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Lance & Pedro Call It Quits

Lance & Pedro Call It Quits

Lance Bass has broken up with Brazilian model Pedro Andrade, according to The Village Voice.

Lance and Pedro dated for less than two months.

The pair was last seen together in public at the DFC Design Cocktail Party at New York’s Maritime Hotel last week.

Lance reportedly dumped Pedro for wearing a hideous suede/leather jumpsuit. (Just kidding.)

Ain’t no lie, Pedro, bye bye bye.

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27 Responses to “Lance & Pedro Call It Quits”

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  1. 1
    J.M Says:

    Lance Bass is one ugly *****

  2. 2
    J.M Says:

    Ho, that is

  3. 3
    ORCHID Says:


  4. 4
    Barbara Says:

    Gosh, Orchid, ya think?

  5. 5
    Sexy Mama Says:

    Just comes to show that many gays are unable to stay committed to a relationship. It’s no wonder the majority of Americans are opposed to gay marriage, seeing the promiscuousness and frivolousness of homosexual “open” relationships.

  6. 6
    jim Says:

    Good for Lance! Anyone who wears an outfit like that needs to be kicked to the curb ASAP.

  7. 7
    timba Says:

    jesus, pedro makes lance look straight.

  8. 8
    Katie N Says:

    To sexy mama; May be that is why gay marriage should be legalized. Then people will try to stay faithful like many men and womenin heterosexual relationships do. Stop stereo-typing. Gays are just people like any of us who start and break relationships for many reasons.

  9. 9
    Miapocca Says:

    Lance Basss sounds like a HO…taking advantage of his unclosetted self to do some damage, how about hooking up with seacreast..cant wait to hear seacreast out from lances lips..if you know what I mean

  10. 10
    SASHA Says:

    A HO & A HO

  11. 11
    gina Says:

    I’m sure he was banging just as many guys when he was in the closet… it’s just that now he gets tabloid attention for it.

  12. 12
    nika Says:

    oh never liked pedro, he seems eager to be famous. Or so it seems =\.

  13. 13
    nika Says:

    well, too eager I mean

  14. 14
    seeing Says:

    I see gay people….
    ITAGWY num#1. Lance is fuggy and ugly…and a,
    who is a has-been bee- bop- boy band singer..
    Clay Aiken and Lance should have a wrestling match..
    I bet on Clay..he’s a drama queen..
    Zaiken ,Clay’s bro, can referee.

  15. 15
    Jim Says:

    Looking at the bright side, now Pedro is available. Hmm,…

  16. 16
    Lmama Says:

    Lance Bass is SOOOOOOOOOO ugly I don’t get it….

  17. 17
    xoxox Says:

    Most of people say Lance Bass is ugly…As a model,Pedro is ugly too.He would never made to the top..

  18. 18
    omgitsme Says:

    Pedro is cute, but I wouldn’t call him beautiful or stunning. Lance can do better.

  19. 19
    black Says:

    Hehehehe……….do I have to say more?

  20. 20
    judgement day Says:

    They both will ************-YOu stupid ppl-Gay is a life style of choice-read your bible or become an atheist-It’s an abomination to God-death was the penalty! If homosexuality is ok then sex with kids is too! You can’t have it both ways-it’s un-natural-Focus on the act, not the ppl-You’ve got it twisted-it doesn’t matter who it is and how much money they have it is still morally wrong!

  21. 21
    Lollipop looks like a Angelina Says:

    20 judgement day


  22. 22
    E Says:

    I talked to Pedro this weekend… they were never dating. I guess we should all avoid being in photos with Lance, or else we’ll be dating him also.

    PS.. this is genius: “Ain’t no lie, Pedro, bye bye bye.”

  23. 23
    E Says:

    PSS I love that Judgement Day reads and spreads the Lord’s love one mean-spirited comment at a time. You’re really changing things for the better. You are a pillar of goodness and sound logic.

  24. 24
    Katie N Says:

    E no:23. You said it well. Wonder whether “judgement Day” has the brains to get the sarcasm though.

  25. 25
    STeve Says:

    This is in reply to “Sexy Mama’s” comment #5.
    Yes, you may be right to a certain degree, but don’t you think that your opinion should be addressed to the heterosexual community as well. You may not think it’s common because if it’s the “straights” being promiscuous it is not headline news, but it happens all over the place, which is why the divorce rate just keeps going up. You are very narrow minded and naive.

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