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Kristen Dunst Gets Robbed

Kristen Dunst Gets Robbed
  • KiKi Dunst wuz wobbed!!!
  • Is Jamie Foxx stupid for defending Michael Vick?
  • Lilo‘s living up supermarket sweep.
  • Gwen and Gavin get leid.
  • Hayden Panettiere looks sexy in FHM UK.
  • Jennifer Lopez performs at the Roseland.
  • Charlize Theron walks with a purpose.
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s cover magazines.
  • Amy Winehouse is a bloody mess.
  • Should celebs continue to rock the fedora?
  • Harvey Weinstein would hire Lindsay Lohan.
  • Lindsay Lohan will spend one day in jail after reaching a plea deal Thursday on misdemeanor DUI and cocaine charges. She is also required to perform 10 days of community service and complete an 18-month drug treatment program. She was also placed on 36 months probation and must complete a three-day county coroner program in which she’ll visit a morgue and talk to victims of drunken drivers.
  • Rappers 50 Cent and Kanye West have supposedly made peace. The two enjoyed Vodka shots together at 40/40 on Wednesday night with Jay-Z, Diddy, and T.I.
  • Tickets for Oprah Winfrey‘s September Madison Square Garden shows are available now on
  • ABC has put filming of new series Dirty, Sexy Money on hold so it can “assess” the plot. The show premieres Sept. 26.
  • Fox has canceled new series Anchorwoman after one airing because of low ratings.
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  • Patmycrotch

    Michael Vick and Lindsey both need to go to jail and everyone forget about those losers.

  • magnus

    Never seeing another Jamie Fox movie.

    Cultural thing so it’s ok? Hey Jaimie, I know a few places where lynching black people is a cultural thing. I guess if they don’t know any better it’s fine by you.

    Way to stick up for your own underevolved kind you racist a**hole.

    I was going to see The Kingdom but now I’ll pass.

    Boycotting Jaime the racist animal hating ape forever.

  • ohmy

    Another celeb with a reduced sentence..such is America. What’s that about a coroner program? Should be interesting.


    Why would jamie fox feel stupid..for taking up for his black brother!
    Yes, killing dogs is crazy, and not cool, but do you think that he is going to talk bad on his fellow African American? UH UH

    How is he racist? 55 percent of white people are racist!
    I am telling you from a black person’s point of view: it is a very limited few..that will stick up for a black person! ALl white people stick together! WHite people run the corporate world! That is about to change…..


    HE shouldn’t lose his career, like Pete Rose shouldn’t lost his career! He should be in the Hall of fame!

  • Colbert ROCKS!


    NOT all white ppl stick together that is a generalized statement and kind of sounds racist. To prove that all ppl do not stick together step over to the JP and JA thread – there is all kinds white people hating all over each other and has nothing to do with skin color.

  • Jekka

    What is up with Amy Winehouse??

  • shia_fan

    poor kiki she’s rob and you jared still manages to criticized her individuality… she’s tired to looking he best… I think she needs to loosen up and look normal… I think Hollywood actresses are dressing down to prevent normal people to copy them for something that is superficial.

  • sara

    Vicks will lose everything and go to jail but Lindsey Lohan will not skip a beat and not server any jail time and she almost and still will kill humans. Why to go USA racist all the way. The next time LL get behind the wheel drunk again I wounder who will she kill?

  • crazy

    are you serious…. Mike is going to jail because the US court system is racist? that’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard of. There is no doubt that lindsey lohan ( or paris, brittany, niccole richie, ect)… serve an equal punishment as any other person for her DUI and cocaine and whatnot. However, they get to be living proof of how our system is flawed. but they are in no way related to the mike vick case. It doesn’t matter what race a person is, if they were a star athelete and got caught with the same dealings as vick, they’d pay the same price. I think its another flaw in the system but its not based on racism.

    In my opinion, the court likes to make examples of star athletes, regardless of race, by giving them harsher punishments. Which is just as unfair as giving weaker sentences to celebrities like Lohan and Paris.

  • remember da truth

    If some rich white guy were found doing what Vick did, people would be screaming for his head. But because he’s black, some people think it’s racist he is going to jail? Why? Because if he’s black he really didn’t do anything wrong? Give me a break!

    What he did was horrifyingly repehensible. He deserved a longer sentence. And I didn’t know who Vick was before this and didn’t know he was black until I saw a picture of him and STILL thought it was a horrible thing he did. Who cares what your skin color is? It’s the actions that count — and he’s a disgusting HUMAN BEING, regardless of skin color!!!!!