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Bridget Moynahan Gives Birth!

Bridget Moynahan Gives Birth!

Actress Bridget Moynahan gave birth to a baby boy today in Los Angeles — John Edward Thomas Moynahan.

“Mother and baby are doing well,” her publicist Christina Papadopoulos said.

The baby’s father is ex-boyfriend, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who is dating Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Brady may have been at Bridget‘s bedside during the baby’s birth since he was not at football practice today. Entertainment Tonight reports Brady was in a Los Angeles hospital with flowers.

Moynahan and Brady dated for three years until their split in December 2006.

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  • laura

    Finally the kid arrives! Congrats to Bridget and Tom, you know the kid will be gorgeous

  • Karen

    Congratulations Bridget!

  • bite me

    financial set… oh congrats

  • Maggie


  • checkers

    I’ve always liked them both. i hope they get back together



  • Darryn

    General question to women out there: Would you rather have premarital sex or be a single mother?

  • littlechickadee1127

    Congrats to you both..I hope baby is healthy. I also hope you 2 get back together!!! You look so much more real than tom and gisele..sorry!

  • Margaret

    Let’s hope Gisele keeps her trap shut and out of the spotlight during this time. I heard she was in LA. Witch.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Poor kid, another hurdle to jump (celeb parents and their drama)

  • jess

    she got pregnant just to try and keep her man that is pathetic. hopefully she will love the child for himself and not for the tie he represents to tom. but tom seems to really care for the baby and i’m glad he didn’t let bridget rope him in, he will be a good father because by not getting back with her he proves that it is the baby he cares about not her. and gisele is handling this like a lady, so while i’m happy the baby is healthy i think bridget got her just desserts!

  • nika

    congrats bridget.

  • Neil

    It’s a different kind of world today. I allways liked Bridgett and Tom together but there you are. I am encouraged though because Tom’s relationship with his father is very important to him. Go Pats!

  • Rachel

    About time, she’s been pregnant forever! How come there’s like no info, not even the sex?!

  • a

    i don’t know anything about the crap that she got pregnant to save the relationship so won’t judge. but i love bridget, she’s great on ABC’s six degrees so congrats to her! hope she and baby will be healthy and happy. forget brady lol

  • Marbs84

    I don’t understand why he would still be with giselle? and what does that say about giselle who got togetehr with tom and knowing bridget is pregnant.

    bridget is way betetr looking than giselle. giselle without make-up is yucky!

  • Miapocca

    Congrate to Bridgette…who is tom ???
    hahahah yeah quite easily forgotten Mister Giselle picked out of the trash bin after Bridgette put him there…….after decrapio she couldnt find any free men wanting to get marreid…ahahahha

  • Ella_



  • pipi

    Congrats to them.
    I think they were broken up and Tom had already met Giselle when they found out Bridget was pregnant so I don’t see anything wrong with Brady moving on.

  • Another baby. Yay.

    All you romantics are hilarious… “Oh I hope they get back together now that she has his baby..” What generation are you from???? A baby doesn’t fix a broken relationship. Get that through your heads!

    And Gisele is ugly?? Ha! “Ugly” and “Victoria’s Secret model” in the same sentence? I would LOVE to see a picture of those of you that call Gisele ugly. I bet you’re fat, greasy, have missing teeth, and live in a trailer. Go look in the mirror (if you have one) and take a good look at yourself and ask yourself who’s better looking? Yourself or Gisele? Seriously, go and do it. I think you already know what the answer will be.

  • prison break fanatic

    i am with you ‘another baby’

  • Miapocca

    Giselle is not ugly, she is jsu twierd looking as tyra banks says you dont need to be pretty to be a model, her career is kep together by her height and purchased boobs….Victoria secrets dropped her lready, she cmae on teh scene when teh super modle swere dying off ans a new breed was yet to come on, but she tried flexing her muscles and they showed her the door…she can learn not to make the same mistakes as Noami Campell who she seems to imitatating..

    That said Giraffe and the dumbass jock deserve each other

    No two parent should be together because of a baby…if they coudl not be togther during the pregnancy it means something toxic went down.
    Theory I heard, and this is speculation also, is that Bridgetta got prego and Brady was not ready to be a father so she opted to be a single mother, and he moved on immediately to giselle to slave his ego. He was desperate to show the world and bridgette tha the didnt need a pregnant mama on his good for him, he can enjoy the mariage trap giselle is building for him, he may want to exchange notes with Leo while in LA..she was desperate to get married and he would not commit because apparently he likes cheating too much.
    Once Giselle has her claws in you its hard to extricate yourself ans Brady will find out soon enough when he tries to get away, so far she is every single place he goes..a little pesky fly…

    Good luck to bridgette and I sincerely hope that her life choices make her happy irrespectively of wether she continues her single motherhood or decides to marry someone in the future and hopefully NOT the dumbarse jock

    A clean break is best, kim , the pdiddy chief ho learned her lesson after 10 plus years..bridgette can do a lot better ..ahahah…

  • Miapocca

    Giselle is not ugly, she is just wierd looking as tyra banks says you dont need to be pretty to be a model, her career is kept together by her height and purchased boobs….Victoria secrets dropped her lready, she came on the scene when the super models were dying off and a new breed was yet to come on, but she tried flexing her muscles and they showed her the door…she can learn not to make the same mistakes as Noami Campell who she seems burnt on imitating..

  • nurse betty

    It’s a boy!

  • Deb

    Congrats to both parents!

  • Lollipop looks like a Angelina

    Highly doubt he was there by her side but I am sure he was close by.

  • susie

    how can anyone say gisele is ugly? obviously some people are envious and a tad jealous…she’s not my fav model by far, but the girl has a hell of a body and can walk a runway better than most…and vs dropped her over a contract dispute, not b/c they were tired of her…she makes more money than any other model out there (over $30 million a year compared to Kate Moss whose second at like $9 million)…i have nothing personal against her…well, i do joke that her voice sounds like a peacock, but she’s fabulous as a model…the last really big name to hit the industry…

    and congrats to tom and bridget…hopefully they will behave like mature adults so that the child can receive the necessary love and attention from both families…and i do believe that tom and gisele were together before the pregnancy was announced…don’t see anything underhanded about their relationship…even though personally, i think anyone who leaves leo is a fool (j/k- a little of my own jealousy there- haha!)

  • Bridget’s Bastard Child

    Everyone knows Bridget got knocked up on purpose. She was trying to hang onto Tom. He saw right through it and she’s alone now. Karma’s a bitch.

    That shit you heard about Gisele is BULL. My SIL is a photog who has worked extensively with Gisele and says she’s very down-to-earth and sweet. Try to make Gisele sound like a witch if that’s what you want, but it sounds to me like sour grapes from the camp who so desperaely wanted Tom to run back to his pregnant girlfriend just so you could witness another soap opera love story and fantasize that YOU were Bridget and Tom the hunky quarterback professed his undying love for you, the mother of his child.

    LMAO at all you sad, pathetic broads who can’t find love, so you live through celebrities.

    Tom dumped Bridget. Bridget was obviously so desperate to keep her QB boyfriend that she skipped a birth control pill or whatever to get pregnant in an attempt to trap him. Bridget has very yellow teeth. Gisele obviously gives him what Bridget couldn’t. GET OVER IT PEOPLE.

  • Kelly

    #28, WOW, you know them personally! I mean you speak as if you know all that shiz you just spewed to be 100% accurate & true. Look in the mirror sweetie, you ain’t perfect and you have no idea what you’re talking about. Get a life.

  • Ha!

    It’s nice how people jump to the conclusion that Bridgette got pregnant on purpose. I know two people personally who found out that they were pregnant within weeks of breaking up with someone, both are single mothers now. They didn’t do it because they were trying to trap anyone, sometimes sh*t happens and know they both have beautiful sons.

    I don’t know anything about Gisele’s personality, but she has a very toned, thin body, gorgeous hair and looks like a man in the face. But I’m sure she’s nice.





  • newsie

    Tom has been given such a bad wrap with this whole situation. They broke up over thanksgiving so the timing is fine and she delivered late. He always had the intention of being in his childs life, he just did not feed the media frenzy when she decided to announce which does not make him a bad person. They broke up because she wanted to settle down and have a family and he was not ready for that. She is six years his senior so of course this makes sense. Neither made secret their intentions in that area and they broke up, end of story. That does not make him a bad guy and just because after the fact she found out she was pregnant did not make that decision to separate any less valid. I don’t understand why people think his response should be to get back in a relationship that he exited knowing they wanted different things. Being in a loveless marriage does not in any way benefit the child so if they are able to have a great friendship and are able to parent together that is wonderful and something to be celebrated. Gisele had nothing to do with it and he started dating her after he split with Bridgette and before she announced and he knew she was pregnant, no crime in that either. He left Boston the second he heard she was in labor on Bob Kraft’s private jet and was there for the birth. He was also seen in the hospital with a huge bouquet of flowers for Bridgette. They also have been in communication more recently as the birth approached and were working things out. This is not the bad situation everyone seems to think it is. He is a stand up guy and had every intention of doing right by both of them.

  • suzanne

    Tom is NOT a stand-up guy. If he was he wouldn’t have been carrying on with Gisele all over the world while his ex-girlfriend was carrying his child. He could have and should have been a lot more discreet while Bridget was pregnant. It shows how little class he and Gisele have, and how much Bridget has by never once commenting on Tom’s lack of discretion. And for you people who think Gisele the Giraffe is hot -puleeze! Without her hair and breast implants, she is nothing but a skinny, shapeless horse-face, with no morals.

  • Ann

    Giselle is ugly and Tom is stupid. He should try to reconcile his relationship with Bridget and forget about that dum model.