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Angelina's Art Store Extravaganza

Angelina's Art Store Extravaganza

Looks like the whole family is in town!

Angelina Jolie carries daughter Zahara, 2, in one hand and her Valentino braided leather shoulder bag in the other as they make a family trip into Lee’s Art Store in New York City on Friday morning. A Jolie-Pitt family fave!

Brad Pitt was seen carrying Pax, 3, into the store in one hand and holding 6-year-old Maddox‘s hand in the other. Brad was also spotted buying Maddox a hot dog from one of those NYC food carts!

Even earlier in the morning, partner Brad was seen arriving at a studio in New York City again for a reading of his latest movie.

UPDATE 1: When the Jolie-Pitts left the art store, the throngs of fans outside the store burst into applause as the family walked out.

UPDATE 2: Added pictures of Brad and Maddox creating quite the spectacle for passersby as they pick up a hot dog from a NYC street vendor.

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angelina jolie art store 00
angelina jolie art store 01
angelina jolie art store 02
angelina jolie art store 03
angelina jolie art store 04
angelina jolie art store 05
angelina jolie art store 06
brad maddox hot dog 01
brad maddox hot dog 02
brad maddox hot dog 03
brad maddox hot dog 04

Photos:, Asadorian/Meja/Splash News Online
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  • piper, with a low

    Woo hoo!

    Angelina and Z.

  • filipino fan

    yehey!!! so who says that they are not with brad?


    She is sooo adorable

  • bite me

    i want that bag

  • fox

    i just there yesterday!

  • lovinthepitts

    wow incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fox

    i was just there yesterday!

  • KrungKrung

    #3 filipino fan : 08/24/2007 at 12:21 pm
    yehey!!! so who says that they are not with brad?


    the viruses does!!!!!!

  • Ellen

    Wow and Wow !

  • KrungKrung

    the viruses will be here any minute now, you watch…

  • Julianne

    How could they not be in the Big Apple? They travel as a FAMILY.

    May they be safe ~ love this family!

  • mjc

    BAMPZS fans, please ignore the trolls.

  • bigchin


  • captd

    Thank you soooo much JJ. You have made my day. I love this entire family. I am going to pray that the trolls and haters stay away for a while. They have proven so wrong abouth this couple I wish that they would just embrace them as their fans have and wish them the best.

  • Ida

    Both Angelina and Zahara looks great!:)

  • Orchid

    Angelina looks good! I like her bag. Hope there will be more pics later.

  • bigchin

    wow aj and princess Z so cute …oh my god i see head exploding :smile:

  • briseis

    Wow, another thread!!! Whoa, Jared, I can’t keep up!!! Pant … pant … wheeze … wheeze!!! (((FANS SELF)))

    Wouldn’t we hear heads exploding after all their so-called predictions and theories about Brad and Angelina splitting up are proven wrong once again??? Gosh, these haters being so wrong is getting to be so predictable!

  • lola

    thank-you jared.

  • Ellen

    Great !

  • ~*~Get Real~*~


  • sara

    lovely family

  • ~*~Get Real~*~


  • Ellen

    JJ Thanks !

  • sara

    so hater did you find angelinaand kids.

  • Ellen


    More pictures Please…

  • jq

    love this family 1

  • sara

    another one,I really start to think she is pregnant look at her clothes.

  • godbless

    Angie looks great. Bless you Jesus.


    Soooooooo cute. How adorable is that? They look beautiful togather. Isn’t that we keep telling our haters. Look at them. Together. Get a grip their Togather. Oh, my Pax’s first trip to Lee’s and Zahara’s.


    Soooooooo cute. How adorable is that? They look beautiful togather. Isn’t that we keep telling our haters. Look at them. Together. Get a grip their Togather. Oh, my Pax’s first trip to Lee’s and Zahara’s.

  • Abby

    Angie is so beautiful and that smile makes her more beautiful.

  • tijen

    I really really like Angie’s purse.

  • Tixinhajolie

    this is a family….they are beautiful!!

  • KrungKrung

    ohmigod, papa Brad and the boys were there too? yipeeee.








  • Slayer, The

    Why does Angie always wear black?? She looks lovely in lighter colours.

  • sara

    how sweet pax becomes one of the cutest kids in their family.

  • filipino fan

    pax is following daddy’s style- wearing two shirts, a long sleeved underneath a short sleeved. and z is getting prettier every day.

  • lurker opinion

    Thanks jared. Pax is so such a cute little boy.

  • nice

    Angie is looking fab!!!!! Zee is cute.

  • Jodi

    PHOTO OP!! At least the children are adorable. Where is Shiloh though? Or do they not like her enough to bring her with them whenthey go out?

  • W

    OH! ANGIE!

  • Hiya

    Thanks, Jared. This family is just beautiful. Their pics just warm the heart. :)

  • sara

    looks like brad`s baby momma gain some weight look at her arms.

  • nice

    Great, great and great family.

  • okc

    I love this beautiful family ,all together,thank-you for the pictures,see how brad is a good dad, he loves angie, and the kids, keep being good people angie and brad, God will send you a lot of blessings.

  • where is shiloh?????????

    to all “righteous” bampzs-fans, who just hopp from cruise to aniston to spears threads to criticize these people on every detail of their photo (its ok to be of opinion that for example scientology is evil, or that bottled water is not that great or wishing that britney would become so healthy to be able to seek and accept help from outside of her broken up life) but how about to just concetrate on your favorite family, where you just does not care about, that their children are grabbed all over the world, that their children, especially the youngest one was NEVER EVER seen yet with loving mother hugging her and communicating love to her, that they are mostly looking angry or sad, dont have any home and playing war games, to show all the refugees out there, how very pacifistic is their ambassador!

    just because brangelina never take their children to the town and let them walk, does not mean, that other families should not do it, just because angelina never takes her youngest daughter to a walk and kuddles and hugs and smiles to her, just for sake of kuddling, hugging and smiling to a baby you love??? or just to be with her ever y possible minute she has to be with her and bond with her alone (i think this is why katie takes suri everywhere she goes and if you look at their faces – katie, suri and even tom, when he is not playing macho, there is so much empathy and love toward each other, especially in these not staged stolen pics, that its just unbelievable, that you, worshipers of a (i used to like brangelina, but they seem to be a big dream, where the reality of the unhappiness and struggle in this family comes more through in last time :-((( i am just sorry for the two youngest additions – shiloh and pax who are just not that accepted by their mom, even if i am sure, she wish she would be able to – especially shiloh, this baby looks always lost, without any emotion, lost in her little world and there is no sight, that her mother would be protective and passionate and smiling and communicating or at least looking to her face!!!!! to her, like she does with maddox and zahara, i think she is overhelmed by so much babies and is unable to bond with shiloh and pax properly…..

    but as i hate tom and his scientology cult, and i hate(d) how he mesmerized and brainwashed katie and sometimes i am really worried about katies depressed looks, when she is with the little baby suri, no matter if tom is there or not (except for that stupid bath where he needed to show her who is the boss – may be katie cant swimm???), she flashes soooo much love towards that little girl and suri flashes so much happines and interest to the surroundig and soooo much security, that i am always overhelmed and happy, that at least, the mother/daughter relationship (and seems suri feels secure with her crazy dad too) between katie holmes and suri is ALIVE and GROWING stronger

    so may be you should more worry about the little shiloh and pax – never saw brad hugging him or smiling when he drags him behing him going somewhere, and sorry, but shiloh is may be very ill, and they are ashamed of it, because it does not fit to the holly most beautiful world they try to communicate to the public :-((((

  • sara

    43 Jodi

    did you see the last time which angie brought shiloh out in NYC,did you see that.go and see you can find that in infdaily.