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Lauren's Lunch @ Lulu's

Lauren's Lunch @ Lulu's

The Hills star Lauren Conrad and on-and-off-again best friend Jen Bunney film a segment of the MTV reality TV series at Lulu’s Cafe on Beverly Blvd on Friday. Their lunch was interrupted by a member of the filming crew.

The second week of The Hills was the highest rated telecast of 2007 for MTV, attracting more than 3.8 million viewers (the season opener pulled in 3.6 million). This upcoming episode should break another record!

If you have any questions to ask Lauren, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to get them answered at tomorrow’s Teen Choice Awards!

10+ pictures inside of Lauren‘s lunch…

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lauren conrad lulus cafe 01
lauren conrad lulus cafe 02
lauren conrad lulus cafe 03
lauren conrad lulus cafe 04
lauren conrad lulus cafe 05
lauren conrad lulus cafe 06
lauren conrad lulus cafe 07
lauren conrad lulus cafe 08
lauren conrad lulus cafe 09
lauren conrad lulus cafe 10
lauren conrad lulus cafe 11
lauren conrad lulus cafe 12
lauren conrad lulus cafe 13
lauren conrad lulus cafe 14

Photos: Jsm/Bm/Bauer-Griffin
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  • cutie pie

    she is not cute at all.

  • bite me

    I want her bag


    she is not pretty

  • hurleygurlie2388

    silvia- shut your fuckin’ mouth she’s beautiful. ASK HER ABOUT HER EYELASHES! i know that’s weird but they are perfect- does she use mark mascara?

  • Ida

    Is that Jen she’s with??

  • Claire

    Love Lauren! She looks cute. Is that Jenn with her???

  • patricia

    Ask her why she cannot be a spoiled BRAT and ask MTV to kick spencer and Heidi off the show?

  • Jacqueline

    I want to ask her if she has any plans to go to any colleges or university in the near future :) thanks jared!

  • Bianca

    She’s very cute,love her !!!!!!!

    And my question for Lauren is: If she had to work in the fashion industry,which job would she choose and WHY ??? Would she go fashion design,editing,PR…….???

    Tell her that she has a lot of fans and that they love her fashion line !!!!

  • carol

    that is jen!!

    hmm..i wonder if the end of the show, LC and heidi will be friends again

  • Linda

    She is so naturally flawless. This girl is gorgeous. Love Her!!!

  • stef

    why is jenn with her huh ? ask her if they made up and if their friends now !

  • Claire

    Jared, please ask her when her fashion line is coming out and where are they going to be sold?

  • Linda

    Oh Yeah… ask her about her clothing line. What stotes can we buy the clothes from? Is she dating brody jenner again?

  • Barbara

    I see Jen Bunny is back in Lauren’s life!

  • Camina

    This is not Jenn. This is another girl. Anyway, justjared… it been said that she might be on the next cover of seventeen magazine. Ask her if it is indeed true?

  • melinda

    OMG!!! It is Jenn Bunney. Wonder what cause this reunion.

  • Amber

    It is Jen, she got another nose job so she might look different to some.

  • chan


  • the_original_nika

    will she be an intern at vogue forever?
    what are her plans after the hills? if she has any.
    is the hills fabricated? LOL, we already know the answer. I don´t think she wouldn´t answer this one, but, would love to see the reaction and response.

  • Jennie

    i was wondering if that was jenn, jenn wears really high heels, like those. hmm, maybe that is jenn, and maybe jenn will help lauren link heidi and spencer to that awful rumor !

  • http://n/a katlin

    She’s a STUCK UP young broad!And why isnt there any people of color in “The hills”just currious!

  • Jordon

    Lauren is soo pretty!

  • Amber

    Question for Lauren:

    Are you and Jen friends again?

  • Mary

    I love lauren.

    I just don’t get people who buy nice expensive convertible cars and not get a convertible hard top. which is more expensive but if you can spend that much on a car what is another grand or so to buy some sleekness. It’s tasty to drive a nice convertible mercedes/bmw and have a soft top.

    Also, I dont like jen bunney’s style. Kind of trashy

  • .

    Eww not Bunney!

  • Zoe

    Ask her where she wants to go in her career- where she plans on going with this whole Teen Vogue thing. And ask if Spencer got Heidi a fake ring.

    thanks :)

  • Zoe

    Another question for Lauren: How much of what we see on “The Hills” is real? Is she given an actual script?

  • Jenna

    HI, My question is if shes talkign to Jenn again is she also talking to Lauren, and does she have any plans to go to The SPeidi wedding?

  • allways here

    pliz jared i m one of her most fans pliz ask her does she talk to her ex-best frien heidy? and what is her plans?have her a new boyfreind?pleaz pleaz pleaz ask her

  • Cowboy Bob

    look at those lips she is totally a smoker

  • jk

    What is she famous for? nothing

  • sabrina

    my question is actually not a question but an advise……..lauren when you were dating jason you were more interesting.and more simple.i dont mean that you arenot anymore but……pleaze stopo hiung ing out with this jurkof brody jenner…….jason and lo are the best for loooooooooo..ans jason

  • Beth

    love love love love love love love Jenn.

    HATE lauren “i’m always the victim” conrad.

  • samantha

    Questions for Lauren:
    1. Are you and Jen friends again after what she did?
    2. What are your situations with Jason and Brody?
    3. Also is Lo going to be in the entire season?

  • lynn

    Here are my Lauren questions:

    1. If you could have a date with any actor or rockstar of your choice who would you pick and why?

    2. I miss seeing your sister on LB3 – she and Rocky were the only “normal” ones that season. What are Breanna’s future plans, is she going to school? And are you parents in shock about only having 1 kid left at home (empty nest syndrome)

    3. It was great to see pictures of you having lunch w/ Trey recently. Are you still close w/ all your high school friends?

    4. Ideally, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    5. Who or what inspires you?

    6 Favorite munchie snack at 3 in the am (if calories were no object)

    7. love seeing you and Lo hanging out again. is she still your best friend or do you have several people that fall under the term best friend?

    Thanks Jared – you rock!!

  • Vesper

    Ask her why she doesn’t just come out already. It’s so obvious she’s a lesbian! Why else would she expect all of her girlfriends to be married to her and to only date guys she picks for them? What a sad pathetic and desperate idiot.

    Why make such a big deal about Jenn Bunney kissing Brody Jenner, but act as if everything was fine when her boss Whitney Port confessed to doing the exact same thing? What a loser. The only normal and sane girl on the show is Heidi. Don’t even get me started on that pushover Audrina. She’s so ugly and always has this vacant look, she looks and sounds SO STUPID! What a loser!

  • Jordon

    obviously vesper above is Heidi w/ her horse face.

  • jill

    Can you ask her about when we can buy items from her clothing line? How is it going to be available to everyone?

  • trixalix

    vesper , yeah right? we all know its you spencer!! are you that upset that everyone knows YOU are gay? Dont try to turn the tables on lauren u ugly freak
    Spencer is gay, ugly AND boring – get a life you pathetic butt muncher!!

  • just me

    Vesper – there are so many things wrong with your post it’s ridiculous so, lets go break it down for you…

    “Ask her why she doesn’t just come out already. Why else would she expect all of her girlfriends to be married to her and to only date guys she picks for them?”

    Sorry to disappoint your lesbionic dreams of LC but the girl is straight.
    She also has no desire to pick her friends boyfriends but it is a bonus if your friend is actually dating a nice, articulate, honest caring guy who makes her feel like she’s the most special girl in the world. We all know from experience how sucky it is to watch an amazing friend fall for the scum of the earth which Spencer definitly is. I’m not sure about Justin Bobby but he definitly is a strange rude guy at the very least. Lauren’s main flaw is learning tact but give the girl a break – she’s 21 and both audrina and heidi constantly asked her opinion about said creepy guys over and over again. note to all girls – if you are dating a tool – no problem but don’t look for validation from your friends. It puts them in a no-win situation – do i lie to keep the peace or do i tell the truth and risk alienating said friend? better yet, don’t date tools, period!

    “Why make such a big deal about Jenn Bunney kissing Brody Jenner, but act as if everything was fine when her boss Whitney Port confessed to doing the exact same thing?”

    Jen and Lauren were friends since kindergarten. brody was the 1st guy lauren liked/went out with/hooked up with since breaking up w/ jason. They weren’t exclusive by any means and he was fair game for most girls but not jen. jen knew how lauren felt about him and on top of that it was her b’day for christ’s sake – low blow for any friend never mind your oldest and best friend. Whitney is a different story because lauren is well past her feelings for Brody and Whitney knows that. whit also just broke up w/ a long time bf so, i think lauren was happy just to see her friend having fun.

    The only normal and sane girl on the show is Heidi.

    Ok, now I’m really starting to doubt your sanity…but here goes…I tolerated Heidi first season mainly because she was inadvertantly great comic relief (fashionschool drop-out!) but in what way shape or form is she normal?
    she went from being a confident girl to getting plastic surgery on creepy bf’s advice,
    she stages weekly photo shots to sell for money, oh yeah what else she lies, backstabs friends and has trouble stringing more than a sentance together. normal? not hardly!

  • whatwhat

    ^ could not articulate it better.
    Vesper is either spencer or Heidi. A douche for sure!
    I think that LC needs to keep her mouth shut in certain situation. The justinbobby and spencer ordeal are very different. I think if your friend is dating some jerk… they ask for your opinion you should be honest. Be tactful about it and only say it once. It seems like LC is very protective of her friends… when they go right back to tell their scum boyfriends… it makes LC looks bad.

    Obviously she is not a lesbo… she has always been interested only in guys. As for Heidi being the only sane girl on the hills… you are watching a different show from US. Heidi is a manipulative bitch. She used LC to get where she is now and I believe that she is using spencer.

    LC should have forgiven Jenn when she saw that episode. Afterall, the girl said multiple times that she could not do that to her best friends. I think with lots of alcohol and the manipulative Heidi she gave in. I hope they both learn lessons from this and make their friendship stronger.

  • 123456789

    ask lauren why she gets drunk an hooks up with guys she’s just met.
    ask her why she is so clingy to her friends.

  • http://n/a katlin

    What a Racist show lol!

  • missy

    OMG her and Jen reunited? I know its Jenn…check the big old school wedges shes wearing! She wore them in all of the hills last season!

  • Raqyella

    Is it me or did J Bunney get a nose job? She looks different somehow. This whole lunch scene proves once again that there is no such thing as ‘reality’ show, everything is made to look that way coz its more bankable because why on earth would Lauren wanna be friends with Jen again?

  • Raqyella

    Good one Zoe ( 28 ) I seriously wanna know that because sometimes i feel like an air bag watching something that may all be fake and scripted.

  • rachel

    Ask her why speidi are still on the show? why is she becoming friend with such a loser as Jenn again?

  • Roxy

    Ask her if she’s checking any websites for the show? Check ;P

  • Kristinfan

    I HATE LC!!!!!!!!She is stupid and ugly!!!