and this kind of work such as this meeting is not kind of work that they schedual it in one weeks.and it is better for you to find better works for yourself than complaining about everything they do.

    If they take their kids everywhere you say they use them for PR and if they go out alone for some alone time you will say that they are very bad parents.If you don`t see them go out with each other you will say they split and if they go out you will say it is for PR.

    but sadly according to you they shouldn`t live at all.get life and talk about sth you know about it.

  • Z


  • truthbesaid

    Stunning , Lovely …total Gorgeousness…le sigh!

  • hihih

    Hahaha “airbrushed” ROTFL. You kids want perfection, that’s why everything’s airbrushed. Stop complaining. Giggity.

  • 2985

    I love that Angie’s candid pap pics also have the same flawless skin! I mean, considering how close some of the paps get, her skin always looks so clear and lovely, it’s amazing. Yeah, drug problems my a$$! People with drug problems (cigarettes, alcohol, meth, crack, etc.) have C R A P skin!!! She doesn’t. And she hardly wears any foundation too, obvious from all these pics where the color of her facial skin is the same as the neck and the rest. A lot of other people you can tell that the foundation shows through in the pics coz the face is usually lighter than the rest, have a look at any premiere/red carpet pics for a lot of actresses.

  • truthbesaid

    Brangelina Brawling: Okay so like every other couple in this world , they might argue and have rough spots. Give them time and breathing space… and the reunion make-up Pitt Porn session will be the better :)


    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Its getting hot in here. Dayum Angelina is lookin beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful. Your way tooooooo beautiful girl thats why we’ll never work you will have me……..when say is overrrr.

    Oh, wow she looks beautiful. Brad and Ange are just to hot together. I love them.


    She is perfection… – Where fashion and music talk meet!