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Suri is a Sleeping Beauty

Suri is a Sleeping Beauty

Katie Holmes and 16-month-old baby Suri step out for another shopping spree in Paris during a rainy Friday afternoon.

Katie, 28, had to make a stop at her hotel to patch up her left knee, which she injured when she scraped it earlier in the day. Loving the magenta coat and knee-high boots!

Suri must have been sleeping in a weird position earlier on. The back of her right leg is all red!

Daddy Tom Cruise has been busy filming his WWII flick Valkyrie, which is filming in Berlin, Germany.

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suri sleeping 01
suri sleeping 02
suri sleeping 03
suri sleeping 04
suri sleeping 05
suri sleeping 06
suri sleeping 07
suri sleeping 08
suri sleeping 09
suri sleeping 10

Photos: KCS Presse/Splash News Online
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  • AMY


  • Ajoop

    Katie looks great and Suri is just too adorable!

  • suri is 3 years old…

    Suri has a flat snozz and a gay dad + robotic helpless mom.

  • blue

    I love the second picture…too cute!!!

  • rihanna

    Fame is their game..sad Katie is so obviously out there looking 4 publicity ,that child is older.

  • pr person

    So she patched her knee, changed her clothes and Suri’s clothes, then went back out? Of course she did…. how sad… poor Suri looks exhausted. I’m sure that power shopping and photo ops are NOT her idea of fun. Also… HAS Katie heard of a freakin stroller?!?!

  • sue me

    hey jared…love the new photo format…so nice to be able to get fullscreen. just thinking out loud…don’t katie and tom own a stroller??

  • Shiraz

    Oh, her nose looks like a flattened tomato.

  • Shrub

    such an ugly kid just like it’s ugly father and boring mum.

    such a pathetic family really

  • Evelyn

    Ooozing with class. America’s royalty….

  • kiti

    Wow, that is one shopoholic. Almost makes one wonder if the bloggers who think shopping’s the only thing that keeps her sane are on to something.

  • Jamie

    That kid has more hair than Britney.

  • Bree


  • Prue H.

    What’s wrong with leaving a sleeping child at the hotel with the nanny to go shopping, or go shopping later when the child is awake? Can one say photo op?

  • Lydia

    Katie is looking hot as ever. Suri is hands down the cutest baby in Hollywood.

  • Sheila


    Before …. her photo ops were with Bella and Connor.

    Now …… she’s with Suri! We haven’t seen pictures of her with Bella and Connor for over a year!

  • Yay

    A lot of cuteness!!!…thanks JJ!

  • Zephi

    Does Katie do anything besides shopping?? What a boring and unambitious life! Also, besides not using a stroller, can’t she hold her own umbrella?

  • KrungKrung

    i think kitty i mean katie is obssessed with heels, stoopid katie, wear a ballet shoes once in a while will yah? wondered how many thousands of outfits she have collected now? nah not enuff, she needs more y’all.

  • katie tree trunk legs

    They dont get as much attention if they dont portray the perfect family.When we all know tom alien gay cruise and katie, sleep in different bedrooms. Suri, flat as paper nose is not like alien cult tom. Who her daddy???

  • Amber

    Katie is so gorgeous AND Suri always makes my heart melt.
    You can tell they are a wonderful happy full of values family and Katie is a good mom and Tom a great dad.
    They are not perfect like the rest of us but goodness abounds in them.

  • sherra

    I don’t agree with Shrub, they both beautiful, no doubt.
    Don’t be jealous with them. Pathetic is you shrub.

  • Lola


    More pics underway I hope Jared?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Reatty

    Jada Pinkett Smith said Katie is Bella and Connor’s mother? Is she kidding. katie is only out and about with her own child and that’s it! She hasn’t been seen with Bella and Connor in months and neither has Tom for that matter.

  • Noemi

    Just Jared,
    Wow, I am really impressed with the photos you get of Katie & Suri.
    They seem to be the most current photos at the time. I think both Katie and Suri are so beautiful and photogenic. There’s nothing wrong with them shopping. They are surely in Germany to accompany Tom Cruise while he films his movie. He’s working but they are not. And so what are they suppose to do? Things that people do when they are visiting another country: shop, go to museums, restaurants, theatre, shop, shop, visit friends, etc. If they can afford it what’s wrong with that? I just discovered this website and really enjoy the pictures. I am not particularly a big fan of Tom Cruise nor Katie Holmes but they seem to be a nice, happy, family. Good for them. God bless them.:)

  • colewoodson

    Where are Bella and Connor?

  • Somalia

    Shopping again?!!WTF, Does she do anyting other then shopping?

    I don’t care how rich once is spending money like that is a crime in my book.

    Katie how many shopping can you do in ONE DAY?

  • gee

    Its been known for awhile that Katie has a shopping problem,and Tom had problems with it..she 4gets to buy 4 his male lover , when she shops.Seriously Suri has weird lips and nose is she special?



  • Wendy

    I adore the Cruise family. I miss Tom and btw I love Katie’s style.
    Suri is so beautiful especially her face,hair and eyes. Love everything about this baby.

  • Nicole

    God bless them…sucks to be one unhappy hater when all they know is to hate. Many thanks Jared!~

    ~ Nicole

  • Dawn

    Work it Mama!

  • Alicia

    get thee a rhinoplasty stat!!

  • Orchid

    Like Shiloh, Suri is a very pretty baby too. I guess she is being taught Scientology ways starting now. I don’t know anything about Scientology.
    (I’m not sure if I spelled it correctly).

  • lady

    That’s right you dont know anything about Scientology and other religions so dont act like a god and judge. If you think you have the right religion Im sure other religions dont see it that way too.

  • Rhonda

    Please post more JJ and the title Sleeping Beauty is perfect for Suri. She took her beauty from her mom and dad. I like Katie is a nice person too from so many fan encounters and the paps and she is very hands on with Suri and her whole family both sides.

    I hope she works soon after Tom gets done with Valkyrie.
    What a sad double standard that Nicole Kidman ‘s Invasion film and other actors films fail at the box office but no news about it but Tom’s personal and career are held so high up the pedestal.

  • e

    Honestly I’m a mother and I really don’t to take bad things about other’s kids, but Suri does look a little bit weird to me, Suri looks like Bjork. But I’m sure Suri has a loveing mum and that’s what important.

    Katie looks pretty awful without makeup, she looks old really. i think Tom is not treating her or Suri too well…Tom only hangs out with Katie and Suri for photo ops now…

    Poor Katie and Suri

  • Noemi

    I think its hard to accompany someone to a foreign country or another state for that matter, while they work and you have to find something to do all day, every day of the week especially in a foreign country. Regardless if you are staying in a five star hotel. Seeing Katie Holmes walking through the streets of Paris with Suri reminds me of the last two episodes of Sex and the City where Carrie leaves to Paris with the Russian thinking that everything will be so romantic and new in Paris. Well, after she visited all the shops and saw all the important sites and restaurants she started getting bored because the Russian was always busy getting ready for the opening of museum exhibition. The other person that’s not working can sometimes get bored waiting for their partner to return from work. It must be even harder with a 16 month old child becauuse she is also restless, clearly beginning to start teething, learning to walk, run, etc. Hopefully filming will wrap soon and they will be heading back to the U.S. I think actors make a lot of money but they also live like gypsies that’s why the divorce rate is so high.

  • LOL

    Katie definitely classes up everything. Love Suri and she has a very rare beauty.

    Very true about traveling. My cousin was given a graduation gift to tour Europe for 2 friggin months giving him the whole Europe and he has to be expose to arts and culture lecture by his parents. He had a blast but he got bored. No place like home. Im planning my Europe vacation and saving money very well too.
    Planning to watch the Olympics in China. Go USA!
    I hope Tom and Katie will attend including their kids.

  • Heidi

    The reason you are not seeing Connor and Isabella is because they are at camp. They are not with Nicole Kidman – they never are.

  • Kitty

    Uh Katie isn’t with Bella and Connor because they’re Tom and Nicole’s kids… so they’re with Tom or Nicole in Germany or Australia – not in freaking Paris with this talentless idiot!

  • Kitty

    Damn it – don’t hate on Nicole – she had the kids most of the time after the divorce until Tom met Katie and stopped working!

  • Heidi

    She had the kids most of the time? Uh,no.

  • Rory

    Absolutely Adorable.

  • Sophie

    HAHAHA it is Friday morning in Paris right now, I didn’t know Scientologists could travel through time, please correct your post Jared (to Thursday).

  • Ronnie

    Pretty in pink LADIES!!!!!

  • KarenA

    So sweet. They’re so coordinated. :)

  • what!what!what!

    NOSE Job is in that kid’s future.

  • Mo

    My boyfriends thinks Suri looks like Bale’s Batman kid but not me. I think she is all Tom and Katie. I cant keep my eyes off this two lovely mom and baby.

  • 87

    Absolutely stunning little girl.

    Even though her Daddy is batshit crazy.