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Nicole Richie Has a Full Face

Nicole Richie Has a Full Face

Nicole Richie shows off her fuller face and figure while running errands in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

Nicole, 26, recently spent time in New York and Washington, D.C. with rumored fiancé Joel Madden.

Joel, 28, is in Canada without his pregnant girlfriend because her recent wrong-way DUI conviction is keeping her in the states. He performed with his band Good Charlotte as the opening act for Justin Timberlake in Toronto last night and will be heading west to Winnipeg for two weekend concerts and a show in Edmonton next week.

More pictures inside of Nicole‘s fuller face ‘n figure…

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nicole richie full face 01
nicole richie full face 02
nicole richie full face 03
nicole richie full face 04
nicole richie full face 05
nicole richie full face 06
nicole richie full face 07
nicole richie full face 08
nicole richie full face 09
nicole richie full face 10

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  • bite me

    moving on

  • NADIA LIKES SIENNA :) scared

  • lene

    She’s so PRETTY! so much prettier now. :D

  • frankie

    this is gonna sound bad…..but her face looked better when she was starving herself….told you it’d sound bad.

  • name

    omg she is going to get fat and ugly again…hope she will lose all that weight soon after birth because she was so ugly while fat!
    she looked so much better skinny,and i know a lot of you think that she was anorexic,but she is not a tall girl and she was pretty ok for her height…if something wasnt ok with her she would not be able to get pregnant…

  • Nando

    I disagree, Frankie, she looks better with chubbier cheeks. She looked 3rd-worldish before. She looks healthier now.

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  • noortje

    what is wrong with you people!? when she was too skinny everyone was complaining about that, and now that she’s actually thinking about her baby’s and her own health, you say she looked better before!? seriously.. i don’t get that. but whatever, i love how she looks now, and i’m so happy for her! she’s going to be a great mom.

  • Jeni

    Wow. She actually looks normal, hope she keeps it up after the baby is born.

  • Mmmmm

    Very cute, a lil wgt does her good.

  • Deb

    Nicole looks so pretty and happy. Best wishes to both you and Joel!!

  • Chris

    She looks gorgeous :)

  • Ruth

    I cannot believe that someone would think that she used to look better when she was starving herself!! Nicole looks lovely and I wish her a healthy and safe pregnancy.

  • november

    some of your people are so idiotic is kills me! she looked good while she was skinny?! you all obviously live in a delusional, anorexic bubble because she did not look healthy. i’m about her same height and looked way healthier than her – as a size six. people think it’s so glamorous to be skinny as hell, but it’s all in how much effort you put into making all the right spots toned. but to each it’s own i guess!

  • winki

    I like Nicole’s style and all but she is not pretty at all. Her face is shapeless and she doesn’t have a nice smile. She looked better skinny.

  • Realism

    4….yeah that is a horrible thing to say!! And…what’s even worse…is that I agree with you!!!…damn… If she could keep the skinny face and loose the anorexic body, she’d be decent…

  • [~Famous~]

    ugh, bird.

  • Puh-lease

    It’s not b/c her face is fuller that she looks ugly. It’s b/c she’s not wearing make up. Nicole is a cute girl, but it’s mostly her personality, style, hair and make up that make her cute. She’s not a naturally pretty girl and she definitely does not have a naturally pretty face. Sucked in or full, her face without make up will always look bleh.

  • luw

    Some people in here are idiots, she just looks pregnant!!

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]

    she looks so much better now!

  • Ashley

    It’s about time, girl!! But you know that once she has the baby it’s going to be back to 90 pounds … well, let’s hope not. She looks somewhat normal with a little meat on her bones.

  • Dumdums

    Looking good girl.. May Gods’ Blessings of love and health come to you.


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  • val

    ewwwwww her fug face is back

  • natalie

    omgosh she looks so much better now! LOVES

  • patricia night

    she looks great!

  • Landie

    OMG… it took the chic to get preg. just to look a little healthy..LMAO!
    She looks decent…for once..LOL!

  • wwwn

    her body looks good now, but her face was better when she was skinny, if she keeps her body the same after birth, and get rid of the fat in her face in wold be awsome yall.

  • wwwn

    her body looks good now, but her face was better when she was skinny, if she keeps her body the same after birth, and get rid of the fat in her face in wold be awsome yall.

  • looloolool

    To Puh-lease, you are obvoiously smoking crack, or you are just simply stupid, I think a 4 year old boy can tell she is wearing make up in those picture.I dont know how you cant see the eyeliner? then again you might be blind.

  • Cathy

    kk just wanna say how much better she looks right now…though her ankles are still scarily skinny.

    some people are saying she looks so ugly fat…but seriously she didnt look all that gorgeous skinny. And she’s not even fat in these pics lyk!

  • Jenn

    Those of you that said she looked better skinnier are the reason she was starving herself in the first place. She looked sickly when she was thin. She looks nice now and yes makeup does play an intrical part in her appearance.

  • any

    oh u haters… when she was skinny u call her anorexic that she look terrible… now that she looks healthy u call her fat!!!… u jealous

  • Sandra

    Gaining a tad weight has done her good – she looks a bit healthier again. More… human. ;)

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne


    You look great, especially since you are 4 months (5 now?) along. Don’t listen to these retards. There’s a reason why they are haters… cuz they’re morons!!!


  • dodos r here

    The photo is not that flattering and of course her face was more sculpted before and she’s w/o makeup, but Nicole Richie is cute:

    Large,sexy, bedroom eyes
    Attractive nose
    Nice teeth and full lips
    unique facial expressions that relay personality & character

    = good features = cuteness – no matter how full her face becomes

  • Raichill

    She is not pretty. She is goofy looking but I am pleased she doesn’t look like a bag of bones anymore.

  • Candy

    she looks great! really cute girl.
    pregnant woman’s face condition isnt good as non prengancy.
    and I think this is just bad pic of her.
    she looks great anyway!

  • boo frickin hoo

    I’m starting to actually like this girl because she can pull of so many looks. Call it eating disorder, plastic surgeries, whatever, her body and face changes every few years. I hope she gains normal weight and realizes that she looks great. No more anorexic nicole! I want healthy, plump nicole!

  • sema

    she looks pretty and stylish.her tummy is too cute.

  • jaela

    When you are pregnant you have a fuller face. You retain alot of fluid. Once she has the baby, the fullness in the face will go away.

  • RYAN

    what are u freaks talking bout? nicole richie is definitely naturally pretty!

    she is pregnant, bloated with no make-up on and she probably still looks better than most of you on a good day!