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Britney Spears: MTV VMAs Practice??

Britney Spears: MTV VMAs Practice??

Back-to-blonde Britney Spears sneaks out the side exit of Opera nightclub in L.A on Thursday night.

Wearing a camel-colored trilby, a fitted white button-down and teeny tiny shorts, Britney was spotted with her dancer friends, including dancer/choreographer R.J. Durell.

MTV VMAs practice??? Let’s hope so!!!

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  • lola

    first to comment yay!

  • http://htt// xxx

    Suri can give Brit some hairs.

  • jess

    she is an attention seeker

  • bite me

    dare i say she looks nice

  • Naomi

    that new song SUCKS!!!!! i heard it, it’s such a cry for attention. it clearly shows her emotions! poor coked up sheep! :(

  • emma

    she is not an attention seeker what are you talking about ‘jess’. do you think she wants all these papparazzi following her every day?

  • Naomi

    here’s tha link (lyrics an song)

    i think it’s a demo or interlude of a song.

    also i hate her ‘speakin on the phone’ part.

  • jess

    um…she is, why would she take her top off in her car and just be in her bra, that is called ‘attention seeking’ ‘emma’.

  • Nancy

    to Naomi: that was a demo from 2005 or 2006… it’s not even a single!!! relax…

  • Patmycrotch

    How desparate are these ppl that always have to hang around her, think she pays them to be her friend?

  • Naomi

    its 2 slow. plust the ‘talkin on the phone’ part really bugs me.
    she better get her act 2getha.

    why is she so whiny?

  • lucy

    stunning. so thin and like the old britney

    bring on the comeback.

  • emma

    the song is really good, i cried when i heard it, its so emotional, i really will start praying for her,

  • james

    that song is so old you guys, and why did EMMA start crying, its not a good song at all

  • emma

    reply to james: i started crying as i know and feel what she has gone through, and i feel sorry for her. you don’t even know her

  • Naomi

    emma you don’t know her also! besides, why does she need love? she HAS love. her sons! they need her, she needs 2 fight for them damnit. instead of whining bout wanting love an attention in a song, she should look around her, see her 2 adorable boys who need an love her. but she’s 2 hypocrit 2 see that. she’s 2 damn busy with partyin, her comeback an messin things up.

  • Lillianne

    VMAs!!! heh heh heh JJ you joker!

  • emma

    naomi i think somebody is jealous, she needs love because everyone is slagging her off, she is doing all she can for her sons, she loves them soo much, how can you say such a thing.

  • james

    emma what are you on about, you don’t even know her,


    is she still married to Kevin?

  • Lillianne

    Emma why on earth do you think Britney calls the paps everyday to tell them where she’ll be? If that isn’t literally a call for attention I don’t know what is.

  • sarah mill

    there not getting a divorce, they still love each other

  • b

    somebody looks hot. cant wait for her new cd, hope she performs at vmas.

  • emma

    Lillianne, she doesnt call them everyday, the know where she is all the time, they follow her, she can’t help it, so leave her alone. you wouldnt like it if they were following you.

  • mimi


  • Lillianne

    No Emma, you’re wrong. The media outlets have reported that she calls them daily. No I wouldn’t like it, but I would avoid them like normal people would.

  • Naomi

    i’m not jealous. at the most i pity her. for bein so stupid. for lettin the paps ruin her life. for lettin Kevin ruin her life. an if she loved her sons, she would build up a strong case for court (what kevin is doin an at his rate, def gonna win!)
    but no, britney is constantly in the news (naked in tha tub with shannon funk, a co-worker from her vid…) there’s just 2 much she does wrong! an it’s all agains in her custody battle. yep she’s gonna lose an maybe for the better. at least kevin is smart enough to build a strong image towards tha public.

  • Naomi

    she should just buy a house in a country where nobody knows her, just for a while, 2 get things in order in her life. take care of her sons properly. get away from all this crazy mess. an come back when she’s ok.

  • abiline

    Uh, no, let’s hope NOT. Less you all forget, she’s a train wreck. On top of that, she’s a train wreck with no talent. And on top of that, she’s a bad mama.

    No. She needs to go underground for a decade or so, get her head on straight, take care of her babies and just disappear from the public eye.

  • Leo

    She looks amazing… haha how funny for the haters when she looks good now they her “single” is horrible hahaa

    Let’s hate Britney!! YAY!! (fuckers)

  • Lillianne

    She doesn’t look amazing. She has fake horse hair on her head.

  • jj

    As long as she fits the image, she’s given slack. Once she starts morphing into a basket-case the hate begins.

    Interesting how this works.

  • Marta

    I’m looking for old posters of Britney Spears. I have so many posters to swap.

    You can see my poster site here:

    I need old posters of Madonna, Kylie Minouge, Take That, The Rasmus, Elijah Wood.

    Write me here:

  • emma

    naomi, i understand what your saying, but you have some facts wrong, they are not getting a divorce, they are still together, but they dont want people to know that, that is why you dont know that either.

    she has moved me so much, and her music has really inspired me to keep on living through the tough times in my life.

  • Here We Go Again…

    I don’t see why people always get so heated when it comes to Britney. She’s now in a position where no matter what she does, she’s going to hear something negative about it. She does something, it gets added to the list of terrible things against her, other celebrities do the same thing and they get excuses made for them. Not saying that Britney hasn’t done some weird crap but what celebrity hasn’t?

    As to her kids, no one who post on this site or other blog sites are there with her and her kids. We don’t see how she is. People are idiots if they’re simply going off tabloid rumors. Who cares if she goes out when she doesn’t have the kids? That’s her business and it doesn’t make her a bad mother. Many children have nannies and babysitters and it seems the only people calling her a bad parent are people who didn’t have them when they were younger or are parents who don’t have them now.

    Before I really didn’t care for the Spears topics because it was just more stuff about her and I mean aren’t there other celebrities out there but with the press constantly nailing her, it actually made me lean more towards her side which is my choice to do so. I actually don’t appauld Kevin for making this custody battle a public thing. Just because you don’t HEAR Britney’s people doesn’t mean they aren’t doing anything. And Kevin’s an idiot because he’s showing Britney’s team exactly what he’s doing and what he’s going after. This gives them time to prepare whereas his team has no idea what Britney’s going to throw his way. Some may say nothing because she’s dumb and deserves to loose her kids but I highly doubt she will. And just because Kevin “cleaned” up his act when his meal ticket kicked him out doesn’t make him ‘Father of the Year’

  • linal

    to ‘here we go again’ why did you write that, no one is bothering to read it, you must be really bored mate.

  • jessy

    to ‘here we go again’ i totally agree with you, and the person above ‘linal’ is being really rude, so just ignore him.

  • Lillianne

    Here we go again, AGAIN. Yes we did hear from Britneys people. Her divorce attorney quit her. How bad do you have to be for an attorney to refuse to take anymore of your money?

  • milly

    i know jamie lynn spears and her friend told me that she hasn’t seen Britney for a while now, and she is a little embaressed of her. Her mum is deeply upset about the whole thing, but she knows britney will come around some time soon.


  • Hale

    Come on Britnet you can do it! I have every faith in a big come back!

  • sophie

    she wasnt that good in the first place, i swear she only had two albums, and thats it.

    madonna said she had a row with her on the phone, saying she should get back to Kabbalah

  • lila

    to sophie, she had
    -”Baby One More Time”
    “Oops!… I Did It Again”.
    and then she
    -the zone,
    and then she had ‘
    -your a slave for me’

  • rumur

    yea, my fav had to be ‘slave for me’ it really helped me get through some things i my past that ive never been able to get rid of.

  • Barbara

    You fans know her real well. The song was I’M A SLAVE FOR YOU surely an anthem for any co-dependent.

  • lila

    i love brit…love ya babes…for always xxx

  • Naomi

    euhm, Emma, she IS divorced!
    she doesn’t look good (BRA comes in handy sumtimes brit)
    she’s out an about with ANOTHER unknown man an on top of that it’s prob a club that’s well known. how else do the paps know where she is? seriously she needs 2 get her act 2gheta PRONTO!

  • dropblue

    To, #41- Sofie –

    Britney has had 4 albums and they have all reached #1 in sales not only in the US, but the WORLD. Britney made records for that and will continue to do so because people like her music and will buy it you dumb bitch.

  • slave4noone

    These pics are nice, she looks decent and fresh. I think Britney maybe a bit depressed, dealing with two babies, a divorce and constant scrutiny for the things she does. She makes some dumb decisions sometimes, and as a celeb as much as you ARE human you have to be very mindful of the things you do, as they attract much more attention than if say Joe Average did it…but she’ll recover if she just behaves a bit.

  • dropblue

    #46 -

    The papz know where Britney is because she is not the only person in the club. If she goes to a public place someone is gonna call the papz and they will rush over. Get a brain.

  • jomomma