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Rihanna @ MOBO Awards Annoucements

Rihanna @ MOBO Awards Annoucements

Rihanna is up for “Best International Act,” as the nominees for the 12th Annual MOBO Awards were announced by MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Organization on Wednesday at London’s Movida Nightclub. The Barbados babe was still wearing her orthopedic boot, which she got from running into a chair.

The MOBO Awards will then be handed out at a glitzy ceremony at the O2 Arena on September 19.

10+ pictures inside of the gorgeous Rihanna

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin, Chris Jackson/Getty
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    This girl is just TOO PRETTY for words!

  • bite me

    moving on

  • Nana

    She looks gorgeous!

  • large nose

    lOOK at ALL that ACNE ON HER ARMS..YUCK..her nose is as wide as a moose..what happen to her loong hair??or her curly looong hair???enough make-up on to share with everyone…she’s heavier in the thigh area..

  • horsey

    This gurl is so fug for words,,fuggy horse hair ri.,get a full bang 4 that biggie-sized 4head.

  • [~Famous~]

    Lets see, she’s not bisexual, she’s not a heroin addict, she’s 90lbs, she’s doesn’t have the cooties, she doesn’t have a re-tard-ed baby, and she’s not Britney Spears.

    She ROCKS!

  • joy

    I swear some ppl on here are weird……shes looks very hot.and thats not acne on her arm that like oil stuff to make your body glisten.

  • Katie N

    She is one sexy woman. Are some of the earlier poseters blind or they have a problem with dark skin and curly, big hair?

  • hehaw

    Gawd she is so tranny lookin,everyone knows her injuries are fake just like those contacts and wigs she wears.

  • leave Bey’s man alone

    on pic 2 her legs are scarred too. check those needing lotion quickly feet of hers..eww..that dress is a childs style.

  • jay

    I’d like to see Naomi Campbell throw her I phone at this no talent hack. Stop changing your hair weaves ,dayum.

  • rainman

    i cant take my eyes off her she looks so much better than that transpate pale as paper beyonce

  • arealwoman

    cant knock her hustle she get’s flyer by each day haters eat that

  • slap a hoe

    real bajan beauty get it girl

  • heehaw

    she can get it any day any time

  • save 25

    classy beauty but i bet she’s a freak which i like yum

  • beyawnce stans eat me

    i want her badly

  • trigger

    WTF’s up with the repeat poster?
    ANYWAYS there’s a bald horse out there missing his tail ,she stole it & sewed it on her head. Still can’t help her.
    Maybe she should get plaastic surgery for her nose & hair transplant ,then she won’t have to wear all that clown make-up.

  • beyawnce stans eat me

    trigger, with all these celebs i know there are horses running around if it wasnt obvious enough all of hollywood has hair extensions. nice try

  • sarah

    tchiiiiiiiiippp!!I ka enewvé mwen!!

  • baby child

    Dionne Warwick’s and Patrick Ewing’s baby gurl. Child she show ugly..hood rat.

  • hair snatcher

    um… if she is such a beauty,why so much pancake make on her face? why does’nt she wear her real hair?
    what’s the contacts for?
    btw is she still curling her real hair with rice?

  • Katie N

    It is like she is the only one who wears make up and extensions around hollywood. At least she is not britney

  • woder bread

    fat legs.dont get the high heel shoe with the alledge injury.

  • beyawnce stans eat me

    yes maybe you should see her with no make up she’s flawless but enjoy staring at her because i know you love to point out flaws behind a computer screen. it’s okay we all have insecurities =D

  • woder bread

    but i know that at the second she see’s my face she will puke so who am i to talk?

  • http://rihanna Roza

    what r u people talking about rihanna is a godess I wouldn’t be talking cause the people that judge celeberties they must be jelous.

  • http://bebo Roza

    you people have like a colliflower covering your ears maybe you guys are jelous and that why your makin fun of Rihanna

  • lawanda

    didnt she have huge tatas the other day,now shes flat.that dress isnt cute.thats it.neither is she.but shes passable with loads of stuff on her face.

  • Takeisha

    People who are insulting others for giving an opinion* negative or positve are lame and hypocrites*..they do the same thing* and only spare harsh words for the ones they like *and they know it.
    Rihana looks ok she aint Beyonnce ,and never will be.
    I really think she isnt’ atractive at all. Poser is what she is.
    Indie Arie has talent.


    she is BEAUTIFUL, CLASSY, STYLISH, AND GRACEFUL. those are her natural eyes they arent contacts! you guys are so pathetic.

  • get over it

    why do people keep saying she is no Beyonce?? she isnt trying to be so stop with the comparisons already. she odviously changed her whole image so ppl could fall back about the beyonce bulls***.

  • Moonlight

    She looks gorgeous. Why is everyone so critical? Nobody’s perfect. :roll:

  • meka

    Hey #25 is poster Allison on Hayden’s Pat., thread, same wording.
    And she is the serial poster yal mention on here
    My Girl Rihana is toe up. Beautiful Beyonnce Knowles is the best, she is nothing compared to Beyonnce Knowles.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    20 sarah : 08/22/2007 at 8:58 pm

    tchiiiiiiiiippp!!I ka enewvé mwen!!


    Hey, that’s Creole. My best friend is Haitian. Cool.

    I love Rihanna.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Attacks on her nose are juvenile. I think her nose is perfect. Her eyes are perfect. Her perfect size two body is perfect. She is just absolutely lovely.

    Asians , Latinos, and Blacks don’t typically have thin long noses racists. Get it? And so what? I would much rather have Rihanna’s lovely nose than my own. Rihanna is so beautiful and you all know it. So much jealousy.

    I guess you are all bitter that at her age, you are all still working at Albertson’s as Cashiers while she is rolling in millions.

    Must be tough for all of you to accept.

  • funny

    LMAO Rhianna is not a hood rat she did not grow up in the hood and thank God she doesnt try to act like it. her make up always looks sooooooo good. whoever does it is a fantastic artist

  • funny

    oh and her eyes are not contacts

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft


    Yeah, rihanna grew up in barbados and her parents were capable of sending her to dance school and all the things she needed to become this mega huge star at such a young age.

    She is one lucky young woman. So much success before the age of 21? Unbelievable. And she is gorgeous!

    She is doign more at her age than most people do at twice her age. With that success will come lots of jealous people. nature of the beast.

    Good on you Rihanna – you’re awesome!

  • George

    This wannabe punk rock style of her is sooooo LAME! I hate it. Such a poser.

    And could this girl get any uglier? She is truly fugly. I dunno why y’all said she’s beautiful. Blind???? Eww, gross!

    The hair looks like someone just give her taken from the trash can. Disgusting, Forehead girl!

  • Lady

    I see our generation is too busy dissing people they have never met or have done nothing to them…we seem to think what one does not know will not hurt them – but to bad mouth anyone is simply not right…

    can’t we just love everyone even Britney!

    don’t mean to sound all philly on you but I guess I am feeling a bit morbid at the prospect of what our kids’ thoughts will be like since ‘we’ are setting an example…

    I think if we ourselves were subjected to words like ‘you are fat, ugly, not so attractive’ (and many of us are not the best looking bunch) it would be crushing…


    ok I need to drink coffee now – I am getting weird here okay I take back the I love you part -



    I am really stupid…

  • barbie

    People come in all shapes and sizes. Rihanna looks young, fresh and very healthy. Why the references to big nose and she ‘aint’no Beyonce! To me, Rihanna is more beautiful than Beyonce. The latter has changed her looks to the point where there is no individuality left in her appearance. She looks like a doll, a very bland doll. Rihanna has a lot of character in her features. Her eyes are beautiful. Her nose is characteristic of her ethnicity. She has a strong, tall physique. Her voice is also unique. I like it’s gravelly tone. Let her be…

  • Matt

    ^ OMG. Someone is delusional! Hahaha. This girl is damn ugly, admit it. Big nose, massive forehead, big weird shape lips and you call that pretty? Truly delusional. And Barbie doll? Oh please! I wanna puke. Maybe a disgusting doll then! That fit her.

    I don’t like Beyonce much, but that girl faaaaar more beautiful than Rihanna. Only blind delusional people wouldn’t see that, obviously. So stupid! Open your eyes.

  • Rainman

    She is a cute little girl trying to be grown, they are messing up her complexion with all this make-up. They better stop cause her looks is all she has, she has been very lucky thus far but her time is running out. That’s why they are trying to get a modeling contract cause they no she has no other talent. HER SINGING IS TERRIBLE. AND I STILL SAY HER TOE IS A FACE INJURY………………….

  • beyawnce stans eat me

    it’s okay undercover fans you all know the truth otherwise why are you here?

  • Lollipop looks like a Angelina

    Her hair rocks!!

  • Astrid

    The title of this story has a typo.

  • Nando

    LOL! I know she’s hurt and all but she looks like an idiot in a dress adn that boot. LOL!!!!

  • Sinna

    Personally, I think you are obsess with Angelina, seriously you might try and get some help for that, because it’s really scary how on every thread you post something referring to her, whether the thread is about her or not. Really, how old are you?
    Rihanna is beautiful. Some of you are so freaking judgemental it’s scary. It speaks volums of a person who would come on a thread and try to tear a person or an innocent child apart the way some of you do. Jealousy does nothing for the soul. Sometimes a person’s imperfections is what makes them beautiful.