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Heidi Montag: "I Got Tricked"

Heidi Montag:

Smart marketing or sellouts?

Limelight lover Heidi Montag proudly plays up this week’s Us Weekly cover feature “How Spencer Tricked Heidi by wearing an “I Got Tricked” t-shirt while out and about in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Is fiance Spencer Pratt‘s larger-than-life personality all an act? Us Weekly says, “Some who were once close to him paint a picture of an attention-craving Svengali who has been alienating his friends and using his own fiancee to boost his profile. ‘Spencer used to brag about how he wanted to be famous and he’d do it by becoming an It couple with Heidi,’ says one Hills insider. ‘He’d sell his own mother for fame.’” Find out more about how Spencer tricked Heidi in this week’s issue of Us.

Meanwhile, The Hills will be alive with the sound of music as Heidi prepares launching her music career. Will the ‘leaked’ single “Body Language” be Heidi‘s first single or will another track really be released in its place?

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  • Lillianne

    She is a trick

  • Barbara

    She kinda looks like a horse-faced guy.

  • Carley

    That song isn’t half bad i’m horrified to say. If they got rid of that douche Spencer’s rap it’s a pretty decent radio track.

  • Ali

    Ahah lol! :P

  • Teresa

    Only hos get tricked. And let me tell you…she is one ugly ho. Damn…even with the plastic surgery she’s a PLAIN ASS white chick. She needs to darken her hair, get a tan, and wear some makeup. Oh yeah, I almost forgot…get rid of that douche boyfriend.

  • Scooby Doo

    Oh, lord! Why did she wear that shirt? Wearing it gives credibility to the BS rag sheets. Now, they’re going to be on her like stink on poop. Then again, maybe that’s exactly what she wants…

  • [~Famous~]


  • lol

    she really is pathetic. and fake pics again come on.

  • Erik

    She is a mega-ho. Tricked is an understatment. This ho was bamboozed, corndogged, hoodwinked, fooled, and just about every
    other verb for “used” out there.

    Spencer is a tool. He is not even worthy of hating. He’s just a tool. He wants to be the most hated failure in reality TV but he is just a tool. A Jonny Fairplay wannabe. Not even a Boston Rob. He is way too dumb. He “knows what people want to see” he claimed to US weekly, but didn’t his first reality TV show “Princes of Malibu” failed so bad FOX (yes FOX) cancelled it? I guess that just shows he really does SUCK and it out of touch with REALITY.

    Maybe his daddy will loan him some jingles and get Heidi’s lopsided boob job fixed.

  • Riley

    she has a serious case of man-face.

  • nika

    Pathetic. I have to admit the song that got leaked, wasn´t that bad. And spencer is a douche, from the little i´ve seen in hills, too hungry for fame.
    “..says one Hills insider. ‘He’d sell his own mother for fame.’”
    Now, why doesnt that surprise me.

  • Souhila

    I would pick crazy Britney over this meaningless chick !

  • Moonlight

    ^^Me too.

    Gosh. What a waste of a really cute skirt.

  • TR

    Gee, just “walking” down the street caught by photogs? This horse-faced loser is so desperate for fame and why people pay attention is beyong me. I wish she would get hit by a bus. I just hope I’m lucky enough to be on it!

  • Jill

    Heidi and spencer are both probably in this trick together. They both made arrangements to ggetfamous.

  • MMM

    …by her plastic surgeon.

    Weird how she is walking down what seems like a random street and people know she’s there. Seems suspicious.

  • awesome!

    wow, planned photo ops ON A FREAKING SIDEWALK!? That’s soooo lame.

    Both her and Spencer are a waste of skin. I do, however, really enjoy that Body Language song. I mean, it’s damn catchy except I have to pretend it’s not really her singing it (which, with the sound editing and all, probably is only 30% her voice anyway)

  • wow

    horse faced….bad boob job

  • Michelle

    wow. So I know how fake Spencer is with the in-the-closet thing and all, but, how did he find someone else so fake? This is one of the most set up things in the world. She JUST SO HAPPENS to be wearing that shirt. She JUST SO HAPPENS to be walking down an empty street. A NOBODY JUST SO HAPPENS to run across paps? She then JUST SO HAPPENS to stike several poses (but not really that is all natural and not staged).

  • ava

    Blech!! your 15 minutes are up!!

  • Madi

    Bitch called into the radio station here yesterday and she has as much depth as she has on the show. All she kept saying was how there’s more to Spencer than what you see on the show, and that’s hes a huge “smart business, like, genius.” After she hung up the hosts didn’t even want to play her God-awful song.

  • YoohAreStoopid

    i too fall on the “i dont like heidi” train. However bashing her music, and boyfriend, and looks and life does what exactly?

  • hate spencer

    He’s gay and she’s in deep denial. Good luck w/ that …

  • micheal

    I think she met to say that she “got tricks”. She looks like a porn star (a horsey faced porn star). Spencer will be a sleazy porn producer… they will make some movie magic.

  • katie

    I normally don’t bash celebs or anyone else for that matter but these two are in a class all their own with their staged photos and leaked stories! They are just vile!~

  • jim

    I’m STILL waiting for the indepth Spencer story, the one that interviews ex-bf’s and the like. Verrrry interesting that Perez Hilton who normally outs scum like Spencer seems in lurve w/ him, anyone else notice the over abundance of Spencer posts lately over at Hilton’s website? maybe Perez and Spencer are undercover lovers???

  • Shamika

    shes dumb for falling for a loser like him!! She ditched her best friend for a gay guy who only wanted to be in the spot light!!!!! And honestly she can do WAY better then him!! The guy is BUTT UGLY!!!! WAKE UP HEiDI!!!!!

  • Tealeaf

    She does look like a blonde horse, also the Spencerbot thinks she is being cool, when really she looks like a fool.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    I wish she would get kicked

  • j

    Her body is coming together slowly. yes, she needs to tan BADLY. and she aint no sienna miller cause she looks like a total wannabe in these pics. She needs to learn how to do her makeup and needs a complete fashion style makeover. she screams MAKEOVER! L.C is totalling killing her right now.

  • Carrie

    The 2 of them are ridiculous. The Hills needs to kick em to the curb – I find Justin Bobby and Audrina much more interesting as a couple – of course he’s a dick too (what’s up with all these creepy guys on the hills anyway?) but at least i can stand to watch him. Watching heidi and spencer is worse than watching that paula abdul trainwreck of a show. enuf said!!!

  • mildred l

    dude why is she walking down some deserted street??????????? dude LOL

  • 123456789


  • J.R.

    this C U Next Tuesday is posing. shameless.

  • Somalia

    Why do you guys hate her?I think she is wonderfully and she has the face only a mother could love or in her case Spencer.


  • Somalia

    ^^wonderfully handsome^^

  • jayden

    She looks like a F@#King horse. They (Monhag and Butthead) are sellouts. This is so lame.

  • http://donthave Roary

    Hey u guys, how did she get tricked by spencer :P or wataver his name is?

  • andré

    cheesy, tacky and lame.

  • lynn

    Who cares? They’re so fake. He’s gay and she could care less. All they want is fame why pay them any mind?

  • sweetyoungthing

    I think they are related.. they sure look like it.

  • kellygrrrl

    God, I HATE them both. What a stupid tool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bodylanguagesucks

    I seriously doubt the dimwit was tricked. I am sure it was the DOUCHE himself that took these pictures of her. Heidi is as desperate if not more for attention/fame than her TOOL boyfriend.

  • TR

    These shots are TOTALLY posed. Walking down the street by herself… no purse, identification, cell phone, keys, etc…? This ugly cunt is posing and that shark toothed gay boyfriend probably took the pix. I wish they would die and give their organs to science to see where a-holes really come from!

  • Rachel

    uhh i dont even care about this bitch anymore.
    seriously, speidi has way too much time on their hands if they actually took the time to make that shirt and call a photographer.

  • maria

    Where the hell is she loking off to in these pics? Probably trying to look for her lost brain. She must be the dumbest chick alive, and a horse face to boot. Bitch is crazy to be caught wearing that ugly outfit.

  • j

    Her body is gross,she needs to eat and theres just no help for the poor girls face.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Damn, even after all that work she got doe she still just so ugly!!!!!

    And WTF is she doing? Just wandering around on some sidewalk, shamelssly posing for anyone? Damn girl get ag rip and go back to school!


  • K

    I think she is cute. It is the boyfriend that everyone hates….not her. Lets all stop being jealous and look at the real picture. She is not bad looking at all, I mean please…I would love to see some of your pictures up here on this wall for everyone to talk shit about.

  • Jenn

    i love heidi and i think her and spencer are cute together everyone needs to back off. its probably hard enough with all of her old friends hating her, she doesnt’t need people she doesn’t even know hating her too.