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Jessica Simpson Sucks In Her Tummy

Jessica Simpson Sucks In Her Tummy

A fit and fabulous Jessica Simpson leaves an upscale restaurant after hanging out with her hairdresser pal Ken Paves on Friday in Los Angeles.

Jessica, 27, held her breath and sucked in her tummy while passing paparazzi. She was also seen wearing a small gold pendant in the shape of her home state of Texas.

The generous actress recently bought $300 good luck charms with gold pendants in the shape of Louisiana for each of the cast and crew of her upcoming military movie Major Movie Star (that’s where they filmed). Miss Simpson had commissioned jewelry designer Maya Brenner to create the 14-karat gold pendants, which she handed out as gifts at the film’s wrap party.

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  • EllyYlonen


  • tondogirl

    her boobs are fake..and the lips as well

  • bite me


  • kate.

    tondogirl are you from the Philippines?

  • Lola

    OMG what has she done with her lips (again). She looks as if she’s back on what’s it called Resti…something. No idea, it’s nasty!!!

  • Barbara

    That is the strangest shape of Louisiana I’ve ever seen either before or after the hurricane.

  • Rachel

    I think her pendant is shaped like Texas…not Louisiana. She looks really great!

  • tc

    she is wearing the state of texas

  • Jeanette

    She needs to let the air out of her lips.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Rachel and TC!

  • AK Momma

    She is totally making the Zoolander pose in that close up picture. Yikes…

  • jd

    she messed up her faced when she messed with her lips!

  • Antony

    holy shit!!! she looks AWFUL!!!! jesus. just completely fucking awful!!!

  • claudia

    She is using the same hair style like Ashlee in Seventeen Cover Magazine :D

  • Vy

    She is so uncomfortable looking. The fake lips are insane, the way she is sucking in everything just makes her look bulky, she somehow fucked up her whole face again. Jesus. I feel bad for the girl, she is probably having a hard time dealing with becoming irrelevant. I wonder how she feels about John hooking up with a real movie star, Cameron. That has to hurt.

  • ty

    She looks AMAZING! shes so toned and fit.

  • sara

    She seems like she is very stupid, like an air head. Why would she try to suck her tummy like that? She really do not feel good about herself or her body to do that. That would explain her relationship with John Mayer, who seemed to use her like a wh*re. She seem happier by herself but since she do not feel good about herself she’ll probably be back with him soon.

  • jerzeegirl

    She looks great!!! Thing is… every time she opens her mouth, I just cringe!!

  • thanks :)

    She looks great but lost some of the baby fat in her face that made her look amazing.

  • Haleigh

    yeah terrible… shes probably hiding something… like pregnancy…

  • bataglio

    looks more toned than in recent pics; ‘course, 50% of that is b/c of training, and 50% b/c she’s sucking in, covering w/the purse, and flexing her biceps. you can tell she’s got more work to do on the belly by how her jeans zipper is gaping. FUPA, anyone?

  • Mandy

    what the heck…
    she looks awful!

  • john

    I don’ know what you people are talking about she looks pretty hot…fit and hot.

  • Cynthia

    My, what a difference a nose break makes. She looks much better than she has ever looked!

  • Kay

    Jessica is the perfect example of how hollywood changes people. It’s a shame too. I really liked her on Newlyweds with Nick. I thought she was so pretty and so underrated (at the time) cause she really never got Briotney exposure, but Hollywood just destroyed her. I mean, she walked out on her marriage, cause she was convinced NICK was holding her back, started getting plastic surgery, botox, liposuction and just turned into the next hollywood plastic figure and a bitch.

    I am SOOOO Glad Nick found someone that isn’t fake and dosen’t let Hollywood get in the way of love.

    When she is 50 and alone and full of plastic, maybe she’ll wished she would have told her perverted Daddy to but out of her life.

    BTW, she looks NASTY in these pictures.

  • Tarah

    You all are on crack! Jessica is a lot of things but ugly is not one of them..She looks good. But I am with jerzeegirl who said that everytime she opens her mouth I cringe!

  • nell

    She has a broad rib cage and short torso. Not very feminine for me.

  • yami




  • the_original_nika

    she looks a bit.. weird =|

  • Jennie

    she’s always sucking in her belly, geez, she’s already got a flat stomach, there’s no need to be sucking it in. in almost every picture, even on the beach she’s sucking in her tiny stomach.

  • kellygrrrl


  • Omg

    More proof of what Hollywood does to people..

  • kelana

    her body is looking great, for sure. but seriously, i don’t get her appeal, i find her annoying.

  • cutie pie

    like i said before these women are suppose to be so beautiful, i dont think so with all that surgery and she looks like that. huh… those fake lips look awful, leave them to the black girls its their natural heritage. and the fake butt pads and hair color all that junk is just too fake for me. shes probably holding her tummy to make those fake cans look bigger.

  • cutie pie

    no bodys on crack here tarah maybe you are on meth. the woman is plain to see ugly as hell. she looks just like her ole ugly father and that damn sure aint pretty. any body with alick of sense can see that vaneesa is much prettier and less fake. a real man gets tired of these ole fake women and look he found a real beauty in vanessa,

  • popi

    she looks like a man

  • [~Famous~]

    Jessica – Completely Clueless.

  • Hulla

    What the fuck.

    Those duck lips are rediculous.
    Howw can ANYONE find her hot is beyond me??

  • BBperfume

    wow, she’s turned into drag queen with all that training!

  • bee

    you are all so jealous she looks hot and beautiful and she is not holding in her stomach she is all natural and your all just so jealous go jess!

  • OhpleaseBhav

    She looks absolutely amazing. Very natural and simple chic. Just beautiful.

  • cutie pie

    she is not natural she is fake. how the hell can she be natural when she has fake boobs and fake lips. can some one on here please tell me what is the purpose of white women getting big lips? im not trying to be racist i just want to know because it looks totally ridiculous and dumb. i heard they feel it makes them look sexier and pouty. come on when the hell is pouty sexy. little girls are pouty and they sure havent reach the sexy age yet, but a grown woman, and then after they get the lips they are always sticking them out. if you notice women that have natural full lips like myself( not trying to be funny) dont go aroung sticking them out. courtney love is another one who looks ridiculous and lisa rhinna s lips are lopsided? somebody please help these people.

  • April

    Her body looks great. Though it is a great shame about her personality. Really really tragic.

  • dadue

    Britney is still hotter than these plastic surgery girls.
    Christina Aguilera , Jessica Simpson… please stop getting surgery.

    And Britney, stay natural even if you don’t look as toned as these plastic tings.

  • dudelooks

    dude looks like a lady…

  • Cynthia

    Britney natural? Ha! She had a nosejob too sry. Jessica didn’t have a nosejob, she broke her nose. Britney got her big nose fixed because when she first came out it was bulbous according to Plastic

  • Taryn

    Why does she look so weird??? She was so cute in the first season of Newlyweds. :(

  • David

    Thats what guys do see women coming and pull in our guts. I wonder do she take steriods because she act like a man. She is taking on men features more and more every time I see her in a picture. The people around her must be lying to her.
    I understand she is kind of slow in the head. She seem more plastic these days. Do you other posters remember those ugly legs. She needs to keep them things covered up and don’t show those ugly legs to no one. Dumping that chick is the only thing that made me think Mayer was straight because girl sure do look like a tranny big time.

  • looks so wrong

    no offense, but she’s starting to look like a white ‘Jaime Fox’..
    she looks manly and she has had those lips blown up again…

  • mj

    I don”t think Hollywood changed her I think Papa Simpson was the biggest influence. He has ruined her career and her marriage. He convinced her she was too good for Nick and now look at her! She needs to get away from him and get professional guidance on her career.