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David Beckham: Safe and Sound... and Sexy

David Beckham: Safe and Sound... and Sexy

David Beckham arrives safe and sound at LAX airport on Thursday evening.

He took flight back to Los Angeles just in time to play for his Los Angeles Galaxy team against Chivas USA. On Wednesday, Beckham played a full game (pictured) for England at Wembley in a 2-1 defeat to Germany.

25+ pictures inside of Mr. Golden Balls

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david beckham leather jacket 01
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  • Love Song

    the hotness that is david beckham

  • colewoodson

    I wonder if he is as sweet as he seems??

  • Yily

    David Beckham is cool. He’s a nice person.


    wow, jared, you got so many ads right now. Congrat on everything. I’m really happy for ya. Keep up the good work…..and give us more wentworth stuffs. haha thank you.

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Leather never looked so good.. except if it were on Wentworth Miller.


  • vicky

    AWWWWWW How can a man be this hot ?

  • Kate

    This man is hot as hell! What it must be like in bed with this man — wow! Well done Posh, well done! She’s the luckiest girl in the world.

  • Stuart

    He’s still quite fit. I’m sorry he left Europe. Hope to see some great plays from him. Beckham delivers.

  • gs

    I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posh, you’re sooo luckyyyy…….

  • Brooke

    How in the world did Victoria Beckham get him, and my god how has she managed to keep him this long??? She needs to write a book on how to get a man! The book will make it to the number one spot before it’s even out on the shelves! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Victoria Beckham, but even though I love her I know she doesn’t come close to that hottie Becks. But in her defense, what mortal woman can contend with the hottness that is David Beckham? None.

  • Stella

    If you could be anyone in the world for 1 night, who would you be? I would be Mrs. David Beckham…I’ve seen his white Gucci swimming shots and haven’t been the same ever since. One night with yummy Becks: me and him on the bed and those sexy Gucci trunks on the floor. I wish!

  • Tony

    My girlfriend is obsessed with this guy. #11 : forget one night, my girlfriend would settle for 5 minutes. What do you girls see in him? Ok, he’s hot. Ok, he’s loaded. Ok, he’s a world-class athlete. Ok, he’s…Ok, I think I’ve just answered my question. I’m jealous. And now I’M obsessed. LOL :O)

  • GermanSoccerFan

    here is a link to the highlights of the game:

    Still can’t believe we won the game with so many important players missing! Christian Pander is the best!

    The 8.000 german fans were great. They were louder than the 78.000 englich ones. =)

    Hope Beckham will at least win with Galaxy today!


    @ #10: Victoria got David because David went crazy about her when he saw that Spice Girls music video where Victoria was wearing this blacksuit. Sorry, not a Spice Girls fan so I wouldn’t know which video was that. :D Their love story is actually cute… :D

    LOL at Tony! :D

  • hamida

    He cheated on her many times!!!the most famous girl was rebecca loos because she sold the story to the newspapers.So here in Europe we know they are not “that perfect couple”.The beckham are a brand and they won t be able to earn so much money separated…

  • Adele

    I was there!! :)

  • jjjj

    He must be so tired, poor guy, playing 90 minutes for England, flying 10 hours then playing 90 minutes for LA. Hes not a robot. How come Landon got a rest on the bench.

  • Lady

    This man is a real man! Hot as HELL! – I would know I have been there (Hell)

  • nicole

    #4 and #5 I agree with u. jared let us know something more about wentworth. I am so tired of tomkat,brad and anjelina,david and victoria. I love wentworth. can’t wait to see new pics. jared pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  • remember da truth

    Wentworth is gay!

    LOOOOVVVVVEE the pics of David — keep ‘em coming, Jared!

    For the person who is shocked that David cheated — you do realize, of course, that 75% of marriages have infidelity, right? And not just from men — men just have more opportunity. Sleeping with someone else does not always mean you don’t love your spouse. It’s just nature, especially when couples are apart. When Victoria was pregnant and with very small children and he was away a lot, what do you expect? It’s not a good situation, but it happens, and in a loving relationship, it can be worked out.

    I think they have worked out their problems and are closer than ever.

  • Naomi

    whut a douche. not 2 forget a cheater. a way overpayed soccerplayer AN he really shouldn’t try 2 be a celebrity. an overrated ‘guy’ in my opinion.

  • Ellie

    IT’s not actually proven that David cheated on Victoria, and I certainly don’t believe it.

  • Naomi


    well huney puns i live in belgium an it wuz very high publicized with us cuz Rebecca Loos is very famous in Holland. an word is that she’s gonna pulicize a book from her affair. Second Victoria said herself that is wuz very hard 2 deal with her husband cheatin (she said it not so long ago!). Third; if it wuzn’t true Rebecca couldn’t keep on lyin, all the other women who supposidly slept with him gave up after a while cuz it wasn’t real. Rebecca however always stood her ground, if it wuzn’t true, Beckham could’ve sued her. YET he DIDN’T! an that says it pretty much.

  • Joachim

    What bag is he carrying? Someone?

  • nicole

    STOP SAYING wentworth miller is gay !! ’cause he is not. you’re only jealous and u envy him. wentworth miller is so hot!! who cares about david beckham? can’t wait new bean pole jeans ad shoot

  • Deb

    Hot!?! This man is sizzling!! Yummy!!

  • goldengirl

    # 15 hamida

    I believe that David alone would be able to rank in the dough $$. No disrespect to Victoria but her time has passed and she’s still craving the spotlight so she needs David.

    # 22 Naomi

    I didn’t realize that the other girls claiming to have had an affair eventually dropped their stories. Is Rebecca really the only one? Not that I advocate affairs but man she’s a lucky girl to have been with him!!

    I only know of Rebecca Loos because of the affair but I wonder what he saw in her. According to the stories, they hooked up when he was in a new country, new team and VB wasn’t around too much. I think she’s okay looking but perhaps it was her personality ie. flirty and his vulnerability at that time??

  • Patmycrotch


  • jo

    he is so overrated, he was really good at football a few years ago, he will be dropped from the england team very soon.

  • Naomi

    men are always vulnerable. that’s no excuse. he ran after his dick an for me that’s a big no-no, turn-off (with every men not with Beckham particulary) sorry but that’s my thought.
    an yes, they dropped their stories. nobody really cared plus they were unbelievable, attention seekin while the plate wuz hot.

    besides david was not that glamouress an famous, until VB stepped in tha picture. she changed his style, made him step in the spotlight (he says it himself). he’s kinda backstabbin.

  • Yeah, sure, right, ok…

    19 remember da truth : 08/24/2007 at 8:04 am

    Wentworth is gay!
    Yeah, sure, right, ok…just like the rumor that David Beckham is gay and getting the nasty on with Tom Cruise!

  • Marta

    I have so many posters of David beckham. I have so many posters to swap.

    You can see my poster site here:

    I need old posters of Madonna, Kylie Minouge, britney, Take That, The Rasmus, Elijah Wood.

    Write me here:

  • Ellie

    Um yeah, Naomi, huney puns, I live in England where David Beckham is most famous, Victoria did not say it was hard to deal with the affair, she said it was hard to deal with the allegations. Never ONCE have they said he really did have the affair. And yes she can keep on lying if she knows money is in the question. And Rebecca Loos’ carrying on that she did and the book just proves she wants as much money as possible on the back of her lies. I could make up that I slept with David Beckham, told the world all of the details and then write a book about it. It’s easy cash. Of course someone with no morals is going to do it. Like Rebecca Loos for example.
    Of course they aren’t going to sue Rebecca Loos. Do you really think the Beckhams have time to sue every stupid little slapper who decides they want to make money off lies about David?

  • Naomi


    honey, don’t use my nicknames. it’s a sign you’re uncreative an a copycat even though you try 2 be sarcastic. failor.

    an that wuzn’t a stupid little slapper! if she lies, an destroys Beckhams rep, they can EASILY sue her an easily win. plus if she writes the book an she gives away details, i’m sure VB will discover that it is true. sumthings you can only find out after sleepin with a man, if ya know whut i mean.
    an Rebecca said she found it strange that VB is comin out bout the allegations now (VB said that at the time they were goin 2 america) she thought it wuz only to cranck up VB’s rep for the better.
    an cheatin on your wife isn’t that moral either! but you forgive him cuz he’s ‘hot’ while the woman here who, yes wants easy cash (even though her father is a Dutch diplomat, she herself is a model an before that she worked with an American investment bank SO i don’t think she needed the cash but it came in handy an if the tabloids are willin 2 give it, then why not?)
    an ya can’t say details an stuff without sleepin with tha man, now can you?!
    he cheated on VB, she told tha world, VB knows it, everybody knows it. end of story. of course it’s true.

  • LeftBack4

    The women love him because he’s hot and the guys love him because he’s an awesome player. Good link #13 to the youtube clip on the game!

    For you guys out there I found this youtube vid of Beck teaching Reggie Bush how to take a free kick. You ladies might like it too because you Mr. Sexy is in it and you can hear his Nice British accent. Enjoy:

  • angie


  • Cynthia

    He has the sexiest scowl I have ever seen *sigh*!!!!

  • Ellie

    For a start, if you are going to patronise me and call me honey puns just for disbelieving a little scrounging tart, I’ll call you whatever I like. Also, learn to spell.
    I believe David is innocent until PROVEN guilty. I don’t believe David would sleep with Rebecca and never will do until David or Victoria comes out and says it- WHICH THEY HAVE NOT DONE. I don’t know if you are either illiterate or deluded but Victoria never announced that it was true. I also don’t feel the need to forgive a man for something which hasn’t been proven that he’s done whether he is ‘hot’ or not. And Rebecca Loos has already published enough shit about what the ‘sex’ *she wishes she had* with David was like and it already makes her sound incredibly cheap. You must be rather naive to believe an ex-glamour model PA who can easily make money out of telling lies off the back of someone over a very respected man.
    The Beckhams’ reputation is not ruined in any way either- they have come out of these allegations stronger than ever. And not everyone ‘knows’ as you say that David had the affair. Infact nobody knows whether he did but David and Rebecca Loos. Actually perhaps Rebecca doesn’t even know whether she did or not and is just a deluded stalker who imagined it.

  • Naomi

    for a start. i don’t give a shit whut you think bout my name-calling.
    second; i write tha way I want not the way that YOU want. is that understood darling? an fo tha record. i’m following languages-computer at school an English happens 2 be my best course. however i can write whateva i want an how i want on a public blog. this isn’t the frickin parliament babe!
    an proven guilty!? what do ya want. a video with a close-up screen with his dick inserted in her slot?!!!! pics??? if that ever existed if would be out an public a long time ago. plus becks wouldn’t be that stupid 2 get cought.
    oh an OF COURSE they don’t explicitely say that he cheated on VB, like DUH! that would pretty much ruin his rep. sure it wuz damaged when Loos told it 2 tha taibloids an sure Becks could’ve handled it like a man an cum (hihi :lol:) forward BUT he isn’t a true man. he rather hides behind lies. how sad of him.
    i didn’t realy spoke bout forgiveness more bout morals.
    well, at least she doesn’t have a wife an kids, so whose tha cheapest? the ‘slut’ who just took whut (whut an oppurtunist) she could get OR the loyal family man who tricks everybody?
    she is still a model an could be seen in diff tv-shows.
    yes, ya see how far respect has brought him. in tha pussy of another woman. like Ali G would say: RESPECT!
    eumh she wuzn’t a stalker, more like an employee an stuff. y’know the kind that peeps take on an sign a contract with?!
    rebecca knows an david knows (OH HE KNOWS alright, he knows it pretty damn well!)

  • Naomi

    an ya know whut? respect fo VB. that bitch better spends his money like crazy cuz he deserves it.
    i hope she pops more children out from Becks. he knows he has 2 live with tha guilt that he cheated on a beautiful, pathetically rich, caring family.

  • Ellie

    You need help, bless you darling. I don’t really care which is your best class. I didn’t ask for a life story, thanks. For the record, Rebecca Loos really has not damaged David Beckham’s reputation. He is one of the most respected men in England. Sure, he has a little group of haters, just like any celebrity, but it is certainly the minority. I don’t believe David Beckham is cheap because I don’t believe he cheated on Victoria. I believe Rebecca Loos is cheap for telling lies.
    I’ve made my points- I believe a respectable family man over a little hook-nosed slut, and you believe the opposite. Nothing you ever say is going to make me believe David cheated on Victoria, and nothing I ever say is going to make you believe he didn’t.
    Now get over yourself and get back to your life.

  • Geoff

    Joachim, the bag is Jas M.B. I think!