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Nicole Richie's 82 Minutes in Prison

Nicole Richie's 82 Minutes in Prison

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department released a statement regarding Nicole Richie‘s 82 minutes of a four-day sentence at Lynwood jail for driving under the influence of drugs:

“On August 23 2007, at 3:15 PM Miss Nicole Camille Richie reported to CRDF and surrendered herself following a July 27 arrest, she was sentenced to serve 96 hours in County Jail. Miss Richie was accompanied by her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley and her boyfriend Joel Madden. Miss Richie was booked and processed into the jail system. Miss Richie was cooperative during the process. Based on her sentence and federal court guidelines, Miss Richie was released at 4:37 PM today.”

Added sheriff’s spokeswoman Kerri Webb, “She was processed into the jail system, she was highly cooperative and she was released.”

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  • shannan

    i really think nicole richie is starting to change her life around for her and her baby

  • Gem

    The perks of being famous.. instead of serving her full sentence of 4 days, she serves only 1 hour 22 minutes.

    I doubt any of us “mere mortals” could be so lucky?!?!

  • KrungKrung

    that is not fair…

  • david

    I doubt anyone is in awe of Nicole Richie’s celebrity. This is how everyone gets sentenced. The good thing about the nicole,paris, lindsay sentencing is that they are opening people’s eyes to how lenient the justice system is.

  • suzy

    wow that taught her a lesson!

  • Gem

    Yes, I guess nobody was in awe of Paris’ celebrity when she got a reduced sentence from 45 days to 23 days, (that wouldn’t happened to any non-celebrity, we would serve our orginal sentence and that’s that) and also when she was sent home by an officer in less than 4 days of her first sentence of 23 days because of “medical conditions (that wouldn’t happened to one of us non-celebrity’s, medical condition or not… we would not be sent home!.) Yes, I do beleive celebrity’s do get away with more than what any of us could, remember O.J Simpson, he got away with murder?

  • Bliss

    So just to recap: 2DUIs (plus a history of drug addiction)= 36 minutes of jail (total 82 minutes in jail facility to process her) AND she still has her license!!

    Wow, and people wonder why there’s so much crime in Cali!

  • nicole fan

    I love her always..I’m proud she didn’t go in there whining for mommy like crabfest did.

  • betduke

    Completely unbelievable! I’m going to pop some kind of drug and drive the wrong way on some highway too and plead the Richie defense. This crap only happens to celebs. The rest of us would have been beat or shot by the cops let alone sent to jail for much longer sentences. Ass wipes!

  • jackie

    What you can get straight is this,,The judge/courts set the sentence and she is serving what she was told to serve. That’s it. She did’nt set her sentence the judge did. My Best to you and your unborn child Nicole.ITA about Paris the spoiled socialite!

  • hannah

    Glad to see she is getting this over. Nicole has been release JJ! ITA with jackie.

  • http://justjared hello

    good for her and her baby!

  • betty&veronica

    Nicole waz wrong ,she did her assign time.
    It’s done let her live her life. I like her.
    Unlike Lilo who kidnap,is a racist and injure the ‘black’ guys foot as she called him, that’s who should serve serious time.

  • taylor

    Of course TM-Sleaze would be there..They stalk her all the time..loosers.Good for you Nicole. Everytime, I log on here I see Parasite boo-hoo face on that foto.

  • greta

    Now she can concentrate on her baby fully, and her health.
    I think she is adorable,and she looks healthy.

  • JP fan

    Added sheriff’s spokeswoman Kerri Webb, “She was processed into the jail system, she was highly cooperative and she was released.”
    That sounds like Nic. Whew* I know she was worried. So it can now prayfully only get better for her and her family.

  • maria

    wtf! nicole is so dumb man shes preggas and still doing drugs

    can anyone get that dumb??

    she needs to grow up!!
    her baby is gonna die if she keeps on doing shit like this

  • Luv JOEL&NIC

    The only person who needs to grow up is #18. Nicole’s baby is goin’ to be a very healthy baby who is much loved already by both parents! Kudos to #11 for explaining the obvious. Need to go to school on blog b**ches, Harvey Levine, PerezH & co.!!!

  • Holly

    11 Jackie

    What you can get straight is this,,The judge/courts set the sentence and she is serving what she was told to serve. That’s it. She did’nt set her sentence the judge did.
    True, but if it were you or I in her shoes, we would of served the full 96 hour sentence and NOT BE LET GO after 82 minutes. Being who she is had ALOT to do with WHY she only spend 35 minutes in a jail cell and spent the other 47 minutes being booked!

    She could of killed someone driving the wrong way down a highway, and all she got was 82 minutes! But I guess if your rich & famous your allowed to put other citizens at risk and do as you please!

  • Jesse

    Just as shocking is her middle name… Camille? Really?

  • Luv JOEL&NIC

    #20 Holly : 08/24/2007 at 2:47 am

    Not disputing your facts. However, point still remains that she should not be blamed for time spent or not spent! Blame the system! Rich or not, you DO NOT get charged/sentenced for a crime you “could have” or “would have” committed except in a Tom Cruise’s movie. Those really ticked off about it (especially the hot-shot gossip lawyer!) should work on getting the laws changed instead of all this hatin’ at blog sites!

  • remember da truth

    I know people arrested on DUI, sentenced to 10 days, and gone home after one night. It is NOT just celebs — it happens ALL THE TIME. The idea is to keep the jails from overcrowding and if it is a case where the person seems to have figured out that they screwed up, and not a chronic case, they let them go. The process of having it on your record is the main part. That’s why they processed her, then sent her home.

    Stop whining over celeb treatment. It was Paris, who continually violated after only getting probation — no jail sentence — and STILL acted like it was the judge’s fault, like her mother taught her to do and acted like herself, that got a celeb-style jail sentence. Even hers was reduced almost to half. Nicole has shown she has the maturity to accept her sentence and knows what she did was wrong.

    Nicole has shown a different attitude than paris right from the start. She NEVER denied anything, and in fact took responsibility right away and admitted what she had done. Smoking pot does NOT show up on a Breathalyzer. She didn’t have to admit that. She didn’t have to apologize and cooperate and willingly do her time. She could have cried and whined that it wasn’t FAIR that she was treated like everyone else like Paris did.

    But no. That’s not Nicole’s style. She’s a real person, and acts with class and dignity and maturity and that is part of why the system realized it was better to process her and get her record showing a jail sentence and then send her home than to keep her in jail. Nicole has learned her lesson.

  • ni

    Actually, plenty of people get treated just this way. people are released early, mere mortal people, yep it’s true. But the common sheep believe everything they hear, So the media says she gets special treatment, therefore, it must be true

  • Sara

    82 minutes!! is that a joke?

  • famouslivingdead

    glad ur out now nicole…love u always…she’s simply the best!

  • famouslivingdead

    #23 remember the truth….

    thanks for your amazing comments n writing on nicole…
    she is a real person…unlike paris…i do agree!

  • da judge

    Congrats on handling it like a WOMAN. Your funky stank friend should take notes. LUUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVVV her!!

  • Deb

    8 Bliss : 08/24/2007 at 12:07 am
    So just to recap: 2DUIs (plus a history of drug addiction)= 36 minutes of jail (total 82 minutes in jail facility to process her) AND she still has her license!!

    Wow, and people wonder why there’s so much crime in Cali!


    This is also an embarrassment to this country (can’t you see people in other countries rolling on the floor laughing at this).

    Lohan also – even if you take away the drugs and alcohol – she took a vehicle without permission (grand theft auto) Hyjacked the people in that vehicle (kidnapping) and ran over a man’s foot (hit and run) all felonies and she gets one day in jail. Of course, the lame people who help her get a lesser sentence will be the same people who wonder why carjacking goes up in Cali – some people are going to take this as an example of that breaking the law is ok because the law doesn’t exist anymore.

    Ok, I feel a little better now that I got a chance to rant. I am still embarrassed and don’t know what else to do but shake my head in disbelief.

  • megan

    Number 20 ummm..ITA agree with number 11. Take up your complaints with the judicial system. Nicole did what she was told to do. Life aint fair & Life can be a bicth ,but it’s what it is. Nicole has’nt screwd up recently ,she completed her appointed time, let it be. File your complaints to the judicial system.,senators ect.,..In the meantime ,I like Niki and I back her.
    The real joke is Lohan an Hilton lyin @ss.

  • Luv JOEL&NIC

    #23remember da truth : 08/24/2007 at 8:13 am
    Wonderful comments & insight regarding Nicole!! In this day and age those sold on “so called reality shows” are indeed unable to separate real people and real emotions from “make-belief”!

  • Nicole fans hey

    .Hey.there is a serial poster/troll who loves ‘Hillary Duff’ and will repeat hateful posts/in different names just to insult Nicole..
    WE KNOW …
    .Well I adore NICOLE AND SO HAPPY SHE IS BACK HOME, AND THAT Joel supports her and their baby. It’s over.
    #31 great support FOR NR, you go gurl & also ‘remember the truth’..YOU GO GURL..

  • Patmycrotch

    I bet the baby bump helped the situation

  • Sue

    23 remember da truth : 08/24/2007 at 8:13 am
    Hopefully you never get in trouble with the law and sent to the slammer cause you will get NO special treatment.

    Would you still feel the same way about this if a loved one or a friend of yours was killed by her as she drove the wrong way down a highway?

    Nicole hasn’t learned her lesson, she has learned she can get away with it because of who she is. Being famous does have it privileges and getting off with a slap on the wrist is one of them.

  • Holly

    Megan Dear, I’m entitled to my opinion and to state how I feel about this case, whether you agree with me or not!

  • john m

    I am totally gonna start driving drunk.

  • LMAO


    Rememeber Johnny boy, if you go to prison, you could be turned into somebody’s bitch. :shock:

  • Tealeaf

    This chick is as annoying as her friend Parasite, only time she would get time is if she killed someone on the road. Their are plenty of pregnant women in Jail..she should of did her 4 days. I bet her lawyer know she would spend less 2 hrs..that’s why “changed” Nicole pleaded gulity.

  • sara

    The celebs really are laughing at the system, they have made cali a big joke. I would be ashame to live there.

  • Flower

    I guess it will have to take one of these ladies kiling themselves or someone else..wait… that might not even do it. Rebember actress Rebecca Gayheeart? In 2001, she hit and killed a 9 year-old boy because she swirlved around the other cars that stopped for him (even though he was not in a cross walk),and and turned directly into a two-way left-turn lane. In her impatience, she struck the boy with her car.He died a day later.

    I believe she had to pay for the boy’s funeral, pay a $2,800 fine, was sentenced to 3-year probation and had her license suspended for 1 year.

    Maybe stars shouldn’t be allow to drive themselves around anymore.

    Oh yeah, Gayheart, had Robert Blake’s lawyer. Talk about getting away with murder!

  • Iris

    All these example just demonstrate that cleary, the judicial system in this state is completely useless.

  • remember da truth

    Hey Sue, number 34, you don’t get it — she did NOT receive special treatment. A light sentence, yes, but special treatment? NOOOO!!!!! Get it?

    I have had people I know killed by a drunk driver. I think anyone who doesn’t get a cab or a driver is stupid. I agree. And so does nicole.

    What evidence do you have that she didn’t learn her lesson? Is she lying about how her life has changed then continually partying, like Paris? Did she say her sentence was unfair and cry about it and try to appeal it like paris did? Did she wait till the last minute to go to jail? Did she bring her parents who also said she was being treated badly? NOOOOO!!!! Get it?

    She also pulled over on the highway. She was found PULLED OVER. She was not careening down a crowded highway recklessly driving. She went up the wrong onramp, and when she realized it, pulled over, and when the cops got there, told them everything and was totally admitting that she had made a HUGE mistake and was very disturbed by what had happened. There is a big difference

    The most shocking sentence of all is Lindsay Lohan’s. Her acts were deliberate, she has shown no sign of understanding that she has a problem and needs to work on it, and was aggressive and violated a number of laws.

    Don’t compare Nicole to the other two bimbos. She has acted completely differently throughout.

  • ur ass bitch

    Hilary Duff is so lucky, what if she stayed with Joel Madden? GASP! she would be like Nicole Richie! EW one is enough