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Lindsay Lohan Loves Rehab in Utah

Lindsay Lohan Loves Rehab in Utah

Bookworm Lindsay Lohan, during her stint in Utah rehab, reads a copy of “Alcoholics Anonymous” — AA’s 164-page “Big Book,” which mixes personal stories of redemption with a description of how the program works.

She apparently invited OK! magazine into her fancy Cirque Lodge detox center in Sundance, Utah.

NYDN gives us a sneak peek at the rehab regular cleaning up her act after her July 24 bust for alleged DUI, driving with a suspended license and cocaine possession.

“She really is taking it seriously,” OK! Editor-in-Chief Sarah Ivens said. “She’s replacing L.A. and smoking with yoga and reading.”

TMZ also reports that there’s a “strong possibility” that Los Angeles County district attorney’s office won’t slap Lindsay with felony charges for the July DUI bust and a previous one over Memorial Day weekend. That could mean just four days in jail for Lilo!

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  • tina

    Please…..this is all for show. She is still a coke-snorting whore.

  • bite me

    stupid little bitch… not buying any of this

  • Ha!

    That girl needs to stay out of the sun. She’s looking pretty rough.

  • b/w miller

    she’s not going to learn anything from this if it’s just 4 days in jail. paris didnt get a fair sentence compared to all these other hoes.

  • change

    Has Paris changed?

  • miwanna

    It makes me sick that she wants to make a photo op out of rehab. She should be concentrating on getting healthy, not broadcasting it all the the world. I’m surprised the doctors there allow them in.

  • Sinna

    Photo op. These girls just cannot stay out of the spot light. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Nando

    Lindsay needs to get her ass into jail for weeks.

    And no, Paris hasn’t changed.

  • piper, with a low

    4 b/w miller : 08/22/2007 at 12:15 pm

    Relunctantly, I have to agree.

    Lindsey ran over a dude’s foot, for goodness sake.

    She should’ve gotten more time.

    Mind you, I still think that Paris is a worthless piece of $h*t and hardly a victim.

  • Deb

    Our US justice system is embarrassing!!! Lindsey: took a car without permission, ran over a young man’s foot, refused to stop when the passagers screamed to stop the car, drove recklessly (luckly at a time when hardly anyone was on the streets) chased someone all the way into the parking lot of a police station and then lied to the cops about being the person driving, all while she was under the influence of alcohol and coke, then the cops found coke in the pocket of her pants. AND…now they are not pressing charges for all this!!! No wonder the rest of the world laughs at Americans and thinks this country is a joke.


    She looks hot! Love her! – where fashion and music meet! – Get on in the CLUB if you wanna have fun!

  • lola

    Ha, ha, ha. It seems doubtful to me a changed soul let’s a rag like Ok! Magazine come and take “candid” shots of them “reading” a book. I had hope for her in this new rehab, and I guess I still do, it just seems like she’s using it for more publicity instead of getting healthy. All the rumors and reports swirling about her lack of jail time are upsetting too. She did a hell of a lot more than Paris did and it seems like she’s going to get less time. It seems to me the only thing that might teach her a lesson is in fact jail. I guess we’ll just have to see, but whoever told her it was a good idea to let this magazine come in should be fired. Especially if it was her mother. Or shall I say “mother”.

  • [~Famous~]

    The longer she stays there the better. I would hate to see her end up like Shitney. Lol

  • Tealeaf

    Seriously Lohan needs to change because is going to windup killing herself or someone else. She needs to keep the media out her rehab, I think Dina and her Pops need to be in rehab or atleast take parenting class for the younger kids.

  • Dina

    That Bit*h just wants attention

  • the DQ

    Replaced…………..smoking?????? ROFLMAO What a joke. The first picture we saw of her was SMOKING and going to a tanning salon.

    This photo op is just another example of how NOT serious she is about her recovery. I guess it will take her killing herself or somebody else before this ends.

  • JustAsking

    I am sick of reading on a drunk. Moving on.

  • Cheerios

    She can read? 164 pages – she wont finish. I bet her enablers will finish it for her.

  • ilsvont

    whats wrong with her face it looks like it is peeling off? While reading and yoga are fun they are nowhere near as much fun as hoovering a giant chalker.

  • Marie

    Doesn’t matter what OK says, she will go back to LA because she thinks she has talent, won’t get hired for anything except “celebrity appearances” and party on……i’ts unfortunate that at 21 she has absolutely no skills

  • Lollipop AKA Angelina


  • [~Famous~]

    Marie, how much you wanna bet, she’ll continued to get hired and buy the end of 2008 she will have had 4 new movies released?

    If the dummy had absolutely no talent I don’t think she would have been doing this since childhood.

  • Cynthia

    Betty Spaghetti is doing 4 days!? If it were the average working class citizen they would be look at 6 years for what this awkward looking bitch did!

  • 5 yrs 4 stank h.o

    She car-jacked-,she kidnapped-,she almost cause autos/crashing into each other,, these are real actually involved others with her,, and she is a racist..

  • Nadia

    she’s scary

  • wouldn’tUlike2know


  • (‘@’)

    God knows if she is really reading or pretending. Time will tell!

  • Mish

    These staged photos prove that she hasn’t changed. I’m surprised that a “serious” rehab facility would allow this for a publication like ok magazine.I guess she needs $$$ to pay for lawyers fees in not only her mom’s divorce but her own legal woes. I’m very dissapointed but not surprised if what tmz said is true about her case.I just hope the outcome is not similar for future civil lawsuits that may be filed against her.

  • http://JustJared Janet

    Lindsay thinks rehab’s a vacation. Here she is bicycling with her breasts flopping all over the place, beaming with at the camera as usual and has no clue the paparazzi think of her as a joke and paycheck…its guaranteed she will do something stupid and they get their pic. Nothing is any different. She goes river rafting looking for the paparazzi. She finds one and lights up like a Xmas tree. At last the cameras found me!! No wonder she hates being alone…probably finds herself scary. Lindsay will always find a camera no matter what she does. Way too needy.

  • 0_o_0_o_0

    what’s that face??