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Ryan Phillippe's New Girlfriend? Nope!

Ryan Phillippe's New Girlfriend? Nope!

Ryan Phillippe leaves London’s St. Martins Hotel with a new mystery girl his publicist Nicole by his side late Tuesday night. He reportedly likes being in Britain better because he’s not recognized as much as in the U.S.

“I prefer being in Britain with my children than I do in Los Angeles, because we avoid the (paparazzi),” he said. “I am not sure if it is because I am not British or not as nearly as interesting here, but I manage to get away with it.”

Meanwhile, Ryan‘s ex-wife-to-be Reese Witherspoon has been getting busy with on-again off-again Jake Gyllenhaal.

UPDATE: The girl has been ID’s as Ryan‘s publicist, Nicole Perna. Her reported boyfriend Geoffrey James Clark commented, “And thanks to the other commenter’s who said she’s hot… She is a beautiful woman!”

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  • bite me

    hope shes not a little twit like that ex-wife of his

  • Cheerios

    He is such a good-looking man. That girl is quite beautiful too. If tis true, wish them the best.

  • Sinna

    I always liked him, since OLTL. I think he’s sexy as hell. As far as looks goes I’ll take him over Jake anytime. I don’t find Jake to be all that good looking; in professional photos Jake is handsome, but in his movies he doesn’t look that gorgeous to me.

  • Lollipop AKA Angelina


  • slinky

    She looks like she could be his mother. Reece was way better. More fresh.

  • cindy guagenti

    she’s hot!!

  • Deb

    Good for him!! Maybe he will stop with the brokeback mountain cracks about Jake.

  • ASJP

    WAY TO GO RYAN!! She is WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY better looking than Reese. Ryan take Reese for every penny she has…YOU DESERVE IT. I mean you were married to that little b*tch and you should get everything. Leave that little “gay lover” nothing!!

  • The Assistant

    whoever that girl is- she is really sexy and classy looking. suave.

  • Dumdums

    Reese and Jake? It never was.. Jake likes to play hide and seek and peek a boos in the open air, beaches, parkling lots, park shrubs with his boy-mates.

  • rox

    Ryan’s gal pal seems a lot like a PR girl from BWR who used to PR Chris Klein (check out Chris’s Ocean 12 premiere pics and you’ll see her).

  • Tim

    I guess this puts the rumours to rest once again that Reece & Ryan are not getting back together again. Darn!!!! I wonder what Ryan’s feelings are that Reece took their kids to Martha’s Vineyard to see Jack.

  • winki

    he is so hot.

  • Dirty Cougar

    OMG! I’m sick but, Ryan looks just like a sex God when, he smokes!! I’m f@cking drooling right now!

  • Me

    I love Ryan. It seems like Reese just blew him off when he was trying to make things work. He might have made a mistake but I think if Reese was really in love with him she would at least make an effort and not just run home like a little girl to mommy and daddy with her kids.

  • Geoffrey Clark

    Whoever writes this blog is an IDIOT !!!

    That girl is actually MY girlfriend… and Ryan’s PUBLICIST!!! Do your homework blogger.

    And thanks to the other commenter’s who said she’s hot… She is a beautiful woman!

    Hope this puts the rumor to rest!

  • lexy

    oh he looks good there. That’s not his girlfriend. I think that looks like a PR person or a studio handler. She looks like she’s taking him somewhere to be interviewed.

  • Link Wray

    That’s his PR person, you dummy.

  • passingby

    I suppose that proves the point that PR people do visit this blog and that Ryan’s people first hand blog on this board. Which means they can float any rumor they want and most likely do.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne


    To Geoffrey CLark, this woman’s “boyfriend”

    She’s doing Ryan. She’s probably getting it on at her office with him RIGHT NOW. Everyone at her office knows, and we all laugh at you when you come in. It’s the office joke.

  • lexy

    #19 It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize a PR person vs. a date type thing. Don’t read too much into it. He’s not the one trying to prove he’s straight ;-)

  • Jazz

    I love his longer hair he looks so cute. I think that when the divorce is finalized people are going to find out that he’s been with Abbie since way back. I don’t think he would have left Reese to just screw around with a bunch of women. I think he’ll be married again in a year with more babies on the way.

  • [~Famous~]

    Now he looks like a douche.

  • Brett Ruttenberg

    Please NOTE: That is Ryan’s PUBLICIST.

  • Ric

    I think Reese and Ryan are a good couple that will get back together,it is like any relationship,couples at times need space to become level minded again.

    Both Ryan and Reese are being silly and I think they should talk…they also have children it is not just about both of them it is about all of them.


  • Jazz

    He looks hot as hell.

  • ilsvont

    gotta try not to care about someone like him. he so perimeter.

  • jessyka

    ha–whoever said that girl looks bette than reese is ridiculous. she’s gross, and manly looking, and she needs her eyebrows done badly. ew. keep looking ryan, you are gorgeous, you can do much better.

  • Tyson

    Jessyka, why con’t you post a picture of yourself so we can compare?

  • H

    Ryan is soooooo damn hot!!!!!!!!! I really hope he and reese get back together.

  • ?

    He’s not that cute,but he’s’s called a bootie-call.

  • Meboceph

    Sick ‘em G. Clark. My girl is beautiful and in a great relationship. Only PR for Ryan. Looking good though as always, Ms. Perna.

  • Nadia

    reese was way better but i thought he was getting back with reese

  • nora

    wow… that brunette girl is really pretty!! and she has AMAZING eyebrows.

  • BSBS

    What pathetic commenters here. Your nasty, homophobic comments about Jake G. are disgusting. Get a life and grow up. He is a great actor and super sexy. His sexuality isn’t some joke for you idiots. And Ryan cheated on Reese and has never denied it. Reese has every right to live her life.


    The most pathetic commenter here is the little Reese/Jake worker who trolls around scolding everyone who says anything about Reese/Jake that is not worshipful. Go away you little troll stop telling everyone how to think. It’s not working anyway it’s actually creating more backlash.

    Oh and Nicole Perna is teh hotness!!

  • USA

    Nicole’s great but Ryan is the hotness in these pictures.


  • bobby

    I think that girl with Ryan is a total babe. They make a hot couple for sure. If it doesn’t work out I’d love to make her my wife and have babies. Lots of ‘em.

  • Diggin Perna

    the girl in the car, undoubtedly ryan’s publicist, is hot- and she is awesome and cool and rad and hip and smart and funny and (shall i go on- b/c i can)

  • GC

    Thanks for the update Jared… Nice work!

    …and sorry for the idiot comment.

    And to that bitch Jessyka above, keep eating those Dorito’s fatty! We all know how ugly of a person inside and out you are.

  • Anon

    Um, BWRSUX people are allowed to say what they want here. They are allowed to disagree with homophobic and immature comments.

  • TR

    Nicole is a HOT bitch. She is a cool chick, great friend and has great eyebrows. Her BF is sweet to defend her. Put up his pic and let’s see how he compares to Ryan.

  • gini

    he looks hot like that!!! Rrrrrrrr!

  • minus

    16 Geoffrey Clark : 08/22/2007 at 4:11 pm
    Whoever writes this blog is an IDIOT !!!

    That girl is actually MY girlfriend… and Ryan’s PUBLICIST!!! Do your homework blogger.

    And thanks to the other commenter’s who said she’s hot… She is a beautiful woman!

    So we cant trust any news this blogger puts out……? haha

  • minus

    she is not near the beauty reese is…….no way

  • pernaisugly

    wow, how sad and pathetic that the loser publicist for ryan phillipe felt the need to have all of her friends come on JustJared and comment that she’s “beautiful” and has “amazing eyebrows.” what a cry for help. she’s ugly and hairy. get a life.

  • Jar

    Ignore the Reese troll Nicole you look lovely.

  • Anon

    What happened???Are the inmates running the asylum???LOL!!! Reading thru these posts, either Ryan Phillippe attracts some really stupid admireers or they are mostly (not all) under the age of 15. LOLOL!!! First, hating on the publicist is really out of line. And most of you doing the hating probably look like horse manure…on your good days. I was more concerned with Ryan’s comments about his kids. Saying he’d rather be in London with his kids where he is bothered less by paps. How horrible would it be if Ryan decided to relocate to London! That would tear those kids apart. I mean how do you have joint custody with an ocean between? Those kids are way to young to do six months with mommy and six months with daddy. I hope that doesn’t become an issue. Guess all you jerks missed that part of the post.

  • Lily

    This is not Ryan’s girlfriend, it’s his publicist… why do you guys think Ryan is ‘doing’ every woman he meets??? ..Jeez…. :(((

  • Lily

    Oh well.. so it was ‘just’ his publicist… Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!
    Why is it that some people think every woman he’s been seen with has been in his bed? I know he has taste, so…. let’s leave it at that..;)
    Anyhow, very important: today; September 9th is Ryan’s daughter Ava’s 8th birthday, so Happy Birthday Ava! And of course to you Ryan, have a great birthday with your daughter and other loved ones… :)) And: Since your birthday is September 10th, I want to wish you a happy birthday as well, of course! Hang in there… okay! Love ya… :))