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Galaxy Coach: Beckham Was a Mistake

Galaxy Coach: Beckham Was a Mistake

Victoria Beckham cheers on hubby David during the soccer face-off between LA Galaxy and Chivas USA match on Thursday at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.

Posh was joined in the stands by Chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana. Chivas USA won 3-0.

Galaxy coach Frank Yallop admitted it was a mistake to leave Beckham in for the entire match.

“Right at the end he looked hobbled,” he said. “I used him tonight and I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t like to put players like David in jeopardy of getting injured, and that wasn’t the intention. We wanted to make sure his ankle was okay and he said he was okay to start. You can still tell now that he is sore, he’s still not 100 percent.”

35+ pictures inside of the Beckhams

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posh cheering becks on 01
posh cheering becks on 02
posh cheering becks on 03
posh cheering becks on 04
posh cheering becks on 05
posh cheering becks on 06
posh cheering becks on 07
posh cheering becks on 08
posh cheering becks on 09
posh cheering becks on 10
posh cheering becks on 11
posh cheering becks on 12
posh cheering becks on 13
posh cheering becks on 14
posh cheering becks on 15
posh cheering becks on 16
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posh cheering becks on 19
posh cheering becks on 20
posh cheering becks on 21
posh cheering becks on 22
posh cheering becks on 23
posh cheering becks on 24
posh cheering becks on 25
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posh cheering becks on 28
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posh cheering becks on 30
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posh cheering becks on 35

Photos: Stephen Dunn/Toby Canham/Getty
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  • Mike Toant

    i love becks 2nd

  • bite me


  • Mike Toant

    i love him soo much

  • matt

    jeez that topic title is misleading lol

  • Mike Toant

    he is so hot

  • luna

    well he was a mistake, the england coach will drop him soon. he is too overrated

  • jesssss

    yea i agree with luna, he is so overrated

  • sally

    he is overrated, in the U.K, no one likes him any more.

  • LJ

    luna: you are big mistake..

  • luna

    and she is such a slut, look at this pic

  • Patmycrotch

    I see a tiny smile out of her

  • luna

    why am i a mistake?

    do you live in america? or the U.K?

  • Lillianne

    Who writes these headlines? JJ what’s wrong with you letting something like this get by? Totally misleading.

  • ils vont…

    Becks is great, too bad the Galaxy sucks, he needs to get out and move the Red Bulls in NYC.

  • Nah

    OMG I read the headline thought the coach said it about Beckham being part of the team was a mistake … lol
    well, Becks still not 100% of course, that coach is silly.. he won’t save the Galaxy.. at least not this season.
    Becks looks gorgeous as always.. thanks Jared, please keep posting Becks pics :)

  • friz

    Luna is right. This couple are an absolute joke. Becks is old and should be retired by now. He can’t even go past players FFS. He’s just a celebrity now. He used to be good but that was during his Man Utd days.

    As for Posh she has some serious problems. One of them being that she thinks she’s hot!! B*tch you are fugly.

    Gordan & his wife are just as overrated as the Beckhams.

    3-0. lol

  • Lulu

    Luna, stop talking shit please. McLaren actually praised him after the england match.
    And stop sayin he’s over rated, he never said he was the best in the world, nobody ever said of him he was the best in the world.

    Beckham is a team player, who is the best crosser of the ball in the world, that’s it, and i’m not making this up, a hell lot of players or coaches said it people like Henry, Zidane or Ronaldinho said it.
    Cristiano Ronaldo admires him.

    Wether you like it or not, he’s one of the best players of his generation, and to me was the best in 1999-2001.

    And stop comparing him with henry or ronaldinho, they don’t play in the same position and have a different role on the pitch, no comparation is possible.

    And LMAO at people, sayin nobody likes him in the UK, during the England Germany game, the crowd chanted his name a lot of times and was always clapping when he touched the ball, then the press praised him the day after.

    So stop talking shit when you don’t know anything, this guy is respected in Europe and throughout the world.

    And i don’t think he’s the best in the world, but he’s a hell of a great player, and anybody who knows something about football and only cares about the football side of him will tell you the same thing.

  • The Whole Beckham Family is TOTALLY 100% OVER-RATED!

    I 100% agree with you Luna- # 7~!

  • vicky


    I have many friends in England and they all adore Becks ! Means talk for yourself !

  • LJ

    Lulu – your comment was so great and true. Some people here don’t know anything about football..

    And luna: don’t you understand jokes?

  • xsleekx

    i really want to clear up when people say the uk dos’nt want him bk, for the public its aload bollocks, we’re really proud of him and he’s respected in his country, please dont get misslead by the upperclass journalist people, its just to put somone with more talent than them down. Davids so sexy and im glad he gave the guy what for, has that man never been tackled before? so flipping dramatic

  • xsleekx

    thank u sally, i wish people would stop talking for us, its kind of weird and not true, ur only getting the ‘keep becks and victoria’ from some of the trashy news papers over here. some people dont really like victoria but david is a national treasure

  • famouslivingdead

    becks are not famous in the UK? what the hell is that? who is the totally idiot to say that? duh~he is so famous there…where have you been before this? he was famous there and here, and he is still famous…thats why he is the most highly paid soccer/football player in this WHOLE WORLD…plz learn a thing or two before you say anything…

  • famouslivingdead

    love ya 4saying the truth…especially for those who are pretending clever over here…becks rule!!!

  • Ellie

    I don’t know anyone in England that hates him! I could hear chants in the England V Germany game saying ‘There’s Only One David Beckham.’

    He’s a national treasure. To most. The ones that aren’t miserable old sods.

  • Grana

    The majority of people in the UK are very proud of what David Beckham has done in his career and what he has given the country. The ones who aren’t are Manchester City fans. =P

  • frankcooob

    Becks got class the way he handeled that tackel. On the football field Becks is respeced by everyone. Even by his worse rivals. He has proven himself to many times not to be.

  • Mexican Baby Luv

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHAA i knew he wouldnt last!! even the coach noes hes bad chivas is number one CHIVAS USA AND CHIVAS GUADALJARA TOO!! galaxy lost against chivas usa many many times!! and lost to chivas guadalajara last month 2-1 [[ latin players are so much better]] DAVID BECKHAM IS ONLY GIVING THE TEAM PUBLICITY srry grls…….ohh and one more thing HES UGLY!!

  • Katja

    Beyond fabulous! I absolutely love him. The entire world loves him. He’s an A-class footballer, there’s no arguing that.

  • Lora

    It sucks that he’s in America now. Americans don’t understand football and they don’t appreciate it. The average American prefers big goons body-checking one another or hitting each other on the head with sticks (aka American “foot”ball and hockey).

  • Alexandra

    Why does EVERYONE talk about his wife? What does that have to do with football??? Can we all just focus on the athletic genius that is David Beckham!?!? Love him to pieces. Could just eat him up with a spoon!

  • Maurizio

    This happens when you’re better than everyone you’re playing against: they take out your legs. That’s what that guy (#15 red shirt) was doing. He’s not good enough to actually keep up with our Becks so he just tries to kick him down and cause an injure…or in this case make an existing injury worse.

  • Kalaya

    #33 Maurizio: totally agree with you. Beckham is leagues ahead of the fools he’s playing with (on both sides!). He’ll only get frustrated playing at such a low level. Yeah he’s great, but one man can’t win a game when everyone from the forward, to the defense, to the goalkeeper sucks!!!

  • mariya

    england needs beckham
    who cares if he’s overrated(i dont think he is)
    he has talent
    and everyobdy loves him
    including me

    frank yallop is stupid

  • dras

    The whole sport is a mistake. Send the guy back but leave his woman here. She can play on my team anyday.

  • sema

    she looks like a plastic doll with that dress,ridiculous hair and shades.

  • funny

    im not trying to rag on the beckhams but isnt david kind of not the best soccer player i can think of other players esp. some latin american ones who are WAY better players than david. i just think he should have turned to modeling or something. he had a really awesome career in futbol but i dunno …. ill keep wathcing though to see what he does

  • li

    your title to this post was very misleading and clearly done to attract attention to the post. unappreciated.