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Prison Break Season 3 Promos

Prison Break Season 3 Promos

Pictured L-R: Robert Knepper, Wade Williams, Chris Vance, Danay Garcia, Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, William Fitchner, Amaury Nolasco, Robert Wisdom and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe.

British import Chris Vance will play an inmate named Whistler, a guy who might have something to do with the conspiracy that got Michael Scofield (Miller) into this mess. And for once Michael will not be the man with the plan.

Prison Break Season 3 premiere episode “Orientacíon” airs on Monday, Sept. 17 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX! If you haven’t already, check out the first 17 minutes of this episode here with screencaps.

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Photos: Patrick Ecclesine/FOX
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  • depeche

    Abruzzi ruled, without him, PB is not the same-

  • cw

    ummm, where is Dr. Sara?? Did i miss something – is she off the show?

  • Ali

    Wow awesome pic.

    Sarah is pregnant but she will be back in person in episode 4! Don’t worry! Maybe there will be a promo pic later…

  • Crabby Girl

    Dr. Sara is still on the show she’s just off on maternity leave and won’t be in the first few episodes.

    Did she have that baby yet Jared?

  • Estelle

    Thank you JJ, I can’t wait for the season premier. YEAH!

  • Mink

    Ali, that spoiler re. Sara being back in Ep 4 was wrong and made up. We don’t know yet when she’ll be back.

    Thanks so much for the pics, Jared!

  • wm4life

    i think sara is replaced by Danay Garcia!

  • Wet For Went

    OH MY GOD he looks hot…THANK YOU JARED! *swoon*

  • Crabby Girl

    She’s only going to be replaced for a couple of shows and they aren’t even going to show the replacemens face.

  • meemee

    Went looks amazing!! I love the promo shots!


    Holy fuzk!!!!!!!!!! it’s PB and Went. Yeah!!!(lil JON like)

  • Mink

    Good Grief! Please get your facts right, ppl! Danay Garcia is NOT replacing SWC. She is going to be playing a completely new character called Sofia.

  • [~Famous~]

    This season’s going to be incredible.

  • Lisa

    Please tell me Sara is still on the show. Where is she? I know she is pregnant and all, but come on…

  • Wet For Went

    And by he, I think we know what I mean. LMAO Mink

  • Crabby Girl

    God wet for went your still around I would have thought you would have gotten some class by now and come up with a different name. I guess once white trash always white trash!


    Went is so tanned!


    i thought wet for went was a black gal.

  • nicole

    oh my god thank u jared u made very happy cause u know i love went so much. he’s so hot in these pics. my heart is beating so fast………………………… thank u

  • LauraFox

    Sarah Wayne Callies will be back in ep4, where she’ll be doing off voices and the physical image of her character will be played by another character but by epi6 SWC will be fully back. The voice offs will be done a couple of weeks before the episode airs, since she’s on ML. I know this for fact because I auditioned for her replacement scene.
    Don’t worry, Dr Sara is staying for keeps this season.



  • Nika

    thaaaaaaaaaanx a lot for the brand new promos… love them. Miss Sarah, hope another promo of her will be added after she’s back.

    have you posted the link to the first 17 min of PB’s first episode of season 3 already, Jared? it’s on youtube and awsome!!!!

  • http://deleted DeeCee

    Finally new eye candy, Chris Vance is quite handsome. Welcome to the posse Mr. Lovely.

  • Patmycrotch

    Does wentworth ever smile he looks like he is one mad, upset dude.

  • Lisa

    Thanks Laura. Are you 100% positive? I don’t want to sound crazy, but I just want to know. I hear she is, then, you know you hear other stuff and you get nervous.

    When you auditioned, did they let you know this was a replacement ONLY?

  • Wet For Went

    Why the hell would I go anywhere when Went thinks I rock and sends his love? LOL

    White trash? I can honestly say I’ve never, ever been called that in my entire life. That’s quite an accomplishment.

  • nika

    #21 look thats my nick, be original get a new one. god …
    This season is gonna be incredible, and went is looking hot and very tanned.

  • Krissie

    @Crabby Girl: White trash… Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha! *cracked rib*
    (BTW, the joke is on you!)

  • Lolly

    ^ Hahahaha! Wite trash! 2 Funny. WFW how you’ve stayed wet so long is the accomplishment.

    I can’t wait for the new season. Ready to be jerked around for another set of Mondays. Sona looks so nasty, I’m scawed. I need someone to hold.

  • nika

    william, chris, went, dominic, and papi amaury oh my my.. and jodi looking very sexy, I wonder how the the scenes went between her and dominic. Also, Im curious to see danay.

  • jackie0

    wait someone is missing..omg where sarah ?

  • nicbeast

    No freaking way Crabby Girl, did you just call WFW white trash!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You are dull as a brush…so sad for you…I hope you’re at least pretty…

  • Crabby Girl

    You all are all freaks!!! I need someone to hold well if you weren’t so damn obsessed with fictional shit you might be able to find a real man!

  • Nika 2

    ooooo i can’t wait for the new series!!

  • nicbeast

    Honestly you should stop talking about things of which you have no idea…you are just embarrassing your self.

  • LauraFox

    hi Lisa! Yes, I’m sure about everything I said. I won’t say more cause I don’t want to spoil those who don’t want to know the plot of S3. However, when I went to the final audition (back in June), the casting director gave us a dialogue scene and it’s description. She said that they were only looking for a physical replacement for 2 or 3 scenes (only 1 scene was written by the time so far). You may find sides in spolier forums if you wanna be spoiled.
    They also provided us with previous scene videos of SWC in S2 so we could figure out some gestures if we wanted. So no need to worry, Sarah will be back.

  • blabla

    getting closer to september 17 :). Wenty = yummy

  • Renato

    it´s mase!i wait the best season!
    thank´s jared!

  • Renato

    it´s mase!i wait the best season!
    thank´s jared!
    from brazil

  • Renato meira

    it´s mase!i wait that the best season
    thank´s jared from brazil

  • blue

    well I hope Sarah is back…PB wouldn’t be the same without her and we need to see sex if this is the last season!

  • TommyGirl

    Would everyone stop asking the same question where is Sara? Look at the eariler posts and you’ll get your answer I swear the people on this site are too dumb for words. Point being Wet for Went!

  • luna
  • ME!

    omg!! where’s sarah!!???!!


    enough of those where sara is questions!!!!!!

  • ME!

    But sarah’s not in the photo????

  • Charlene

    Finally, they all looks so good, so sad that Sarah isnt there at the moment i really hope that she is back. Thanks Jared for the pics :)

  • AJ

    “I guess once white trash always white trash!”

    AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AAAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHHA..WOOOOOOO..HAHA.. HA!….oooooh man. Crabby Girl, you’re an idiot. And as for this:

    “You all are all freaks!!! I need someone to hold well if you weren’t so damn obsessed with fictional **** you might be able to find a real man!”

    Most of us are happily attached/married IRL, thank you very much. So watch your fucking mouth. Thank you, and good day.

    Anyhoo…topic: Wentworth looks amazing! Carry on…Nothing to see, here…

  • jessica

    dear wentworth ,
    you are a wonderland! thank u jared for the pictures. wentworth and brett ratner if u need a location for the next photo shoot, let us know something on this website. I have suggestions………… , I have a location already in my mind………….. guess where……… went u always look so cute so beautiful so mmmmmmmmm………..

  • sandra

    the pics are good but wentworth ooooooooooooooh all eyes are on you. you are a great actor and u don’t look 35 years old. congratulations. stop asking where sara is. u are not funny. moreover I think u are the same person u just change your name

  • amaury fan

    thank u jared. the cast is awesome .my favourite are went miller and amaury nolasco. can’t wait for season 3