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Cruz Beckham @ Summer Day Camp

Cruz Beckham @ Summer Day Camp

Victoria Beckham spends some quality time with her youngest son Cruz, 2 1/2, and takes him to a summer day camp at the school where her other sons Brooklyn and Romeo attend. Posh in Christian Louboutin peep-toe shoes.

Meanwhile, David Beckham looked sexy clad in a leather jacket as he was spotted at London’s Heathrow airport this morning. He boarded a flight back to Los Angeles and aims to play for his Los Angeles Galaxy team later in the day against Chivas USA. On Wednesday, Beckham played a full game for England at Wembley in a 2-1 defeat to Germany .

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  • bite me

    Work it

  • http://justjared lippylou

    I bet Posh is the only mum wearing high heels to drop her kids off!

  • john

    Has anybody else noticed how beckhams head is way to big for his body?!

  • May

    Victoria is over doing her fashion statement!!

    Why would she wear a high school to drop her kids off!!

    Get over it, Victoria!!!

    AS it is, you look like a zombie!!!

  • yara

    why she cant be on a high heels? bahhh leave the girl alone and get a life

  • Lollipop looks like a Angelina

    Ok heels for a drop off is a bit much, the heels are for the photo ops. I will say at least she does not dress like my grandmother or dress to hide an eating disorder

  • mouche

    Ouch, I love C.Louboutin shoes, they are beautiful, but carrying around a child on the hip dressed in those high-heeled shoes looks veeery uncomfortable!

  • vicky-icky needs 2 go

    i wish soo much she would dissappear and never come back. Cruz is cute and david is hot she is the only one that rocks the boat. Good to see she did something right and inolved her boys in camps.

  • Lilflowa

    Victoria is rocking that outfit! looking fierce!

  • xxxx

    That kid is too old to have a pacifier !


    Cruz is goin 2 have sideways teeth when he is older lol
    he 2 old 4 a pacifer

  • Callie

    I was waiting for the pacifer comments. Pacifiers (soothers) do just that – they sooth, but it does not hve to mean you will have problems when the child is older. He is not too old for one and his teeth will be fine. My daughter had a soother until she was almost 4 and now she is 23, in 4th year university a very responsible adult AND she has straight beautiful teeth (au natural!). I babysit children and right now have a little boy who is 7, his front teeth have a huge gap and stick too far out. He’s never had a soother or sucked his thumb – so there you go.

  • Louise

    cruz is only 2 years old, a pacifier is fine.

    and also get over the posh wearing heels thing, shes worn heels for the last 10 years non stop. change the record!

  • smooth


    This is just a pic,the way them photografed him. There two better pics in polfoto

  • vicky

    David ! David ! He looks so yummy and stylish ! I love this man !

  • The Whole Beckham Family is TOTALLY 100% OVER-RATED!

    A two-year-old DOES NOT NEED to be going to summer camp!

    A two-year-old DOES NEED the nuturing, loving, sensible care & guidance of a loving and interactive mum! Clearly something VB knows NOTHING about!

    She’s beyond sickening! Here she is only in this country a couple of weeks at most and already she is un-loading her youngest offspring with strangers… she is beyond disgraceful!

  • Miranda

    he’s not too old for a pacifier.. my nephew turns 3 in november and he still uses a pacifier.

    oh and #16, how the hell do you know how victoria is as a mother?? we’re always seeing photos of her doing some stuff with her boys while david is off playing soccer!

  • allways here

    pliz u havnt nothiing to just talking with emptiness how do u no david nd victoria as parents .pliz keep ur facking opinins 2 ur selves

  • The Whole Beckham Family is TOTALLY 100% OVER-RATED!

    Oh, ya # 17… as if I really believe she stayed there at summer camp with him and actually got down on the grass, floor, whatever in her 6″ stilettos and actually INTERACTED/PLAYED with him. Doubtful- especially since the NANNY was right there beside her in more PLAY APPROPRIATE wear!

    If you believe that then you are as deluded as she herself is! Clearly this was all about HER and the photo op that was available to HER… it ALWAYS is! It’s NEVER about those boys’!

  • Lulu

    She wasn’t dropping cruz, but the two older kids, and she had cruz with her.
    And Cruz is only 2 so there’s nothing wrong with a pacifier.

  • jessica

    16 The Whole Beckham Family is TOTALLY 100% OVER-RATED! : 08/23/2007 at 11:20 am
    A two-year-old DOES NOT NEED to be going to summer camp!

    A two-year-old DOES NEED the nuturing, loving, sensible care & guidance of a loving and interactive mum! Clearly something VB knows NOTHING about!

    She’s beyond sickening! Here she is only in this country a couple of weeks at most and already she is un-loading her youngest offspring with strangers… she is beyond disgraceful!


    she wasn’t dropping cruz off she was dropping romeo and brooklyn of for a one day summer camp at the school they will be starting in a few weeks, probably so they can make a few friends before they start. she just had cruz with her.

    bet you feel real stupid now.

  • nokia


    u act like u know whats good and what is not…i bet yr life is less than perfect..
    if she likes the attention, just leave her alone.. its not like she did something bad to her family…

  • smooth

    Hope they will reat him for today’s game

  • Cynthia

    I hope he wins this game in LA, sorry he didn’t win in London. Cheer up Dave bb!

  • Tealeaf

    Way does she insist on wearing heels everywhere..if your Fab you don’t need to wear heels all the time.

  • Ellie

    #19. You are an idiot. About hmm.. 2 weeks ago or something there was photographic evidence of Victoria Beckham sitting on the GRASS playing with her kids. She might not have done on this particular day but I very much doubt she forced Cruz to go to Summer Camp! It was probably the other way round- Cruz wanting to go to the Summer Camp at the school his big brothers go to. That’s what younger siblings do- look up to their older siblings- I expect wants to be a part of the school his two brothers go to and probably talk about a lot.

    You are a disgrace. How dare you call Victoria an unloving mother! She may not be appealing to you- which is fine- we all have our opinions. But you cannot call her an unloving mother when you know absolutely f**k all about her or her family life!

  • Beckup

    Why does VB always look like a deer “caught in the headlights”?

  • mariya

    wow…i have to say everyone judging victoria & david as parents is really messed up.
    i mean seriously
    how would u know how they are?
    i always see pictures of them spending time together
    and there actually having fun
    and have u noticed that no matter how famous posh and becks are they do try to keep their kids away from the paparazzi.o

  • Grana

    19. The Whole Beckham Family is TOTALLY 100% OVER-RATED –

    I suggest you watch ‘The “Real” Beckhams’ and pay particular attention to a scene where Victoria is crawling around on her hands and knees playing with Romeo and Brooklyn. In heels I may add.

  • Raichill

    I always cringe when I see women carrying children whilst wearing such ridiculously high heels. When carrying children women should wear sensible shoes that they aren’t going to fall in, break their ankles and send the poor kid crashing to the ground. I have to wonder if Victoria ever just wears casual clothes and playfights with her boys or makes mudcakes with them. I should imagine she would be too worried about her friggin nails, make-up and hair. Everytime we see her with her kids she just looks uncomfortable.

  • http://donthave

    Hey Just Jared, Did David Cheat on Victoria AGAIN? with the girl who came in to his bedroom?

  • Lulu

    There never was a girl at his door, that just pure media fantasy.
    His bodyguards totally denied it.

  • Van
  • jessica

    31 … : 08/23/2007 at 4:53 pm
    Hey Just Jared, Did David Cheat on Victoria AGAIN? with the girl who came in to his bedroom?


    not even the daily star (the worst paper in england!!)accused him of that!! they just said a girl tried to get into the hotel and upto his room. but beckhams camp said fans are always outside the hotel and that they knew of no such thing. the daily star just claimed victoria was now worried about the safety of david and the kids because someone managed to get so cose and through security, but beckhams bodyguards said that no-one got through security and no such thing happened.

    the daily star didn’t accuse beckham of sleeping with her! stop trying to spread, plus they said the girl was about 14, and the daily star just make everything up anyway!

  • trickytri

    I love David’s manbag! He is so stylish. Why can’t Americans be this stylish?

  • The Whole Beckham Family is 100% TOTALLY OVER-RATED!

    You know I absolutely get the biggest LAUGH out of all you celeb-worshipper “FREAKS” who feel as if you need to “defend” your IDOL on a continous & daily basis! You yourselves also don’t KNOW what kind of mum she is- so you CANNOT go ahead an d award her “Mother of the Year” because she happens to be photographed out and about with her 3- kids now and then… Those are MY OPINIONS and I AM ENTITLED TO THEM! As far as I remeber we still do live in a FREE COUNTRY! And to me VB is the biggest piece of celeb-tard S***! out there today! You don’t like MY OPINION-TOUGH! Go ahead and worship this S**** all U want… just proves how EMPTY your lives truly are!

  • The Whole Beckham Family is 100% TOTALLY OVER-RATED!

    Oh- Ya, and I beg to differ about “The Real Beckhams” documentary… are you ppl. so gullible to believe that that is how they truly are in their “real lives”? Puhlleasse! They themselves put that out there, so of course you are going to see her interacting with her sweet little boy on the floor- that’s all about the “IMAGE” she is trying to potray herself as- the loving, hands-on mum- what loving, hands-on mum spends weeks at a time AWAY from her kids due to her “career” commitments when clearly she doesn’t have a “career” to begin with as well as employing 3 full time nannies- 1 for each child… get over yourselves! She is as FAKE, DELUDED, and SELF-ABSORBED as the day is long~!

  • http://donthave Unknown !!

    Shut up FreaK , if your not a fan of the Beckhams, then why are you even looking at there pictures or commenting, ! Mind Your Own Buissness , ur so jelouse ! and for the record, what makes u think that writing these bad shit comments are gonna change the image of the way people love them ! Get a life !

  • Kymmie

    Wow!! There’s a lot of haters in here. Actually there’s only The Whole Beckham Family is 100% TOTALLY OVER-RATED!

    1. You don’t know her so you definitely can’t judge her as a person and as a mother.

    2. I know it’s your opinions but still you can’t judge someone because you don’t fucking know them.

    3. The press potrayed her as an attention loving whore. If you do watch documentaries, interviews, and read the books she wrote, you’ll find out that she is a loving, caring, down to earth, regular person like you and me.

    4. Don’t ever comment about someone on their parenting skills, especially David and Victoria! Don’t you see them always picking up their children from school and dropping them off? Don’t you see them being involve in their children’s life?

    5. Yea, Victoria do wear heels but it’s her life not yours. She can do whatever she wants. Plus, she never dropped any of her kids unlike an unnamed celebrity.

    6. You should really get a life because you’re hating on people that you don’t even know. Once you know and met them, then come back and say whatever you got to say.

    7. If you don’t like them, why bother to go comment about them. You’re justing wasting your time on people that you’ll never meet. That shows how empty and boring YOUR life truly are!!!

    8. We ALL are entitled to our opinions and so are you. If you don’t like our opinions, so be it!

    9. Victoria does have a career! She has a clothing line, fragrances, sunglasses, books, and the tour with the Spice Girls.

    10. We don’t worship these people. At least I don’t. I just find it stupid and immature that people like you are giving your so-called precious time on people you hate. Wow! If you hate them so much then why bother to comment. Just leave people like us alone because your just wasting your stupid time on us because you truly don’t have a life to live.

    11. I suggest that if you have something bad to say, just keep it to yourself. You’re just wasting your time because you don’t know them, you don’t like them, you don’t like us, and we don’t like you.

    12. I don’t like or hate the Beckhams. I just think it’s harsh that you judge people you don’t know on their parenting skills when you don’t know what they are like outside of the media circus that goes with the Beckhams.

  • Sandbitch

    I won’t comment on Victoria’s parenting skills but her balancing skills must be pretty damn good! The kiddie she’s carrying must weigh nearly half as much as her, those heels are deadly high, and she’s walking uphill! She’s gotta be tempting fate – ooooh I hope she’s not carrying one of the kiddies when she kisses the pavement.


    I can’t understand people saying they don’t care a thing about the Beckhams and yet go on and wrote lengthy posts on why they hate them!

    I, personally, don’t care about Brangelina that’s why I don’t even read the comments after every Brangelina article. Why should I?

  • Ellie

    [The Whole Beckham Family is 100% TOTALLY OVER-RATED] Love, you are an embarassment. You are obviously one of those SAD, SAD people that thinks anything good Victoria Beckham does is just part of a plan to get more publicity. I never awarded her mother of the year, if you look back and read what I said, I just said that you can’t judge how good a parent she is- all I know is that she must be a fairly good parent for her children to be happy and smiling most of the time.
    Or perhaps maybe you think it’s because she holds her kids at gunpoint and tells them to smile for the paparazzi- oh yeah, that’s bound to be it.

    YOU SICK LITTLE PIECE OF SH*T. And yeah, my life is really empty, just because I don’t go around saying nasty stuff about people I don’t have a single clue about.

  • Miapocca

    Posh skeletor just always looks worse and worse..I ahve no clue about her mothering skilss…but yes those heels and low cut shirts just to take your kids to school are quite INTERESTING..hahahah

    oh well all goes in LA..but frankly davis is still young and there are so many fresh lookign young shicks in LA why stay with these razor sharp cold marble… can have some juicy LA girls who will look good even in their tennis gear..this woman needs to tone it down, her protege jsut ook a might fall with her baby suri in thos eheels..she might want to reconsider just for the saftey o fher kids then go back to her heels when she is doign her own thing

    I think the boys play with someone else because skeletor cant let go off her heels to run with them. with 3 boys she defintely has nannies..the outings are jsut for show ..skeletor loves attention, so we are simply stuck with her till davis retired in the next couple of years…

    Nice to know that Davis has started a trend for FA premier league players to retire in teh americna leagues…they are dumping thier tired old player in the MLS…do you relaly think Americna soccer is goign to improve that way…all hou need are some hot brazilain teenager ans a few africans and the expense is lower….not footabller at teh end of his career…but then if david is in teh mlshe stands to play till 40…. ..poor american soccer league.have to do with the leaftovers of the europeans league..I see he crawled his way back into the english team..Zidane even at 34 and retired will kick davis arse anyday…….ahhahahahhaha..ahahhahahhahahha

  • barbie

    The ‘bad mother’ comments applied to Victoria are pretty stupid. Her kids are obviously not malnourished, neglected or beaten up. They look very healthy, active and clearly adore their parents. In addition, Victoria – in contrast to many celebrities has been married (to the same Man may I say) for almost 10 years, and has weathered many adverse things: extreme hostility from the Press, husband’s infidelity, being blamed for her husband’s infidelity….and so on. I think she is a very strong, intelligent woman, with clearly a sensible head on those (tiny) shoulders. How she chooses to dress is her own business. I much prefer to see a glamourous lady like Victoria in her stilletoes than the unkempt overweight female slobs wearing flatties that are common here in the States.

  • angie


    Their youngest kid is name Cruz????


    Bet Katie’s next little girl will be Posh or little boy will be Becks or something.


  • sema

    she looks good when she goes casual.the outfits she wear when watching his matches…disaster!

  • Maggie Rose

    Everyone saying Victoria is a bad mother need to back off! Who are you to judge others on their parenting? None of you probably have kids of your own, and if you do, it’s pretty sad you’re on the internet instead of with your kids. Props to her for having 3 boys and still managing to be so hot!