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Enrique Iglesias's Condom Conondrum

Enrique Iglesias's Condom Conondrum

Enrique Iglesias might have a hot single burning the airwaves right now and an even hotter girlfriend in Anna Kournikova, but he still has a “tiny” problem— “I can never find extra-small condoms, and I know it’s really embarrassing for people – you know, from experience” – he said in a previous Esquire Magazine article.

Making condoms to accommodate any sudden “growth spurts,” Lifestyles Condoms is now guaranteeing Enrique $1 million dollars that they have something to fit him just right if he agrees to try on—and model—each of their varied sizes. Lifestyles Condoms range from the mesmerizing “Mega” to the ever-adorable “Lifestyles Snuggle Fit.” It takes a real man to admit his shortcomings and if this Latin crooner can flaunt a fault like this and still keep a hottie like Anna on his arm, other men are sure to follow suit and take pride in what they’re not packin’ and make sure to keep what they do have safe.

To make this quick mil, Lifestyles would coordinate an intimate photo shoot for the singer, wherein the photos could be viewed on the brand’s website, and would be featured on the boxes of the winning size condom.

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  • Pedro

    1st one to comment!!!!!!

  • bite me

    oh my

  • Pedro

    i know, pretty nasty.

  • ilsvont

    Well thats funny to make a joke about that but really you should probably just keep that to yourself. So now hes known for making lame music, dating Anna Kournikova and having a small ****.

  • sammy

    Bet it’s really just the opposite and he is just joking around. You can when you have it.

  • Rachelle

    He loves joking around. This is a joke right, right?! My friends say I am in denial. This cant be real. Im down to check out the photo shoot!!

  • xoxox

    I think he was joking…

  • shwing!!!!

    That gave me a boner.

  • Nando


  • GOD!!!


  • Nadia


  • Diana

    He needs to be more specific, give some measurements or photographic evidence … failing that, lets ask Ana, she will know!

  • Seb

    Hey Enrique! Can I try you on for size? LOL…
    I like to think that size doesn’t matter – but sometime it just does. Well, whatever size it is that he’s got – I’d like to try it on :) hehe
    Kisses Enrique!


  • varoooommm

    understandbly so…by any measure, Enrique is half-Filipino, so goes the the genes in him. But, they could be lovely still. hmmmm

  • susie

    I think he was joking…but seriously, why can’t people just keep topics like that to themselves? celebs go at their mouth and then wonder why they get hounded by tabloids…if they avoided saying stupid things like this, then the problem is averted…I don’t want to know his penis size thank you…if you have to talk about it yourself, then there’s a problem…

  • susie

    haha, I didn’t realize the proper terms for our body parts was considered obscene…can’t believe that thing censored me…I can get away with cursing some on here, but actually using the medical terms for a person’s parts is wrong and lude? Come on JJ…

  • maina

    come on enrique the mole make some more noise since your cd insomniac flopped.

  • sammy

    susie – I get censored quite a bit just for trying to pass on info and I never use bad language – it’s quite possible someone just didn’t like what you said so flagged you. Way too much flagging on this site and a lot of the time the one’s doing the censoring should are the most vile.
    I think this was a joke – he is very confident and only someone with something to brag about would even consider saying something like that.

  • Jebr

    I’d be shooting my stuff straight into Anna!!! Forget the condom.

  • nana

    so his new cd flopped?ha ha ha!

  • nana

    so his new cd flopped?ha ha ha ha!

  • schwing

    hermaphrodite fears….?

  • Michelle

    I am pretty sure that this is just a joke of his. He is known for messing around in his interviews. Not long ago he told some interviewer that he was single and had been recently divorced when he was never even married and is still with AK. I think that this is prob what he is doing here again. Why would he just say something random like his penis is really small and then elaborate about it. Isn’t that something a guy would usually hide? I don’t know, just seems a little odd.



  • Kez

    If he’s serious, then good for him for admitting his..erm..shortcomings! I hope for Anna’s sake that he has other talents! LOL!

  • EvilLynn

    ummm Enrique’s brother Julio Jose has NO such problems….I speak from (blissful) experience :)

  • Patmycrotch

    I bet he has LOTS of other skills. Altho he should call Brad Pitt on where to get those snuggle fit lil bits of condoms.

  • sarah mill

    he shouldnt be proud of it

  • large

    anna’s ex husband sergei is extra large down below.i know this for a fact because i’m an avid fan of all kind of sports including hockey.i would like to ask anna which taste better the small one or the large one.ha ha ha ha!

  • selwyse

    He joked about being a virgin and the press re-printed that one FOREVER. I’m pretty sure this is another joke .. .

  • anita

    since his new cd flpooed do you think he will joke about it?

  • SAmeera

    He was the BEST artist in the world but he said lot of stupid things

  • renata

    he’s very HOOOOOT

  • sammy

    i reckon his only jokeing around he wouldent have a small one

  • sammy

    i reckon his only jokeing

  • sammy

    i reckon his only jokeing about that

  • james


  • mark